The Best Etsy Proxies for Etsy Bots

Etsy is not your regular site that you can get away with using any proxies you get your hands on. If you need proxies for accessing Etsy, come in now and see our recommended proxies handpicked by experts.

Proxies for Etsy

Etsy is a market place where sellers of handmade craft products and vintage items display their goods for sale. Etsy follows the footstep of many other big platforms by having a strict anti-spam system in place to wade off scammers, spammers, and dishonest people.

This then means that they block people when suspect you are being dishonest or going against their terms and conditions of usage. While this is a good thing, a good number of persons are blocked and prevented from accessing the platform wrongly – a fault from the algorithm.

Aside from these people wrongfully blocked, we have another set of people that set out to circumvent restrictions and exceed some limits put in place by Etsy. If you belong to either of these groups, then you need to know that when Etsy set out to block you, proxies are your only saving grace.

Why You Need Proxies for Etsy

I know you might be wondering why you need proxies to access Etsy. Well, the truth is that you really do not need them if you haven’t been blocked and not trying to circumvent any restriction or mimic visiting from a location different from where you are. IP tracking and blocking remains the biggest way Etsy prevent spam. If you are able to hide your IP footprints and use arbitrary IP Addresses, you can be ahead of the Etsy anti-spam system. But do you even the proxies for?

etsy proxies

  • Manage Many Accounts

Etsy does not allow one person to own multiple accounts. However, some people own multiple accounts and manage them automatically using automation tools known as Etsy Bots. For them to hide their IP footprints and trick Etsy into thinking that each account is on a separate machine, they have proxies. Without proxies, all the accounts will be linked to the same computer, and they will all be banned.

  • Circumventing Blocks

The second reason why you need proxies to access Etsy is if you have been blocked either by Etsy from accessing their platform. Usually, Etsy blocks you if you go against their terms and conditions – or deem you a dishonest person or a spammer. This block can be by mistake, though. When you are blocked, your device IP Address is blacklisted, and you can’t use the device to access their platform again. With proxies, you can remove this block and appear to them as a different user.

Best Proxies for Etsy

If you visit the websites of proxy providers, you will discover they have specialized proxies for Instagram, Pinterest, Pokémon Go, and even Google, among others. However, hardly would you see specialized proxies for Etsy. This is not unconnected to the fact few people use proxies on Etsy when compared to the other platforms. It also because Etsy does not require specialized proxies as general proxies work – provided they are undetectable.

The best proxies to use for Etsy are residential proxies. However, datacenter proxies also work. Below are 3 proxy recommendations each for both residential and datacenter proxies.

Residential Proxies for Etsy

Residential proxies route client’s requests through devices in their peer-to-peer network and use their IP Addresses, which are assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This makes them undetectable. However, make sure you go for elite proxies, and they make sure no trace of your IP Address is leaked. Below are the best 3 residential proxies for Etsy.



  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GB
  • Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 40GB

Luminati is arguably the best residential proxy provider for Etsy marketing. This is because it is undetectable, secure, fast, and reliable. It has the largest proxy pool in the market, with over 72 million residential IPs under its control.

One thing you will come to appreciate in Luminati is its wide location coverage. Luminati has proxies in all countries of the world and in most cities around the world. This makes targeting possible even at the city-specific level. Also, one feature of Luminati that makes it perfect for Etsy is its session control system that allows you to control the period you want a particular session maintained.

Etsy for luminati



  • IP Pool Size: Over 10 million
  • Locations: 195 locations across the globe
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 5GB
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GB

Smartproxy is a premium residential proxy service provider just like Luminati. However, Luminati has an inherent problem that makes it not perfect for low-budget Internet marketers – its minimum monetary requirement is high. If Luminati is out of your reach and you need proxies that work as they do, then Smartproxy is your surest option – they have a minimum monetary requirement of $75.

They operate the same system, which is allowing you access to their proxy pool but limited by the bandwidth you can consume. Smartproxy got over 10 million residential IPs in its pool and has a session control system that works quite well for Etsy.

