FB Stealth Account 101: How to Create Multiple Stealth Facebook Ad Accounts

Are you looking forward to creating stealth Facebook accounts and manage multiple Facebook business manager, and you do not know to do it without getting discovered and banned? Then read the article below for an expert guide on how to get that done.

Facebook Stealth Account guide

Facebook has proven itself as a force to reckoned with in the social media industry. While most users are on the social media platform to chat and meet people, there is a subset of smart Facebook users that are on Facebook for marketing purposes – these Internet marketers make money on Facebook and, in some instances, usually gets their accounts blocked – and all effort to get the accounts unblocked prove abortive.

If you are in this situation, I know how it feels, but the unfortunate thing is Facebook will not allow you to create another account if your previous account has been blocked, Especially to create multiple FB accounts for Facebook business manager.

They still have your details (personal details, cookies, IP address) in their system and would not allow you to create another account that can be linked to the previous one. This is not only associated with blocked accounts – Facebook frowns at having more than one personal account.

The solution to all of these is to create stealth accounts that cannot be linked to another account. But how easy is it to create a stealth account, and what is the procedure? It can be quite tricky but worth it. the procedure for creating stealth accounts would be discussed in the article. Before that, let take a look at what stealth Facebook accounts are and why would you need to create one?

What is a Facebook Stealth Account?

facebook stealth account

A stealth Facebook account is a Facebook account created with different personal details other than that of its real owner. If you have tried using a different detail other than your own to create a Facebook account, then just know that the account you created is known as a stealth Facebook account.

It has nothing special and works just like a regular Facebook account – the only difference is that the personal information used is faked. There are a good number of stealth Facebook accounts around, and Facebook is actively looking out for them, and that’s why you will need to carefully create yours if you want them to stand the taste of time.

Why Do You Need a Stealth Facebook Account?

Why would you want to create a stealth account with faked details when you can use your real personal information for creating accounts? It turns out that there are a good number of reasons why you will need to use a stealth Facebook account. Let take a look at some of the major reasons below.

  • Blocked Facebook Account

Blocked Facebook Account As stated earlier, If Facebook blocks your account because you violated their terms, then they will do all it takes within their power to prevent you from creating another account, and that means blocking accounts that seem to be created by you.

It is easier for a marketer on Facebook to get his account blocked than a regular user because many of the activities of small marketers that do not pay for ads are regarded as spam. If your account gets blocked, you will need to use a stealth account to continue your marketing campaign.

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  • Creating multiple Facebook Accounts

Especially for creating multiple Facebook Business Manager accounts for facebook Ads

Creating Multiple Accounts

There are some scenarios where you will need more than one account for your marketing operations. According to the Facebook term of service, a user is allowed to only have one account. Even though you won’t be penalized for having 2 or even 3 accounts in most cases, when you plan to create many Facebook account for your marketing campaign or as a Facebook account farm, keeping your accounts unique with no footprint that could get them linked is the way to go, and this means creating the accounts as stealth accounts with different browser environment, personal information, and IP address.

How to Create Stealth Facebook Account

Create Stealth Facebook Account

A Facebook account that you will create a business manager’s account is different from regular accounts as Facebook will put such an account under scrutiny.

When creating a stealth Facebook account for your marketing purposes, you need to make the account as unique as possible and leave no footprint that will be used to link it to your other account – whether banned or not. The Facebook anti-spam system is smart, and it only takes a small thing to get sniffed out. However, there is a method you can follow you have a good result. This will be discussed below.

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Step 1: Get an Old Facebook Account

Old Facebook Account

When it comes to creating a stealth Facebook for marketing, you need to know that not starting afresh is the name of the game. While you might think you will be advised to start creating a new account from scratch, that comes as a second option. Instead of starting from scratch, you should make use of an old Facebook account that already has cookies.

This is because accounts that already have activity history could fly under the radar and enjoy more trust than newly created accounts. Creating a new account and opening a business marketer account with it would raise an eyebrow.

Are you wondering where you will get an old Facebook account when your former account has been blocked? It turns out that old Facebook accounts are readily available for those that need them. There are Facebook account farms you can buy old Facebook accounts.

These accounts have been trained, and history built so that you won’t face any trust issues. You can find sellers on Internet marketing forums. As a recommendation, you can look for sellers on BlackHatWorld. This is the largest IM forum in the world, and you get to see reviews of other forum members that have used old accounts from the providers.

If you do not want to buy old accounts, you can as well create a new account. However, you need to take note of a few things. First, you will need to use made-up personal and contact information – you can use the FakeNameGenerator tool. While creating the new account, make sure you do not use the same browser environment and IP address.

