How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts Safely? (Still Work in 2023)

Do you want to learn how to create multiple Instagram account for your marketing campaigns? Then you are on the right page as you will be shown how to get this done safely without getting banned.

Multiple Instagram Accounts Creation

There is no doubt that Instagram is quite popular among the millennia and if your business targets them, marketing your products the right way on Instagram is the way to go.

However, marketing your product the right way, the Instagram way is not easy, and except you have a fat budget for marketing, results would be discouraging in the short term and could even extend to the mid and long term. Marketers that want to see results for the short term do not follow the Instagram allowed methods, except they have a big marketing budget. Instead, they manage multiple accounts via automation in a bid to get certain content to trend.

Unfortunately, creating multiple Instagram accounts is not easy, and except you know what you are doing, the accounts would get deleted and banned in no time. In this article, we would be showing you how to create multiple Instagram accounts that are not linked and can’t be detected as multiple accounts.

All that is required in creating each account is running each in a unique environment with different details. That’s the simple answer to creating multiple accounts, but in reality, it is not as easy as it sounds, and that’s why this article has been written to provide you a step-by-step guide on how to get that done.

Essential Tools to Create Bulk Instagram Accounts
  • 1. An anti-fingerprint Instagram automation tool for creating accounts Such as PVA Creator
  • 2. Instagram Proxies to hide your IP footprint:

Can I Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Multiple Instagram Accounts

The answer to this question is a yes and no, depending on the number of accounts and the reason you want to create them. One thing you need to know is that Instagram does not stop users from having multiple accounts and even managing them on their devices.

However, there have got a limit to the number of accounts you can have, which is “5,” and you can manage the 5 accounts on the same device and application. Each account would have to have its own email, but all of the 5 accounts can be assigned to the same phone number.

YouTube video

If you require more than 5 accounts, as in the case with most marketing campaigns designed to artificially influence interactions, then this does not work for you. You cannot create 100s of accounts and expect Instagram to allow you. For you to create and manage more than the allowed number of Instagram accounts, you will need to do it in such a way that the accounts can be linked to the same device, browser environment, and personal details.

Why Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

It might interest you to know that there are a good number of reasons why you will want to create multiple accounts. Let take a look at the 2 popular reasons marketers create multiple accounts.

  • Artificially Influencing Content to Trend

Artificially Influencing Content to Trend

If many users interact with a certain picture or video post, such could get the post to the trending list and get it in the front of many. Big marketers pay influencers with big followings to help trend their content in other to aid their marketing campaign.

As a small marketer, doing so is not possible. Some small marketers end up creating many accounts and then use the accounts to interact with the content in a bid to get it to trend. In most cases, this is done in an automated manner, as managing hundreds of accounts is not easy.

different Instagram target audience

If you have many businesses and interests, you will need to keep each on a different account, especially if each different target audience. If the number of interests is not more than 5, then you do not have a problem creating and managing them, and as such, this article has not been written for you. However, if you will need more than 5 accounts, then this article has been written for you.

Multiple Instagram Accounts Creation Problems

Why it is Not Easy to Create Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Multiple Instagram Accounts Creation Problems

It might interest you to know that Instagram has one of the most effective anti-spam systems among social media platforms. Aside from the fact that its anti-spam system is effective and smart, it is also aggressive when it comes to enforcing its rules.

While Instagram allows you to create up to 5 accounts, if you try creating more than that, then you are getting into their red zone. Instagram uses a mix of technologies to track accounts, and except you are able to keep the accounts as separated and unique as possible, there’s a high chance that footprints would be revealed that would lead to your accounts getting suspended.

Instagram uses your IP address, user agent/ browser fingerprinting, and cookies in addition to your contact details to track you. Even with a new email address, Instagram knows if you have another account because of your IP address, cookies, and other digital fingerprints. You will need to keep everything unique to succeed.

Requirements for Creating Multiple Instagram Accounts

From the above, you already know that you cannot use your device and browser to create multiple accounts as they will have some unique footprints that would be used against you. How then can that be done? There are some tools you can use that will provide you unique IP addresses and browser environments. Let take a look at these below.

  • PVA Creator

PVA creator Homepage

The PVA Creator is an automation bot that you can use to create an unlimited number of social media phone verified accounts with ease. It has support for Instagram.