Smartproxy for etsy


Stormproxies Logo

  • IP Pool Size: 40,000
  • Locations: the US and EU region only
  • Concurrency Allowed: only one device per port
  • Cost: Starts at $50 monthly for 5 ports

Stormproxies is a little bit different from the two above. The most spectacular difference is in its pricing model. While the two above are priced based on consumable bandwidth, Stormproxies is priced based on ports. Unlike the above that have high rotating proxies that change IP Address after every request.

Stormproxies only supports time-based IP rotation, and each of the ports changes the IP assigned to it after every 5 minutes. While this might not be good for some tasks, it is perfect for a site like Etsy that makes use of session and login. Stormproxies has a residential IP pool with 40,000 IPs, and its pricing is quite affordable and cheap.

Stormproxies for etsy

Datacenter Proxies for Etsy

Unlike in the case of residential proxies that the IPs they use are issued by ISPs, Datacenter proxies make use of IPs owned and issued by datacenter. The are quite cheaper when compared to residential proxies, but they are easily detected and, as such, susceptible to more blocks than residential proxies. When using datacenter proxies on Etsy, you have to be careful to avoid blocks. Below are 3 tested and trusted datacenter proxies for Etsy.



  • Locations: US and EU region only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threads
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.49 per proxy for a month

MyPrivateProxy is arguably the best datacenter provider in the market. Interestingly, their private proxies have been found to work quite great on Etsy. Unlike residential proxy providers that provide you a pool of proxy, MyPrivateProxy, and most datacenter proxies do not do that, they sell you proxies individually, and as such, you have to deal with proxy management such as IP rotation yourself.

One thing I like about MyPrivateProxy is that they make use of green energy sources. MyPrivateproxy allows you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth – and its pricing is quite affordable too.

MyPrivateProxy for etsy



  • Locations: US and EU only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $2.00 per proxy for a month

With over 8 years of experience and clients from around the world, Buyproxies have proven to be a private proxy provider that can be trusted. Their proxies are a little bit more expensive when compared to MyPrivateProxy – and it works quite great for the Etsy platform. The plan recommended for use on Etsy is their dedicated proxies, which are private and meant for a single user.

When you subscribe to any plan on Buyproxies, you are given access to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Their datacenter proxies are top quality and highly anonymous, and as such, your real IP footprint won’t be leaked.

Buyproxies for etsy



  • Locations: Worldwide
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.00 per proxy for a month

InstantProxies is the cheapest proxy provider on the list. They sell dedicated datacenter proxies in bundles of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500. One thing I have come to like about InstantProxies is that before proxies are sold to you, they test them publicly with their testing tool and make sure it works – this does not in any way prevent them from offering you a refund if you aren’t OK with the proxies after payment.

This provider sells elite proxies from different subnets from worldwide locations. InstantProxies private proxies have been used on Etsy, and it worked without any problem.

InstantProxies for etsy

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FAQs on Etsy Proxies

  • What are Etsy Proxies?

Etsy Proxies are the proxies that are compatible with Etsy. This means that they can evade detection and access the site without being blocked. Currently, there are no Etsy specialized proxies because not many people use proxies on Etsy – and some of the general ones in the market work perfectly when used to access the site.

  • Does Etsy Allow the Use of Proxies on Their Platforms?

No, Etsy does not support the use of proxies on their sites. To them, only someone circumventing a restriction or having some bad intentions will want to make use of proxies, and as such, they prevent its usage. They have a strict anti-spam system in place to check and forbid requests routed through proxies.

  • How Many Accounts Per Proxy?

The question of how many accounts per proxies only come in when you are using a static proxy that does not change IP as it is in most datacenter proxies and a few residential proxies. Etsy is strict, and as such, you should use a proxy per account. However, if you can’t afford this, then two per proxy will do, but you have to be careful. For rotating proxies, you do not have to worry as IPs are changed automatically.

  • How to Unblock Etsy?

If you have been blocked by Etsy, there’s a high chance that your IP Address has been blacklisted, and as such, any new account linked to the IP Address will suffer the same faith. To unblock Etsy and access it using new accounts, you can either use a proxy or a VPN.


Etsy can be strict and restrictive when it comes to effecting restrictions and blocks. For you to circumvent these, you need high anonymous proxies that are undetectable, reliable, and compatible with Etsy. The proxies above are our recommended proxies for Etsy – they have been tested and have proven to be perfect for the job.


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