Tips to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Safely (2024 Updated)

Are you planning on creating multiple Facebook accounts or even owning a Facebook account farm? Then come in now to discover all you need to know to avoid getting those accounts banned after creation.

Multiple Facebook Accounts

For normal regular Facebook users, they do not need multiple Facebook accounts. But as an Internet marketer, you will end up needing more than just a single Facebook account or  Facebook Ad Account, – and the number even rises, if you need to automate your actions and fake engagement on Facebook.

Facebook has one of the smartest anti-spam systems that make use of a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies to fish out fake accounts and accounts managed by a single person or a team.

If you need to create multiple accounts, you need to know that Facebook already has a system in place to detect and ban them – and as such, you need to be extra careful in other to bypass their system and still get to keep your accounts safe. Because of this, some people just forget about the idea of creating accounts – they end up buying.

But the cost can quickly add up, and they can still end up getting banned. This article has been written to help you with tips to follow to ensure that you become successful at creating Facebook accounts that do not get banned. But before that, let take a look at the 3 popular ways of creating multiple Facebook accounts.

Ways of Creating Multiple Facebook Accounts

Multiple Facebook

If you want to create multiple Facebook accounts, there are 3 major ways of doing that. The method you choose will be determined by your budget and the number of accounts you intend to create and possibly manage.

Manual Creation

facebook Creation by Manually

If the number of accounts you need to create isn’t much, you can simply create the accounts manually by visiting the Facebook website. This method can be spiced up using proxies to hide your IP footprint. You will agree with me that this process is cumbersome and tiring, and most likely, you would make a mistake that will give Facebook a signal.

Automate the Process Using a Bot

Facebook Bot

If you have software programming skills, you can automate the process of creating those accounts yourself. Make sure you the ins and out of Facebook automation before you do this else, your accounts will get discovered and banned earlier than you expect. If you can get someone with the knowledge, it is better.

How to Scrape Facebook Group with Python

Use an Account Creation Bot

facebook pva accounts

The most efficient and effective way of creating Facebook accounts is by using an account creator. If you can afford to pay the fee for PVA Creator, go for it. Aside from helping you to create multiple Facebook accounts in a short while, it comes with an anti-browser fingerprinting technology that makes it difficult for Facebook to pin any of your accounts to your browser. However, it only makes sense to make use of this when you need to create a good number of accounts as the price labeled on it is not friendly.

Tips to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

Tips to Create Multiple Facebooks

The major problem associated with creating multiple Facebook accounts is not the creation – but the ban that will follow it. Yes, you might get successful at creating the accounts only to get all of them banned within 3 days.

Until you know how Facebook detects multiple accounts and block them, you will suck t creating them. Basically, there are two things Facebook looks at. These include user behavior and browser and computer analysis. The tips discussed below will help you evade these checks.

Use Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies by facebook

On no account should you create multiple accounts without using proxies? Gone are the days when datacenter proxies can be used to access Facebook without any problem. Facebook has become smart in detecting proxies and has tightened its security to fight spam.

The best proxies to use nowadays are residential proxies. residential IP proxies make use of IP Addresses owned by ISP. The IP Address of datacenter proxies is owned by data centers. Residential proxies earn more trust and are usually difficult to detect.

However, it is important I state here that datacenter proxies from the US still work to some extent. Make sure the IPs you would be using are clean IPs.

I would recommend Soax, Smartproxy, Luminati, and  for Facebook.

Mind your Browser Fingerprint

Browser Fingerprint using facebook

In the past, hiding your IP Address is the only thing you require to stay anonymous. However, websites are now using your computer and browser settings to build a profile of you – and even without your IP Address, they can still detect you.

One of the importance of using PVA Creator is that it makes use of Anti-Fingerprinting Technology to hide your browser footprint. If you aren’t using it, then you need to make use of the latest version of Firefox for your account creation.

The latest versions of Firefox blocks websites from getting your computer and browser fingerprints. There are other tools, and browser extensions like you can install to prevent fingerprinting. The less information Facebook has about your device and browser; the less effective their anti-spam system will be in detecting your accounts.

Collect Cookies and Use them together with the Accounts

Facebook browser history

Facebook makes use of cookies to detect behaviors of their users online. While there is no way Facebook can possibly read your browser history and know the sites you visit, they have plugins and other tools like their comment system and Facebook pixel on many websites.

With these, they plant their cookies. You can use this to your advantage. You cannot just create accounts and start using them the way you want. You need to take things slowly. Collect Facebook cookies and use them along with these newly created accounts.

YouTube video

Get Facebook to have to think your accounts are natural, and you have used them on other sites. when you do this for a while, Facebook will have behavioral data of you, with which it will loosen its grip on your accounts.

Only then should you use them for what you intend to use them for. To collect these cookies, you can find the websites that have cookies installed by installing Facebook Pixel Helper extension on your browser. To collect cookies, you can make use of the Boost-Cookies-multitab.


If you are not conversant with the way the Facebook anti-spam system works, you tend to believe that they do some form of magic to fish out fake profiles and multiple accounts own by an individual.

However, what they use is just a group of techniques that employs the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to differentiate legit accounts from fake and duplicated ones.

Using the above-discussed tips, your accounts can evade detection, and you can create as many accounts as you wish to scale up your business.

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