Top 10 Free Proxy Browser to Unblock any Blocked Website

Are you looking for the best web proxy, VPN, or browser extension you can use for Anonymous Browsing the web for free? Try those Free Proxy Browsers to unblock any Blocked Website!

Free Proxy Browsers

More and more becoming are becoming aware of how insecure they are surfing the Internet the regular way and how they are at a huge privacy risk without even knowing. This increased knowledge of risk would mean one thing – the increase in mind of proxies and other proxy-like systems such as VPN and even TOR browser.

However, the best proxies and VPN are quite expensive, depending on your location. While $10 monthly is affordable to you in the US, such is 20% of some other person's monthly income in Africa or Asia.

For this reason, not everybody can afford paid proxy or VPN service or are even ready to pay. Regardless of if you cannot afford to pay or you do not even have the money to pay, you shouldn’t be left out; and there are services that offer free tiers, and you can use them for free.

In this article, we would be recommending some of the free proxies and VPN you can use for free without making payment. Before providing you a list of proxy/VPN services you can use for free, you need to know that we do not advise our readers to use free shipping proxies and VPN.

Problems Associated With using Free VPN and Proxies

Problems Associated With using Free VPN and Proxies

While the idea of using a service without paying for it sounds cool and service to humanity, you need to know that there’s no free meal. Proxies and VPN cost money, and as such, you should be made to pay for them.

If you are not, then just know that you are the product. Some services would offer you their VPN for free so that they can use your device and Internet connection as an exit node for their paid users, as in the case of Hola VPN users – Bright Data owns Hola VPN.

For some, they mine your data and sell them off to marketers. Some inject ads into your pages or use to free tier to get you to pay for their pro version. These aren’t the only problems; the major problem of free VPN and proxy services lies in security and privacy.

Some are not secure, and your data isn’t encrypted. Many are also slow since the proxies are shared proxies and cannot be used to access some popular websites as they easily get detected.

What Should You Use Free Proxies and VPN for?

free proxies to unblock websites

While we strongly recommend not using free proxies and VPN, except if you’re using a trial version of a paid service, we can relax such advice if you do not have the money and want to carry out some tasks.

We would advise on no account should you use free proxy or VPN to access your banking service or any sensitive service that you know is of interest to eavesdroppers.

You can use free proxies to unblock websites if your IP address has been blacklisted. You can also use them for accessing geo-targeted content such as Netflix US and YouTube videos you can access from your region.

If you must use free proxies or VPN, only use them when you aren’t transmitting sensitive data such as your banking and login details to sensitive web services. The below are the free proxies/VPNs you can use. We would be dividing the list into categories – web proxies, VPNs, and browser extensions.

Free Web Proxies

Free web proxies are proxy services that you use from their website. Unlike regular proxies that you will need to setup a proxy address, port, and username and password; all you need to do is just access the website of the web proxy and enter the URL you want to access.

You will be accessing your target using the web proxy website – and the web proxy website has direct control and could change the web content as they want. Below are some of the top free web proxies.


proxysite homepage

The ProxySite web proxy is arguably one of the best free web proxies you can use on the Internet today. This service protects your online privacy free of charge by acting as the front that sends your requests to intended websites and receives the response for you.

You can use it to access geo-targeted content in the US and EU, as it has got a few servers in each of these locations. For the EU servers, they do not specify the specific country, and you, as such, do not have control over the country in the EU. Some of the popular websites supported by ProxySite include Facebook and YouTube. It has support for toggling cookies, scripts, and objects on and off.



The Kproxy service is one of the free web proxy services you can use for your online browsing as it works with a good number of popular sites. Interestingly, it is quite simplistic in its approach. This service has got servers in many locations even though the locations are not stated on the websites – you only get to find out yourself while using the server.

This service has got a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Interestingly, it has a Firefox-based browser known as Kiwi Browser that you can use on your android device. This service has got a pro version with advanced features such as no ads, better performance, fast speed, and unlimited usage of their browser extension.

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HIDE me Homepage

The service is a service provider that offers both free proxies and VPN. For their web proxy, you can term it as one that provides some advanced features. All you need to do is visit the web proxy service, enter the URL you want to access via its proxy server, choose a server location, and toggle some of the settings.

Some of the options in the setting areas include allowing cookies, URL encryption, page encryption, removing scripts and objects. This service has got support for 3 locations – Netherlands, Germany, and Finland. According to the information on their website, they do not keep logs and offer you the privacy you desire.

