Ultimate Guide to Jarvee for Instagram (Jarvee Instagram Tutorial)

Jarvee for Instagram

Do you want to learn how to use Jarvee to automate your task on Instagram in other to manage multiple accounts? Probably, you must have heard stories of how some social media marketers built their Instagram account from zero to over 100,000 followers very fast and on autopilot through the use of Instagram automation.

Now you are interested in learning how to grow your own audience and fan-based on Instagram using Jarvee. But what is Jarvee and how do you use it to increase your followers and engagement metrics on Instagram? This article is an ultimate guide to Jarvee.

You will be learning the step by step guide on how to set up Jarvee on your machine and use it to automate your tasks on Instagram. Before that, let take a look at an overview of Jarvee as an automation tool.

What is Jarvee? A Brief Overview

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Jarvee is a Windows-based social media automation bot that is used for managing multiple social media accounts and rapidly growing social media presence on autopilot. The bot can be used for automating tasks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However, our interest in this article is on using the bot for Instagram automation and as such, that’s where our focus will be.

Jarvee control panel

Jarvee is one of the best automation bots in the market that help you grow your audience on Instagram. This software is only available for use on the Windows operating system and works only on Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows.

If you use other operating systems like Linux and Mac, you cannot run Jarvee on your computer. The only option you have is to run Jarvee on a Windows VPS. A Windows VPS is a virtual computer with the Windows OS installed on it. Aside from not having windows installed on your system, there is another major reason why people use Windows VPS.

Jarvee, as I stated earlier, is an application software installed on a Windows computer. It only works when the system is on and like you know, not everyone leaves their system to run all day long. Interestingly, most people need Jarvee to run all day and the only way to achieve that aside from leaving their computer system is to make use of a VPS service.

With this service, Jarvee can afford to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any form of interruption, giving your account the autopilot mechanism to be very responsive to your follows actions. Let take a look at Jarvee price and what you can use it to do.

How much does Jarvee cost?

Jarvee is considered to be expensive to many users. And yes, if you consider the cost of the subscription to Jarvee alternatives, you will see why Jarvee is seen as expensive. Jarvee has 3 subscription plans – the starter plan, regular plan, and professional plan. These 3 plans all offer the same features and customer support.

pricing of jarvee

The only difference between the 3 of them is the number of accounts you can automate using them. For the starter plan, you can 10 Instagram accounts and it sells for $29.95. Their regular plan can host up to 30 Instagram accounts and is priced $49.95. their biggest plan is the professional plan and can be used to automate up to 70 accounts – this is billed $69.95.

At first sight, this might look expensive but if you consider the fact that unlike in the other automation tool that your subscription only works with a single platform, in the case of Jarvee, with only one account, you can automate your tasks on multiple social media platforms. Take for instance, if you subscribe to their starter plan which as I stated cost $29.95 and gives you the opportunity to automate tasks on 10 social media accounts. You can use it to automate 5 of your Instagram accounts, 3 of your Twitter accounts, and 2 Tumblr accounts.

Jarvee has trust in their services and as such, they offer their users both free trial and refund policy. If you are an intending user, Jarvee gives you 5 days free trial without you entering your credit card information. It is after the 5 days that you are expected to enter your account details and pay for the plan fully. Interestingly, they also offer 7 days refund policy to help you get your money back if you wish to discontinue using their service.

Instagram automation features in Jarvee

Jarvee has a lot of features packed in it to make automation possible. Jarvee can be used for almost all activities required to engage with your followers.

what does jarvee do

The image above is a cropped image of the activities you can do with Jarvee. I got this personally from my dashboard. The automation features enabled for Instagram automation include following users based on some conditions. The bot can be used to follow back accounts that follow you, like posts, and comments, as well as send Direct Messages (DM), block followers, report posts, and users among others.

Let Get Started with Jarvee

Now that you have an overview knowledge of what Jarvee is and what you can use it for, the next thing to do now is to show you have to use it. The first thing you need to do before even download is to head to Jarvee’s website (https://jarvee.com/get-now/) and choose any of the plans to try out for free.

how to use jarvee for free

You will be required to enter your email address after which your account will be created and you will be displayed your password – the password is automatically generated for you. From the web page (screenshot above), you can then click on the download link and you will be taken to a page to download Jarvee. The file is named “Jarvee-Setup.msi” and its file size is 137 MB.

As I stated earlier, it works only with Windows. You can install it on a VPS if your system does not have the Windows operating system installed. After installing the application, launch it and enter your username and password.

enter your username and password

It took a few seconds to load before I was able to enter my username and password. However, after it finished loading, it became more responsive.

