10 Best Proxy Software in 2023 – Configure Your Proxy Server

What are the popular proxy software in the market right now that you can make use of? There are many, each having its own use case. In the article below, we will be taking a look at some of the top proxy software in the market that you can use.

Proxy Software

Proxies are very important to businesses and researchers as they help protect the privacy of their IP address and provide them protection against IP-based restrictions that restricts actions such as web scraping, accessing geo-targeted content, and exceeding request limits, among others.

As the proxy industry stands now, consumers of proxy products may not even need to install any proxy software in other to use proxies. All they need are a proxy address, port, username, and password, and they should be able to make use of a proxy server.

However, this is only true if they only need to make use of the standard feature of proxies. For some of the advanced feature proxies, ease of use, or when you want to create your own proxy server, you will need to make use of proxy software.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some of the top proxy software in the market. It might interest you to know that some of the proxy software is meant for consumers, as in the case of proxy managers, while some are meant for setting up proxies, as in the case of Squid proxy server, and its likes.

With the right usage of any of these software, you should get the most out of your proxy usage. Even the proxy software for scraping free proxies can be quite useful when used right, even though we do not recommend free proxies to our readers.

1. Bright Data Proxy Manager — Best Proxy Management Software

Bright Data Proxy Manager overview

The Bright Data Proxy Manager is arguably one of the best proxy managers in the market right now. It is provided by Bright Data, a leading proxy service. With this service, you can manage all of your proxies in one place.

While the software integrates well with the Bright Data service, it is not only meant for Bright Data proxies, you can add external proxies as well, and they will become ports in the proxy manager.

This proxy manager is an open-source software that has been made to make your web scraping. It comes with a rule-based routing support which route different requests through different types of proxies (datacenter, residential, and mobile), depending on your custom rule in a bid to help you save cost.

It can also help you reduce bandwidth consumption as well as provides you with a request viewer for you to see all of the requests sent through your proxies. This Proxy Manager is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also one of the easiest proxy managers to use for web scraping.

2. Proxifier — Best Proxy Chain Software for Windows and Mac

Proxifier Overview

Proxifier is the most popular proxy client right now. It is. Better described as a proxy software that forces all web traffic from a computer via a proxy server. Traditionally, proxies work at an application level as you are provided a proxy setting area in supported applications.

Many applications do not support proxies and will even disregard your default proxy settings, thereby exposing your IP address. With the help of Proxifier, all your web traffic will be routed via a proxy server. The software creates a VPN-like system where all web traffic is routed through a VPN server.

Proxifier does not just proxy everything for you; it does have support for a powerful configuration that makes it easy for you to set rerouting rules. It is a lightweight alternative to VPN, tunneling your web connections while an encrypted tunnel. You need to know that the Proxifier tool is paid and does not come with proxies. You will have to purchase proxies yourself.

3. Apify SDK — Proxy Management software for Automation

Apify SDK Overview

 The Apify platform has been made for web automation. On the platform, you get already-made web scrapers and bots you can integrate into your code as a NodeJS or Python programmer. This makes web automation easier for you as you will not have to reinvent the wheel.

Apify has got a Software Development Kits (SDK) that does have support for Apify proxy and proxy configuration and management. Aside from the SDK, the Apify library does have support for proxies. The service offers its own in-house proxies.

If you are to use their platform for your automation task, using their proxies will be more beneficial as you get access to more features in their proxy management support. However, if you have your own third-party proxies, you can make use of them too with no problem. Compared to the above two proxy software, Apify is more platform-dependent.

4. 911 s5 Proxy Client (ShutDown)— Best Socks5 Proxy Client Software

911 s5 Homepage

Take note, 911.re was shutdown permanently on July 28, 2022, their 911 S5 software have stop update also.

The 911 S5 Proxy Client is one of the popular proxy software in the market. However, it is popular because it has been in the market for a long not because an overwhelming number of proxy users make use of it. This is because only customers of the 911 S5 proxy service have access to it.

You need to pay for their proxies to have access to it. If you are not a customer and not willing to be one, then you might as well look for another option. For those that have access to this, this is one of the powerful proxy clients you can make use of, and without it, users of the 911 Socks5 proxies can’t make use of them.

However, with the proxy client installed and a valid subscription, you get some of the features you do not get from traditional proxy services. The 911 s5 proxy client makes it possible for you to alter request headers such as user agents and referer. You can also block specific sites and bind specific proxies to specific sites.

5. 3Proxy — Best for Setting Tiny Proxy Server

3Proxy Overview

If you do not know the working mechanism of proxies, you might think it is something you cannot easily replicate. While this might be true in some instances, especially if you are not an experienced network engineer and programmer, it is not always true. This is because there are already-made proxy server software that has been introduced into the market that you can use.

The 3Proxy software is one of such. It is a tiny proxy software that has been made to be lightweight and easy to use yet functional. It does have support for the popular Internet protocols, including HTTP(S), SOCKS, POP3, FTP, and many others. This proxy software does not come with a price tag — you can use it for free.

3Proxy is available for both Windows and Linux. One thing you need to know about this proxy software is that when you try installing it, it might be flagged by your antivirus as a trojan or even a backdoor. In reality, this is not the case. And if you have been using software like this, you will know such a misconception is common.

