20 Best Instagram Bot for IG Automation [2024] *More Follows, Likes*

Are you looking for the best Instagram bot to help grow your Instagram account and take your marketing to the next level? Then come in now and discover the best IG bots in the market you can use.

Best Instagram Bots

Instagram is one of the popular platforms that, with the right strategies, you can grow your account and leverage on the popularity of your profile to sell a product or get other money-making opportunities.

However, you cannot just wake register and account and get popular. In fact, most people do not get as popular as they want because of the competition involved. We even wrote an article on the best Instagram marketing practices.

Even after following the best practices, growth will be slow in the beginning. If you want to hit the ground running, you will need to try out something different.

With an Instagram bot, you can grow your IG account fast and in an automated manner. Being that as it may, this is not pre-2017.

Instagram automation has become difficult, and many who engage in it get their accounts banned as the Instagram anti-bot system had become smarter and more aggressive.

Fortunately, there are still some bots in the market you can use for your Instagram automation tasks. These bots will be discussed in this article. Before that, let take a look at what IG bots are.

What are IG Bots?

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Instagram is a computer program that can automate one’s tasks for him on Instagram. You can see them as robots or simply bots that carry out certain actions on Instagram. Instagram bots automate actions such as follow/unfollow, comment, posting, like, and even DM.

There are a whole lot of things you can do with an Instagram bot on autopilot. They are written using any of the popular programming languages and require proxies and other anti-bot evading systems and techniques to function. This is because Instagram is at the forefront of the fight against bot traffic.

Are Instagram Bots Still Effective?

This question will most likely be asked by marketers that have used Instagram bots in the past. There was a time Instagram went on a rampage using their in-house systems to detect bot traffic and ban accounts associated with them.

For bots that were smart enough to evade notice that continues working, the legal arm of Instagram struck them and shut down the likes of Massplanner, the most effective and popular Instagram bot at the time. However, the death of these bots does not mean the end of Instagram automation.

After that period, bot developers discover how to walk around the Instagram anti-bot system without being detected. Currently, there are a good number of Instagram bots in the market that are effective. But you need someone with experience to point them to you as there are equally a good number of bad IG bots that will put your accounts at risk. Let take a look at 10 of those bots below.

Best IG Bots in the Market

As stated earlier, Instagram has been fighting the use of bots on its platform. It has shutdown bot services, set action limits, block accounts for up to a week because of bot actions, and a host of other tactics. For this reason, you have to be selective when it comes to the bot that automates your accounts.

Inflact (Old Ingramer)

Ingramer Logo

  • Price: Starts from $37 for 2 weeks
  • Free Trial: No
  • Platforms Supported: Web
  • Strengths:2-week plan available, safe to use, comes with many features

With over 1500 loyal customers, Ingramer now is Inflact is a trusted IG bot. This tool is also available as a web-based bot. Inflact our review here, on the surface to users, looks simple and easy to use. Interestingly, it is also effective and safe to use. A feature you will come to appreciate in this bot is its profile analyzer for measuring your success with just a click.

This tool also comes with a hashtag generator, a direct messenger, and a good number of other features that all come together to make it possible to put your accounts on autopilot. This tool has a limited free trial with a flexible payment plan. With Inflact, you will no need to use proxies/VPN and no matter the number of accounts you want to automate.

Ingramer Home Image

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Jarvee Logo

  • Price: Starts from $29.95 for 10 social media accounts
  • Free Trial: 5 days trial
  • Platforms Supported: Windows
  • Strengths: Allow you full control, support other popular social media, full automation suite

If there is any social media automation tool that answers the name of the face of social media automation, then that tool has to be Jarvee. With Jarvee, you can automate your tasks on the major social media platforms, including Instagram. Jarvee is seen as the best alternative to MassPlanner as some even see it as a reskinned version of MassPlanner.

Jarvee provides you full control, and you can automate almost all of your actions on IG. However, because of its unrestrictive nature, you can get your accounts banned if you don’t know how to use it. It is not beginner-friendly and available only as a Windows-based software that must be installed.

Jarvee Home Image


Combin Logo

  • Price: Starts from $15 for
  • Free Trial: 7-days free trial
  • Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac, Chrome
  • Strengths:Content planning and posting

Combin is a software available on Windows, Mac, and as a Chrome extension that you can use to grow your account on autopilot. Combin is an IG marketing and content planning solution. Unlike most of the above solutions, Combin is focused majorly on content planning and posting and less on other actions that can be seen as spam.

