Best Multilogin Alternatives to Manage Multiple Accounts

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Multilogin in other to manage multiple accounts effectively by managing each account in a separate browser environment? Then read the article below to finds out some of the best Multilogin alternatives in the market.

Multilogin Alternatives

There is a very crude way of managing multiple accounts before the advent of Multilogin – using multiple computers. However, even when that was in practice, everybody knew it was not effective and scalable – the financial cost and space requirement are big barriers. Not to even talk of the time and effort in other to avoid making mistakes. Multilogin came and revolutionized how it is done.

Instead of using multiple computers, all that is required is to create multiple browser environments in the Multilogin application and run each account in a virtual environment. These create new virtual browser environments with separate cookies, local storage, browser fingerprints, and with the use of proxies, you also have separate IP addresses.

How to Set Up Proxies with Multilogin?

While there is no doubt that Multilogin works and is actually the best in the market, users begin to have the need to look out for alternatives. There are aspects of Mutilogin that does not go down well with many Mutilogin users and newbies looking to start managing multiple accounts.

There is even numerous thread on BlackHatWorld asking for alternatives to Multilogin for the high price. If you are one of the Internet marketers looking for an alternative to Multilogin, then this article has been written for you. We will be recommending some of the best alternatives to Multilogin. Before going into that proper, let take a look at what Multilogin is and why users are in search of an alternative.

What is Multilogin?

Multilogin will help you replace multiple computers with virtual browser profiles. These browser profiles are new browser environments that have separate cookies and local storage. For each browser profile, you have the option of configuring its OS, user agent, plugin, version, and a host of other features.

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You can see this as a way of constructing data that would be used as your browser fingerprint. With multiple accounts running on multiple browser profiles, browser fingerprinting won’t be effective in detecting them. Multilogin gives you full control over browser fingerprinting – it does not prevent browser fingerprinting – it fakes it.

How to Prevent Browser Fingerprinting?

While other tools have been able to achieve this in the past, none has been as successful as Multilogin. It also has the most features and quite easy to use too. Aside from controlling browser fingerprinting and creating virtual browser profiles, you can also use Multilogin to set up business workflows, develop web automation systems, and collaborate with a team. Multilogin developed two browsers that are accessible via the Multilogin application. These browsers are mimic browser and stealth for browser.

Why Use a Multilogin Alternative

Since the effectiveness of Multilogin is not questionable, why then should marketers even lookout for alternatives? It might interest you to know that it is not just a mere search for alternatives; they are in actual need of an alternative because of the below reasons.

  • Multilogin Pricing is Considered Over-priced by Small Marketers

If you had monitored the pricing of Multilogin, you would notice that the pricing of Multilogin has changed and increased over time. As far back as in 2017, when the price for their smallest paid plan was $60 monthly, there has been an outcry among small marketers. This did not stop the management of Multilogin from increasing the price to $80.

Now, the price for their smallest plan is $120. And if you are looking forward to going for their automation plan, then you will have to pay a minimum of $244 monthly. Why big marketers and even small ones that make get big ROI do not have reasons to complain the small marketers can’t afford this on a monthly basis and as such, they are out looking for alternatives.

  • The Need for Competition

I can’t remember the link to the BlackHatWord thread that a staff of Multilogin (BloodyNinja) was rudely replying to messages of marketers asking for alternatives. The team member was boastful, rude, and short-fused.

On that thread, some marketers started that they were done using Multilogin because of the team members' reactions. Not only that, there is still room for improvements, and some users are looking forward to the competition that will drive Multilogin into improving better than it is.

  • The Need for a Free Tier

There was a time whereby Multilogin provided a free plan with limitations hoping it will be used for not commercial purposes. Unfortunately, this was abused by marketers until Multilogin discontinued this plan.

Now, the best you can get is a free trial. This had led marketers that do not have the money to pay for the expensive pricing of Multilogin to look elsewhere. Fortunately for them, there are some Multilogin alternatives that provide free plans for small marketers and non-commercial usage.

Best Multilogin Alternatives in the Market

With some of the issues Mutilogin has, it is not out of place for Internet marketers to look out for alternatives. If you are one of them, then you need to know that there are a good number of them in the market right now. Below are some of the best Multilogin alternatives you can use to manage and create multiple Facebook accounts and evade browser fingerprinting.


  • Pricing: Starts from $10 for 10 browser profiles
  • Free Trial: Solo plan is free
  • Platform Support: Windows and Mac

AdsPower software is another alternative to Mutilogin. According to the information on the AdsPower website, it described itself as an anti-association service for e-commerce marketers. This allows you to create different browser profiles, each with its own browser fingerprint making it possible for you to manage multiple accounts from one software.

