Amazon Stealth Account Guide: How to Create a Stealth Amazon Account

Has your seller account been blocked by Amazon? Then, you need to know that without them lifting it, you won’t be able to sell on Amazon again unless you break their rule by creating an Amazon stealth account. Let me show you how to do that in this article.

Amazon Stealth Account

What do you do when your account is banned on a website? You will want to create a new one, right? With Amazon, it does not work that way. Amazon Seller Central account is not an account you should take for granted.

This is because you are not allowed to operate multiple accounts except you seek approval and meet the condition, which isn’t easy. If your account gets blocked by Amazon for breaking their rules, you have two options available to you. The best way is to get them to reinstate the account so that you can continue from where you stopped.

If that’s not possible, then you just have to know that you can’t keep it clean with Amazon any longer. You have to go against their will to continue selling on their platform. When Amazon blocks an account, it keeps a record of all the data associated with the account, such as its mailing address, phone number, payment information, IP address, MAC address, stored cookies, and Flash Objects. With this information at its disposal, it prevents you from getting onboard t selling platform again.

If you must get on board, you must ditch all that’s associated with your blocked account and create a new Amazon account known as an Amazon stealth account.

Disclaimer: The article to reveal some dark truths that shows how others create sealth Amazon accounts, In fact, we never encourage you to do that, for it’s breaking Amazon Program Policies policies, So take note your actions are your responsibility when do that, that’s noted on our “Disclaimer“.

What is an Amazon Stealth Account?

Forget the use of the word stealth in the term; an Amazon stealth account is not different from any other Amazon Seller account. They are Amazon accounts created with different information other than that of the real owners of the accounts.

They are created and owned by users who alreadyhave account(s) with Amazon. Because of this, the account will have to be created in such a way that there’s no trace that will lead Amazon to know that its owner already owns an account – whether blocked or not. If Amazon detects, then that’s the end of the road as it will get blocked.

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This means that creating a stealth account on Amazon need to be strategically planned.You need to know what you are doing and make sure you are not mixing things up. Amazon can be very strict and smart when it comes to detecting and blocking multiple accounts. Trying to trick Amazon and have your account remain under the radar and undetected for long is not an easy task.

They are constantly releasing updates to detect multiple accounts. However, with the right steps, you can create stealth Amazon accounts that will stand the test of time.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Stealth Account?

Regular sellers on Amazon that do not have the need to own more than one account and have their account in good condition do not have the need for a stealth account except there is something fishy. However, if your account has been blocked by Amazon because you didn’t stick to their terms and conditions, then the need for an Amazon stealth account arises.

This is because you cannot create another one with information that can be linked to you – if you do that, it is an effort in vain as it will be blocked too. By creating an account that has no resemblance with the blocked account, you will remain stealth (undetected).

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Another reason is if you intend to operate more than one account. There are some requirements you have to meet before they allow you to own more than one seller account. If you have not met them and you need to operate more than an account, then you just have to create additional accounts as stealth accounts.

Unlike in the case of owning a stealth account because your account was blocked, owning multiple stealth accounts can be difficult to manage – and you have to stay organized to avoiding mixing things up as that could get Amazon to detect your multiple accounts and block all of them.

How to Create Amazon Stealth Accounts

From the above, I stated that Amazon keeps certain details about accounts to detect accounts operated by a single person. Amazon makes use of an in-house algorithm to detect accounts.

The key to creating stealth accounts is making their multiple account detection system inefficient. How then can that be done? By making the new account as unique as possible. If there is no data that shows that the likely owner of a previous account has created another one, there is no way Amazon will detect and block your new account. How then do you make the new account untraceable to your former account?

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By making sure that all the information you will use for registering the new account has not been used on Amazon by you or another seller. The information that Amazon use for tracking users includes their personal and payment information, as well as IP address, MAC address, cookies, and Flash objects.

For you to create a stealth account, you have to make sure that all of these are new and can’t be traced to any seller account on Amazon. In this article, you are going to be learning how to create a stealth account that is undetectable, and you can provide verifiable documents if the need arises. The tutorial is going to be in steps and make sure you take every step seriously.

Step 1: Swap Your Network Adapter – Or Spoof your MAC Address

There is a surprising thing about Amazon – they seem to have a system to detect the MAC address of devices that send requests to their server. MAC address is a hardware address assigned to network adapters. Many marketers have argued that Amazon does not have that capability, just like every other website.

