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Are you looking for a review of Proxy-cheap residential proxies? Come in now and read our expert review. Learn both the pros and cons of Proxy-cheap and make an informed buying decision today.

Proxy-cheap Overview

Proxy-cheap is one of the kids in the block, and a good number of Internet marketers are asking whether their proxies work. If you are one of such people, then you are on the right page as this page will provide you a review of Proxy-cheap and their residential proxies. Just like every other provider in the market, they have got users that like them and some marketers that won’t even look their way.

Proxy-cheap homepage

Proxy-cheap is one of the most versatile proxy service providers in the market. They have residential proxies, mobile proxies, and IPv6 datacenter proxies. the focus of this article is on their residential proxies that have seen its own share of application in areas such as web scraping, social media automation and management, Ads verification, SEO, and even scalping tickets. They have got good location coverage and cheap pricing. But that’s not all. There are many others. Likewise, it also has aspects it flops, and each of these will be discussed in detail below.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 1GB – $5 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs 6 Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) and SOCKS5
IP Rotation
  • Each Session
  • Sticky Session (Time)
Filtering/Targeting Countries
Authentication Username/Password Authentication and IP Authentication
Speed Good
Free Trial On request
Refund Policy No
Support Live Support, Contact Form, and FAQ
Jurisdiction Location Undisclosed

Proxy-cheap Pros

From the introduction, you can tell that Proxy-cheap has got somethings right – and these good aspects will be discussed in this pros section.

Cheap and Flexible Pricing

If there is one thing Proxy-cheap got right, then that has to be pricing. Traditionally, residential proxies are seen as a very expensive option, and you can see that from the pricing pages of Brightdata (formerly Luminati), Soax, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy. Not only these ones, but even other providers such as Stormproxies and that are considered cheap also are not as cheap as Proxy-cheap. Even with the fact that their proxies are cheap, they also provide a free trial. However, the free trial is available only on request.

proxy cheap Pricing

Proxy-cheap is priced based on bandwidth. Unlike the other providers that have a minimum amount of bandwidth you can buy, Proxy-cheap does not force you to pay for the bandwidth you would not use. You buy as you want – you can even pay for 1GB for $5. However, it is important you know that the more bandwidth you pay for, the cheaper the cost per Gigabyte reduce. It can go as low as $3/GB. You can make payment through PayPal or cryptocurrencies.

Good Location Coverage

Unlike in the case of datacenter proxies that it is completely fine for a provider and his proxies to be confined in one location, such is not the case in the residential proxy market. Most providers have got wide coverage, with some having proxies in all countries of the world. They are able to scale up to this level because they do not own the IPs they use – they get them from third-parties through peer-to-peer network technology. How does Proxy-cheap stand in this regard?

Proxy-cheap top locations

Look at the image above? It contains information about Proxy-cheap top locations, including the number of IPs in such locations. But that is not all; Proxy-cheap has IPs in about 127 countries. These countries all continents of the world, so you are covered when you are interested in accessing country-level geo-targeted web content. For now, Proxy-cheap does not have city-specific proxies, and as such, state or city targeting is not available at the moment.

Huge Residential IP Pool

From the above, we started that Proxy-cheap is priced based on bandwidth. You are allowed access to the whole pool to use. But how huge is the pool? Well, Proxy-cheap is not breaking any record, but it can be said to have one of the largest residential IP pools in the market with over 6 million – gotten from a peer-to-peer network. With such a huge pool, IP rotation becomes very efficient. It also makes it a good candidate for scraping large websites that requires a good number of proxies to be scrapped successfully. You can choose between using a sticky or a high-rotating proxy that changes IP after every request.

