Residential VPN – Paid & Free Residential IP VPN Services (2024 Updated)

Are you looking for VPN services that make use of residential IP addresses? Then come in now and read our expert recommendations. The list consists of both free and paid VPN versions.

Residential VPN

In case you are not aware, VPN and Proxies are almost the same with a few differences – both of them change your IP address. majority of VPN service makes use of IP addresses from datacenters.

This makes them susceptible to detections and blocks, just like datacenter proxies are. To fly below the radar and remain undetectable, you need VPN services that will route your traffic through residential devices and appear to web services as regular users, thereby preventing blocks.

What is a Residential VPN?

The type of VPN that routes requests through residential IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP) VPN is known as Residential VPN. They are a step higher in terms of anti-spam evasion techniques, just like Residential proxies, and as such, they are more preferred than regular VPN that makes use of datacenter IP addresses.

In this article, I will be recommending residential VPN services to you – some of them are paid while some are free. Let start with the free options.

Free Residential VPN Services

Not all Residential VPN services are bad, and you have to know that. There are some VPN services that can provide you some level of security and help provide you access to restricted content and make your traffic difficult to analyze by eavesdroppers. Some of these are discussed below.

Hola VPN

hola vpn logo

  • Location: 190 countries across the globe
  • Platform Support: All platforms, including Windows (8 and later), MacOS (10.11 and later), Linux, Chrome OS, iOS (8 and later), and Android (5 and later). Browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Smart TVs with Android TVs coming soon!
  • Cost: Free. PLUS version with advanced features also available

Hola VPN is one of the world’s most popular free unblocker or VPN proxy services, trusted by more than 200 million users worldwide. Its patented technology combines standard VPN architecture with peer-to-peer technology to guarantee a free service that is also refreshingly free of ads. Users share idle device IPs to route web traffic which also renders Hola VPN more difficult to detect and block.

Free users opt into Hola VPN’s community-based platform which gains speed by routing a negligible amount of traffic, roughly the equivalent of a short YouTube clip, through users’ devices when they are not in use. The amassed power gives way to unrivaled browsing speeds and exceptional unblocking capabilities.

It’s important to note that Hola VPN in no way gains access to devices and has zero impact on a user’s browsing or computer usage. Users can opt-out of resource sharing and take advantage of added privacy and security features by upgrading to Hola PLUS for as little as US$2.99 per month. Users of browser extensions, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, are also exempt from sharing idle resources.

App users can toggle between countries to set the location where they want to unblock a website.

  • European servers return speed of between 65-82Mbps
  • US servers come in well over 48Mbps.

The hassle-free software takes approximately one minute to install with no configuration required. Hola VPN’s website has an extensive FAQ section and additional help is readily available via email or by completing an online support form. Compared to other free services, Hola VPN does not share users’ information with anyone in the Hola VPN network and never sells details to a third party for marketing purposes. Chrome Web Store gives Hola VPN a 5-star rating based on more than 340,000 reviews.

Note: Hola VPN FREE does not secure your traffic, but hola plus for that!

Tuxler VPN

Tuxler logo

  • Locations: Many including US and counties in the EU regions
  • Platform Support: Windows and Mac
  • Cost: Free with a paid version

Tuxler VPN is a 100 percent free Virtual Private Network that allows you to access all websites and provide a cheap paid version for added functionality and features. Tuxler is community-driven and makes use of the Peer-to-Peer model. Currently, unlike Hola VPN that has native applications for all the popular operating systems, Tuxler is available only on Windows and Mac.

Their IP Addresses are 100 percent residential and are refreshed to keep their pool safe. They support many locations across the globe and have users in over 90 countries.

Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN

  • Locations: Only 10 locations in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac
  • Cost: Free with a paid version

Betternet VPN is a fast and secure VPN solution that is completely free without a paid version. They have different versions for the different operating systems – Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Betternet VPN has been used by millions of Internet users to secure their online browsing activities and ensure an anonymous identity online. Unlike other services that require you to register for an account before you can use, Betternet requires you only to download and with just a click, you are good to go.



  • Locations: 14 locations in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac
  • Cost: Free with a paid version

FinchVPN has a paid version, but you can use its free version with some basic features that cover many of the use cases why people use VPN services. You can use FinchVPN to unblock regional restrictions, make your traffic difficult to sniff, hide your IP address, and encrypt your connections.

FinchVPN has residential IPs in North America (the United States and Canada), Europe, and some locations in Asia. With Finch, you can bypass censorship and restrictions online.

Note: Those Free VPN are usually need to share your Internet connection, you can learn more from here.

While some free VPN Service works, they are not a match for paid VPN. You know why? This is because for them to remain free, they have to show ads or sell your personal data to advertisers, or do other unwarranted things with your data. For a more robust, secure, and reliable solution, paid solutions are the key.

One of the best paid Residential VPN Services, We also recommend Hola VPN as the #1.

Hola Plus

hola plus

  • Locations: 190 countries across the globe
  • Cost: From US$2.99/ month
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Hola VPN users that prefer to opt-out of resource sharing can upgrade to the PLUS version from as little as US$2.99 per month.