6. Squid — Best Software for Setting Proxy Server

Squid Overview

 You do not need to develop a proxy server from scratch with the help of Squid. This proxy server software is one of the majorly used proxy server software by proxy service providers. It is based on Linux, and you can use it to set up dedicated proxies if you do not want to use proxies offered by the proxy services in the market.

Squid is best seen as a full-featured web proxy cache server application that provides proxy and cache services for Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and other popular network protocols. Squid can implement caching and proxying of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) requests and caching of Domain Name Server (DNS) lookups, and perform transparent caching.

Squid is an excellent solution for proxy and caching needs. It is a reliable proxy software that comes with a granular control mechanism with support for monitoring critical parameters.  Squid Proxy Server is meant for both small-scale usages as well as enterprise-level usage.

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7. Proxycap — Best Proxifier Alternative

Proxycap Overview

The ProxyCap software is another proxy software worthy of mention. However, it is in the league of proxy clients and can be said to be the best alternative to ProxyCap. This proxy software redirects your computer network connections via proxy softwares.

As with Proxifier, it converts your proxy servers into VPN-like systems where proxies work at a system level instead of the application level which they are made for. Some of the core features of ProxyCap include the ability to pure HTTP proxying and support SSH tunneling and proxy chain, among many others.

One feature you will come to like offered by ProxyCap is flexible routing rule support, which makes it possible for you to configure which app uses which proxy server and in what circumstance. As with Proxifier, ProxyCap is a paid tool that you need to pay in other to make use of. This proxy software is available for Windows and macOS.

8. GSA Proxy Scraper — Best Proxy software for Scraping Free Proxies

GSA Proxy Scraper Overview

Another proxy software worthy of mention is the GSA Proxy Scraper. This proxy software has been developed to help you discover and extract free proxies you can use for your daily work on the Internet. The proxies you get from using this software are open proxies that you will have to share with many people.

They are usually unreliable, and as such, we only recommend them for those with experience on how to use free proxies as you can be at a security and privacy risk. They can also ruin your project.

GSA Proxy Scraper makes use of thousands of sources generated from search engines to make sure you are provided with as many useful proxies as possible. It does have support for testing proxies so that only proxies that pass your test are exported. It does have support for a flexible filter that you can use to filter out unwanted proxies.

9. Multilogin — Best Anti-detection Software for Multi-Account Management

Multilogin Overview

The Multilogin app is not technically a proxy software. It is more like a browser for multiple account/profile management. It is best described as an antidetect app that provides you with multiple browser profiles, each with its own browser environment, thereby making it possible for you to manage multiple accounts on the same website without being detected.

For Multilogin to work effectively, it needs proxies. The proxies give each of the browser profiles unique IP addresses, thereby making them truly unique. Multilogin is the most popular legal antidetect in the market right now. It does have many advanced features, including the ability for team collaboration, support for spoofing browser fingerprinting, and web automation support.

Some of its area of applications includes affiliate marketing, social media management, betting, ticketing, cryptocurrency, e-commerce activities, and much more. Multilogin is a paid tool and can be said to be expensive, especially for small marketers. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, then the likes of GoLogin, AdsPower, and Incogniton will do.

10. Oxy Proxy Manager App — Best Proxy Manager for Android

Oxy Proxy Manager App on Oxylabs

Oxylabs is one of the popular proxy services in the market right now. This service offers a proxy manager that makes it easier to make use of proxies on Android. This proxy manager is known as the Oxy Pro Manager, and it is not meant for Oxylabs proxies. You can make use of this proxy software to manage proxies from all providers.

This app is one of the simple proxy managers out there, and it does have support for all Android versions. You can switch between proxies with only a click and have your IP address. This makes it easier for you to use proxies on Android. If you need an alternative on a desktop, the service does have support for a Chrome extension.


Q. What is Proxy Software?

Proxy software is a broad term for software that is used for either creating and setting proxies or managing proxies. Being broad, it is no wonder the above list of proxy software has software in different including proxy clients such as Proxifier and ProxyCap, proxy server software such as Squid and 3Proxy, and proxy managers such as Bright Data Proxy Manager and the Oxy Proxy Manager app.

While proxy clients are for forcing all web traffic via proxies creating a good VPN alternative, proxy managers are such for managing and switching between proxies. Proxy server software is meant for creating and setting up proxies.

Q. Do High Anonymous Proxy Work?

Proxies that are meant for hiding your real IP address work — only if you buy from a reputable seller or provider. There are proxies known as transparent proxies which do not work.

Aside from that, there are others that hide your IP address but identify themselves as proxies; these are known as anonymous proxies.

The proxies that are truly undetectable are the high anonymous proxies that hide their proxy ID. Know the proxies you need and purchase them from a reputable source, and they should do the job they are meant for. Good High anonymous proxies that work and are undetectable can be expensive.

Proxies are deceptive in nature, and as such, you do not expect them to be legal. Well, things do not work that way. You have the right to your privacy, and for regions that have a good privacy law, then the usage of proxies is completely legal, as in the case with most democratic countries in the world. There are some countries, such as China, where proxy usage is illegal.

There are also scenarios even in the countries that allow the usage of proxies that makes the usage of proxies illegal. Even for regions that allow the use of proxies, just know that most web services do not allow the use of proxies and will resist such. And that is why you need undetectable proxies.


Looking at the above, you can see some of the top proxy software in the market, with some of them being free. It is important you know that the above is just a small list compared to the numerous proxy software in the market that you can utilize. However, you can see the list as one with some of the popular options that have been tested and trusted.

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