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Have you recently heard of the ProxyEmpire residential proxy service and you want to learn more about it? Just like you, we got to know about the service recently. However, we have done in-depth research on the service and in the ProxyEmpire review article below, we sum up all our discoveries about the service and its proxies. review

It might interest you to know that even as a proxy reviewer, we find it difficult to keep a tab on the proxy market with a good number of providers venturing into the market all the time. While this might seem good to some — art has not proven to generate the kind of competition required for an industry to grow and benefit the consumers.

In fact, it is otherwise, as most of the new providers do not have what it takes to compete with the old players in the market. However, there are a few new providers that have proven to  have what it takes to compete. One of such providers is the ProxyEmpire proxy service and in this article, we would be providing an honest review of their proxies.

ProxyEmpire Overview overview

The ProxyEmpire service was introduced recently into the proxy market. They offer both residential and mobile proxies. Even though the service was recently introduced, it comes with some features that you can’t help but notice it. This proxy provider has got a number of locations supported, has support for geo-targeting, and comes with a good session control feature which makes it good for account management.

ProxyEmpire also has good pricing which makes it affordable even to those with a small budget for proxies. One thing you will come to like about this service is that it is easy to use, and the user dashboard has been set up in such a way that you won’t find it difficult to make use of it even as a first-time user.

However, it is not all rosy as it seems, and just like any other services out there, it does have its cons. in fact, as a new proxy service, it is expected that they should get a good number of things wrong but surprisingly, it is only in a few aspects that they flopped.

In the article, we would be taking a look at all of the flops and downsides associated with the proxies. Before doing this, the article would discuss some of the core stretches of the service under the pros section.

At the end of the article, we expect you to have reached a conclusion whether you want to make use of their proxies air not. However, we would end the article with a verdict on whether the service is worth to be used by our readers or not.

ProxyEmpire Pros

ProxyEmpire is still quite new in the market and as such, it currently still building it user base. However, if you are asking why should you even make use of them in the first place, below are some of the reasons why you will want to make use of ProxyEmpire proxies.

Good Location Support and Sizable IP Pool

Good Location Support and Sizable IP Pool

The feature that caught my attention first in this proxy service is the number of locations supported. It is no news that the Internet is increasingly becoming localized and we need either proxies or VPNs to access content from other regions other than the one we are in. If you need proxies to use for tasks that require you to access content from different regions of the world, then you need to ask the question — does this proxy service have IPs from the locations I am interested in? If the answer is NO, then you are better off not even considering such a provider. In the case of ProxyEmpire, we can say that it has got good location support if you consider how young it is in the market.

Currently, the service has got support for over 150 countries. This is not something we expect from a new provider as there are some top providers of residential proxies in the market that can only boost of providing support for only 100 countries. However, it is important you know that it does not have an equal amount of IPs in all of these countries.

One other feature you will come to like aside from the long list of countries it supports is the number of IP addresses it has in its pool. Currently, the number is put at over 3 million IP addresses, sourced via Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks. While all of these IPs are not always online as with the case with other proxy services, a good number is always available for you to use.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

proxyempire Acceptable Proxy Speed

Speed is an important factor for most proxy users as a slow proxy service will waste your time and ruin your project in some cases. It is for this reason that proxy users always want to know how a proxy server stands in terms of speed. How does ProxyEmpire stand in this regard? To be frank with you, we didn’t expect anything groundbreaking from this proxy service considering it is new in  the market.

However, we were surprised by the performance we got in terms of speed. The speed was quite acceptable. To test the speed, we made use of the tool and test our speed with no Internet connection. The result is provided below.

From the above, you can see that the Internet speed is poor. This is because the Internet connection is quite bad in my present location. Even though the speed is poor, we can still use it as a benchmark to test ProxyEmpire proxy speed. We used the same speed test tool and got the result below.

From the above, you can see that the speed is not up to the speed you get without using a proxy at all. However, the reduction is quite within an acceptable range.

Good Geo-Targeting Options

proxyempire Geo-Targeting Options

How well does the ProxyEmpire perform when it comes to allowing you to choose specific IP addresses from its pool. The targeting options of one of the taunted features of a residential proxy service especially for those that are rotating proxies. If a service does not allow you to choose the location of the proxies you want to use, then such service is restrictive and not good for tasks that require you to use only proxies from a specific location. For ProxyEmpire, you are not limited when it comes to geo-targeting. From the user dashboard, you can see the geo-targeting options available for you to use.

ProxyEmpire allows you to choose the country, state, and city from which you want proxies from. So far, our geo-targeting test does not prove otherwise. From the above, we stated that the service has got support for over 150 countries.

However, not all of these countries would get all of the geo-targeting options. This is because the number of IPs in some of the countries is few and as such, doing so for those countries won’t be effective. In some, all you get is country-level targeting.

However, for others as in the case with the US above, we were able to go all the way down to city-level targeting. ProxyEmpire also has support for ISP-level targeting.

Affordable Pricing

ProxyEmpire Residential Proxy Price

If you have read a proxy buying guide before, you will see that pricing is one of the most important factors that determine the proxies one will end up using. Usually, the high-quality proxies are priced higher and this is not unconnected to the fact that a lot was invested in making and keeping them performing high compared to their peers.

However, some proxies can be priced high but still provide low-quality service. Generally, when a proxy service is expensive, a good number of the small users would run away as they can’t afford to pay for them. ProxyEmpire has done well in this regard.

Its pricing can be likened to that of the big player in the market before it was introduced into the market. However, unlike the others, it lowered the barrier of entry. Its smallest package is the Pay As You Go plan that comes with 1GB and costs $9. Aside from that package, 7 other packages exist.

