How to Avoid Action Blocks on Instagram (2023 Updated)

Are you afraid of Instagram Action Blocks and do not want to be hammered with one or you have already been blocked and need a way out? Then come in now to learn how to avoid Action Blocks on Instagram.

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Instagram Automation is sweet until you get your account banned because Instagram caught you spamming and hammered you with an Action Block. Instagram’s Action Block stops you from carrying out engagement actions such as follow/unfollow, commenting, liking, and even sending Direct Messages. When you try doing any of these, you get a pop-up, with the title, ‘Action Block.’

This is one of the dreaded circumstances your accounts can get into as it means that you are locked out of engagement and increasing your follower base until the block is removed.

Because of this, this article was written to provide you a clear view of how to avoid getting your account blocked. It is important I state here that these blocks are temporary and could last from a few hours to weeks.

But for sure, you’re getting your account back in good condition. Being that as it may, you still need to learn how to avoid it in the first place. You’re going to be learning a lot about Instagram’s Action Blocks. This includes their types, how to avoid them, and how to remove them when they happen.

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Types of Action Blocks on Instagram

Action Blocks on Instagram are differentiated by the duration of the ban from activities on Instagram. There are basically three types of blocks on Instagram. These include;

  • Few Hours Blocks: these temporary blocks happen for few hours to at most, for a  day. When this happens, you can decide to allow it to fade away without you doing anything from your own end.
  • Blocks with Expiring Date: This type of block, just as its name implies, comes with a date that the restriction will be lifted.
  • Blocks without Expiring Date: when you get the no expiring date Action Block, then you’re in for a long ride, which could take up to two weeks to be lifted.

Regardless of the type of block you are hammered with; the good news is that it can be removed from.

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How to Avoid Action Blocks

In medical sciences, we are told that the prevention of diseases is better than curing them. This assertion also holds true in Instagram Automation. This section of the article will be used to discuss how to avoid getting blocked.

Take Things Slowly

Newbies are the culprit here; little wonder they are the most hit by Action Blocks. I know you want to see your accounts grow faster so that you can start earning.

However, you have to be careful because going all out with full force will get you to trigger the Instagram anti-spam system on your accounts. While you can do this in the past, as of June 2019, Instagram tightened its security and as such, you’ll easily be caught when they discover your young account has high activities.

Avoid Exhibiting Bot-like Behaviors

If you are caught using a bot, Instagram will frustrate your marketing campaigns by blocking your accounts. In case you are not aware, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms spearheading the war against bots. To them, botting reduce engagement, deceive people, and reduce the quality of their platform. The more you look like a bot, the closer you are to getting a ban. You have to avoid doing the same thing in a repetitive way. Let say just following – you have to mix it up with commenting and liking.

You need to have periods when your bot will be inactive. Even with all these, Instagram is getting smarter by the day, and as such, you need a smarter system to game them. Look out for Instagram bots that have anti-browser fingerprint features that will fool Instagram into thinking you’re using a mobile device. Only then will you hide from getting detected as using bots to fetch engagement on autopilot.

Make Sure you are Using Proxies

Proxies can be expensive and can quickly up your budget. But let me tell you, without them, you cannot automate many accounts on the same system without getting detected and blocked. And when it comes to proxies to use for Instagram, you have to be picky about it because Instagram can sniff them miles away. For the best result, go for mobile proxies. If you are on a tight budget, you can make use of residential proxies. Read our article on the best proxies to use for Instagram. In case you do not have the time to read it, just know that on no account should you use datacenter proxies for Instagram Automation.

Switch to a Mobile Data/IP

If you were using residential proxies, then you have to change from that and go to mobile proxies as they are more trusted and do not easily get penalized since they are actually not tied down to any specific person. If you can, also log in on another mobile phone.

 4G IP proxies > static residential IP proxies > rotating residential proxies > Datacenter proxies

Stay Within Action Limits

One thing with action limits is that it differs. The same number of actions an aged account with a good number of activities and follows will exceed without a problem, if you use a new account, just expect to get hammered. Aside from the age of an account, other things that determine the action limits include account authority, previous violation, having a link in bio, linking to your profile on other platforms, type of accounts, and activity level, among others.

With the above, you can tell that I cannot give you a definite answer, but let use the age as a yardstick here. When you are dealing with a new account, you need to take slowly. Maybe, let say up to 20 actions in a day spread throughout to look real. Then you keep moving slowly as the account ages, gain more followers and have an increased number of activities and engagement. However, no matter how aged your account is, never go above 250 actions in a day.

How to Remove Action Blocks

No matter how careful you are, at some point in your botting and automation career, you’ll still get hit by the block. In fact, some regular users of Instagram have complained that their accounts experienced block without using bots and not carrying out a good number of actions. This had led to the speculations that Instagram is doing a test, looking for a sweet spot. Whether this is true or not is not the issue here – the issue here is that there are ways you can remove the temporary blocks. Some of these are discussed below.

Ditch the Use of Bots and Other Third-party tools

For the main time, you have to stop using any bot or third-party software you used that lead to the Action Block. In many cases, when you do this, the block is removed. As you ditch using either of these, endeavor to change your password.

You must have been targeted because aside from the spam-related activities your accounts are associated with, there’s a link in your bio, which further reveals to them that you’re a spammer. Try removing the link and if possible, replace it with the link to one of your social media accounts.

Spend Money on Ads

To prove to them that you are not a spammer, you can spend money running ads. This could be as small as $5. This has worked magic for a good number of persons.

Appeal it

If you feel you have been wrongly blocked and you are sure you did not do anything wrong, then you can make use of the report a problem and tell them you are sure you did not do anything wrong, but this is the error message you are getting. This works majorly for regular users that have been wrongly blocked by the Instagram system and not for accounts being automated.

Leave it to Fade

No matter what you do, some of the Blocks will not be removed. You just have to allow them to remain and let them go on their own. Unlike a suspension, and Permanent Bans, Action Blocks are temporary Bans and will almost always go on their own as the duration of ban spans from a few hours to two weeks.


To maintain the quality of their community, Instagram places Action Bans on accounts associated with spam as a way of warning them to desist from spamming. This is frustrating to users as it means they will have to take a break until the block is lifted. To avoid this, you can simply use the tips above to either prevent it or get it removed when it occurs.

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