How to Find Mobile Number Using IP Address? (2024 Updated)

Are you looking forward to finding out the phone number linked to a particular IP address you have an interest in? Can someone find your mobile number Using IP Address?

Find Mobile Number Using IP Address

The Internet seems to be faceless when in fact, you are as identifiable as you are in the real world. When you connect to the Internet, you do so with an IP address assigned to your device by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). With this IP address, you are unique, and your location is even discovered.

If you are one of the persons that believe they are anonymous online, then you need to have a change of mindset – you are identifiable online. Now that you know that, does it mean you can get the phone number of any user you have his IP address since ISPs are the ones that assign them?

Well, while find out the IP address of any user on the Internet is easy either via IP grabbers, getting them to send you emails, or using the command line in some cases, getting the IP address would not help you get his phone number. There are some web tools that claim to help you find the contact details of IP addresses. The truth is – such tools will only work for web server IP addresses and not regular IPs assigned to individuals.

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Why Can’t I Find Out Mobile Number from IP Address?

Mobile Number from IP Address

The way IP addresses are designed is that they are made to be unique and provide an idea of one’s location so that web service can use them for communication, enforcing access rights, and geo-targeting.

Show your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from IP address

Your IP Address:
Your ISP: Hetzner Online GmbH
ISP Organization: Hetzner

They do not reveal information that could be used to actually get to the user, and you will agree with me that mobile numbers can do that.

No tool on the Internet can help you with that. The only services that have access to one’s phone number are services that he provides them to, and they display it publicly. But does it mean you cannot get the phone number of a person using his IP address? You can!

How to Get One’s Phone Number from His ISP

Phone Number from His ISP

ISPs are the ones saddled with the responsibility of assigning IP addresses, and they have the contact details of their customers, including their mobile number. However, you cannot go to them straight and get the number of the person with the IP address.

Your ISP is the only place to trace an IP to a Phone Number! ISPs protect the privacy of their users and wouldn’t provide you their contact details usually, If you want to Find Mobile Number Using an IP Address, you have to take the weapon of the law, then you can be obtained others Phone Number from the ISP.

If you are being bullied or threatened online and you have the IP address of the user, to get the phone number of the person from his ISP, you will need a court order and authorization from the police.


Looking at the above, you can see that it is not easy to get the phone number of an IP address, and in most cases, except you have a strong case, your ISP, and even the court, you decline your request.

Your best bet is by using the social engineering method to get a hold of the person's phone number – not through his IP address.

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