However, some small-scale tests have proven that they might have found a way around it. To be on the safer side, it is best you protect your accounts from MAC address tracking. There are two ways to change your MAC address – swapping your network adapter and spoofing your MAC address.

Swapping your network adapter is the easiest, but it might cost you some money. You have to first disable your current network adapter from Device Manager. After disabling it, you can then buy a USB network adapter – you can buy cheap ones from Amazon. Since you have disabled the default network adapter, the plugged network adapter’s MAC address will override your network adapter. Another method is to spoof the MAC address. Read this article on How-To Geek to learn how to spoof your device MAC address.

Step 2: Change Your IP Address

If there is one information a website use for tracking and uniquely identifying users on its platform, then IP address must be that information. An IP address is a numerical value assigned to computers on a network (in this case, the Internet). Internet Service Providers are responsible for assigning IP addresses to devices – this is different from a MAC address that is burned into the network adapter by its manufacturer.

Unlike a MAC address, change an IP address is easy – all you need to use is a VPN or a proxy. A proxy server will replace your address with another IP address, thereby keeping it hidden from websites you visit.

For this tutorial, I will advise you to make use of proxies.Amazon has the capabilities of detecting proxies and blocking traffic routed through them. Because of this, you shouldn’t make use of low-quality proxies. The best proxies to use for creating and managing Amazon stealth accounts are mobile proxies and static residential proxies.

You can buy mobile proxies from, and Proxy-cheap. Static residential proxies can be gotten from Luminati and IPBurger.

Making use of rotating residential proxies might get you into trouble as Amazon might need some kind of verifications as a result of frequent change of IP. Make sure the proxies you buy have support for your location.

Step 3: Clear Cookies, Flash Objects and Browser Fingerprints

From the browser environment, Amazon tracks you using cookies, Flash objects, and via browser fingerprint. Cookies are tiny bits of text stored on your browser by browsers, which can be used for persistent login and other applications out of which is tracking.

Flash Objects are just like cookies, but they store more data and not easy to delete. Browser fingerprinting is a new way of tracking users by exploiting the uniqueness of their browsers by collecting tiny bits of information such as plugins installed, HTTP headers, system fonts, etc.

There are many ways of taking care of these 3. However, it can be stressful, and mistakes can be made. This is because the steps required to take care of these 3 are different – you need to clear cookies using CCleaner software, delete Flash objects from the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager, and make use of techniques to make browser fingerprinting difficult.

The best option to escape the tedious task of taking care of these 3 is to make use of a Virtual Machine. The VMware Workstation Player is a free Virtual Machine you can use for working on a new slate. You will be accessing Amazon from the VMware Workstation. Click here to learn how to make use of a Virtual Machine.

Step 4: Draft New Profile Information

amazon accountt New Profile Information

From the steps above, all the information related to your computer and browser being tracked by Amazon has been wiped and changed. The next step now is to draft new personal information. You aren’t going to be using your personal detail or details anyone else have used on Amazon before. If you do, Amazon will consider it a duplicate account and block it. You are going to come up with a new name, address, phone number, and email address.

  • Full Name

I know you will be thinking – can Amazon link accounts based on account name? the answer to this question is no. Name alone can’t be used as a good number of people share the same name. However, you will want to make use of a name that is different from yours, the one you can have documents to verify.

Verification is rare on Amazon, but you wouldn’t want to hit the end of the road when you run into an unfortunate situation that warrants that. If you want to create an Amazon stealth account that can scale through any form of verification, then you have two options – either using a friend or a family member’s name or register a DBA/LLC name.

The reason I recommend using the name of a friend or family member is that you can have access to documents and IDs, such as the Social Security Number(SSN),when they are required – however, make sure you seek their consent first. It is also important that such a person does not have an Amazon seller account. The other option is using a DBA/LLC name.

DBA stands for “Doing Business As” – many countries have their own special names for it. While DBA can do the job perfectly, an LLC is even more perfect for the job. Either of these will give you access to an Employer ID Number, which can be used in place of SSN. Legalzoom is one of the best places you can get a DBA/LLC name.

  • Billing Address

When deciding on the billing address to use for creating your Amazon stealth account, make sure the address is accessible to you. Not only should it be accessible to you, but it should also be in the same location as the IP address you have chosen – this is because Amazon can use your IP address to verify your general location and you wouldn’t want to give a billing address from one state while your IP is from another state. Using the address of the friend/family member, you used above will do. If you wish, you can also rent a P.O. Box. Aside from these two, you can also use any address you have access to.