After the account has been created, you need to know that you cannot use it straight away; you will need to use it to interact with others. Add new friends, make posts, comment on the post of others and send direct messages, among other so that the account would have a history of activities.

Step 2: Set up a New Browser Environment

New Browser Environment

Facebook is one of the web services that engage in browser fingerprinting, which is a method of developing a unique fingerprint of a user’s browser in other to track him. With your browser fingerprint developed, Facebook can track you even when you are not logged in, and as such, if you try creating a new account after the previous one has been blocked, the new account will also get banned in no time.

Aside from browser fingerprinting, there is also the issue of cookies which are small text file dropped into your browser that is also used for tracking. With these, you can see that using your browser is a no-no. While there are methods you can follow to delete cookies and prevent browser fingerprinting, you could get it wrong and screw things up.

For this reason, it is best you just make use of a browser environment that has not been contaminated before. For some users, they would simply use a new browser. If you intend to manage more than one Facebook account, then you shouldn’t use a regular browser. Instead, use Multiple browser profile software like Multilogin.

With Multilogin, you can create as many browser profiles as you want, each having its own fingerprint, cookies, local storage, and even IP address if you want. The idea is that each Facebook account will be managed on a browser profile.

Step 3: Change Your IP Address

Change Your IP Address

For every device that is connected to the Internet, there is a unique identifier assigned to it known as an IP address, and web service use it for identification of tracking of users. If your account has been banned by Facebook, just know that if you use the same IP address to create another account, Facebook will know that you own it and will also block it. For this reason, you will need to change your IP address.

If you are using a mobile device or even a modem to access the Internet, there is a high chance that your IP address is not static but dynamically assigned. This means that all you need to change your IP address is to switch off your Internet connection throughout the night, and you should get a new IP address.

It is advisable to check your IP address prior to switching it off and then check it when you wake to in other to confirm the IP address has been changed. You can make use of IPinfo.io to check your current IP address.

However, if you need to manage multiple accounts, then just changing your IP address won’t work, as using the same IP address for multiple accounts is a red flag.

In other to manage multiple accounts, you will need to use proxies to spoof your IP address with a different IP address. With proxies, you can use as many IP addresses as you want on a computer. For Facebook account management, you can use either mobile proxies or residential proxies.

Step 4: Setup a New Payment Method

Revolut Payment Method

Forget about your old payment method, it is no longer useful, and you cannot use it on Facebook again to pay for ads. Using it on an old account will reveal that you are the owner of the banned account, which would mean getting the stealth account banned too.

For payment methods, you have a good number of options available to you. We recommend you set up a mobile bank like iCard, Revolut, or Monese. You can also get a new card from your bank if you tell them your old card is damaged or lost. When getting the new card, change your billing address so that it would not be used as a clue.

Step 5: Warm up the Account Before Using it

Warm up the facebook Account

If you followed all of the steps described above, you should have your stealth account, a new IP address, and browser environment to start managing the new account and create a business manager account.

However, I will advise you not to rush things as that will be counter-productive. Manage the account as a regular user for at least 4 days before creating the business manager account – only then will you avoid getting banned.

How to Protect your Stealth Facebook Account

Facebook Stealth Account protection

Now that your stealth Facebook account has been created, you will need to avoid what you did that got the old account banned; else, you will also lose this one. If you have not read the Facebook terms and conditions, I will advise you do that as a marketer as not being aware of what could get your account banned can be termed as negligence. For the stealth account, you will have to protect it.

Make sure you do not use it on the same browser as the banned account! If you o not use the same browser environment, IP address, and payment method, then Facebook will not know you own the account. Also important is for you to avoid spamming as that is one of the major reasons accounts get banned.

FAQs About Facebook Stealth Account

  • Are Stealth Facebook Accounts Illegal?

Stealth Facebook accounts are not illegal, and you should not get scared of a legal suit because it won’t happen. The highest Facebook will do is that they will block you again. It is not a question of legality; it is a question of ethics.

  • Can I Have Multiple Facebook Accounts?

According to Facebook, a user should have only one account. However, you can still have more than one, and I have seen many people around managing more than one account with no issues. However, you shouldn’t have too many and just know that if you are managing them using the same device, if one gets blocked, the others might suffer the same faith.

  • Are Proxies or VPN a Must for Stealth Facebook Accounts?

Proxies or even a VPN is not a must for a stealth Facebook account. All you need is a change of IP address, and you are good to go. However, if you want to manage more than one account, then they are required in other to hide your IP footprint.


Facebook blocks mean you can no longer carry out your marketing tasks on Facebook. Fortunately for you, you can create a stealth Facebook account and continue marketing your product and services on Facebook. The above is a description of how you can get that.

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