Are Instagram Bots Dead? (2022 Updated)

Have you been hit by the latest Instagram updates, and your accounts are getting blocked frequently and more aggressively? Then come in now and read our article to discover whether Instagram bots are dead or they are still functional.

are instagram bots dead

Every time Instagram makes a change to its anti-spam algorithm, marketers on IG using Instagram bots experience blocks on their accounts, and they begin to ask – are Instagram bots dead?

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Do you remember the time of Mass Planner and Instagress had been shut down permanently?!

However, the latest fight against automation and botting by IG makes this more pronounced as they have combined both the use of the algorithm and sending cease and desist letters to Instagram botting software companies – no doubt, Instagram is an anti-bot company.

In recent updates, many of the bots are failing. Jarvee, FollowLiker, Socinator, Instato, and the host of other bots are failing and people using them do not enjoy any success with them – their accounts get shadow Ban, action blocked and Temporarily Blocked and even disabled.

In fact, even people not making use of bots are also experiencing blocks, which makes people think it is a quirk in the Instagram algorithm, or they are just looking for a sweet point.

While I cannot say with great certainty which is correct, I can state clearly that Instagram is becoming more strict and smart by the day, and Instagram bots are feeling the heat – including the likes of Jarvee. However, that does not mean they are dead. Some of them including Jarvee is still functional but you need more than an amateur knowledge to succeed in using them without getting your accounts blocked.

I will be discussing the tips to avoid getting your accounts blocked while making use of Instagram bots. Before that, let take a look at how Instagram detects bots.

How Instagram Detect Bots

Most of the Instagram bots make use of Instagram web APIs and they work because Instagram in addition to being majorly a mobile application, also has a web interface.

However, Instagram is beginning to make use of techniques such as behavioral analysis (scrolling, mouse position, timing, etc), Artificial Intelligence, and session data to detect bot activities, and as at when these bots were developed, these were not put into consideration. These are how Instagram detects bots. There are also some red flagged such as proxies and activity limits.

If you can circumvent and incorporate some of these, you are a step ahead of the park. In fact, many of the people getting hit are those making use of the publicly available Instagram bots in the market. This is because their techniques become exposed easily to Instagram as the number of spammy actions increases.

If you are smart enough to come up with techniques that can evade detection, get a developer to create a bot for you using those techniques, and keep your card to yourself, you’ll survive longer in the business of botting.

Tips for Instagram automation Using Bots

While marketers are shouting their frustration out, the number of Instagram bots in the market is increasing – and they are still in business. This is to tell you that Instagram bots are not dead; they have only become difficult to use, and this will eventually shoot up the cost of Instagram automation. However, they are still functional. Follow the tips below to learn how to evade Instagram’s detection and block.

Avoid Datacenter Proxies

I don’t know how many times this will come up in Instagram automation tips, but many still go ahead and use datacenter proxies because of their cost. Make no mistake about it – using datacenter proxies is one of the red flags that can trigger the anti-spam check.

To get yourself covered in the aspect of using proxies, make sure you are making use of residential proxies, and if you have the budget, go for mobile proxies. Avoiding datacenter proxies had reduced the cases of blocks as reported by some marketers.

In short, 4G IP > static residential IP > rotating residential IP > Datacenter IP

Mind the Activity Limit

Instagram bots make use of a variety of methods to grow an account. Some make use of the follow and unfollowing method; others introduce liking and other activities into the mix.

Whichever one your bot makes use of does not matter; what matters is that each activity has a limit in the form of the number of times you can do them.

Crossing over will get your account action blocked. While Instagram did not disclose this information, there are some speculations that seem to be true. For example, if you follow more than 6000 people in a month, the account used will be temporarily blocked. This means that you shouldn’t follow more than 200 people in a day.

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Aside from the limits, endeavor to take things slowly. New accounts with a lot of activities trigger’s the anti-spam system. Start small and increase when your accounts get older with a history of activities.

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Avoid Interacting with Your Accounts Manually

Why it is still not clear how Instagram detect bot activities on an account when you interact with the account manually, most bot makers advise against doing such – but many of their users do not follow this advice. I know you are eager to see results and start making use of your accounts.

But for the sake of their safety, avoid using them until you have to bot them to the level you want. Only then should you start interacting with the account manually.

Develop Your Own Bot

There is one reason the popular bots stop working after some time, or they get hammered with a lawsuit by Instagram – they are popular. The number of people using these bots is so huge that they get easily noticed.

Their techniques can easily be discovered and blocked. If you want to remain under the radar, then get a developer to create a custom Instagram automation tool for your personal use.

The downside to this is that you’ll be spending more money and time developing and maintaining the bot.

Do you still use the Jarvee? Is Jarvee dead?

A tool is just a tool! So you have to learn the right setting based on the updating!

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Despite the outcry by marketers that Instagram bots are failing and automation is dead, Instagram bots are not dead. There is a good number of them, and people are still getting success using them. They have only become difficult to use and great caution has to be taken while using them to avoid the block. Use the tips discussed above to learn how to use them effectively.

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