The AdsPower browser system is based on Chromium. Each browser profile will have its own cookies, local storage, and the ability to configure canvas, proxy, fonts, time zone, user agent, indexedDB, and DNS, among others.

This multi-account management software can be used for any web platform – e-commerce stores, social media, and other types of websites. The software supports team collaboration which makes teams and groups work in an efficient manner. Another feature you will come to like about the AdsPower software is that it has support for social media automation. It has support for proxies and has got a good number of partners.


Kameleo Proxies Logo

  • Pricing: Starts from $59 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows (desktop), Android (mobile)

Kameleo Proxies Home Page

The Kameleo application is one of the best Multilogin alternatives. This app has been designed to help you avoid browser fingerprinting use virtual browser profiles while surfing the Internet. With Kameleo, you can be undetected while managing multiple accounts on social media sites and carrying out your marketing campaign. Aside from regular browser fingerprint, you could also use the Kameleo app to spoof your canvas fingerprint. Kameleo provides you with all the features you need to stay away from prying eyes.

Some of these features include defeating all JavaScript fingerprinting techniques, spoofing your geolocation, cookies import and export, proxy and VPS, WebGL spoofing, and intelligent canvas spoofing. Another thing you will come to like about the Kameleo privacy app is that it has mobile support for the Android operating system.

Kameleo Proxies Pricing

X Browser

smartproxy image logo

  • Pricing: Free
  • Platform Support: Windows and Mac

X-Browser Overview

X Browser is an ideal and perfect alternative to the famous Multilogin tool. SmartProxy offers this free tool to help you manage multiple profiles concurrently. It is also referred to as the anti-detection tool that gives customer data sync on all devices, faster and unique fingerprint management, and easy setup. The tool is also trusted by over 5k users online.

With this free version tool, you can juggle multiple profiles and keep the site from leaking your privacy while doing marketing tasks. This is designed to target use cases like dropshipping & e-commerce, digital marketing as well as affiliate marketing.

This is the time to try out the X Browser for seamless task automation, which comes with native inbuilt tools. However, the free version is only available for customers with active residential proxy subscription plans. Disregarding that, you can easily customize the page and create unlimited profiles and other full benefits.

X Browser also comes with the API. Once you create multiple profiles and keep[ them running, you can decide to edit them duplicate with unique fingerprints each or delete them. This has enabled many businesses to count on the free version of the browser for people to work remotely.

The working mechanism is very simple. You can set up the profiles as long as you have a Smartproxy residential proxy. It is an ideal Multilogin alternative because you can trust it for managing different profiles with different browser fingerprints. On top of drop-shipping and e-commerce, the tool is also perfect for managing multiple social media accounts.


Gologin overview

  • Pricing: Starts from $49 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: 7 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows, Linux, Mac

Gologin Homepage

The Gologin software is another software you can use as a replacement for Multilogin. Gologin is feature-rich and can meet your need for a privacy-focused browser that will not reveal your real digital footprint online. One thing you will come to like about Gologin is that it provides free proxies, and as such, you will not have to worry yourself looking for proxies to use to make the software a full package of anonymity. Gologin has competitive pricing and provides a 7 days free trial option with full features.

Gologin does not use any of the popular browsers as none meet their requirement, and as such, they created their own privacy browser known as the Orbita browser – just like Multilogin has the Mimic browser and Steathfox browser. The Orbita browser is based on Chromium and has a similar UI as the Chrome browser. It is the perfect anti-detection browser for multiple accounting.

Gologin Price and Plan


VMlogin Overview

  • Pricing: Starts from $99 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: 3 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows

VMlogin Homepage

The Vmlogin is one of the perfect alternatives of Multilogin. This software will help you replace multiple computers with virtual browser profiles. The Vmlogin software will help you control browser fingerprinting. One thing you will come to like about the Vmlogin browser fingerprinting control feature is that it does not prevent fingerprinting.

Instead, it replaces your real browser fingerprint with different information, thereby making it useless. For each browser profile you create on Vmlogin, you get a separate browser environment with completely isolated cookies, local storage, and cache files.

Vmlogin has a good number of use cases. One feature you will come to like about the Vmlogin app is its support for browser automation through the Selenium web driver. Vmlogin only has support for two languages – English Language and Chinese.

VMlogin Pricing and Plan

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphera Overview

  • Pricing: Strives on donation and payment for software
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Desktop

Linken Sphera Homepage

The Linken Sphere is another software that can be used as a replacement for Mutilogin. Unlike the other apps above, the Linken Sphere does not come with many features. All this app does is that it makes browser fingerprinting difficult or replace your browser fingerprint with a generic one.

