How to Find and Track an IP Address (2022 Updated)

Have you found yourself in the situation when you will require the IP Address of someone online? Click here now to read our article on how to find someone’s IP Address and track it.

Track an IP Address

For the uninformed, they think browsing the Internet keeps them faceless. It turns out that you are not as anonymous as you think, and your location can be tracked by websites.

IP detail with loctaion

Does your IP get Tracked?

When someone gets hold of your IP Address online, he can use it to detect the country or city you live in, you can easily use,

While sites can use your IP Address to restrict access to certain resources from their web servers, IP Address also reveals one’s location. If you need to know someone’s location, getting their IP Address is the way to go.

In this article, you are going to be learning how to find out one’s IP Address and detect that person’s location and other information about such person. The article will end with a way to avoid been tracked online, so no one is able to track you.

How to Find Out Others IP Address Online

IP Address track Online

Because websites know the importance of IP Address and how harmful it can be when revealed, they keep it private and only use it for their internal use.

So, if you must find out the IP Address of someone, you must get a way to get them to visit an IP grabbing site or your own personal website where you can grab the IP Address of that person. I will necessarily not discuss how to create an IP Address grabbing site as that will require some investment and programming knowledge for it to be effective.

This article will be more focused on teaching you how to make use of an IP grabbing site. The IP grabbing site of choice in this article is Grabify IP Logger. You can make use of your site of choice.

To make use of Grabify IP Logger, you need to make use of social engineering to get the person to click a URL. I will advise you to make use of any of the popular social media platforms. Use the steps discussed below to help you grab the IP Address of users online.

Trace IP Address

  • Visit the profile page of the person you need to grab his IP Address and copy the address to the profile page
  • Visit the Grabify IP Logger and enter the copied address in the input box provided and click on the ‘Create URL’ button
  • A URL and a tracking code will be generated for you. Shorten the URL using Bitly
  • It is this URL you will provide to the person to visit. When the person clicks on the link, his IP Address is grabbed.
  • To check the captured information, visit Grabify IP Logger and click on ‘Tracking Code”. Enter the tracking code that was generated alongside the link you used as a bait, and the grabbed information will be revealed to you.

Unlike some IP loggers that only store the IP Address, Grabify IP Logger goes further. It reveals other information, such as a user's country, ISP, device, OS, User-Agent, and much more.

Limitation of IP Tracking

Limitation of IP Tracking

When people use the term IP Tracking, they use it in the contest of using someone’s IP Address to track his absolute location. As far as civilian technology is concerned, you cannot use an IP Address to get that. Instead, you can only use it to detect someone’s country and probably, city, ISP.

Also, you cannot keep an eye on the site someone visit using their IP Address. this means that even though you get hold of someone’s IP Address, there is a limitation to what you can use it for. If you need to track a cyberbully or criminal down, I will advise you to report to a security agency for that.

How to Prevent IP Tracking

Prevent IP Tracking

Now that you know how to track an IP Address, you can see how easy it is grabbing the IP Address of Internet users even when sites you visit won’t hand them over to you.

It is important you note that you can also be tracked using your IP Address. Not necessarily by an individual but by the website you visit or your country and with your IP Address, your connection to sites is censored. This section is written as a bonus to help you evade IP tracking.

You cannot evade giving out an IP Address to the web servers you request information from. An IP Address is part of the compulsory information you provide to a web server. Your only option is being deceptive.

Yes, by providing a different IP Address, web servers won’t know your real IP Address, and as such, any decision they will make will be based on the IP Address you provided. There are basically 3 options when you need to provide a different IP Address other than the real one assigned to your device. Below are the 3 options.

  • Using a Proxy Server

Proxy servers act as intermediary servers that clients’ requests pass through before reaching a website. When requests pass through a proxy server, it changes the IP Address and presents another one, thereby masking the real IP Address.

  • Using a VPN Service

A VPN service also makes use of intermediary servers, just like proxies. However, unlike proxy servers, traffic encryption is done at the system level. VPN service is the most popular way of hiding IP Addresses among Internet users concerned about their privacy. It is a cheaper option and quite slow.

  • Using Tor Browser

Tor network route

The Tor Browser makes use of the Tor network to route and reroute traffic through multiple nodes before it gets to a website. It makes sure it not only removes traces that could be linked to you but also keep safe. The Tor Project is free. However, it is the slowest option on the list.


With the use of an IP Grabbing site, getting the IP Address of Internet users has become easy. However, it is important you know that if a user is making use of either a proxy server, Tor Browser, or a VPN service, there’s no way you can possibly get his device's IP Address.

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