Etsy Stealth Account Guide: How to Create a Stealth Etsy Accounts

Are you looking forward to creating stealth Etsy accounts but do not know to get it done to avoid getting it detected and blocked? Then you are on the right page as you will be shown how to create Etsy accounts that can stand the test of time.

Etsy Stealth Account Guide

Etsy is the marketplace for handmade, vintage, and custom, and unique gifts. While buyers have a free pass and are treated like kings, the same can’t be said of sellers. If you are a seller on Etsy, there are higher chances of getting your account suspended than if you are a buyer.

There are stringent rules put in place that sellers will have to abide by, and if an account violates these, is suspected of fraud, or have a negative effect on Etsy members, his account may be suspended, and sales permission is withdrawn. While these are good reasons, there are some other flimsy reasons that could lead to your account being suspended, and lifting suspension is not as easy as you will think – that’s if they ever list it.

It is for this reason that users who get their accounts suspended go-ahead to create a new account instead of trying to appeal for the suspension to be lifted, which might never be. However, creating a new account won’t help you. Etsy tracks users and would block any new account associated with a previously suspended account. To maintain the quality of their platform, a user is not allowed to have multiple accounts – even if one is suspended.

In a way, if they suspend your account, they are trying to keep you away forever. Fortunately for users, even with all of the Etsy anti-spam and tracking systems, there are methods you can follow to create undetectable stealth accounts, and this will be discussed in the article.

What is an Etsy Stealth Account?

Etsy Stealth Account

If you have been wondering what an Etsy stealth account is and how do they differ from regular Etsy accounts, you need to know that stealth Etsy accounts are also regular accounts and nothing special. The only difference is that they are registers using made-up or faked personal information, stealth PayPal, and contact information. Yes, for you to create a stealth Etsy account, you will need to use details that have not being used on Etsy before.

Using the same details will reveal you are the same person behind the new account – and it will get suspended the moment noticed. One thing you need to know about Etsy is that when they block your account, it is you they are blocking from accessing their platform – and do not want you to sell on their platform.

Why Do You Need a Stealth Etsy Account?

Stealth accounts are not supported on Etsy, and as stated earlier, they would get suspended when discovered. But why would you even need them in the first place? If you already do not have a reason, then the below are the two reasons why Etsy sellers create Etsy stealth accounts.

  • Suspended Accounts

Etsy Suspended Accounts

The most popular reason why sellers create stealth accounts is that their accounts have been suspended. Etsy as a platform is quick to suspend accounts and withdraw sale permission from sellers, which renders them helpless and inability to make sales on the platform.

To make matters worse, appealing suspension is not as easy as they make it seems, and in most cases, they are not getting that suspension lifted, and you have better kiss any of your suspended accounts goodbye. When this happens, the best thing to do is create a new Etsy account that can’t be linked or associated with each other – thus, a stealth Etsy account.

  • Alternative Etsy Account

use Alternative Etsy Account

In the case above, you only create a stealth account when your account is blocked. In this case, you are trying to manage risk by managing two accounts simultaneously – one real account, the other simultaneously.

The advantage this has is that when one gets suspended, you still have one that’s already popular and also making sales, so you do not completely lose your full income. The disadvantage is that you have to be extremely careful and keep and keep things separate else; both will be detected, linked, and may be suspended.

How to Create Etsy Stealth Accounts

Create Etsy Stealth Accounts

There is one key to creating a stealth Etsy account – keeping things as unique as possible. Doing this will make it difficult for Etsy to link the two accounts, and only then will you be able to use the account. This means that you will have to use different personal information such as first name, last name, date of birth, and home address.

The payment method, contact details, and IP address also have to be different from the account you already have. This will keep the two accounts different and help you carting out your marketing without getting suspended.

Step 1: Create New Personal Information

Create New Personal Information

Your personal information needs to be changed. There are no two ways around it – you will need new personal information to scale through. I know some will argue that except for a few unique personal information, most part of it can’t be used to uniquely identify you.

Remember, the idea is to keep the account completely unique from each other. Etsy uses many pointers to detect multiple accounts owned by one person, and you wouldn’t want to make it easy for them. Let take a look at the details you need to pay attention to.

  • Name

When you want to register an account on Etsy, you are prompted to enter your first name and last name. When creating a stealth account, do not use your real first name and last name, even though you could do that without any problem.

Etsy won’t use your name only, but it does give a pointer and make their system more effective. You should come up with a fictitious name, use that of a person close to you just in case of verification, or even create a new one using a fake name generator like the FakeNameGenerator tool.

  • Date of Birth

You can keep the date of birth the same as the previous one, but why would you even do that. Since you were comfortable using a different name, faking your date of birth should not be a big deal. I will advise you to keep the record of all the fake details you use in creating the stealth account so that if they are required, you won’t find it difficult to provide it and make it look real.

  • Home and Email Address, SSN

If you use the FakeNameGenerator tool mentioned above, you can just use the home address and even the date of birth provided. However, for the email address, it must be unique. If you use the same email address, you won’t even be allowed, and you are telling them you are the same person. You can create an email using any of the email service providers – the provider you choose does not matter.

Depending on your location, you might be asked to provide a full or partial tax number such as SSN in the United States. If you choose the US as your location, you can buy SSN from Internet marketing forums such as BlackHatWorld to use.

Step 2: Change Your IP Address

methods for change ip

Every device connected to the Internet has a unique number assigned to it by its ISP identification and communication – and that includes your smartphone and computer. Etsy uses this information to track its users, and as such, you will not want to use the same IP address for more than one account as the IP footprint will reveal the account is being managed from the same computer and most likely owned by the same person.