Generally, the more bandwidth you paid for, the cheaper the price per bandwidth becomes. enterprise users that would buy 1TB of bandwidth can enjoy a great discount and get the price per GB to $3. One major difference between the packages is the customer service option available to you. Aside from that, every other thing remains equal.

Integrates Well with Third-party Tools

proxyempire Integrates Well with Third-party Tools

Some proxies can be difficult to use outside of the browser environment. Some even come with their own client application as in the case of the S5 Proxy which limits the activities you can use the proxies for. The Proxyempire is not like that. It provides you a proxy address (host) and port and with these, you can configure any tool of your choice that has support for proxies.

If you also want to generate a proxy list and use that in your custom software, you also get the chance to do that as the tool comes with a proxy list generator tool. In terms of authentication options, ProxyEmpire has got support for both username/password and IP authentication methods.

 The proxies are perfect for use in multi-profile browser software such as Multilogin, GoLogin, and AdsPower. Their proxies have also been tested with SEO tools such as ScrapeBox and even in custom scripts and they worked quite well.

ProxyEmpire not being restrictive makes it the perfect provider when you need proxies for your custom project provided the project does not have any specific requirements that the ProxyEmpire residential proxies do not meet.

Does Not Limit You As Other Providers Do

Not Limit You As Other Providers

If you are looking for a proxy service that will not limit you in a way that will annoy you, then that provider is the ProxyEmpire proxy service. Some providers will stop you from accessing certain websites as in the case with Shifter blocking Amazon by default, others would give you a few rotation options as Smartproxy does, while some will put you through a strict KYC process like Bright.

Well, for ProxyEmpire, you have some level of control over the service. You are allowed to use either the proxy address and port in a browser or generate as many IP addresses and port pairs as you want using their proxy generator function.

In terms of the proxy rotation option, you can choose the intervals in which you want your proxy to change its IP address. The minimum allowed rotation period is one minute while the maximum is one hour. However, IP can get changed if the IP goes offline before the time interval elapses.

Another aspect you are not been controlled is in the number of IPs you use — you are being charged based on bandwidth, not IPs. In terms of concurrency allowed, ProxyEmpire allows you to create s many threads as you wish and have them run concurrently. However, you need to think of the performance implication of doing that.

ProxyEmpire Cons

From the above, you can tell that the ProxyEmpire is up to a good start, having all of those strengths as a new provider. However, it does have its weaknesses you are supposed to be aware of before making a monetary commitment. Below are some of the downsides associated with the ProxyEmpire residential proxies.

No Free Trial and Refund Provided

When it comes to paying for a tool online that you have not used before, there is always that hesitation as you wouldn’t want to lose your money either because you do not trust the company because you are not sure if the tool is the tool for your job. To help do away with this hesitation, a good number of proxy services provide support for free trials which would provide a user free access to the service with limitations to test out the service.

Others do not provide such; they provide users with a money-back guarantee that will help users get a refund if they meet certain criteria. Some services even provide both in some cases. In the case of ProxyEmpire, you are not getting any of these.

No Free Trial by proxyempire

ProxyEmpire requires you to pay $1.97 for a trial which would give you only 100MB. The service expects you to test its proxies to make sure their proxies work for you. If after using this one which is non-refundable, you pay for any of their packages, then the proxies you paid for should better work for you. If not, you will still not get your money back. The service feels the paid trial option is enough to determine whether you like their product or not.

Customer Support is Discriminatory

ProxyEmpire Customer Support

We know premium users should have premium customer support and we do not expect users that subscribe to their smallest package should have the same attention as users that subscribe to their largest package.

However, this does not mean those that paid for their smallest plan should be sidelined from good customer support. The service does have support for different forms of customer support ranging from email support, to live chat, and then a dedicated account manager.

However, if you subscribe to their starter plan ($40) or hobby plan ($150), you only have access to email support which is quite slow. Those that subscribe to their startup ($300) and business ($600) plans get access to live chat support. The other bigger plans provide you access to a dedicated account manager. A responsive customer support is a must for a proxy service, even for intending customers.

No High Rotating Proxies

The ProxyEmpire proxies are rotating proxies, the kind of proxies that changes the IP address assigned to you after a period of time. ProxyEmpire allows you to specify the time interval when the IP address assigned to you would be changed provided it is between one minute to one hour.

These proxies are known as session proxies. This is because between the period an IP is changed, the session is maintained. With its minimum being one minute, we can say that Proxyempire has a wide use case including tasks such as web scraping and crawling that require IPs to be changed frequently.

However, they are still not as effective as high rotating proxies that change IP after every request. Currently, ProxyEmpire does not have support for high rotating proxies — what they have are session proxies.

Does ProxyEmpire Works?

The ProxyEmpire proxy service is one of the new providers that graced the proxy market. They provide both residential and mobile proxies. However, we only tested their residential proxies. From our test, the ProxyEmpire residential proxies work.

However, it is still a service in the market and as such, you won’t compare how rugged it is with that of other services that have been put to test by various users even top companies around the world. Interestingly, it does show signs of having prospects as not many of its kinds start off the way it did.

Do We Recommend ProxyEmpire Residential Proxies?

Without bitting around the bush, the ProxyEmpire proxies work. Aside from just working, it does have some strengths you will come to like such as having excellent location support, good geo-targeting support, a sizeable IP pool, the ability to use it on any software that requires proxies, and even the level of control it gives you such as allowing you to create as many concurrency threads as your system can handle.

Looking at all of these and their downsides, you will agree with me that ProxyEmpire should be recommended. Even though pricing per GB is almost the same with the popular providers, it lowered the entry bar and as such, if it is on your radar, you can use their service, they are recommended.

Our Rating
  • Scraping Performance - 7.9/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.4/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.3/10
  • Customer support - 7.5/10

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