Good Scraping Performance

Because we are aware that many marketers are involved in web crawling and scraping, scraping performance is one of the tests we carry out. We do this to know how compatible proxies of a specific provider are for web scraping and accessing complex websites. We carried out our scraping test using residential proxies from Proxy-cheap by sending an average of 11,000 to 10 popular websites and recorded the status codes returned below is the result.

proxy-cheap scraping performance

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 81 1 5 13
Adidas 80 0 10 10
Booking 69 8 6 17 75 6 5 14
Craigslist 73 7 8 12
Instagram 74 6 4 16
Nike 71 1 10 20
Linkedin 86 2 0 12
Google 69 1 0 30
Youtube 70 2 4 24

The table above shows the result of the Proxy-cheap scraping test. Averagely, our requests were successful 74 percent of the case. The remaining requests were either time out, got an error, or blocked – probably detected as bot and proxy originating traffic. For more specific success data, look at the data for each website – and you will see how it varies from website to website. Most of the unsuccessful requests go to blocks. Some of the blocks are spinning up Captcha. With a good Captcha solver, the success rate should be much higher.

Average Speed

  • Response Time

When it comes to response time, Proxy-cheap is not breaking any record. However, its speed can be termed as average and get most jobs done without much problem. How did we arrive at this conclusion? We carried out a test to see how fast we can get a response from popular websites using Proxy-cheap residential proxies. the result is summarized in a chart below.

proxy-cheap response Time

  • Proxy Connection Speed

Usually, when you carry out a speed test, you get to get download and upload speed data, as well as the ping data. We got these data, so you get an idea of how fast Proxy-cheap residential proxies are, we tested their USA proxy on the Speedtest tool and got the result below. I know, it is certainly not the fastest. Considering its price and age, this is acceptable.

  • Average Ping: 81ms

  • Average Download: 32.86 Mbps

  • Average Upload: 17.09Mbps

Easy to Use

One of the strengths of Proxy-cheap is that it is easy to use. And this ease of usage spans from payment, using their dashboard to implementing their proxies into your program. Its user dashboard is very clean and intuitive even for first-time users. Proxy-cheap supports both username and password authentication, as well as IP authentication.

proxy-cheap dashboard implementation


Look at the screenshot above. It is the interface through which you set up your proxy credential. As you can see, you can set the connection type, choose the country, decide whether you want to use sticky IPs or random ones that change after each request, and also set other properties. They also show you implementation examples to help you out.

Proxy-cheap Cons

Don’t be carried away by what you read in the section above, Proxy-cheap might not be the best for you. Read this section before making your conclusion.

Bad Customer Service

Proxy-cheap customer service rep might have a good reputation from your own side, but for mine, they flopped big-time. Let me tell you my story with them. I visited the site on mobile and was interrupted by an interface – their customer service. There was an indication that a customer representative was online. I tried making inquiries but only for their bot to start interacting with me.

My question wasn’t answered – not by the bot, not by the agent online. I have also heard customers complained about the slow nature of their email support – I did not try their email support because I was already pissed with how I was treated by their online rep.

No Refund Policy

Proxy-cheap operates on a very strict, no refund policy. Before making any buying decision, just know that all sales are final, and you cannot get a refund regardless of if their proxies work for you or not.

They claim that their free trial, available only on request, is there for users to use and discover whether their proxies will work for them or not. To avoid going through unnecessary stress trying to fight for a refund, it is best, in your own interest, to request for a free trial before you proceed to buy any of their plans.

Geo-targeting Slightly Limited

From the pros section, it was stated that Proxy-cheap has proxies in 127 countries. This makes it possible for country-level targeting. Proxy-cheap does not have the option for a city or even state level targeting. This means that when you want to access the Internet from a specific city, Proxy-cheap is not the best option for you. For the country targeting, check the Proxy-cheap location page and make sure your country of interest is available before you proceed to pay for their subscription.

Do I Recommend Proxy-cheap?

There’s no denying that the cheap pricing brought to the table by Proxy-cheap is an irresistible offer considering the fact that it is the first of its kind. Even with the cheaper pricing, their proxies perform quite well and have helped a good number of marketers with a small budget. They are recommended, but you have to bear in mind that sales are final (nonrefundable).

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 7.8/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.3/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.6/10
  • Customer support - 7/10
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