Instagress shut down! 8 Still working Alternatives to Instagress

If you think Instagress discontinuing their service spells doom for Instagram cloud-based Automation, then think twice, there are many more web-based bots that are as functional as Instagress. Come in now to learn about them.

Instagress Alternatives

Cloud-based automation triumphs automation on your PC, and when it comes to Instagram Automation, this is even truer. Instagress is one of the popular Instagram Automation web bots that has helped a lot of social media marketers. Unfortunately, the success they enjoyed with Instagress was short-lived as the service shutdown.

Before it was shut down, Instagress was a savior to IG marketers – it increases engagement on their accounts. However, now that it is history; is there any option available? If you ask me, I will answer YES.

The beauty of technology is that no one has a monopoly in it. While Instagress is no longer available, there are other web-based Instagram automation bots that get the job done just as Instagress does. The question is, what those bots are? They will be discussed in this article. Before that, let take a look at why it was shutdown.

Why Instagress was Shutdown

As at the time Instagress was functional, everyone was happy. Instagress, as a company, was happy and was making a whole lot of money and increasing its customer base. Users of their service are equally happy because of the increased engagement they enjoy from its autopilot nature. However, there is one company was not happy with all these – Instagram. And as it turned out to be, they later request Instagress be shutdown.

Just in case you are not aware, Instagram frowns against botting, and it is one of the companies that are actively looking out for ways to stop botting. While there are always tweaking their algorithms to discourage the use of bots, the algorithm is still not as effective as it should, and as such, they issue cease and desist letters to companies they deemed fit for one. That’s what happened to Instagress. As marketers, we have to move on, and that’s the bases for this article – letting you know of other alternatives.

Instagress Replacements & Alternatives in 2024

Just as I stated, there are other automation tools that can be used for managing Instagram accounts. However, the focus on this article is on the web-based bots since Instagress is a cloud-based tool. For web-based tools, you do not need to worry about your operating system as the only requirement is a web browser. Without much ado, let move straight into discussing the alternatives in detail.

Inflact (formerly Ingramer)


Inflact (formerly Ingramer) is one of the best web-based Instagram automation software that can help you grow your accounts on autopilot. On average, it has helped its users gain 3000 followers monthly. This has earned it over 1500 marketers in love with their product. Inflact can help you manage your accounts completely. However, it still gives you full control over the activity settings on them.

It provides detailed statistics and extended functionalities, such as watching stories and blacklists. In less than 7 minutes, you can start growing your account on autopilot. One thing you’ll like about Inflact is the professional support team waiting to help put you through when you need clarifications.

Inflact Pros:

  • Generates hashtags for you
  • Easy to use
  • Blacklist feature
  • Smart targeting option for follow/comment/like, etc

Inflact Cons:

  • A little bit pricy
  • Need to be maintained



Instavast is one of the perfect alternatives to Instagress – you know why? It is one of the cheapest, requires no proxy to function effectively, and also web-based. It can help you automate your like, comment, Direct Messages, and even posting activities.

It has a smart targeting feature that makes you target relevant audiences in the niche you have interest in and provide you statistics and analytics of the accounts carried out on your account on your behave. your safety and privacy are secure and yes, you are allowed to add an unlimited number of accounts.

Instavast Pros:

  • Unlimited account support
  • Affordable and cheap
  • Excellent customer support

Instavast Cons:

  • Comments might seem spammy
  • Somehow complicated for beginners




Looking for a cheaper alternative to Intagress alternative? Then look no further as Instamber is one of such and an excellent one at that. It is the cheapest on the list and also cloud-based. Enjoy a fantastic growth and reach thousands of your intended audience with this bot.

It allows you full control over the bot while providing you a detailed report of its performance. If you are on a low budget, Instamber is the automation tool you need to boost your Instagram marketing campaign.

Instamber Pros:

  • Cheapest on the listEasy to use

Instamber Cons:

  • Might get your account banned if not careful

Social Captain (Shutdown)

social captain

Social Captain is a web-based Instagram marketing software powered by Artificial Intelligence. With Social Captain, you can enjoy real growth, from real people, automatically. It only takes 2-minutes to set this web bot up and watch your account grow on autopilot. One of the interesting aspects of Social Captain is its User Interface – beautiful, easy to use, and understand. With over 8,000 users, this bot is a force to reckoned within the market.

