The Best Private Proxies for Instagram Automation (2024 Updated)

dedicated datacenter proxies for Instagram
Not having money to spend on expensive proxy options like mobile IP proxies and residential proxies shouldn’t stop you from automating your tasks on Instagram. With dedicated (private) proxies, Instagram automation is possible.

Forget what you have been reading about how residential and mobile proxies are the best, most people into automation do not use them. Why? Because they are expensive. Only professionals and Instagram marketers with large pockets use them.

For the rest of us, we find solace in private proxies. Yes, they worked and still work – just that you have to be extremely careful regarding the one that you choose. Most private proxies are not smart enough like their residential and mobile counterparts and as such, they easily get detected and blocked by Instagram. That’s why you need to do yourself good by buying only private proxies with a money-back guarantee on them. I wish to discuss the 5 best private proxies for Instagram in the market.

Before that, I need to make some clarifications. Private proxies in this context should be seen as datacenter proxies.

What are Datacenter Proxies for Instagram?

Also known as dedicated datacenter proxies, datacenter proxies are the types of proxies that route client requests through IP addresses of client-based infrastructures. They do not make use of IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP) and as such, they are easily detectable.

They are the most available type of proxy because they can be virtually generated without any form of restrictions. Also, because a proxy provider can have them in abundance, they are cheap. This makes them a popular choice among hackers, hobbyists, and testers. Thus, earning it a bad reputation.

Top 5 Dedicated Datacenter Proxies for Instagram

After looking at the Instagram proxy market, I can understand the frustration people go through when they are looking for the best private proxies for Instagram.

The number of proxy providers is big that it becomes difficult to make the right choice. Don’t worry though, I have made picks for you – after thorough research. Below are the 5 best-dedicated datacenter proxies for Instagram in the market.



MyPrivateProxy is one of the best proxy providers in the industry. Interestingly, their private proxies made it to our list of top 5 best private proxies for Instagram in the market. When it comes to the datacenter and IP distribution, MyPrivateProxy has a stronghold.

They have over 100,000 datacenter proxies in the United States. You can even choose city-specific proxies as they have proxies in 16 states in the US. Aside from the United State, they also have servers in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, France, Romania, and Australia.

Their private proxies work perfectly with Jarvee, Follow Liker, and Follow Adder, among other Instagram automation bot. They provide you the opportunity to whitelist up to 10 IP addresses with your subscription. If you do not like IP authentication, they also have the username and password authentication option.

In terms of proxy pricing, their private proxies are quite affordable. MyPrivateProxy rents one private proxy out for a month at a price of $2.49. However, they do not offer a free trial but have a 3-days money-back guarantee in place to help you get your money back if you are not OK with their service.

Their private proxies are not only affordable, but they are also very fast, secure, and reliable. You should expect a 99% uptime from their datacenter and expect no limited in terms of bandwidth. Their server allows up to 100 threads per proxy.

myprivateproxy pricing

Pros of MyPrivateProxy:

  • Affordable
  • Large number of proxies
  • Has IPs in tier-one countries
  • 3-days refund policy

Cons of MyPrivateProxy:

  • No free trial



Are you looking for a private proxy service for Instagram that provides very fast private proxies? Then look toward Highproxies. They have over 50,000 proxies with which they use in providing their services.

Their servers are located in multiple locations, giving you a good number of option to choose from. Your proxies are refreshed monthly. Their services are reliable and they provide an uptime of about 99 percent.

Their prices as per private proxies for Instagram is moderate. They charge $3.20 per proxy in a month. Just like MyPrivateProxy, Highproxies do not offer a free trial option. However, they have a 3-days refund policy in place to help you get your money.

Not offering free trial is becoming the trend in the industry because they have been subjected to abuse by a lot of testers. A lot of Internet marketers on BlackHatWorld have claimed that they used Highproxies for Instagram automation without experiencing any form of problem. However, they do not accept credit cards as a mode of payment.

Pros of Highproxies:

  • Pricing is moderate but affordable
  • 3-days refund policy

Cons of Highproxies:

  • No free trial
  • Does not accept credit card


Proxy-IPv4 for ISP Proxy Overview

Proxy-IPv4 Private Proxies support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and offer a tailored solution for Instagram automation designed to enhance your social media presence securely. These high-trust proxies support unlimited traffic, HTTP/S, and SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring seamless automation for likes, comments, and more on Instagram.

With 24/7 technical support, you have prompt assistance with any automation questions. These proxies provide global access, prioritizing privacy and exclusivity, and are individually assigned for secure automation. In summary, Proxy-IPv4 Private Proxies provide the reliability needed to successfully grow your Instagram presence and engage with your target audience.

Pros of Proxy-IPv4:

  • Offer IPv4 and IPv6 proxies
  • Flexible rental periods
  • Fast speed and 99% uptime record

Cons of Proxy-IPv4:

  • Undisclosed IP pool

Storm Proxies

stormproxies instagram proxies

Storm Proxies is one of the best proxy providers in the market. They provide rotating residential proxies and dedicated proxies for use in social media automation. Interestingly, their dedicated Instagram proxies are some of the best in the industry.

They are very fast, secure and reliable with a 99 percent uptime. With Storm Proxies, you shouldn’t have the fear of your IP address being leaked because they are professionals in the trade. Storm Proxies only sells HTTP proxies and their HTTP proxies are all US proxies. So, if what you are looking for are EU proxies, you have to look elsewhere.

