The Best Amazon Proxies for Scraping Amazon Product Data

Are you looking for the best proxies to use as a marketer on Amazon? Then come in now to discover our best picks in the mobile and residential proxy categories.

Amazon Proxies

Amazon is undeniably the biggest e-commerce store that sells almost everything you can find in most retail stores. Aside from the main Amazon site, they also have some country-specific groups of sites. Amazon is of interest to a lot of people, from sellers on Amazon to data analysts interested in carrying out sentiment analysis. However, Amazon is not the regular site that will allow you to keep hitting it with requests without doing anything to discourage it.

In fact, it might interest you to know that except you know what you are doing, Amazon will fetch you out quickly and block your IP Address after exceeding the naturally request limit. For you to remain undetectable in other to crawl and scrap Amazon, you need to make use of proxies, and not all proxies work for Amazon. Before we discuss the best proxies for Amazon, let take a look at why you need Amazon proxies.

Why Use Proxies for Amazon?

Use Proxies for Amazon

For an average Amazon customer, making use of a proxy is an overkill – this is because it is not required for you to surf the site. However, Internet marketers and researchers make use of proxies since they will most likely exceed the request limits allowed. Some of the things Amazon proxies are required for are discussed below.

  • Price Comparison

Some sellers on Amazon do not have an absolute price for their product(s). The price tag attached to their product is determined by the price of the same product by different sellers. This requires a lot of monitoring of competitors' pricing in other to remain competitive. This is done by a script and requires proxies if it is going to be sending many requests out to the Amazon server in a minute.

  • Rank Monitoring

Sellers on Amazon need to constantly know the ranking of their listing on Amazon so as to optimize and fix things up. This is because a small drop in ranking that makes them lose money as this will decrease the Click Through Rate (CTR). Sellers also need to monitor the ranking of their competitors, so they will know how their competitors are performing on Amazon search. These sellers make use of proxies so that they won’t be detected when the number of web requests they send passes limit.

  • Review Analysis

Businesses love data, and Amazon reviews are a very good source of textual data about how customers feel about the products they bought – and used. Many users usually scrap the comments in the review section in other to carry out sentimental analysis, and know-how customers feel about their products. The information gotten from this analysis is far better than what you get from star rating.

Usually, each of these can be done without using proxies if you send a small number of requests per minute and abide by the fair usage rule. The need for proxies comes when you need to scale up and exceed request limits.

Best Proxies for Amazon

Amazon is a strict website, and its anti-spam system is actively looking out for botting and proxy traffic to block. This means that you need to make use of undetectable proxies that are compatible with Amazon. Avoid using datacenter proxies, as most of them are not compatible with Amazon. Mobile proxies and residential proxies are the proxies for Amazon.

Mobile Proxies for Amazon

Mobile Proxies are the most preferred proxies for use on the Amazon platform. This is because even though they are detected, Amazon hardly blocks them so as to avoid locking out other users of the IP Address since mobile IPs are dynamically assigned.



  • IP Pool Size: Over 7 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 17GB
  • Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 17GB

Luminati mobile proxies are some of the best proxies you can use for crawling and scraping Amazon. When it comes to the proxy service business, Luminati is king. While they are popularly known for their residential proxies, it might interest you to know that Luminati has some of the best mobile proxies in the market. Luminati is actually the pioneer mobile proxy provider.

Aside from the fact that they are the first mobile proxy provider in the market, they currently have the largest mobile IP pool in the market, with over 7 million mobile IPs. Their proxies are fast, secure, and reliable.

TheSocialProxy logo

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: US, UK, Austria, Germany, and Israel
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from €90.00 monthly for 1 proxy 

Another proxy provider you can get undetectable proxies from is TheSocialProxy. This provider offers mobile proxies which are best used for managing social media accounts. You can use the proxies for automating tasks on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Looking at these sites, you can tell that only an undetectable proxy server can be used for them, and as such, it means there is hardly any target you can’t use proxies from this provider on. TheSocialProxy is compatible with most of the social media bots and tools in the market including Jarvee, Socinator, and Multilogin.

In terms of location support, TheSocialProxy does have support for the UK, US, Israel, Austria, and Germany. The proxies offered are session proxies. However, the service does have support for IP rotation which can be specified from the dashboard or via the developer API. Pricing for their proxies is €90 per proxy.

TheSocialProxy Overview

Proxy seller Logo

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: over 10 countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $35 per proxy monthly

If you need a high-speed mobile LTE proxy for Amazon, then Proxy-Seller is one proxy provider to look to. They have mobile proxies available in over 16 countries, including the USA, India, Romania, France, and many others. The proxy operates at a speed of 30 Mbps and supports the Socks5 and HTTP(s) protocols. Although the IP pool size of Proxy-Seller is undisclosed, however, there are several thousand IPs in the pool of the carrier such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Mint mobile, and AT&T.

A downside to the mobile LTE proxies from Proxy-Seller is their price, just like Bright Data. The pricing starts at around $35 to $100 for an IP address. Countries like Russian have their pricing on the cheaper side while tier-one countries such as the United States are much more expensive. 



