The Best Hashtag Generator & 3 Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

Hashtag marketing on Instagram in this year is the same as SEO for a website – you have higher chances to appear in the Explore section that will enhance the number of your account's organic viewers.

Best Hashtag Generators

Content with hashtags get searchable; consequently, more people will be able to discover them. Content without hashtags go nowhere (unless you are Kim Kardashian, of course). That's why I've prepared the fully-fledged list of hashtag generators. These tools allow you to research on a desktop because the IG app is not a handy option.

Let's dive right in – I'll explain how hashtag searchers work and why you will avail. I'll show excellent tools and uncover typical hashtag mistakes.

What is a Hashtag Generator?

Do you hear these words the first time? You miss a lot in IG promotion. So…###?

A hashtag generator is a hashtag database with various search options and analytics that helps you investigate appropriate Instagram hashtags based on your search request.

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Some generators also offer an exploration by a URL or by an image. What is more, such services show hashtag trends, analysis you won't find on IG recent posts so that you can easily decide if it fits or not. Conveniently, you can check off, copy, and insert hashtags with these services in several seconds.

And it's impossible by default via the IG app. If you've tried the built-in research, you understand that it shows a limited number of hashtags, and you have to memorize them and make notes in a separate document simultaneously.

In-depth analysis, handiness, steady growth are the main benefits of using a generator service. Hashtag sets will be niche and traffic-boosting. But how do you choose among so many options?

Best Hashtag Generators

1. Inflact (formerly Ingramer)


 The Inflact service is a part of the top-rated Instagram marketing toolkit. It allows finding hashtags by keywords, a link to any post, or by scanning an image. It is a number 1 in my list because Here are perks that can't be found in analogs:


  • Search by numerous keys. This option is now available in other hashtags finders. You can indicate up to 5 keys in a search field, and the results will include all of them. This feature will help you to find more niche-specific hashtags.
  • Multilingual research. If you run Instagram for foreign locations, you can add hashtags in the desired language.
  • Constantly refreshed database. It contains the biggest data about hashtags – approximately 12 mln records. Also, they update it often so that you can discover the freshest and the most traffic-driving hashtag options.
  • Convenient interface. To copy hashtags, you barely have to tick the wanted boxes. Also, you can add spacing to divide hashtags from the copy of your post.
  • In-depth analytics. If you tap on a hashtag, you will see the insightful info about it. The difficulty will help you to understand competitiveness. See the recent posts to realize whether a hashtag contains spammy content or not.


$21 month. Free hashtags trends by categories.


Ingramer collects trendy hashtags sorted by niches that you can copy free of charge. So, if you still hesitate, you can try this option at no risk.


This service is worth using, and it is rated 4.3 on Trustpilot. It is robust and handy if compared to analogs. If you also buy their Posting module, you can use the auto-updated description feature – it will change the hashtags combinations automatically 2 times so you can try more options and reach more people. You can read about experiments with hashtags and working strategies described in the Ingramer blog.

2. HashtagForLikes


This service helps you find specific hashtags according to your search criteria. What is more, you can find hashtags for different social platforms, like Twitter, too. This feature can really improve your social media marketing – you get the universal service for various channels.


  • If you purchase this tool, you can see the valuable parameters for analysis – reach, likes, difficulty, etc.
  • TikTok hashtags. This Hashtag generator also lets users find TikTok hashtags that are the key to fame on this platform, and good for TikTok Automation.
  • Risk-free trial. This tool's developers claim users get money back in 14 days if they don't like the hashtag generator.
  • Search by username. You can spy on your competitors' hashtags and copy some ideas that they use. Enter the name of similar accounts, and the generator will show you hashtags from their profile.


$15/week. A free version is also available. You can copy popular hashtags for free.


This hashtag generator is also functional, but it seems a bit overpriced. It has a pleasant interface. It's a plus that you can also find hashtags for other social networks.

3. Kicksta


 As the services described above, this is not just a hashtag tool but a fully-fledged Instagram promotion platform. The finder looks very easy and consists just of the search bar. If you are looking for simplicity and don't want to dive deeper into the hashtags analysis, try this instrument.


  • Hashtag groups. You can add hashtags to themed groups and save them. It's handy to research hashtags for various categories of posts – product posts, giveaways, educational posts, and collect them by groups.
  • Hashtag preview. You can tap on three dots next to a hashtag, and you will instantly see posts that were uploaded with it recently. It is helpful to understand if these posts relate to your content.
  • Convenient design. Hashtag research is intuitive. You need to tap on a hashtag and choose between options – copy, add to a group.
  • A search of random hashtags. If you don't want to overthink your hashtag strategy, you can just choose a random search, and the tool will suggest the best working random hashtags based on your keyword.