This tool will keep the browser environment it runs each account separately and hide the fact that it is a bot by using some techniques to bypass anti-bot systems. It is a paid tool, and you can decide to buy the full version or just the Instagram license. You can visit the PVA Creator website for more information.

  • Mobile Proxies

Buy Mobile Proxies from proxy-cheap

The PVA Creator software will not work in isolation. It requires proxies so that each account would have a separate IP footprint.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the cheap datacenter and residential proxies for Instagram as Instagram can detect them. You will need mobile proxies to offer you mobile IPs and look like you are surfing from a mobile device. You can read our guide on the best mobile proxies for Instagram in the market here.

  • Multiple Gmail Accounts

Multiple Gmail Accounts

Instagram requires you to verify your accounts using either mobile numbers or email addresses. We would be using email addresses, and you will need as many email addresses as the number of Instagram accounts you want to create since each account needs a unique email address.

We would be using Gmail as the email provider. You cannot just create multiple Gmail accounts, too – there is a fix around it. To create multiple Gmail accounts, read our guide on how to create multiple Gmail accounts.

How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts Using PVA Creator

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the PVA Creator application to create multiple Instagram accounts that evade the Instagram anti-spam system.

  • Visit the PVA Creator website to pay for a subscription, and download it. The tool is paid, and you can either purchase the full version or just the Instagram version if you are trying to cut costs. But paying for the full version is better, especially if you would need to create multiple accounts for other web services.
  • With the software installed on your computer, launch it and provide your key to access it. Familiarize yourself with the Interface.

configure proxies

  • The first time to do is to add the mobile proxies you bought earlier. You can add proxies from the menu area by clicking on the proxy menu. Even though we won’t be making use of proxies from Smartproxy, you can checkout this detailed guide on how to set up proxies on PVA Creator by Smartproxy. You just have to use the proxy details provided by the proxy provider you choose and not the ones used in the Smartproxy guide.
  • Next is to provide your 2Captcha API details for solving Captcha should the tool encounter them while creating the accounts.
  • With proxies and 2Captcha API details added, you can proceed to create the campaign and start providing the details of the accounts you want to create.
  • To create a new campaign, lookout for Instagram under the campaign section and click it. Add a new Campaign by giving the campaign a name, and enter the number of accounts you want to create.
  • You will see a new section come up directly beside the campaign section named “Data Management.” From what I observed, the headings you see in this section will differ depending on the version of the PVA Creator app you are using. First, bind the proxies you added earlier to the campaign.

setting proxies

  • The self-explanatory data management section includes the UserNameTable for entering the usernames of the accounts, FullnameTable for the full name you want to be associated with the accounts, PasswordTable for entering the passwords; it should be the same order as the username and fullname.
  • Because we would be using email addresses instead of phone numbers to verify the accounts, we would be ignoring the UserSMSPVA, VerifyPhone, PhoneService, smspvaApiKey, and the RegisterWay.
  • Go to the EmailTable to provide details of the email addresses you want to use to create the accounts and verify them. For each, you will have to provide the email address, password, email protocol, server, port, SSL, and recovery email. We advise from the above that you should use Gmail. For Gmail, the protocol is IMAP, the port is 933, the server is, and SSL is YES.
  • Fill in the other details reading the description section. Cross-check all of the details you entered and make sure everything is correct, then save.
  • To start creating the account, click on the start button under the campaign section. After clicking on the button, you should see a browser popup and start creating your account autonomously without you doing anything. It will mimic how real users create accounts so that it will not leave a footprint for Instagram to detect.

Depending on the number of accounts being created, you have to be patient as the creation is not done simultaneously but done one after the other. If you follow the steps described above, then you should be able to create as many Instagram accounts as you want.


Looking at the above process, you can see that creating multiple Instagram accounts has been made simple and easy thanks to the creators of the PVA Creator application. Even with the PVA Creator application and other tools, the process can be complicated, and you need to pay attention to get things right.

One thing you need to understand is that creating multiple accounts is not even the problem, but being able to manage them without getting discovered and suspend. You will need to learn the act of managing multiple Instagram accounts for these accounts to be useful to you.

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