The PLUS product also offers added privacy and security features, including IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch support.The PLUS version serves up unlimited bandwidth for users to enjoy all major streaming services, including Netflix, BBC, Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, HBO, ITV, Channel4, Amazon, ABC, and RTE, among others.

Price plans start from US$2.99/ month for 3 years up to US$11.99/ month with no commitments. Subscribers can install Hola VPN PLUS on up to 10 devices, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and routers. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hola VPN PLUS is without a doubt the best residential VPN offer on the market.

Proxyrack VPN

Proxyrack VPN

  • Locations: US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac
  • Cost: $27 for 10GB monthly

Proxyrack VPN is owned by Proxyrack, a popular residential proxy provider. They tapped into their experience of providing residential proxies to provide you residential VPN. Their VPN is paid and comes with 10GB for a $27 monthly subscription. Currently, their VPN software is available on Windows – support for other operating systems is on the way.

They have a huge pool and as such, you have enough IP addresses to switch to. They have VPN servers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. It comes with a DNS leak fix.



  • Locations: US, UK, Canada, India, Japan
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and many others
  • Cost: $4 for a month

NetflixVPN is a specialized VPN service meant for streaming video from the Netflix platform. Traditional VPN, in most cases, are not able to access the Netflix service because of the smart anti-spam system of Netflix. There are about 190 countries supported by Netflix.

However, because of license right, each country has its own library and Netflix does not allow a person from one location to access movies licensed for other locations other than it. With NetflixVPN, all these are a thing of the past as they make use of residential IP addresses which are undetectable by Netflix.

TorGuard VPN

TorGuard VPN

  • Locations: Many locations around the world
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and many others
  • Cost: $9.99 for a month

TorGuard VPN is a dedicated VPN Service provider that makes use of residential IP addresses assigned by ISPs to evade scrutiny and ban. By dedicated VPN service, I mean it assigns an IP address to you, and only you can make use of such IP addresses for a specified period of time.

This is in contrast to others that you are connected to IP addresses at random – some are even shared. However, they sell shared proxies as well. TorGuard VPN is one of the fastest in the market. It has servers in 55 countries spread across all the continents. Their Streaming IPs are very popular.


  • Locations: Many locations around the world
  • Platform Support: Windows
  • Cost: Starts from $20 monthly

StarVPN is another VPN service that offers you residential IPs meant for real Internet users. This service has a large pool of residential IPs with the number being over 10 million residential IPs.

It has got extensive location support across the globe. One thing you will come to like about this VPN service is that it offers you a smart DNS technology that makes streaming enjoyable. The VPN service is available only for Windows.

While this service offers a free tier, the tier we recommend for you in this article is their paid plan which allows you to access the Internet unlimited as opposed to their free tier that allows you to enjoy the only 100MB

starVPNs Static residential IP



  • Locations: Many locations
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac
  • Cost: $10 for a month

VPNLand VPN is a trusted VPN service that has been around since 2006. It is owned by a Canadian based company. It is a Stealth VPN with a DPI bypass. Aside from general browsing, VPNLand VPN will fly below the radar of WhatsApp, Telegram, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

Just like any other premium VPN provider, your information is safe with VPNLand and they do not keep logs of your browsing activities. Their VPN servers are highly reliable and can protect you even against the strongest firewall. They are very fast and allow Torrent downloads.



  • Locations: North America and Europe
  • Platform Support: Windows and Android
  • Cost: $39 for a month

If you’re looking for a mix of a high level of security and super fast speed, then go for RapidVPN – it is the Residential VPN for the job. They make use of dedicated servers and top-quality infrastructures that are designed not to fail.

To ensure the utmost privacy of your data, RapidVPN encapsulates them before encrypting them. These two processes make RapidVPN a secure service to use. One thing I Liker personally about RapidVPN is that you can use the same account simultaneously on 4 different devices – upgradable to 99 devices. RapidVPN is available only on Windows and Android.

Pangeo VPN

Pangeo VPN

  • Locations: 100 countries
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and many others
  • Cost: Free with paid plan

Pangeo VPN is a premium VPN service that makes use of Residential IP addresses. You can use it to view local content in more than 150 locations, without being detected. Their IP addresses are clean and because they are either mobile or residential IP, the chances of getting blocked are very low.

Interestingly, your traffic is encrypted and there’s no how your government, school, or Internet Service Providers will know what you do online. It is available for the popular operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firefox, and Chrome. They provide a 5 days free trial.

DNSFlex Residential VPN

DNSFlex Residential VPN

  • Locations: North America and Europe
  • Platform Support: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and many others

DNSFlex Residential VPN is made by DNSFlex. Their VPN is 100 percent residential IP addresses. They are a mix of static and rotating IPs, with some of them being 4G mobile.

DNSFlex VPN is optimized to allow you access to restricted and local web content in other areas. You do not have to worry about blocks again as their residential network among top US cable ISP, providing you the highest anonymity. They have over 20 million residential IP addresses and allows up to 5 VPN connections per account.


There’s no doubt when it comes to unblocking websites; residential VPNs are far ahead of VPN service that makes use of datacenter IP addresses.

However, they suffer from occasional drops which isn’t much of a problem. The Residential VPN above are the best residential VPN services. While the free ones work, paid VPNs are the best as they are more reliable, secure, and fast – with no advertisements, no speed limited!


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