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Read our Smartproxy reviews to learn about all the things you need to know about Smartproxy and its proxies before using them. This includes their data scraping performance and speed, their pricing, residential IP address distribution, and customer support, among other things.

Smartproxy Overview

Do you have Smartproxy in the list of proxy providers you are trying to buy proxies from? Then read this Smartproxy review to know if it’s the best for you. No doubt, they have been rated top-rated by many users of their residential proxies. Some claimed they are unblockable and detectable; others see them as one of the most reliable and safe.

They see themselves as “The best residential proxy network” in the market. We don’t want to take these statements without doing our own research and test. Our research is discussed below after a brief overview of Smartproxy.

Smartproxy overview

Smartproxy is one of the premium residential proxy providers in the market. They are strictly a residential proxy provider, and their IPs are from real devices in residential areas, and as such, you do not have to worry about getting their proxies detected.

However, their Internet connection is metered in the form of bandwidth. They have got a good distribution of their residential proxies in many countries and even a few city proxies. They have become one of the sorts after proxies among other premium proxies because of their price – they are cheap.

IP TypeResidential
Price ChargedBandwidth
Price Sample5GB – $75 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs40+ Million
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S)
IP Rotation
  • Each Session
  • Sticky Session (1 Min./10 Min./30 Min)
Filtering/Targeting Cites/Countries <50 USA states Geo-targeted>
AuthenticationIP Authentication and Username/Password
Free TrialNo
Refund Policy3 Days
SupportLive Support and Support Ticket
Jurisdiction LocationUSA


Smartproxy Pros

Smartproxy has got a lot of things that make proxy users use them, and I am sure you’ll like them for that too. These are discussed in the form of pros below.

They are Cheaper Than Many of Their Competitors

One of the selling points of Smartproxy residential IP addresses is their pricing plan. While they are seen as generally expensive because of the prices of other proxies, if you compare their pricing with their equals (other premium service providers), you will come to the fact that they are cheap. Interestingly, the price goes down as you buy more bandwidth. Take, for example, 1 GB cost $15 in their basic plan, but in their advance plan, the price goes down to $6.

Pring of smartproxy

Unlike in the case of Luminati, GeoSurf, Oxylabs, and other proxy providers that you will have to pay for more than the required amount of bandwidth because of their minimum monetary commitment, Smartproxy plans are quite flexible that their Micro Plan has just 5 GB and it is priced $75. Comparing this with Oxylabs that their smallest plan costs $600 and comes with 50 GB of bandwidth that you might not need will confirm to you that Smartproxy is more flexible and more pocket in terms of pricing plan.

Enough Residential IPs and Location

Smartproxy has got a good number of residential IPs in its pool. Currently, it has over 40 million residential IP addresses spread across 150 countries in the world. Because they have enough IP, you do not have to worry about getting them blocked for two reasons.

One, they are residential IP addresses, and because of the trust they have earned, they hardly get blocked. If they are abused to the extent of getting blocked, such IP is taken out of the pool, so you don’t get to use one that will put you at risk.

Top locations of residential proxy network

However, even though they have proxies in many countries, they are not the proxy of choice if city proxies are what you are looking for. This is because they only have city-specific proxies in 8 cities. This includes New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, Berlin, and Miami.

Easy to Use

One of the major advantages Smartproxy has is that it is easy to use. Their dashboard is clean, and you can always get anything you want to do without getting confused. To even make things easier for their users, they provide documentation on how to integrate their proxies into many tools ranging from SEO tools, social media automation, and popular web crawlers.

However, unlike Luminati, they do not have a browser extension and some powerful tools yet,  but they are still easy to set up and use.

Excellent Scraping Performance

Smartproxy residential proxies have proven to us to be one of the best proxies for scraping data from the Internet. Even though it has over 40 million residential IP addresses, it has proven to be more functional than many other proxies that have larger IP pools. In fact, out of all the proxies we reviewed, only Luminati has a better scraping performance result of 93 while that of Smartproxy is 90.2 – which isn’t much different.