Interestingly, you can get your IP address changed or spoofed. While you can call your ISP and have a change of IP address, that might not work as expected – and won’t even work if you want to manage multiple Etsy accounts as you can’t be requesting or forcing a change of IP address every now and then.

The best option is to spoof your IP address with a different IP address, and proxies with provide you that. Proxies can also rotate IPs for you and provide you as many IP addresses as you require. Interestingly, proxies are quite affordable and easy to set up. You will need residential proxies to be able to create and manage stealth accounts on Etsy.

You can buy affordable residential proxies from Shifter, Smartproxy or Soax.

These providers have proxies that are fast, compatible with Etsy, are secure, and are undetectable – Etsy does not allow proxy usage, and as such only undetectable proxies will work. If you intend to manage your stealth Etsy account using any of the popular web browsers, you can check out our article on how to set up proxies on the popular web browser.

Step 3: Prepare a New Browser Environment

Browser Environment

You see that browser you have used for your previous account? That browser’s environment has been contaminated by Etsy in their bid to track you and provide you a personalized experience. If you try using the same browser without removing all of the data stored on it and making it different, then they know you are the one and will suspend the new account.

Etsy, just like most popular web services, makes use of cookies to track users, and cookies are dropped in users' browsers – and the browser will send the cookies back anytime a web request is sent to Etsy – you see how they would burst you with your browser? How then do you take care of this?

Some users will simply uninstall the browser and install it again. This will provide you a clean and new environment. But this won’t solve all of the problems associated with browser tracking; there is also the issue of browser fingerprinting when a web service uses details provided by your browser to develop a unique fingerprint. For most users, I will advise the delete super cookies and flash objects.

If you intend to manage multiple accounts, then you will need to make use of multiple browser profile tools such as Multilogin or Kameleo.

These tools allow you to create many browser profiles, each with its own browser environment, cookies, local storage, flash objects, browser fingerprint, and IP address (to be added by you). It is like using multiple devices when you are using just a single device in reality.

Step 4: Setup a Stealth PayPal Account

YouTube video

How would you withdraw your money when you get paid? You will need a payment method, and you know the Etsy Payment system will force you to KYC that will not end well for a stealth account. Instead of using Etsy Payment, you should use PayPal.

However, if you have used your real PayPal account before on Etsy, you can’t use it again. Unfortunately, PayPal also does not allow a user to have more than one personal account and one business account. To create another personal account, it also has to be a stealth account. We have also written a guide on how to create a stealth PayPal account on this blog.

Step 5: Go Ahead and  Create the Etsy Account

Create the Etsy Account

If you followed the above step judiciously, it means you have personal details not linked to any other account on Etsy, an uncontaminated browser environment that Etsy has not tracked, a PayPal account that has not been used on Etsy, and proxies that will spoof your real IP address among others.

With all of these at hand, all you have to do is head over to the Etsy website using the new browser environment to create a new individual account. It could be the new browser you installed, your old browser that you cleared cookies and flash objects, or a multiple browser profile like Multilogin.

How to Protect your Stealth Etsy Account

Protect Stealth Etsy Account

Regular Etsy accounts are at risk of getting their account suspended, and the stores closed talk more of stealth accounts. You have to guard the account else you will lose it. The first thing you need to do is that you make sure you do not access your former account using the same browser environment you use for your stealth account, as that would reveal the accounts are owned by the same person.

Also important is that you do not manage multiple stealth accounts in the same browser environment, too – that’s why you need to use a multiple browser profile tool such as Multilogin. Aside from the stealth account-specific advice, there is more.

Regardless of the type of account you have – stealth or not, you have to stick to the Etsy term of service. While many Internet users do not care to real the term of usage of services they use on the Internet, you shouldn’t as a marketer as not minding to read these documents is negligence.

There are products you should sell on Etsy. In fact, Etsy has a range of products allowed on its platform. You also need to avoid any form of fraudulent activities and make sure you stick the rules on the platform.

FAQs About Etsy Stealth Account

  • Are Etsy Stealth Accounts Illegal?

In most cases, stealth account management is a question of morality or ethics and not necessarily legality. Even though Etsy does not allow stealth accounts because of their deceptive nature, they are not illegal, and they wouldn’t drag you to any court. The worse they would do is block your account.

  • Why Does Etsy Suspend Accounts on its Platform?

Etsy has some set of rules laid down that all sellers are expected to abide by. Violation of this will result in a suspension. Some of the violations are common knowledge and obvious, while others are not. It is best in your own interest to learn about all in other to avoid suspension in the future.

  • Why Not Appeal Action Suspension?

At first, for the ethically minded individual, appealing a suspension is the best option, and we agree it is. But in most cases, appeals do not work – that’s the history Etsy has with its banned users. Why try a process that you know would mostly yield no result? Except you have a concrete reason and actually have a case, leaving a suspended account and creating a stealth account is the way to go.

  • Are Proxies Compulsory for Etsy Stealth Accounts?

Most devices do not get permanent IP addresses assigned to them. For this reason, all you need to do is make sure your IP address has changed, and you are good to go.  However, if you manage multiple stealth accounts, then proxies become a must.


From the above, you can see that stealth Etsy accounts are not as difficult to create as you might think. However, it is easy for you to make a mistake that will ruin the process and reveal a footprint.

For this reason, I will advise you to follow the steps above carefully. It is important you know that things might change when you read this and unless we are aware and updated the article, the guide here might no longer be valid.

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