Nimbleway Review

What do you know about the Nimbleway service? If you know little to nothing about it and want to learn more about it, including its pros and cons, then you are on the right page. The article below reviews Nimbleway with a focus on their Nimble IP.

An unregulated market like the proxy market, where a good number of providers can just enter, is sure to have a lot of baggage — and yes, a good number of providers do not meet up with expectations. It is in this market that the likes of Nimbleway dared to enter. This provider is quite new, focusing on enterprise and mid-scale proxy users. Are you one of those looking to learn more about the Nimbleway proxy service known as the Nimble IP? There are a lot of promises made by Nimbleway. But do they meet up with them? You will find out in this Nimbleway review.

Nimbleway Overview

Nimbleway Overview

Nimbleway is a web data extraction infrastructure with 3 major offerings — a web scraping API, proxy network, and automation browser with the name Nimble API, Nimble IP, and Nimble Browser, respectively. This provider is quite new in the market, but it captures what the market needs at this critical time. While the 3 products Nimbleway are integrated into each, they have been. Made to be modular, making it is possible for you to use just one of the products. This Nimbleway review will focus on the Nimble IP, the proxy network offered by the service.

Nimble IP is a modern proxy system that has been developed to assign the most appropriate IP address to your requests to make sure you do not get blocked. The network is made of both residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies. What you will come to like about this network is that it uses a single proxy endpoint or gateway to allow users to access its proxy network.  It does have good location support, offers excellent session support, and provides you with premium IPs. However, the pricing is quite expensive. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Nimble IP in this Nimbleway review.

Nimbleway Pros

The Nimbleway service was developed after carefully studying the existing proxy network to solve some of the problems seen in the regular proxy provider. For this reason, you expect some features to show for it. Below are some of the pros of the Nimbleway Nimble IP.

  • World-Class Proxy Infrastructure with an IP Optimisation Engine

World-Class Proxy Infrastructure with an IP Optimisation Engine

As stated earlier, Nimbleway is a data gathering service. It has a scraping API, an automation browser, and a proxy network. The scraping API and automation browsers integrate perfectly with the Nimble IP, which is the proxy network. Because the pricing of the Nimble API is based on successful requests, the network has built its proxy network (Nimble IP) to be world-class so that requests sent by their Nimble API users always succeed, as only then will they make money. Nimbleway is making this proxy network available for you to use as a separate tool.

World-Class Proxy Infrastructure

It has been built with high-performing infrastructure to provide you with blistering performance. This proxy provider can handle your proxy use case at any scale. If you check their pricing section, you will see they focus more on enterprise users. One feature you will come to like about Nimble IP is that it is based on an IP optimization engine.

This optimization engine has been developed to intelligently choose the best IP address for each of your requests. This ensures top-notch speed and only assign IPs with good reputation. It also entails choosing the best IP that will enable a long session time if you need to maintain a session for a while.

  • Acceptable Proxy Speed

It is known that proxies, for the most part, will affect your Internet connection speed. And for residential proxies, they can be worse when compared to their datacenter counterparts. However, the reduction shouldn’t be too noticeable, as if it does; then it becomes an issue. Nimbleway is a service for businesses, and as such, we expect some level of quality in their offering. We need to check whether their proxies are fast enough or not. To test this, we used the Speediest tool by Ookla and the speed testing tool by Netflix. Let’s take a look at the speed without proxies below.

speed without proxies nimbleway

Looking at the above, you can see that I already have a poor Internet connection. Now let's see how it measures up. We tried using this same tool to test their proxies, and we kept getting an error message. That was the reason we ended up using the tool, and below is the result. tool proxies nimbleway

Looking at the two, you will see that the download speed without proxies is 16.90 Mbps, while with their proxies is 13Mbps. The upload speed, on the other hand, is 31.08 Mbps without proxies and 27 Mbps with their proxies. In all, you can see that the reduction level is not significant, and for that reason, we can say that the speed you get from Nimble IPs is quite acceptable.

  • Extensive Location Support with Granular Targeting

The Nimbleway service is a web data collection tool as as such, a way to collect localized data is required. It is the Nimble IP module that provides such. The Nimble IP, which is the proxy arm, has got a good number of locations support. As with other residential proxy providers, it has got a P2P network where it accesses IPs from all regions of the world. However, unlike the other providers, it uses its algorithm to select only the high-quality IPs in the market in a bid to ensure your requests are sent successfully at an acceptable speed.

But what will interest you the most is not even the locations supported but the fact that you can choose IPs from selected locations. Nimble IP has got support for geo-location targeting. This is a feature that allows you to choose IPs from any region you want. But its geo-location targeting feature is granular, allowing you to choose IPs from specific countries, states, and even cities. Even though the number of IPs in their pool is sizeable, the more granular you go, the fewer the IPs available, as you can’t expect to get the same number of IPs you will get from, let say the Austria to be the same with when you choose a city. If there are no IPs for the location supported, Nimble IP will throw an HTTP 525 error response.