  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: US and France only
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $50 monthly

Luminati mobile proxies have one major downside that keeps Internet marketers away from them – their pricing is expensive. Not only Luminati, but most mobile proxy providers are also expensive. Proxy-cheap comes to solve this problem by providing cheap mobile proxy solutions.

However, unlike Luminati that has proxies in a good number of locations, Proxy-cheap has mobile proxies only in the US and France. This isn’t much of a disadvantage as you can use them to access Amazon and scrap the data you need to scrap. Their mobile IPs are directly from services such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless.


Proxy Lte Logo

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: US only
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $25 monthly for 1 port

Proxylte sells only US mobile proxies. From the “lte” attached to the brand of this provider, you can tell that their proxies are 4G mobile proxies. Proxylte mobile proxies have been found to work perfectly with Amazon. It creates mobile footprints that make it difficult to get blocked even when detected. One advantage of using Proxylte is that they have daily plans available for those interested in using proxies for just a day. You can also buy weekly and monthly proxies. Their proxies are distributed across all the states in the US.

Residential Proxies for Amazon

While mobile proxies work perfectly for crawling and scraping Amazon, in most cases, using them is overkill. This is because residential proxies can get the job done. On a general note, residential proxies are more available in the market and are quite cheaper too.

 Just like mobile proxies, residential proxies do not easily get detected by Amazon, and as such, you can get away with crawling and scraping it to get the data you require. Below are some of our recommended residential proxies for Amazon.



  • IP Pool Size: Over 10 million
  • Locations: 195 locations across the globe
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 5GB
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GB

Smartproxy is a premium proxy provider with proxies in the residential and datacenter proxy categories. Their residential proxies are some of the best as far as crawling and scraping Amazon is concerned. Smartproxy residential proxies have proven to be good when it comes to evading detection and ban. Even in the case of an IP ban, you do not have anything to worry about as a new IP is assigned to you automatically. Interestingly, Smartproxy is pocket-friendly as par a premium proxy provider – with $75, you can get started with using their proxies for a month.


Shifter Formerly Microleaves

  • IP Pool Size: Over 31 million
  • Locations: 130 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $125 monthly for 10 ports

Shifter is the product of rebranding Microleaves. Shifter is an improved version of Microleaves with more IP Addresses in their pool. Currently, Shifter has over 31 million residential IP Addresses in its pool, making it one of the largest proxy network in the market. Shifter changes IP Addresses after every 5 minutes, which makes it quite OK for scraping Amazon. Their proxies are undetectable and, as such, do not easily get blocked. They constantly monitor their IP pool to remove bad IPs. Also important is the fact that their proxies are quite affordable too.


IPRoyal Logo new

  • IP Pool Size: 2+ million IPs
  • Locations: 195 countries worldwide
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 1GB
  • Cost: Starts at $7 for 1GB

IPRoyal’s residential proxies are among the best in the market as they are ethically sourced from genuine users and ISPs. This is why they are incredibly trustworthy, keeping your automation tool hidden from Amazon site servers and allowing you to scrape without worrying about detections and bans. These proxies perform very well with Amazon. 

They have global location coverage with city and state-level targeting, rotate automatically, and offer unlimited concurrent sessions for fast and efficient scraping. They come with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, impressive uptime, and a high success rate of 99.67%, ensuring safe and efficient scraping without interruptions. The pricing plans are based on bandwidth, but they are inexpensive and have no monthly commitments. You pay as you go, and the traffic you get never expires.



  • IP Pool Size: Over 2.5 million
  • Locations: 130 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 38GB
  • Cost: Starts at $450 monthly for 38GB

GeoSurf residential proxies were developed with web scraping in mind. Interestingly, it is compatible with Amazon and other complex websites. What makes GeoSurf residential proxies good for Amazon is that they have high-rotating proxies that change IP Address after every request.

Because of this, the number of requests your web scraper sends to Amazon does not matter as Amazon cannot link them up as coming from the same system. Also important is the fact that GeoSurf has over 2.5 million residential IPs. These proxies are distributed across all countries and in over 1700 cities around the world.

FAQs on Amazon Proxies

  • What are Amazon Proxies?

An Amazon proxy is a proxy server that is compatible with Amazon. Such proxy must be undetectable to Amazon. High rotating proxies are the best for crawling and scraping Amazon. Session-based rotating proxies also works.

Even though Amazon frowns at scraping its websites as it increases its server running cost and has the potentials of slowing it down, there is nothing illegal in scraping Amazon.

  • Are Proxies a must for Amazon Scraping?

No, I have had instances that I scraped customers’ reviews on Amazon without using proxies, and I experienced no block. This is because the number of reviews wasn’t much – about 2000 or thereabout. If you are scrapping a huge amount of data, you require proxies to avoid blocks.


Amazon is a huge library of data for Amazon marketers. With web scraping, data such as product pricing, ranking, star rating, and customer reviews can be scraped and used for marketing analysis.

Amazon is not in support of automated scraping, and as such, it limits the number of requests that can be sent from an IP within a period of time. Using proxies will provide you the opportunity to exceed the limit and scale up your scraping need. Use any of the proxies discussed above as they have been tested – and have proven to work.

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