With Combin, you can schedule your posts and stories. You can engage with your audience and manage multiple accounts at once without problems. It has analytics support that can help you track your activities and growth.

Combin Home Image



Kenji Logo

  • Price: Starts from $47 monthly
  • Free Trial: No
  • Platforms Supported: Web
  • Strengths:AI-powered, live reaction, quick setup

Kenji is an AI-powered Instagram bot that can help you grow your account and improve your IG marketing hands-free. This tool has been optimized to be fast and prevent detection and ban. Kenji uses machine learning to detect action limits and make sure you don’t exceed them to avoid ban.

But that is not all; Kenji has other features, including Insta Story Viewer, Instagram Follow Bot, and auto Liker. This tool does not provide a free trial. However, it offers a 14 days money-back guarantee. This tool is trusted by many and has been used by over 100 thousand users worldwide.

Kenji Home Page


Followadder Logo

  • Price: Starts from $49.99 for 6-month access
  • Free Trial: 5 days trial
  • Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Strengths: Cheap pricing, 7 days free trial, complete automation suite

FollowAdder is a complete Instagram automation tool that provides you all the tools you need to grow your IG accounts on autopilot. FollowAdder can help you schedule your posts, automate likes, comment, and follow, among others. It has support for finding a list of users of interest – and even supports exporting.

You can search by hashtag and location. Just like Jarvee, this tool has to be downloaded and installed, and you will need to add your own high-quality proxies. Unlike others, it does not have free trials but comes with a 7 days refund policy.

FollowAdder Home Image


Instavast Logo

  • Price: Starts from $15 for 1 account monthly
  • Free Trial: 3-days
  • Platforms Supported: Web
  • Strengths:Some free tools provided, complete suite, easy to set up

Instavast is another complete suite for Instagram automation. It comes with support for auto like, comment, follow,unfollow, direct message, and posting activities on Instagram. Instavast is one of the cheapest and affordable bots out there. However, this does not, in any way, makes it less effective. Instavast provides you proxies, and as such, you do not need to worry yourself about proxy servers.

With this tool, you can get started in minutes, grow your account on autopilot, and improve your result with analytics. This tool supports smart targeting, and you can automate an unlimited number of accounts with it.

Instavast Home Image


Ektor Dot io Logo

  • Price: Starts from $79 for one account – one-time purchase
  • Free Trial: No
  • Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac
  • Strengths: One-time purchase, 2FA friendly, safe

Ektor.io is one of the available software in the market that you can use to grow your account on autopilot. This tool is available on both Windows and Mac and supports only the one-time purchase model. While it can be seen as expensive, it is actually cost-effective in the long-run. Ektor.io has support for 2FA authentication.

One thing you will come to like about this tool is that safe solution because it automates your action by mimicking regular users. It comes with many features, including mass viewing, proxy support, app-emulation, and smart targeting, among others.

Ektor Dot io Home Page


Instazood Logo

  • Price: Starts from $7.99per month
  • Free Trial: 3 days trial
  • Platforms Supported: Web
  • Strengths:Mobile friendly, full control, and supports multiple languages

Instazood is another bot that has proven to be effective as far as Instagram automation is a concern. With Instazood, you can automate actions such as like, follow, comment, and even unfollow, among other tasks.

Unlike Jarvee, Instazood does not require you to install any software as it is available as a web-based tool. Interestingly, this tool is even mobile-friendly as you can use it on your smartphone. This tool also allows you full control with filters and customization options to give you the best. As a first-time user, you can claim a 5-days free trial and test out their service before making any monetary commitment.



  • Price: Starts from $29.95 for 1 account monthly
  • Free Trial: 3-days
  • Platforms Supported: Web
  • Strengths: Easy to use, complete IG automation suite

With this Instagram bot, you can automate multiple accounts effortlessly without getting detected and banned, but you will need to make use of high-quality proxies that can’t be easily detected and flagged. Instato is meant for posting and scheduling content as well as responding to comments under your posts.

