Virtual Multi-profile Browser: Anti-Fingerprinting Browser for Multi-account Management

Are you looking for the best virtual multi-profile browser to use for your multiple account management? Then read the article below as it provides you a list of some of the best multi-profile browsers in the market.

Best multiple profile browser

Managing multiple accounts on the same web browser can be tasking as you will need to constantly log out one account in other to log into another one. It can also be risky as you could get your accounts banned if the web service or platform does not allow a user to own and manage multiple accounts.

The bottom line is; the single browser profile would mean having one browser history, favorite, bookmarks, local storage, flash-object, cookies, and even browser fingerprint. Such a single browser environment is not suitable for managing multiple accounts as web services are becoming smart and effective in their approach of detecting multiple accounts.

The popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera all do have support for multiple profiles but in most cases, browser fingerprints are not altered – all they could protect you against is cookie tracking.

There’s more and for this, you will need a better alternative which is a multi-profile browser software. In this article, we would be recommending some of the best multi-profile browsers that you can use to effectively and efficiently manage multiple accounts without the fear of getting them detected and blocked.

What is a Virtual Multi-profile Browser?

Multi-Profile Browsers

A multi-profile browser is software that allows the creation of multiple virtual browser profiles each having its unique browser environment but within the same application. Each browser environment has its separate cookies, local storage, configurable browser fingerprint, and even IP address if you configure proxies.

With a multi-profile browser, web platforms you manage multiple accounts on will not know that the accounts are being managed from the same device. It will have the feel of managing them from different computers.

While regular browsers allow you to create many user accounts and have a separate environment, browser fingerprint is not configurable and you cannot have separate IP addresses.

For this reason, while they can be termed multiple profile browsers, they might not serve the purpose you will require a multi-profile browser software. But would you need a multi-profile browser in the first place?

Why Use a Virtual Multiple Profile Browser?

Multiple profile browser software has its utility and why you will want to use them in place of regular Internet browsers like Chrome. Below are the reasons you will want to make use of multi-profile browsers.

  • Managing Multiple Accounts

Managing Multiple Accounts

It’s no longer a secret that web services do track their users using cookies, IP addresses, and browser fingerprinting. This means that you do not have to log in for a web service to know you are the one provided you have accessed their service.

If you intend to manage multiple accounts on the same platform and such platform does not allow such, you cannot do that on a regular browser as your cookies, browser fingerprints, IP addresses, and other unique details can be used to link your account and get them banned. With the help of a virtual multi-profile browser software, you can get this done as each account would run in a separate browser environment.

  • Prevent Browser Fingerprinting

Prevent Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting in most cases is unethical and you do not have a means of knowing information that has been collected or even have control over it.

Unfortunately, the pieces of information, when collected can be used to create a fingerprint of you with which you can be tracked on the Internet. Regular browsers do not provide you control over your browser fingerprint but with the help of a multi-profile browser software, you will not only have control but can tweak it the way you want.

Top Virtual Multiple Profile Browsers

If you have decided you want to make use of a multi-profile browser software, the single most important question you will need to answer is which is the best multi-profile browser software to use?

Already, Multilogin has positioned itself as the market leader but that does not mean you should choose it. There are many options available to you. Below are some of the best multi-profile browsers in the market. The list starts with Multilogin.


multilogin logo

  • Pricing: Starts from €121 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac


Multilogin is arguably the best multi-profile browser software in the market. A lot of research has gone into it and even though there is still room for improvement, other multi-profile browsers seek to become the next Multilogin. It is the pioneer in the space and has been around for over 5 years now.

With this browser, you can control browser fingerprints, manage multiple browser profiles, collaborate with teams, carry out web automation, and set up your business workflow. For each browser profile created in Multilogin, you have an isolated browser environment for it with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache.

You have the option of tweaking browser fingerprints and even using proxies to also keep IP addresses separate for each profile which would ensure a true separation of accounts thereby making it possible to manage multiple accounts without being detected. The major problem associated with Multilogin is that it is expensive and the price has been growing over time.

Smartproxy X Browser

  • Pricing: Available to Smartproxy users smartproxy image logo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac

X-Browser Overview

If you have done a little bit of research on residential proxies, there’s a high chance that you have come across Smartproxy – a premium provider with high-quality residential proxies. This company also has a multi-profile browser software its subscribers can use.

Yes, for you to make use of the Smartproxy X Browser, you will need to have an active subscription. With that, you only would not have a separate browser environment for each of the virtual browser profiles created, you will also have a unique IP footprint across which is necessary to keep your multiple accounts separate and unlinked. This browser will prevent browser fingerprinting, Captchas, and IP blocks.


AdsPower Logo

  • Pricing: Starts from $10 for 10 virtual browser profiles
  • Free Trial: 2 browser profiles – permanently free
  • Platform Support: Windows and Mac

AdsPower Homepage

The AdsPower tool is multiple browser profile software that provides you isolated browser environments for your account management. With this software, you will be equipped with an anti-association browser that allows you to set your browser fingerprints to make it difficult for your accounts to be linked.

With this, you have powerful software which you can use to manage as many accounts as you want without being discovered and banned. The software browser is based on Chromium and allowsyou to tweak your user agent, fonts, cookies, proxy (IP address), and a host of other details that make you uniquely identifiable.