Hidester Free Web Proxy

Hidester Homepage

The Hidester free web proxy makes it possible for you to surf the Internet anonymously for free. It also has support for toggling encryption, cookies, script, and objects. In terms of location support, it only supports the US and Europe. Interestingly, their US servers have been optimized for Internet users from China.

The Hidester free web proxy service can be said to be simple yet safe as they add an SSL layer to all connections for non-SSL websites. It can also be said to be reliable, and you should be assured that your IP address is not being leaked when using their service.

HideMyAss Web Proxy

HideMyAss Web Proxy

If you have been concerned with online privacy for a while now, there is a high chance you have heard of the brand HideMyAss. While they are known for their VPN service, it might interest you to know that they can hide your ass from their website using the web proxy they offer.

With this service, you can access blocked websites from anywhere in the world in just a few steps. All you need is to enter the URL of the site, choose the location of the server, and you are good to go. You can use this site to access many of the popular websites on the Internet today, as it has been designed to evade detection and blocks.

Free VPN Proxy Browser

While free web proxies are convenient, you can only use them in a tab and just from the website. If you need more control and other features, then using a VPN service is the option for you. But you must be ready to install the VPN software. Below are some of the free VPN services you can use to access the Internet for free.

Hola VPN

Holavpn overview of Homepage

The Hola VPN is arguably one of the most popular free VPN services in the market. It is the first community-powered VPN where you join to provide your device as an exit node while you use that of others. Interestingly, the IP addresses used are residential IP addresses, making them one of the few residential VPN services in the market.

This service has got extensive location support and can be said to be one of the fastest free VPN services in the market. While it works, it does not encrypt your data and, as such, putting you at a data security risk. For better security and privacy, you will have to opt into their paid VPN plan.

Download: Hola Browser Opera Addon

HolaVPN has an extension you can use. Unlike other providers that have support for Chrome only, Hola has support for the other popular browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and the Microsoft Edge browser.


Protonvpn overview of Homepage

The ProtonVPN service is one of the few free proxies that provide you the security and privacy you desire. The service headquarter is in Switzerland, which is one of the best in terms of privacy law. For this reason, the ProtonVPN service is able to operate a strict no-log policy.

However, being a free service, it is a P2P network that you also have to share your own device to be used as an exit node while you use that of others. This software is multi-platform as it has support for popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Linus, and Android. It has got support for locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Tuxler VPN

TuxlerVPN Overview

The Tuxler VPN service offers you access to any website without the fear of IP limitation as they have IP addresses from many locations across the globe. Currently, they have got over 70K IP addresses which they use in routing requests to intended web services. The IP addresses used are residential IP addresses, which make it effective at accessing difficult-to-access websites.

Download: TuxlerVPN Browser Chrome Extension

Download: TuxlerVPNBrowser Firefox Extension

This VPN is available on Windows, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox. However, they have a paid premium plan, and as such, the features for the free tier are stripped down even though it is still quite useful for the free VPN user community.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser Homepage

Many use the Opera browser because of the amount of data it saves. But only a few know that this browser is much more than a regular browser as it has got a built-in VPN included. For Opera mini, I observe your requests are routed via their VPN server and as such, using Opera on your phone means surfing the Internet from a different location.

For the desktop version, there is an option for toggling VPN on and off. Also important is the fact that your data is encrypted. It is important you know that while the other VPNs give you the option to choose the location of the server to connect to, Opera use the one that will provide you optimum performance.


Betternet Homepage

The Betternet VPN service is also one of the top free VPN services you can use to access the Internet securely, unblock geofenced websites, and protect your privacy. One unique feature of the Betternet VPN service is that you are not required to create an account in other to make use of it – all you need to do is download, and you are good to go.

In terms of platform support, the Betternet service is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome. According to the information available on the Betternet website, they have millions of people using their VPN service.

Download Betternet Chrome Extension

The above link is just for the Google Chrome browser extension. You can visit the official website of the Betternet service to download the appropriate software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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As a way of concluding this article, I need to mention here again that except you cannot help it, investing in a premium VPN or proxy service is the best as free VPN/proxy services are not always as marketed.

Some would want to share your system resources or use your device as an exit node for their paid customers; others would ingest ads into your pages, mine your data, and sell to ads companies, among other shady practices. There are also the issues of online security attached to them that should keep you away from them.


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