  • Rotating Proxies with Good Session Control

The Nimbleway proxies are rotating proxies. The network will provide you with a single gateway to access their pool, and every request is assigned a new IP address. This new IP address is chosen based on the IP optimization engine to ensure it is the best for that request. This is why their proxies are perfect for web scraping, as you can send hundreds of thousands of requests — this help you avoid blocks. But away from that, there are other forms of automation and even proxy use in the browser environment that requires session maintenance. When you need to maintain the same IP address, Nimbleway is also a good fit.

With Nimbleway, you can maintain the same IP address for a specific period —1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. There are situations when an IP address being used will go offline. In this case, Nimbleway will pass the session to the next IP address it will assign to you. Also, when the time limit for the IP rotation is not set, and you want to maintain sessions, then Nimbleway will keep the session alive for up to 10 minutes even when your activity stops. This is to enable you to continue the session. This makes session control one of the core strengths of Nimbleway.

  • Gives Perfect Control and Good Monitoring Support

Gives Perfect Control and Good Monitoring Support

The Nimble IP has one feature you will like — IP Pipelines. With IP pipelines, you can compartmentalize your proxy use case to understand their usage better. Each pipeline should be for a specific use case. This way, you can have a more granular understanding of which task consumes more bandwidth. From the user dashboard, you can get the report of each pipeline usage statistic.

The good thing about this monitoring system is that it is real-time, and this can be accessed via the user dashboard and even the developer API. This way, you can manage your budget and reduce costs while setting permissions for each pipeline to meet your goal. Aside from providing you usage data for monitoring purposes, IP Pipelines are a better way to set default proxy settings and use them as often as you like.

You could configure default settings like IP rotation, geo-targeting, and even session control. This makes it easier for you to carry out repetitive with the same pipeline without going through the processing of configuring proxies every time you need to carry out the task.

  • Free Trial and Favourable Refund Policy Available

One of the fears of proxy users is what happens to them if the proxies they purchase don’t meet their expectations or do not even work in the first place. Customers will want to know what is in place to protect their funds. Some providers will offer a free trial period; others will have a money-back guarantee. Where does Nimbleway stand in these two? For Nimbleway, you get the two. Yes, Nimbleway provides a free trial for all customers, and there is also the option of your getting your money back if the proxies have issues.

For the free trial, you will need to go through the KYC process for your business, and once done successfully, you are given 22GB of bandwidth to use for free as a trial. After this has been exhausted, you must pay to continue using the service. For the money-back guarantee, there is one in place, but it can be dicey. The money-back-guarantee or refund given here is not non-conditional. You need to meet the conditions required to be eligible for a refund. I recommend you study their policy document to know all you need about their refund policy before you make payment.

  • Developer-Friendly Proxy Infrastructure

All proxy networks should be developer-friendly, but time and again, we have come across proxy services that do not consider developers, as there is no developer-focused support. Nimbleway is no one of such. Nimbleway is a scraping API, automation browser, and proxy provider. All of these 3 tools are meant for developers, making the tool the perfect service for developers by developers.

Developer-Friendly Proxy Infrastructure

First, you can use a developer API to access your usage statistics and query the remaining balance. Nimbleway provides an easy to read and navigate documentation that is available on their website. Using the documentation, developers can understand how to better interact with the service programmatically.

Nimbleway Cons

Looking at the pros above, you will be forced to want to pay for a package. But before you do that, you need to know that just like every other provider out there, Nimbleway proxies have their cons you need to be aware of. Below are some of the cons of Nimbleway.

  • Extensive Pricing

Nimbleway Pricing

One of the areas Nimbleway does have a fault is in its pricing. And we don’t know whether this is a con or just a way to define their customer base. Unlike in the past, you do not need $100+ to purchase residential proxies, as even top providers like Bright Data and Oxylabs are not affordable. But for Nimble IP, you need a minimum of $300 to get started with their service.

And this does not even give you access to premium support like a dedicated account manager and personalized onboarding. If you are to even look at the price per GB, you will see that 1GB is $14 in their smallest plan (the essential plan of $300). This put it on the high side in terms of pricing. And we can conclude that Nimbleway only targets businesses and heavy proxy users. You can tell this from its free trial support, where it gives 22GB for a free trial.

  • Still New in the Market

Still New in the Market

Not many people will see this as a problem so far; the proxies were useful for the task. But as a proxy review that has been in the market for a while now, we can categorically say the time and how long a provider has lived in the market is a strong indicator. For one thing, Nimbleway proxies have not stood the test of time. Some of the old providers have gone through a lot, including a large chunk of their network being discovered and blacklisted. Also important is that many people still need to use the proxies for diverse use cases for one to truly say he wants to place Nimbleway in the class of the older top-level providers.

Do We Recommend Nimbleway?

No doubt, Nimbleway is a new provider, and for this reason, some people can be skeptical about using it. However, from our previous tests and usage of their proxies, Nimbleway has proven to be one of the best proxies you can use. The are fast and allow you to rotate IPs randomly or based on time. You get to choose the location of the IPs and many other features. With these and many more, you will see that the major issue with Nimbleway is that it is still not affordable to regular small proxy users yet. Because of the quality of service you get, they are highly recommended.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 9.2/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.8/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.7/10
  • Customer support - 9.2/10

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