  • Email Address

For email address, you can get a new one from Gmail. The reason I recommend Gmail is that it disables web beacon. If it is not disabled, visit settings and make sure you select “Ask before displaying external content” under the external content setting options.

If you are using an email software, set it to text mode only. This is to ensure the web beacons in Amazon sent emails from loading and revealing your real IP address.

  • Phone Number

You will also need a mobile phone to verify your account. Amazon makes use of a call automation service for verification. You will need to pick it, so you need a call forwarding/redirecting service where you can buy rent a phone number. In the United States, you can make use of TollFreeForwarding or

Step 5: Open a New Bank Account

This step can be skipped for now. This is because Amazon does not require you to submit payment details during registration. In fact, I will advise you to only add your bank details after the 30 days review period. One thing about opening a bank account is that it is easy these days as you can do that online.

There are a good number of online banks you can open an account with them. A few of them in the United States include HSBC Advanced Savings, SunTrust Online Banking, and a few others. When dealing with banks, you have to provide your real name – you will have financial crime fighters on you.

I recommend the aforementioned banks because they accept transfers even if your name on Amazon does not match the one with them. A good number of banks will reject any transfer with a different name.

Aside from a bank account, you need a prepaid card for Amazon verification. You can get that from, Vanilla Mastercard, Vanilla Visa, and DeluxeCard, among other providers. Make sure the name and you used for registering for the prepaid card is the same asthe one you will use for Amazon. It is also important you register the prepaid card before proceeding to use it on Amazon.

> Payoneer is one of good choice also.

Step 6: Creating the Amazon Account

After the above steps, you have all it takes to create a stealth Amazon account. If you made use of CCleaner and Adobe Flash Player Settings to clean your browser off Adobe tracking, then you can go ahead and make sure that there is no Amazon extension or plugin installed in your browser before you continue. For those that decide to use a Virtual Machine such as the VMware Workstation Player, they need to log into the VM and make sure they access Amazon using it only.

Creating an Amazon stealth account does not have any different from creating regular accounts. If you had followed the steps above, you should have a device and browser that is not linked to any Amazon account – you should also have new personal details to use. With these, head over to the Amazon website and create an Amazon account for yourself. After creating the account, list a low-risk item, and start selling. Take things slowly until you are out of the review period.

How to Protect Your Stealth Amazon Account

There is one thing you need to know about Amazon – it can detect your stealth account months after. This is because it keeps fine-tuning its multiple account detection system. For this reason, you need to be careful to avoid losing your stealth account.

If you made use of a Virtual Machine in creating your Amazon account, then I will advise you to keep using it or make use of a new browser completely. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally reveal a footprint that will be used for associating your stealth account with any previous account. If you own multiple stealth accounts, then you have to be more careful.

Amazon Stealth Account protection

For those with multiple accounts, the key to avoid detection is staying organized. How do you stay organized? Make sure you keep a spreadsheet of all the data associated with each of your accounts and make sure you do not mix things up.

Take, for instance, for each account, keep a record of its associated name, email address, phone number, IP address, network adapter/Mac address, contact address, password, and payment details, among other things. By keeping things separate and organize, you will avoid revealing footprints that can be used for linking your multiple accounts.

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FAQs about Amazon Stealth Account

  • Are Amazon Stealth Accounts illegal?

The legality of creating and using Amazon stealth accounts is not a problem here considering the fact that you are either using the name of someone you know with his consent or a DBA/LLC name. However, if you try defrauding someone, you have crossed the line.

  • Does Amazon Support Multiple Accounts?

Amazon has a policy of not allowing a single user to operate more than one account. However, if you have a genuine reason for wanting to operate more than a single account, then you can contact them, and they will exclude you from the policy. However, there are some requirements you must meet before you are allowed.

  • How Does Amazon Detect Multiple Accounts?

Amazon has its own in-house system for detecting multiple accounts owned by the same person. However, according to public knowledge, Amazon can make use of email address, IP address, phone number, payment, and shipping details to link accounts together.

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Amazon stealth accounts need to be carefully created to avoid detection. You need to keep things as clean as possible and make sure there is nothing that can be linked to your previously owned account(s). The guide above shows you how to create an Amazon stealth account that will stand the test of time.


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