This hashtag searcher is a brilliant option for users who are seeking a free and straightforward tool. The only step you need to pass is the registration via an email, but it takes just 2 seconds.

4. Instavast


Instavast is one more service improving Instagram marketing and it has a hashtag finder tool. The generator is powered by AI so that IGers can start searching by uploading any picture or inserting a URL to any post.


  • Free tool. Users can find a range of hashtags paying nothing. This is a good chance for beginners to understand how to hashtag marketing will work for them.
  • Banned hashtags. There are dangerous hashtags you can't use on Instagram. The algorithm recognizes them as spammy and may shadowban you if you use them in captions. It isn't easy to understand what hashtags are banned because they are often updated. Here you can find a list of prohibited hashtags with a search bar, so it's helpful to check if a hashtag is allowed. Also, users can submit such hashtags so that information is regularly refreshed.
  • Other promotion tools at hand. It's convenient to have essentials for managing Instagram, like the Scheduled posting and




The huge benefit of this tool is that it is free. This hashtags searcher is simplified but it might be what a newbie is looking for. I would suggest this tool for those who don't need intricate functions and just want to try hashtags for promotion.

5. Hashtagify


This service provides users with specified and robust features for a well-thought hashtag strategy. It amasses hashtags for Instagram and Twitter, which helps to manage campaigns across networks with one service. Also, it shows the ongoing hashtags trends on socials. For example, now the most trendy hashtag is #TrumpHasCovid and you can see the recent posts with it. You can try it for 7 days for free.


  • In-depth ranking. This hashtag finder shows specific information about hashtags you won't find anywhere—for example, spelling variants, countries where it's popular, etc.
  • Tracking features. The tool allows downloading info about hashtags and users you want to monitor. The perfect idea of implementing competitors' analysis.
  • Custom hashtag suggestions. This hashtag searcher will discover top options that correlate to your profile and niche. It will help you run a smart campaign with no efforts. You can even see the influencers who apply this or that hashtag and track their performance.
  • Bookmarks for hashtags. You can save the best-performing hashtags in bookmarks when you buy the premium version.
  • Robust functions in the free version. Even without purchasing a premium plan, you can perform deep hashtag research.


Starts at $ 29/ month. 7-days free trial.


Multi-functional hashtag searcher for Instagram and Twitter that I recommend to check out. Even though you need to register and start your trial to find IG hashtags, Twitter hashtag insights are available without this process.

What mistakes should a marketer avoid in a hashtag strategy for this year?

1. Repeating hashtags

When you duplicate hashtags, IG mechanisms will recognize that you put them for likes, and they don't improve searchability. Always switch the order and add some new ones.

2. Irrelevant hashtags

Have a look at hashtags you've found and at your post. Do they correlate? You need to be sure the meaning does not contradict. It often happens that Instagrammers post phones with a hashtag #iphonecase, and this just doesn't make sense.

3. Never opening IG insights

You won't recognize the best hashtags set if you don't compare the results after trying different sets. Be sure you include post-analysis in your hashtag strategy.

FAQ: All You Need to Know About Hashtag Research

Find answers to the primary questions about hashtags below.

  • What should I start with when researching hashtags?

If you are beginning your journey to hashtag marketing, start researching keywords correlated to your niche. It's essential to think outside the box and include various synonyms.

When you plan out keywords for research, keep in mind your niche, product, location, events in your niche. For instance, if you sell wedding dresses on IG, you need to research words like “wedding” and “bridal.” Surely, some of the hashtag generators will consider the synonyms and suggest them as related hashtags.

Tip: use search requests on Google, YouTube, Pinterest to collect keywords for the future hashtags examining.

  • Does the hashtag volume matter in 2022?

Marketing experts used to say that you need to pay attention to the frequency of a hashtag. But this number just indicates how many posts were uploaded with a hashtag. It doesn't mean a hashtag will boost your reach. I advise you to focus on the relevance and trendiness of a hashtag instead.


After studying this review of generators, you are ready to uplift your Instagram promotion with a new and truly organic traffic source. You grasp the main laws of hashtag marketing and get familiar with trusted tools. Now it's time to choose the most appropriate option according to your goals and get closer to your IG popularity!

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