This then means that you can manage multiple accounts without any issue as the accounts won’t have the same fingerprint. Linken Sphere sends all web requests through the Tor Network. The Tor Network is an anonymous network that keeps one’s identity hidden. The Tor network is one of the first in terms of fighting against browser fingerprinting. The major payment method for Linken Sphere is Bitcoin, but you can contact them for an alternative payment method.

Linken Sphera Price and Plan


GhostBrowser overview

  • Pricing: Starts from $21 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: 7 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac

GhostBrowser Homepage

The Ghostbrowser is another software you can use to hide the fact that you are managing multiple accounts. The way this browser work is slightly different from the ones described above. You can have got each tab in the same browser to have different sessions.

That is, you can have two separate Facebook account running concurrently without getting detected. This is because each of the tabs is isolated and has its own different browser fingerprint and cookies. Interestingly, you can have each tab run on a different proxy server, giving them better anonymity, which ensures better isolation.

This browser is based on Chromium, and as such, you can use all of your Chrome browser extensions by simply importing them with a few clicks. This browser can help you fight tag gloat by organizing tabs into groups. Currently, the browser is available on Windows and Mac only – Linux support is on their roadmap.

GhostBrowser Price and Plan

Indigo Browser

Indigobrowser overview

  • Pricing: Starts from €99 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

Indigobrowser Homepage

Before learning about the Indigo browser, you need to know that if the reason you are thinking of ditching Multilogin is because of price, then the Indigo browser is not an option. However, in terms of function, it can be seen as a similar application.

The Indigo browser will help you take care of all browser fingerprinting configuration. It has a database of browser fingerprints that is regularly being updated from many locations around the globe. You can choose from any of the fingerprints available and use them. It might interest you to know that you can have a fresh browser print every minute.

The Indigo software makes use of the Mimic browser and the Stealthfox browser – all owned by Multilogin. You can integrate proxies easily from some of the most popular proxy providers in the market. The software has support for real-time determination of IP address geolocation.

Indigobrowser Plan and Pricing


Incogniton overview

  • Pricing: Starts from €29.99 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Free limited plan available
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac

Incogniton Homepage

It is important you know that this list is in no particular order. But why am I saying this? This particular software coming towards the ending of the article does not mean it is inferior to the ones above. In fact, it might interest you to know that the Incognito application is one of the best alternatives to Multilogin.

With Incognito, you will not have to work with multiple computers when managing multiple accounts, as all that is required is to create browser profiles that would be completely isolated and have their own browser fingerprint configured by you.

Your configuration and other data are stored in the cloud, and as such, you can choose to use them on another device other than your computer. However, if you want to keep everything local, you can save them on your computer too.

You can integrate this into the Selenium web browser and automate your tasks on web browsers. The software is easy to use, manages multiple browsers, and manage cookies excellently well with their import and export support.

Incogniton Plan and Pricing


Fraudfox Overview

  • Pricing: Starts from $100 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows

Fraudfox homepage

Last on the list of Multilogin alternatives is the Fraudfox software. This software can help keep your browser fingerprint hidden or mask, making it possible for you to manage multiple accounts without getting detected and banned.

The Fraudfox software is different from the other software described above as it makes use of a virtual machine solution for fighting against browser fingerprinting. This software has support for proxies and VPN, which are necessary to ensure each of your profiles are truly isolated as having the same IP address is a red flag.

The Fraudfox comes with a lot of impressive features. However, it is not one of the easiest to make use of on the list, and some of the features it requires work best when handled by advanced users. You can use this application to manage multiple accounts without getting them discovered and blocked.



  • Pricing: Extension starts from $3.99 | desktop client starts from $59.99
  • Free Trial: Available for non-commerce use
  • Platform Support: Windows

The Sessionbox client application is one of the best alternatives to Miltillogin. This software utilizes fingerprint management and customization, session isolation, and proxy cloaking to dissociates accounts and makes them unlikable, which then makes it possible to manage multiple accounts on the same windows. All you need to do is create different browser profiles, and each will run in a different browser environment with its own session, browser configuration, and preferably different IP addresses by setting up proxies. It is convenient and makes use of multiple computers for managing multiple accounts obsolete.

Sessionbox comes in two versions – desktop clients and extension. The desktop application is standalone software. For the browser extension, you will have to install it as a browser extension on your browser. Currently, the Sessionbox browser extension has support for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Sessionbox does allow you to create an unlimited number of sessions, and you can upload your session to the cloud. It has a library of fingerprints that’s regularly being updated and prevents super-cookies tracking and other types of tracking.


Browser fingerprinting is real, and Mutilogin has been developed to make spoofing your real browser fingerprint easy as opposed to using multiple computers in other to avoid detection and banned.

Unfortunately, Multilogin is not the swiss army knife, and as such, alternatives came on-board to rival it – thanks to the clamoring of Internet marketers for alternatives. The applications described above are some of the best alternatives to Multilogin.

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