  • Pricing: Starts from $59 for one-month access kameleo-logo-light
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows (desktop), Android (mobile)

kameleo image

Kameleo is a stealth browser platform that seeks to compete with Multilogin and introduce some of the features not introduced into the Multilogin platform yet. Even though Multilogin works, it is not available on mobile and as such, it is regarded as inconvenient for those that would want to make use of mobile.

Kameleo has support for iOS and Android. This multiple profile browser allows you to create unlimited browser profile, manage and configure your browser fingerprint easily, spoof canvas, edit cookies, change fonts and plugins, and also connect each profile to a proxy server in other to hide your IP footprint across multiple profiles. It is perfect for multiple account management and web automation.


  • Pricing: Starts from $99 for one-month access vmlogin image logo
  • Free Trial: 3 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows

vmlogin image

This Multiple profile browser offers you a 3 days trial after which your access will be cut off until you pay for the license. If you look at the VMlogin website and compare it with that of Multilogin, you will discover that most of the website copy is actually replicated and modified version of Multilogin.

Keeping this aside, the VMlogin software is one of the best multi-profile browsers out there that you can use for your multiple account management.

With this software, websites you manage multiple accounts on would not know you are doing so from the same device – they will think each is managed on a separate device. This is because each would be managed with a separate IP address, cookie, browser fingerprint, local storage, and also cache.


  • Pricing: Starts from $49 for one-month access gologin logo
  • Free Trial: 7 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows, Linux, Mac

gologin image

Gologin is an anti-detect browser that seeks to keep you anonymous while you browse the Internet. Among some of its feature, allowing you to create multiple virtual browser profiles so you can manage multiple accounts is key. According to the information on the Gologin website, there are over 400K users that trust the system.

While we cannot confirm or dispute this, we do know that it is one of the top multi-profile browsers you can use without the fear of footprints being revealed. One interestingly about Gologin is that developed their own browser known as Orbita and based on Chromium. The browser has the interface of Chrome in other to make it easier – but your privacy is protected.


  • Pricing: Starts from €29.99 for one-month access incogniton image logo
  • Free Trial: Free limited plan available
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac

incogniton image

Another multi-profile browser software that can be trusted and comes packed with excellent features is Incogniton. This software might not be as popular as Multilogin but they do the same thing – help replace multiple desktops with virtual browser profiles. The Incogniton software has an online database meant for storing your browser profiles but you can choose to store them on your device.

It is easy to use and comes with Selenium and Python integration support. It has team support and also has support for importing and exporting cookies. It is one of the best software to use for multiple accounts management. Their starter plan is free and you can create up 10 profiles and have access to the full features.


  • Pricing: Starts from $21 for one-month access ghostbrowser image logo
  • Free Trial: 7 days free trial
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac

ghostbrowser image

The GhostBrowser is another multi-profile browser you can use for managing multiple accounts and improve your workflow. Unlike the other tools described above, GhostBrowser creates a separate browser environment for tabs. Yes, you can run different Facebook accounts in the same window with each running in a different tab. Unlike in the case of others that will create a separate virtual browser profile for a new browser environment, this browser requires just the creation of a tab.

Each tab runs in a different browser environment with its own cookies, web storage, and even IP address. the tool comes with a system to prevent tab bloat, and even has support for Chrome extension – and you can import your extensions as it is based on Chromium. This multi-profile browser is easy to set up and available on Windows and Mac with the plan to support Linux in the future.

Which is the best alternative to a ghost browser? Try SessionBox,


  • Pricing: Starts from €99 for one-month access
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

fraudfox image

Browser fingerprinting is one of the major reasons users opt to make use of multi-profile browsers. Fraudfox is a virtual machine-based solution against browser fingerprinting. It is compatible with VMWare Workstation, VMWare Fusion, and VirtualBox.

The Virtual Machines (VM) are configurable but you can make use of default and already made settings in other to start using them in no time. Profiles are easy to organize, the software is regularly updated, and you have a range of customization features. This remains one of the best software you can to ensure your privacy and prevent browser fingerprinting.

Hydraproxy Header

  • Pricing: Free hydraproxy image logo
  • Free Trial: Free
  • Platform Support: Windows

hydraproxy image

Hydraproxy Header is a multi-profile manager that you can use to prevent browser fingerprinting. For each of the browser profiles created, you have the option of configuring its browser fingerprint and mimic any device – phone, laptop, tablet – and even browser and operating system.

One thing you will come to like about Hydraproxy is that it does not have a price tag on it – that’s, it is free of charge – in their words as a free beer. With the Hydraproxy Header, you do not have to think of WebRTC leaks, device, and browser locale. It has support for proxies in other to keep the IP footprint unique. This tool is provided by Hydraproxy, a residential proxy, and mobile proxy service provider.

Indigo Browser

  • Pricing: Starts from €99 for one-month access indigobrowser image logo
  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

indigobrowser image

In 30 seconds, you can get started using Indigo Browser. It is one of the multiple profile browsers in the market you can use to manage multiple accounts without getting detected. With this browser, you can have a separate browsing environment for each of your accounts in an efficient way.

It is easy to use and can be said to be competitively priced. It is built for arbitration and comes with a maximum cross-country ability. They have got two browsers you can choose from – Mimic and Stealthfox. It comes with some nice to have features including real-time IP address geolocation detection, browser fingerprint management, and proxy integrations, among others.


Technology has come of age and things you can only do with browsers on multiple computers can now be done on a single computer thanks to multiple profile browsers.

While there are a good number of them in the market, the ones discussed above are the ones that we have tested and they have proven to work in terms of managing multiple accounts and guarding against browser fingerprinting.

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