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TheSocialProxy is a nnformed buying decision, then you are on the right page as you will be learning about the pros and cons of TheSocialProxy.

The Social Proxy - 4G & 5G mobile Private proxies

Hardly would you see a proxy provider that does not sugarcoat its service – they usually do not say it as it is. In most cases, aspects they are not proud of are kept hidden, and they avoid discussing them. This means that all proxies appear perfect until you pay for them and start having issues.

For TheSocialProxy, it also makes promises,but unfortunately, it is a new provider, and as such, there is little information about it online for proxy users to use in making informed decisions. If you are one of the proxy users that want to buy mobile proxies from TheSocialProxy, then I will advise you to read our review till the end to have a better understanding of all you need to know before making a monetary commitment.

The Social Proxy Overview

TheSocialProxy is an mobile proxy provider that provides high-quality mobile proxies for the social media botting market. I first knew about this provider on BlackHatWorld when they started their marketing campaigns giving free review copy on the forum, and I had a test of their service.

TheSocialProxy is one of the providers that have full control over their system as they do not make use of a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. While it wasn’t mentioned, I suspect they are using 5G & 4G LTE devices. While the main use case of proxies from TheSocialProxy is social media account management, it might interest you to know that you can use it for many other proxies uses.

The Social Proxy recently added a new US location which is New York City. These proxy speeds range from 100-400 mbps with unlimited data. (Updated on July,23 2022)

TheSocialProxy is not all roses without thorns. Just like every other provider, it has its weaknesses, and one of such is its limited location support caused majorly because of its model of operation and in a bid to offer premium proxies.

You are going to be learning about the major strengths (pros) and weaknesses (cons) of TheSocialProxy in this article. Before going into that in detail, let take a look at an overview table of TheSocialProxy, providing you important details about TheSocialProxy and their proxies.

Parameters Features
IP Type Mobile IPs
Priced Charged Package
Price Sample €90 flat payment
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
Authentication Username/password
IP Locations Austria, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany and USA proxies
Instagram Compatibility Yes
Sneaker Compatibility Yes
Speed Good
Support Email and Live chat support
Refund Policy 3-days money-back
IP Replacement Yes
P2p/Torrenting Not Allowed
Jurisdiction Location Israel


TheSocialProxy Pros

TheSocialProxy is quite new when compared to other providers we have reviewed previously. However, it is one of the few new providers that mean business. If you ask me, I will tell you that TheSocialProxy hits the ground running – thanks to their high-quality proxies and numerous features. In this section of the article, we will be looking at the strengths of TheSocialProxy.

Perfect for Social Media Automation

As of the time of writing this review, TheSocialProxy only offers mobile proxies. However, their mobile proxies are not just like other mobile proxies in the market. They are high-quality mobile proxies designed specifically for social media account management and automation.

One aspect you will come to like about TheSocialProxyis that it has powerful tools to help make social media automation easy and effective. They have got support for automatic IP rotation configured via an API, has support for real-time access logging, and help you avoid blocks while providing you endless streams of mobile IPs.

Instagram is arguably the number one bot fighter and has a strong anti-proxy system that detects and blocks proxies. Using datacenter proxies for Instagram will put your accounts at risk – so are residential proxies.

SocialProxy Social Media Automation

TheSocialProxy has engineered their proxies to work with Instagram, and as such, you can bot as many accounts as you like – thanks to their powerful session management feature and automatic IP rotation. And no, their proxies are not engineered for Instagram alone. You can use their proxies for other social media platforms with powerful anti-spam systems that detect and ban accounts using proxies. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. Their proxies are overkill for Twitter and other social media platforms that have less powerful proxy detection systems.

SocialProxy social media tools

TheSocialProxy mobile proxies are compatible with all social media automation tools out there – even if you create your own custom social media bot, you can use them, and they will work perfectly. Their proxies have been tested on many social media tools, including Jarvee, Socinator, Nextpost, Follow Liker, and even Multilogin, the popular application for managing multiple accounts by running each in a virtual browser environment.

Interestingly, their proxies are not limited to only social media automation; you can use them for web scraping, SEO monitoring, price comparison, brand protection, and management, among others.

Simple Pricing Model

TheSocialProxy offers only paid proxies, but there is one thing you will like about their paid proxies – they have got a simple pricing model. Many proxy providers use the consumable bandwidth pricing model, which has a limit to the bandwidth you can consume.

For TheSocialProxy, all you will have to pay for is a port, and the price for a port is €89 for 4G and €119 for 5G proxy – while this is considered expensive, it comes with many privileges. Two of the most important features you will enjoy from TheSocialProxy when you pay for a package is that you have access to endless streams of IP addresses rotated automatically, and there is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you can use.

TheSocialProxy USA 5G proxy pricing

TheSocialProxy Price

It might interest you to know that TheSocialProxy has a free trial plan available for intending customers looking to try out their service before making a monetary commitment. All new users are eligible by default.