Smartproxy Scraping Performance

This had made us rank it as the second-best web scraping residential proxy provider in the market.

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
TestSuccess Rate (%)Error (%)TimeOut (%)Block (%)

The figures presented in the performance table above showed that Smartproxy is top on the line when we talk about scraping and crawling. It might interest you to know that most of the blocks and errors were caused by captchas, and as such, what you need is a captchas solver to bypass them, and you’ll no longer face blocking.

Read more, Proxies for Preventing Bans and Captchas When Scraping Google.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

Response Time

Response Time is the time difference between the time you initiated a request, and when you got a response back from the server. Response time is understandably longer in residential proxies than datacenter proxies. However, you’ll be marveled at the response time you will get from Smartproxy residential proxies. It is impressively fast.

Smartproxy Response Time chart

As you can see from the chart above, it takes an average of 3.792 seconds for your requests to get to a web server, and the server sends you back the response. This figure is not bad for residential proxies because of the latency and pings involved.

Proxy Connection Speed

We equally tested the size of data that can be downloaded using Smartproxy proxies in a second, and the result of the test was equally impressive. The test was done using the Speedtest tool to test the upload and download speed of Smartproxy from Chicago, and the result is shown below.

  • Average Ping: 73ms
  • Average Download: 27.23 Mbps
  • Average Upload: 15.85 Mbps

The other website also does the speed test also, you can learn from here.

Good Session Control

Smartproxy has good session control working mechanisms each having the area it is best suitable for. This diversity in IP type has made them suitable for a good number of applications. Let take a look at the two types of IP rotation.

Smartproxy Session control

Rotating Proxies

Smartproxy Rotating Proxies has an entry point which you will use to access proxies in a segment IP pool. In this type of session control, a new IP is assigned to you per request, and as such, a new session is requested from the website. This type of work best for web scraping and data aggregation from websites as not using the same IP address makes it difficult for you to be flagged off like spam.

Sticky Proxies

Unlike in the case of Rotating Proxies, IP rotation is done after every 10 minutes. This means that you’ll use an IP assigned to you for 10 minutes or 30 minutes before you’ll be assigned another one.

proxy config

This is best for social media automation as using different IPs for each session will trigger their web server security system. If you need a longer time to use the same IP, Geosurf has a Sticky IP that you can use for 30 minutes or use Luminati support 100% handle each session.

Good Customer Support

Smartproxy is customer-centric – no doubt about this! They have put in place measures to ensure that their customers get the best form of help they can get and to get them as swiftly as possible. They have a FAQs page that covers most of the frequently asked questions and their answers. That’s all most people need. If you are still not clear and you need to contact them directly, you have two options – live chat and email.

Their live chat support is available anytime any of their customer rep is online. They reply as fast as possible, and you’ll get your issues residential resolved.

Smartproxy Cons

The disadvantage of using Smartproxy is discussed below. They are not much compared to their pros, and as such, they can be overlooked.

Email Support is Slow Sometimes

If you observed very well when I discussed Smartproxy having good customer support, you’d observe that I skipped talking about their email support. This is because users that have used their email support channel complained that the response time wasn’t as fast as they expected. However, when they finally got the reply, it was worth it.

Geo-Targeting Limitations

Geo-targeting is also one of the areas Smartproxy flops. While you have the option to choose from a list of over 150 countries, such is not available to you when it comes to city-specific proxies as you only have 8 cities you can choose from when you need to target cities. This is not a problem for the majority of proxy users since most are not necessarily interested in a granular targeting option, and as such, the country geo-targeting works.Smartproxy available cities

However, for sneaker copping and other distance-dependent processes, city proxies, you might want to look else except if the city is either New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, Berlin, or Miami.

Do I Recommend Smartproxy?

Even though Smartproxy has a lot to improve on regarding their geo-targeting options, email response rate, and introduction of tools to make things easier for their customers, I strongly recommend them. This is because they are cheaper compared to other premium providers. Their proxies performance were some of the best during our web scraping performance test, and the speed is also quite good too.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 9/10
  • Proxy Network - 9/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8/10
  • Customer support - 10/10

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