It can be used to send direct messages, as well as automatically like and comment posts. The result of your interaction is displayed in real-time for you to see. It can help you boost your account growth more than 150 times faster than humans.

SocialCaptain Pros:

  • Advance targeting options
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Easy and fast to set up

SocialCaptain Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Can get your accounts banned if not careful

Gramista (Shutdown)


Gramista is one of the Instagram web bots that play safe. While many others tend to do a lot of things, it only focuses on those activities that matter. This minimalistic approach gets it to keep your accounts away from the prying eyes of the Instagram anti-spam system. Gramista only automates the process of liking and following – no posting comments and other activities that will give you out too quickly as a bot. Gramista requires you to have proxies.

In terms of pricing, it can be said to be a little bit expensive than the average cost of Instagram bots in the market. However, it is safe, easy to use and guarantee your result.

Gramista Pros:

  • Excellent search filter
  • High encryption and no data sharing

Gramista Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Refund policy not friendly



Instazood is an online Instagram tool that can get you more followers on Instagram stress-free while automatically engaging with your audience. This bot is effective and produces real results. It is cheap and does not requires proxies for your end for it to function.

With Instazood, you are fully in control of your accounts’ activities. Interestingly, the web app is mobile-friendly, which makes it even more convenient for the busy marketer. You can automate almost everything you want to on Instagram ranging from comment, like, follow, and even viewing stories.

Instazood Pros:

  • Affordable and CheapSmart targeting and filtering optionsProvide you full control

Instazood Cons:

  • Provides you no guarantee


Kenji is not just one of the best alternatives to Instagress but also one of the best Instagram bot in the market. The web bot uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize its processes to make sure it does not get caught up in the middle of an Instagram update.

It has helped a good number of Instagram marketers grow their accounts. The bot is easy to set up and use. It only takes a few steps to get started and you can even get started for free with their 3 days free trial option.

Kenji Pros:

  • AI-powered
  • Smart targeting options
  • Easy to understand analytic report

Kenji Cons:

  • Expensive


With Aurtogrambot, you can automate your actions on Instagram, and everything will go smoothly so why do it manually? Because it is a web bot, you can access the bot on any web browser including mobile devices. While the bot provides you full support, it allows you full control over the actions carried out on your accounts. However, if you are interested in getting a desktop Instagram bot, they also have it.

Autogrambot Pros:

  • Advanced comment trackerAuto-stop featureAffordable and cheapSimple to use

Autogrambot Cons:

  • Need to be consistently monitoredMight get your accounts banned if you are not careful



If you are looking for an Instagress alternative that works perfectly and does almost all that you can do with Instagress, then going with Instato is not a bad idea.

Instato is not only web-based, but its User Interface is mobile-friendly, making it possible for mobile phone users to automate their tasks on the go with Instato. But what exactly can you do with this tool? A lot, ranging from auto-follow, unfollow, like, DM, comment, and repost, among other things.

With Instato, managing multiple Instagram accounts becomes easier, and you get to know each of the activities carried out. In fact, some see Instato as the best alternative to Instagress.

Instato Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Activity log and easily understood analytics

Instato Cons:

  • Can get your account blocked if used without careExpensive

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Instagress

  • Is Instagress Still Working?

Instagress no longer works – it has been discontinued because of a cease and desist letter from Instagram. That’s is why this post has been written to provide you other alternatives that are also web bots and works well with Instagram.

  • Is Instagram Automation Working?

Yes, Instagram Automation still works, but it is becoming more difficult by the day. You have to follow all the Instagram dos and don’ts to avoid getting your accounts banned.

  • Why Use a Web Bot for Instagram Automation?

There is an inherent problem with using a desktop-based bot for Instagram Automation – it only functions when your PC is on. To get them to work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you need to host them on a server. This is what web Instagram based bots came to solve; to keep your accounts automated hand-free even when your PC is off.


From the above, I am sure you know that the shutting down of Instagress does not spell doom for Instagram Automation. There are other bots that are as functional as Instagress and are still web-based. Some of these online Instagram bots are listed above as Instagresss alternatives.

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