What is a Firewall and How to Bypass Firewall? (2024 Updated)

Bypassing Internet firewalls is not as difficult as it seems at first. To learn how to bypass firewalls and access restricted and local information on the Internet, click through now.

Bypassing Internet firewalls

The world out there on the Internet is scary, and organizations must take extra measures to protect their network from cyber-attacks and enforce some organizational rules. Firewalls are some of the tools in which organizations and individuals use to protect themselves against cyber-attacks and maintain strict control over their system.

However, while an organization makes use of firewalls to protect their network and enforce their rules, employees and other people in the organization tend to feel the heat as their access to the Internet becomes limited. To put an end to this, this article was written.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a security system built to isolate an internal network from the Internet for the purpose of keeping the network safe from harmful Internet traffic. What firewalls does is that they monitor and control all incoming and outgoing traffic based on some defined rules.

These rules will determine if particular Internet traffic is allowed to pass through and get to its destination or blocked and access restricted. A firewall can either be hardware, software, or even both. With a firewall in place, an organization or a state is able to protect its network from attacks and monitor users' traffic.

Firewall system


A firewall can be used by an individual to protect his computer as it is in the case of Windows Defender. It can also be used on a large-scale as it is in the case the Great Firewall of China used for monitoring web traffic of those living in China.

Methods for Bypassing Firewalls

If the site you wish to connect to on the Internet is on the list of blocked or censored sites, you need to use one of the methods discussed below to bypass the firewall.

Use a VPN Service

Bypassing Firewalls via vpn

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides online privacy by creating a private network with which you access the Internet in a secure and encrypted manner. What a VPN does is that it creates a secure tunnel for sending and receiving traffic.

With a VPN, you can bypass a firewall or an Internet filter to access blocked sites by your ISP. Before a VPN service helps you bypass a firewall, it must be configured correctly, and the remote machine must allow secure connections. Because most sites allow secure connections, this is not a problem.

vpn Bypassing

The effectiveness of VPN is dwindling as firewalls are becoming smarter at detecting VPNs and blocking them accordingly. That is why you need to make use of a VPN provider that provides a stealth VPN. Providers like TorGuard have stealth VPN.

Use a Socks Proxy

Socks proxy is a kind of proxy that design for Bypass Firewall, Lots of users use this type of proxy to unblock websites.

YouTube video

For we write a post that introduced socks proxy before, If you want to learn more about socks proxy, easily read what's the SOCKS Proxy and How it works Here. so let's go to next.

Kill the Firewall Service

Turn Off Firewall

One of the most effective ways of bypassing a firewall is turning it off. Yes, if you kill the firewall service, there is no way it will get in your way of accessing the sites you want to access. However, this will only work if the firewall is a software installed on your system.

firewall service off

You can simply do that by launching the Task Manager (ctrl + alt + del on Windows) then look at the tasks running. If you are lucky enough, its name will reveal it. else, you have to try killing tasks until the killed the right one. This works in an organization where the firewall is not a centralized server or other high-end technology.

Use Google Translate

Google Translate

One other way of accessing websites without being noticed by a firewall is by using the popular Google translating tool. For you to be able to use this tool to access restricted and blocked sites, you need to know how to read in another language other than the one the site is written in.

Let say the content of the website is written in the English Language; for you to use the tool, you must view the site in another language other than English. This might become a problem for those that understand only one language.

Access the Web through Web Proxies

Web Proxies

If you do not have a budget but still want to bypass a firewall and access websites online, then you can simply make use of a web proxy. Usually, while I will advise users not to make use of free proxies, I won’t mind using free web proxies.

Web proxies are websites that you can use to access other websites with proxies used underground to mask your real IP Address. you just have to deal with advertisements and their slow speed. A very good example of a web proxy is Hide.me.

Remotely Access your Own PC

Bypassing Firewalls with remote connection

Do you know you can access your home PC remotely? If you suspect your connection is intercepted by a firewall that restricts your to certain web servers, you can bypass such a firewall by accessing your home PC remotely.

Let say you’re in your workplace, and you need to access a blocked site; you can simply access that site by remotely accessing it using your home PC. However, for this method to work, you need to keep your home PC on. The operating system you use will determine the process involved in accessing it.

Access Sites via IP Addresses

Access Sites via IP Addresses

When most people want to access a site, they do that by typing the domain name in a browser address bar. Aside from the domain name, you can also access a site using its IP Address. IP Address is the real address of a web server. Because they are not easy to memorize, domain names were introduced.

Some firewalls only have the domain name added to the list of blocked sites. This means that if you try accessing a blocked site using it IP Address, you’ll bypass the firewall and access it.

Use your Mobile Data

Mobile Data connection

Sometimes, all the above and even many more will fail you. When this occurs, it means the firewall is so strong that you cannot bypass it using its network. What you should do is that you should tether your smartphone data and connect your work PC to it.

With this method, instead of trying to bypass the firewall, you are completely not using the network but a different one. You just need to be aware that mobile bandwidth is expensive.


Make no mistake about it, the days of restricting access to sites is long gone. While firewalls are increasingly becoming smart in detecting evasion techniques to make them more effective in enforcing their rules, counter technologies exist to exploit vulnerabilities and exploit them.

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