It is a good manager that with the right strategies in place, you can grow your accounts in no-time. You can enjoy a 3-days free trial before opting for any of their paid plans. This Instagram bot is available as a web service, and you are not required to download any software in other to use it – it is accessible with your browser on a computer.

Instagram Bot Follower

Instagram Bot Follower Logo

  • Price: Starts from €9.99 for 1 account
  • Free Trial: No
  • Platforms Supported: Web
  • Strengths:Mass voting, ease to use, high-performance

This is a modern tool that incorporates some of the new features of Instagram. Most notable of such feature is its mass voting feature that votes other accounts stories, which would make such accounts follow you. Aside from mass voting, this tool also has other automation features that will attract new followers for your account.

This tool is not only fast but also safe and effective, and undetectable. It has support for smart targeting and real-time analytics. This tool can help you gain real IG followers at affordable pricing. It is also a web-based bot.

Instagram Bot Follower Home Image

Instagram Proxies for Instagram

Proxies are highly required for the success of any Instagram automation exercise, especially when you need to automate multiple accounts. Instagram does not support one owning multiple accounts except a minimal number of business profiles. If you plan to use multiple accounts, you will need to hide your footprint using proxies. From the above, you will discover that some IG bots provide you proxies themselves. For those that do not provide, you will have to provide yourself.

When making a choice of proxies for Instagram, you will have to go for high-quality proxies that can’t be detected by Instagram. The Instagram anti-spam system is smart enough to detect most proxies. For this reason, datacenter IP proxies are out of the question.

The best proxies to use for IG are mobile proxies. Take, for instance, Airproxy has quality proxies that you can automate up to 10 accounts with one proxy.

Airproxy proxies are priced at €87. This is considered expensive and can drill a big hole in your pocket if you need many IPs to use consecutively.

Luminati and Soax also provide mobile proxies you can use for IG bots. If you can’t afford mobile proxies, then you will need to make use of residential proxies from providers such as Netnut, Smartproxy, and Shifter.

Static IP vs. Rotating IPs – Which are the Best for IG Bots?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question. This is because each of these has scenarios they are best suited for – and areas they flop. If you are looking to create multiple accounts through botting, you will most likely use high rotating proxies that change IP address frequently and make sure that the accounts aren’t linked to each other via IP footprints. However, if you are automating a single account, you need not worry yourself about using rotating proxies – static proxies will do the work. In most situations, you can automate one account without even using proxies at all.

However, in cases where you are automating multiple accounts, you will need the best of both worlds. You can’t be rotating IP too frequently for a particular account as that will raise suspicion. Also, you need to avoid automating many accounts on one IP. For this reason, you will need to bind accounts to specific proxies to avoid mixing things up and revealing your full account farm by mixing up IP.

FAQs for Instagram Bots

  • Is it Safe to Use Instagram Bot?

Instagram has proven to be one of the most successful bot traffic fighters in the industry. While IG bots can be safe to use, they are only safe if you know what you are doing. IG bots are only safe if you are using a good bot, and you know how to correctly bot IG accounts.

Instagram bots are legal, and there is nothing illegal about making use of them. However, Instagram frown at its usage. This is because it reduces the quality engagement on the platform and gives users undue advantages.

  • Can I Grow My Account Only with IG Bots?

The effectiveness of Instagram bots is not in question here – they are effective for those that know how to use them. However, I will advise against botting all of your actions. Actions such as sending DMs and replying to comments should be done manually.

This will help you better connect with your followers as you grow. If you automate these, you will come off points sometimes, and your followers may even discover that they are interacting with a botted account. Instagram can also easily detect you are making use of bots.

  • How Fast Can You Grow Your Account Using an Instagram Bot?

There is no definite answer to this as your end goal, audience, budget, and expectations are the deciding factors. However, I will advise you to resist the act of growing your account with bots too quickly.

By growing your account too quickly, you might end up exceeding an action limit, and that will end you a ban. Instead, grow your account, slowing and increase the pace as you get more followers and engagement.


While Instagram is still on its fight against bot traffic, it has not been able to eliminate bot traffic, and a good number of actions on Instagram are bot originating. The above bots are some of the best Instagram bots in the market.

But before using any of them, I will advise you to learn more about Instagram automation and action limits – these should help you avoid bans. Also, make sure you make use of high-quality proxies correctly. Only then will you be successful botting your accounts; else, you could get your accounts banned.

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