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BestProxyReviews is a proxy service review website that provides readers with honest reviews written from tests and research.

We assure you of reliable reviews through honest tests and transparency! If what you want is nothing but the fact about the proxy services in the market and their proxies, then be our guest.

We are simply dedicated to giving our readers the best information and trust-based reviews possible out there. Below is the method we follow to provide you with the reviews on the blog.

Review methodology

In an attempt to accomplish the aforementioned mission, we buy proxies, test them and finally give our review. As such, below are the processes we engage in.

  • Purchase of proxies and configuration

To pilot the site and get it running. We purchase proxies from all of the known providers with some level of trust. The plan is simple. Purchase proxies, configure, and test them to know which are the best among them. For the avoidance of doubt, we configure the proxies on the same PC, and same network provider to rule out possible differences that could arise.

  • Speed assessment

Speed of proxies matters a great deal. Regardless of the security level guaranteed by a proxy, it can be frustrating if it takes longer to upload or download content. As a measure for possible delays in access to the Web, we run speed tests on the proxies via the speedtest.net tool.

Luminati Response Time Test

We don’t just test the speed of the proxies. For every proxy speed test carried out, we also test our Internet speed without proxies configured so that could be used as a benchmark, and here is the fastest proxy provider based on our speed test.

  • Scaping Performance Test

Residential proxies are mainly used for Web crawling and data scraping, we have lots of projects that need proxies to unblock the IP blocking to get the data.

Luminati Scaping Performance

  • Test for possible leakages of IP address

We have had experiences with proxy services that leak IP addresses, thereby ruining our projects. For this reason, we only feature proxies that at their bare minimum, are high anonymous proxies that do not leak your real IP address. For this to happen, we had to test IP leakage for each of the proxy services featured on the blog. we look out for possible points of leakage or technical flaws in proxies in our review process.

  • Policy and jurisdiction check

We read through the logging policy of each proxy.  We are also interested in a handful of information about who runs a proxy company, from where is the company being managed and how abiding is the company to rules governing the privacy of users is key.

Where they are based is an indicator of whether there could be a compromise of privacy if authorities demand that.

  • Customer service test

Many times one could have difficulty getting over some technical issues on services. Some of which could require direct contact with the service provider. To solve that, customer service platforms or feedback platforms are created.

The efficacy of which might not be known until you have the reason to contact them. We tested the speed of response from these proxy services provided as well as the effectiveness of the responses given by the support team of each company.

Gencode Customer Service

  • Value as against the cost

No matter how cheap service or product is if it compromises the user's privacy it is not worth it. The price of service could give an idea of the quality of the services. Though on some occasions, some services have lesser quality but outrageous costs. We compared the quality and cost of each service as a process of our review and service rating.

rating on proxies

  • Review and ranking

As we put a proxy service through the processes listed above, we assign scores per stage. Using that weighted score, we are able to reach a conclusion on whether the proxy service should be recommended or not.

Without a doubt, service providers also work on improving their services or become worse. Because of the dynamics, we are constantly revisiting the proxies and making updates where required.

With our help, You can picking the right proxies to scrape data,  unblock websites, bypass firewalls, access geo-restricted content or get around any other restrictions on the internet.

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