Etsy Bot to Auto-checkout & Growth Bot to Like Shops

Growing an Etsy account can be a difficult task, likewise buying items that quickly get sold out. However, with the help of Etsy Bots, all of these become easy. Come in now and discover the best Etsy Bots in the market.


Have you tried buying limited-edition items that get sold out quickly within a few minutes on Etsy before? If you haven’t, I have, and I must tell you, going through the whole process and checking out an item successfully is like winning a jackpot.

This is because for limited edition items, the demand for them is much higher than the supply, and as such, competition is stiff. It even becomes more difficult as more and more people are embracing the idea of using automation bots to gain an undue competitive advantage in other to buy more for resale.

It has even gotten to the stage where without using automation bots known as Etsy Bots, you will always miss out. Since you can’t beat the competition without using a bot, it is high time you start using one. This article will be used to provide you recommendation on the best Etsy Bots to use in the market to increase your chances of securing limited-edition items on Etsy. It will also discuss the bots you can use as an Etsy marketer to grow the popularity of your Etsy store. These bots make use of a process known as Etsy automation to give its users an unrivaled competitive advantage over those not using them.

Etsy Automation

Etsy automation is the process of using automation tools known as Etsy Bots to carry out tasks on Etsy automatically. Through Etsy automation, tasks can be carried out pretty quickly at speed; you can’t as a human. It can also take care of repetitive tasks that will otherwise bore you after sometimes.

For buyers and sellers on Etsy, Etsy Bots can be very helpful and help them achieve some difficult to achieve aims. There are basically two types of Etsy bots, each with its own specific use and target users.

ETSY Automation

  • Etsy Purchase Bots

This type of Etsy automation bots are used for purchasing items on Etsy. But why would someone use a bot for a purchase when he can do that using his browser? Well, for regular purchase, using an Etsy Purchase Bot is a waste of your resources.

This is because they are not free. However, when you want to purchase limited-edition items, you need to go through the process at a fast speed before it gets sold out. With an Etsy Purchase Bot, your chances are increased because of the speed at which it goes through the process of purchase.

  • Etsy Growth Bots

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These bots are made for sellers on Etsy. Managing and growing an Etsy account is not an easy task as a newbie, and until your store becomes popular, you will not be making the number of sales you want. With an Etsy Growth Bot, the popularity of your store is increased by interacting with other users and sharing details of your store on your behalf.

Best Etsy Bots in the Market

Even with their enormous benefits, Etsy bots are still very much unpopular among Etsy users, and as such, there are few Etsy bots in the market. I will be providing you two options each for the two types of Etsy bots.

Etsy Growth Bots for Sellers

Growth Bot by Viralwoot

Growth Bot by Viralwoot

There is a reason this one comes first on this list – it is Etsy approved. Yes, while itself does not some forms of automation, it supports the type brought forward by Viralwoot Growth Bot. This growth bot automates your Etsy store marketing by automatically promoting your store and its products on your social media accounts.

All that’s required is to set it up, and it will work an autopilot round the clock. It can interact with your accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. It posts intelligently, following your rules – and gaining your store convertible visitors.

Viralwoot overview



The above growth bot follows the Etsy terms and conditions, and as such, it has a good number of limitations that might make it not effective for your use case. If you are an aggressive marketer and would want to go about interacting with buyers interacting with your competitor, then the EtsyBot is the bot for you. With this bot, you can grow your account and become one of the top sellers on Etsy. EtsyBot can help you automate the process of following sellers and buyers on Etsy. All that’s required is for you to provide it the name of a store, and it will go about following its followers intelligently.

ETSY follow bot

Etsy Purchase Bots for Buyers

Etsy Spinner/Purchaser Bot

Etsy Spinner

The Etsy Spinner/Purchaser Bot is one of the bots you can use to purchase limited-stock items on Etsy. With this bot, you can grab a product as soon as it is up for sale on Etsy. The process is automatic and requires you to provide your PayPal account details and Etsy details. One feature of the Etsy Spinner/Purchaser Bot I find interesting is its scheduling feature that allows you to specify when the bot should start and help you purchase an item. Also important is the fact that the bot can be customized to meet your specific need. It is a Windows-based desktop application and quite expensive.

Purchaser Bot

Most Advanced Bot’s Etsy Bot

Most Advanced Bot’s Etsy Bot

This Etsy Bot is developed by Most Advanced Bot, a company known for the development of automation bots such as sneaker copping bots. This company’s Etsy bot is one of the most advanced Etsy purchase bots in the market. It comes as a Chrome extension and can help you go through the process of making purchases much faster than you can go manually – this includes both adding items to cart as well as checking them out. It has the capability of searching for an item by its keyword and keep refreshing the collection page until the item is available.

The bot comes with an easy to use user interface. The Most Advanced Bot Etsy Bot is quite reliable and has helped a good number of users purchase limited-edition items. Interestingly, it is affordable.

FAQs on Etsy Bots

  • Does Etsy Allow the Use of Bots?

Most sites, including Etsy, does not allow the use of Bots as it gives some users undeserved competitive advantages and can be manipulative, and trick the Etsy system. However, there are a few bots they allow – and these bots stick completely to the Etsy term of usage.

  • Can Bots be Stopped on Etsy?

As a seller on Etsy, there’s no way you can prevent bots from interacting with your shop and dropping reviews or making a purchase. However, Etsy, as a platform, has got some technologies and tricks in place to detect and prevent bots from accessing its platform – and they can be smart at it. Being that as it may, bot makers still find it possible to avoid these checks and automate purchase and marketing activities without being detected.

  • How Often are Etsy Bots updated?

This frequently asked question does not have a straightforward answer. All I can say is that it depends. Usually, all software should be updated regularly to make them more efficient, add new features, and clear bugs, and add patches. However, for Etsy bots that need to be at par with the layout and design of Etsy web pages, and anti-spam system, then updates are made immediately there’s a change to the Etsy anti-spam algorithm or layout of their pages.

  • How to Bot Spam Someone Else’s Etsy Listing?

If you are a seller and you want to spam someone else’s listing, then you need to buy his products and drop bad reviews. Needless to say, this is a very unhealthy habit, and you should frown at it. Instead of doing this, why not follow a more acceptable approach like following his followers or those that drop reviews on his products? This is far better as you also can grow without bringing his store down by dropping negative reviews – not to even mention the cost of purchasing products.

  • Why are Bots on Etsy?

There are basically two types of bots on Etsy, and each has a unique use case and target audience. The first ones are growth bots meant to help sellers grow the popularity of their shop and listing. The second is known as Etsy purchase bots and are meant for purchasing limited edition items that get sold out in no time.


Make no mistake about it; bots can save you a lot of time, helping you to get more done with little effort from your side. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, there’s an Etsy bot for you – or a custom one can be developed using any of the popular programming languages. However, you need to know that using it is regarded as crossing the line by Etsy, and you risk losing your account and getting your IP blacklisted and prevented from accessing the Etsy site.

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