Storm Proxies does not offer a free trial. However, they have a refund policy that isn’t static. On their Instagram proxies, they offer up to a 2-days refund policy.

However, if you subscribe to their smallest Instagram proxy plan (5 proxies), you only have a 2-hours refund policy. Their smallest plan like I stated, consists of 5 proxies and is billed $15 monthly.

After payment, activation is automatic and they offer you an unlimited bandwidth to use for a whole month.

Pros of Storm Proxies:

  • Affordable
  • Up to 2 days refund policy

Cons of Storm Proxies:

  • They only have US proxies, no EU proxies
  • No free trial


Microleaves have been in the proxy business for long and as such, when it comes to knowing and keying into what their customers want, Microleaves is king. They have got a huge number of proxies numbering up to 26 million.

Microleaves dedicated proxies

Their proxies are very fast, providing a speed of up to 1Gbps and an uptime of about 99.9 percent, making them very reliable. Interestingly, they are also secured. Microleaves private HTTP proxies are some of the best private proxies for Instagram. Aside from private proxies, they also provide backconnect proxies.

All Microleaves proxies are US-based. This then means that if you need proxies from other locations, then you need to look elsewhere since Microleaves only have servers in the United States. According to the words on their website, they guarantee their proxies to work in your case, else, you get your money back. They keep to this promise though as they have a 3-days refund policy in place to effect this. They claim to have over 40 new customers every day.

Their dedicated proxies are quite cheap as they sell 5 of them for a price of $12.5 in a month. Just like the other 3 Instagram proxies above, Microleaves does not offer a free trial.

Pros of Microleaves:

  • Affordable
  • Large IP pool
  • Superfast speed
  • 3-days money-back guarantee

Cons of Microleaves:

  • Has only US proxies
  • No free trial

Instant Proxies


Instant Proxies is the best dedicated proxies for Instagram in terms of pricing. It is incredibly cheap and goes for one dollar per proxy for a whole month. However, you cannot pay for only one proxy.

You have to subscribe to their IP-10 which gives you access to 10 private proxies that you can use to automate your tasks on Instagram. One thing I like about Instant Proxies aside from their pricing is the fact that you can actually test if their proxies will work before paying for them.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be handed over the proxies, it only means that pings will be sent to see if the proxy will still work in your case. If within 7-days of using their services you weren’t satisfied, you can ask for a refund. After 7 days, you lose the right to ask for a refund.

They have a good number of datacenter located in the United States and the European region. This means they provide proxies only for the United States and countries in the EU region. If you need proxies outside these regions, look for other alternatives. The only means of authentication your access to a proxy in Instant Proxies is by IP authentication and you can only whitelist 10 IPs per account.

Pros of Instant Proxies:

  • Have servers in the US and EU region
  • 7-days refund policy
  • Cheapest private proxies for Instagram in the market
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • You have the opportunity to test before buying

Cons of Instant Proxies:

  • No real free trial
  • No username and password authentication support


Dedicated Datacenter Proxies Vs Residential Proxies

Datacenter proxies can be said to be the direct opposite of residential proxies. This is because both of them are private proxies. However, they differ in the type of IP addresses they route clients’ requests through. Let take a look at the different between datacenter proxies and residential proxies.

  • Speed

Speed is one of the important factors that one considers while using the Internet. While ISPs have engineered their infrastructures to provide fast speed, proxy services can be said to be speed reducers. This happens because of the latency and additional requests they make. However, some proxies have been found to be faster than others. When it comes to speed, you just have to give it to datacenter proxies.

They are extremely fast and sometimes, could match your ISP speed. Residential proxies, on the other hand, have been found to be very slow. Aside from the delay caused by the proxy server, this is because requests are routed through residential devices that might not have a fast Internet connection.

  • Performance

While both residential and datacenter proxy providers will promise you a 99.9 percent uptime, datacenter proxies are the best when it comes to performance. This is because the proxy providers have better control over them. In the case of residential proxies, the proxy providers have limited control over devices which they route their clients' requests through.

Your connection through residential proxies might suffer from performance problems as the owners of the devices might switch them off at any moment, thereby dropping your Internet connection until you’re connected through another device again. However, changing to other devices takes a few seconds.

  • Trust

How does Instagram see residential proxies and datacenter proxies? This is where residential proxies beat datacenter proxies. Because the IP addresses used are assigned by ISPs and are linked to residential addresses, residential IPs are seen as legitimate and have earned more trust.

Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are a receipt for suspicion. Instagram does not trust them a bit and get them blocked in the case of any suspicion.

  • Cost

When it comes to their subscription cost, residential proxies are more expensive. This is as a result of the fact that they are fewer in number, they use residential IPs, and are seen as more legitimate.

Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are cheap. This is because they are readily available. The way they are priced is also different. While residential proxies are priced according to bandwidth, datacenter proxies are priced according to the number of proxies.

Read more: The Difference Between Residential and Datacenter Proxies


As a way of ending this article, It is important I state here again that datacenter proxies are much more flagged as spam by Instagram and as such, your accounts are more susceptible to banning compared to when you’re using residential or mobile proxies.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. In fact, as I stated earlier, most Instagram marketers use private proxies because they are incredibly cheap and get the job done if you use them in the right way.

You just have to avoid using more than one account on a private proxy and make sure your proxy of choice works perfectly with Instagram. The private proxies discussed above works with Instagram and as such, you can make your choice from the 5.

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