This does not in any way prevent them from offering you a refund if you make payment and their proxies did not work for your use case. This provider has a 3-day refund policy that will help you get back your money within 3 days of making payment. After 3 days, you lack the right to request a refund.

Service Provided Via Owned Equipment

The mobile and residential proxy services have one thing in common – most providers make use of third-party equipment. The proxies sold by many residential and mobile proxy providers are sourced via Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks. For P2P networks, participants' IPs and Internet connections are used either willing or unwilling.

The problem with this model is that how functional, fast, and effective the proxies are depended largely on the device and Internet connection speed of the participants, and as such, it is common to experience slow speed when using a proxy that depends on P2P networks.

SocialProxy Owned Equipment

TheSocialProxy does not make use of any P2P network. The have mobile 5G & 4G LTE devices (modems) owned by them that they route requests through. This makes it possible for them to have total control over connections, security, and reliability. The IPs they provide are real mobile IP addresses assigned by mobile carriers.

Because the devices are assigned to real 4G & 5G devices owned by them, web services do not have a way of detecting that they are proxies and acting on others' behalf – thanks to their other anti-proxy detection systems.

Excellent Proxy Speed

Proxies add some complexity and overhead that reduce the Internet speed of anyone using it because of the rerouting involved. There are a good number of proxy services that are quite slow to the extent that you can’t use them for any serious task without losing your patience. TheSocialProxy is not like that, though – its proxies are quite fast.

With their proxies configured, I was able to browse without experiencing a noticeable change in connection speed. However, there is more to the use of proxies than just surfing the Internet with a browser. For this reason, I tested one of their proxies to see how they perform in terms of speed using the Speedtest tool by Ookla. First, let see how my Internet speed was at that time without using a proxy.

SocialProxy Proxy Speed

With the above, I already have a benchmark to use in measuring how fast their proxies are. I then move ahead and configure their proxies on my computer and then run the same test using the same tool. The below is the screenshot of the result I got.

SocialProxy Speedtest by Ookla

From the above, you can see that there is a reduction from 16 Mbps to 6 Mbps in terms of download speed and 17.26 Mbps to 3.05 Mbps in upload speed. If you ask me, I will tell you this is an excellent result considering the fact that it is a mobile proxy service. You can tell that the high-speed is not unconnected to the fact that they do not utilize a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network as their counterparts do. If you are looking for a high-speed mobile proxy provider, TheSocialProxy is one of them.

Responsive Customer Service

TheSocialProxy does not score an A in terms of customer support, but the customer reps are quite responsive and helpful. They do not score an A because they do not have a live chat support feature. However, I have watched how their sales rep on BlackHatWorld responds to user queries.

Now TheSocialProxy offers live support now! It saves proxy users time to use! I would say they got score of an A from now! [Updated on Sep. 20th, 2021]

Also, I have had the need to use their support ticket, and the rep that responded to me was quite helpful too. Currently, they only support email support and support tickets on their website. You can also contact them on their social media accounts, and you will surely get a reply. For now, we hope they keep the same tempo the way they started and don’t get their customer service deteriorated.

The Social Proxy Cons

This section of the article will discuss the weaknesses of The Social Proxy. It is advisable you read this section before considering making a monetary commitment.

Limited Location Support and Geo-Targeting

One of the biggest turn-offs I see in The Social Proxy is the location support. This provider only has support for Austria, Israel, Germany, USA and the United Kingdom. If you are looking for proxies for other regions, then you will have to look elsewhere. For mobile proxies from the United States, you can check out Brightdata (Luminati), Soax, and Proxy-cheap.

The best mobile proxies in terms of location support are Luminati and Soax, and this is because they make use of a P2P network. The Social Proxy support for only 5 locations is not really a problem if all you needed their proxies for is social media automation, as your location does not matter in most cases.

One thing you need to know about this service is that you will have to make a choice of location as at the time of purchase. However, one thing I do like about the service is that it does allow you to switch location to either of the other 2 locations supported twice a month with only a minimum purchase of more than 75 EUR worth of proxy.

IP Authentication Not Supported

The only method of authentication supported by The Social Proxy is the username and password authentication in which you are provided a username and password for each of the packages you have available – only when you enter this would you be able to make use of the proxy.

There is a new authentication method known as IP authentication, otherwise known as IP whitelisting. This does not require you to authenticate from the software you want to use proxies for – all you need is proxy address and port.

Authentication is done from the user dashboard of the proxy provider. Some users prefer this to username and password authentication, and some providers provide both. The Social Proxy does not have support for it.

Do We Recommend TheSocialProxy?

thesocialproxy review

The Social Proxy is not different from other proxy providers we have reviewed on this website. They have got their pros and cons. However, if you read the above article, you will see that the strengths of The Social Proxy outweigh its weaknesses, and as such, they are a recommended provider, especially for social media account management and automation. Even with the recommendation, I will advise you to put into consideration the weaknesses discussed before making a final purchase decision.

Our Expert's Review
  • IP Trustworthiness - 9.5/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.8/10
  • Proxy Functions - 9.1/10
  • Customer support - 9.2/10

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