How to Setup Proxies in Jarvee

If you want to automate your task on over 3 accounts on Jarvee, you are expected to make use of proxies. In case you do not know about proxies, they are intermediary servers that conceal the real IP address of a device. Because your real IP address is not used, you can afford to have a good number of IP addresses which you will use to prevent Instagram from knowing that the accounts are owned, one person. However, if you only need to automate just one account or two, there is no need for using proxies because that will amount to a waste of money. You can read more about proxies in our article titled, “ultimate guide to Instagram proxies”.

There are two ways of adding proxies to Jarvee. The first method is doing that through the use Proxy Manager section of the application. If you navigate to this section, there is an “Add Proxy” button which you can click to add proxy.

adding proxies to Jarvee

After clicking the button, you are expected to enter details of your proxy and add the Instagram account you intend to use the proxy with. The second method of adding proxies is at the time of adding an Instagram account, you will be given a section to enter your proxy details.

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How to Add Instagram Accounts to Jarvee

Before you can use automate your task, you need to add the login credentials of such accounts so that Jarvee will use it to log into such accounts.

Adding an Instagram account on Jarvee is very easy. Go to the social profile section and then click, “Add Profile”. You will get a popup to add a new social media profile.

import accounts on Jarvee

Choose Instagram from the list and you will be taken to a page to enter the login credentials of the Instagram account you want to add and if there is the need, add proxy details too. If the credentials are OK, you get successfully logged in and your account has been added. Let now move to how to schedule posts on Jarvee.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts on Jarvee

Running your accounts on autopilot requires you to schedule your post. With Jarvee, you can have a post list and tell the software to automatically post them at a specific period of time. To do this, you need to navigate to the “Campaign” Section and click the “Add Campaign” button.

Add Campaign

This will bring up the pop up below. Choose the “Add Schedule Campaign” option and you will be presented a page to add your post scheduling campaign.

Add Schedule Campaign

On this page, you have 3 heading tabs that provide you with navigation to help you achieve your task.

Setting for Campaign

Looking at the above, you can see that we have 6 tabs you can click. The default one is the overview of the posting campaign and you can see text boxes where you enter information like name of campaign and description. There are also numerous options you can check. The next tab is the “What to Publish” tab which is the section to enter what you intend to post to the post list.

What to Publish

On this page, you are expected to enter the posts you intend to schedule and their respective timing using the timer option (see box 2 in the screenshot above). After you are done entering this information, you can then click the “Add to Post List” button. Scheduled posts you add can be found when you click the posts list tab.

Scheduled posts

To start publishing, you to the overview page and click the “Start Publishing” button.


How to Use Jarvee Supported Tools to Automate other tasks

I must confess Jarvee is a complicated tool and there is no way I can give a rundown on all the tasks in an article without the article losing focus. However, aside from scheduling posts, all the other automation features can be found on the “Tool” page. These tasks involve follow, follow back, unfollow, like, comment, contact, DM and many others. You can check the below screenshot for the list of all the actions you can automate using Jarvee.

Automate tasks

If you choose any of those options, you are given a page where you will enter the required information and do the required settings to enable the software to carry out the task in a way you want.

Like I stated earlier, Jarvee is somehow complicated and this is one of the reasons people run from using it. the numerous setup you have to do get people discouraged and try its alternatives. However, if you stick to it long enough, you will discover how simple and effective it is using Jarvee for automation.

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Is Jarvee Safe for Instagram Usage?

Very well, Jarvee is a safe automation bot used by a lot of Instagram marketers. If you as a user does not set it up in such that it sends countless requests per minute, you do not have anything to worry about.

Make sure you set Jarvee to carry out its tasks in such a way that it will mimic user actions and use proxies that work perfectly with Instagram. If you follow the tips and tricks discussed in our article on Instagram Automation, your accounts are safe from any form of Instagram ban.

It is very important to state that I have not had issues of accounts being hacked because I am using Jarvee. I have search BlackHatWorld and other popular online marketing forum and nobody have reported such cases except for one guy that later discovered the problem wasn’t caused by Jarvee but by something else he cannot pinpoint.

So, what am I saying in all these? Jarvee is safe for use with your Instagram accounts.


No doubt, you can grow your audience on Instagram using Jarvee as an automation tool. While the tool is regarded as being expensive, it has proven to be a must-have because of the automation features it comes with.

You can use it for almost all your tasks on IG. However, that you can automate tasks with it does not mean you should go overboard with it. You need to take things slowly else you risk getting your accounts banned.

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