Top 10 Free Proxy Apps to Open Blocked Websites (2024 Updated)

Unblocking geo-restriction on the Internet sounds difficult, especially if you do not want to spend money. But with the help of proxy/VPN apps, you can do that. Below are some of the best apps for that.

Top Proxy Apps to Open Blocked Websites

The Internet is full of restrictions and blocks. Some websites require you to make payments to access their service. Others required you to be in a certain location, have special rights, or just outrightly ban you and deprive you of access. The kind of restrictions of interest to us in this guide is related to geolocation blocks and other IP-based blocks in general.

Each device connected to the Internet has a unique IP address assigned to it with which it is uniquely identified. Web services use this to detect the location of the user, which they use in content geo-targeting and restriction.

To access certain content, you will need to use a proxy or a VPN app that will provide you “a fake IP address” for a supported location. There are a good number of proxy apps for that, but when you do not have a budget, the list reduces drastically as many free apps do not work.

We know what works and what strives on hypes and have compiled a list of proxy apps you can use to open websites that block you because of your location. Before going to the list, let take a look at what proxy apps are.

What is a Proxy App?

Proxy VPN Apps A proxy app is the software you install on your device that makes it possible for you to access a proxy or VPN server. A proxy or VPN server is an intermediary server that helps route your requests to web services, and by doing so, masking your real IP address with its own IP address, thereby making it difficult for web services to access your real IP address.

With proxies, all IP-based restrictions and limitations can be bypassed, provided they are undetectable. While the best proxy or VPN apps are paid, there are some that are free, and you can use them for unblocking websites.

Why Use Proxy Apps to Open Blocked Websites?

Use Proxy Apps to hide ip

Proxy apps are not a must for us, and let face it, the number of people that use them is quite small compared to the number of those that do not. However, if you are blocked from accessing a website, then you will need to use a proxy, VPN, or any proxy-like system.

This is because when a website blocks you, your IP address is usually one of the unique info it uses to the effect that. Your IP is also the info used to determine your current location. With the help of a proxy system, your IP is hidden, and you get the IP address allowed to access the website.

Take, for instance, you cannot access Netflix US outside the US even if your account has been created in the US. This is because once you’re outside the US, the IP that would be assigned to you is not a US IP address, and as such, you won’t be allowed access. With a VPN server that provides you US IPs, you get a US IP that allows you access.

Free Proxy Apps for Unblocking Websites

In this section of the article, we would be looking at the proxy apps you can use to unblock websites that have blocked you. The apps we would be discussing here are mobile apps – both iOS and Android apps, with most coming with free plans.

Hola VPN Proxy

hola vpn app

The Hola VPN service is one of the best mobile apps for unblocking websites. It has support for millions of IP address with over 40 locations across the globe. With this service, you get IPs from different locations, making it possible to unblock geofenced websites.

The service is a community-powered VPN service that requires you to provide your IP and idle system resource in other to use it for free. If you do not want to provide such, then you will have to pay for it, but the pricing is quite affordable when you compare it with other premium VPNs.

Hola is available not only on mobile but also on PC, browser extension, and other platforms.

Download Hola Proxy for Andorid Download Hola Proxy for IOS

Turbo VPN

turbo vpn apps

Turbo VPN is the app if you want to unblock Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or even Disney. Unlike in the case of Hola VPN, the Turbo VPN service is a paid tool and offers you better security and privacy when compared to Hola. The Turbo VPN service works on a number of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Currently, the service has over 21K servers located in over 45 countries, making it possible to access content targeted at the supported location. The service is quite fast and reliable when it comes to unblocking websites. With Turbo VPN, you can have unrestricted access to the entertainment services available on the Internet.

Download Turbo Proxy for Andorid Download Turbo Proxy for IOS

VPN Block Breaker By Veepn

VPN Block Breaker Homepage

This application is available on the Google Play Store, and you can use it to unblock websites. You can use this tool for free without paying a dime, but that would mean you will have to deal with ads. However, they have a pro version if you do not want to deal with ads.

With over one million downloads and a rating of 4.1, it is wise to say that this is one of the best if you do not have a budget for a mobile app, but you want to unblock websites and enjoy content without IP-based restrictions. The service has servers in global locations, and it requires only one tap to connect to any of its servers.

Download Veepn Proxy for Andorid Download Veepn Proxy for IOS

HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield apps


The Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that has received an accolade from different quarters of the Internet, with PCWorld calling it “by far the fastest VPN.” One thing you will come to like about this service is that as a new user, you can just choose to use their streaming servers or gaming servers. They have got support for a good number of locations across the world that accessing geo-fenced content is not an issue.

On Android alone, this service has over 100 million downloads, making it one of the most downloaded and used VPN app for unblocking websites on the Internet. Hotspot Shield is available as both free and paid – with meant for premium customers.

Download Hotspot Shield for Andorid Download Hotspot Shield for IOS

Betternet Free VPN

Betternet Free VPN Homepage

The Betternet VPN service has been developed to provide you online privacy and security as you surf the Internet anonymously. The service has got support for not only Android but also iOS, Mac, and Windows. One unique feature of the Betternet VPN service is that it does not require you to register in other to use its service.

All you need to do is install the application, launch it and click on the connect button, and you are good to go. The service has servers in a good number of locations, making it possible to unblocked geofenced websites. With over 50 million downloads on Play Store alone, this tool is one of the most popular in the space.

Download Betternet Proxy for Andorid Download Betternet Proxy for IOS

Proxy Surf

Proxy Surf Homepage

Unlike the above apps that are VPN software, the Proxy Surf application is a browser that makes use of proxies under the hood to make sure you are not blocked from any website you want to visit because of your IP address. The Proxy Surf anti-blocking web browser is a free service to use.

So how do they make money? If you look at the page of the software on the Google Play Store, you will see that the browser contains ads, so you should only use this if you do not mind been distracted by ads. Proxy Surf. According to the information on its page, this service has an ads blocker – which is an irony if they display ads on their own.

Download Proxy Surf for Andorid

VPN Super

VPN Super Homepage

Another tool that has been designed to help you unblocked the website provided the restriction is IP-based, is the VPN Super application, which is a free VPN service downloadable from the Google Play Store.

This tool offers you unlimited access to its proxy servers in other to unblock sites, protect your online privacy, and offer you Wi-Fi hotspot security. The free VPN Super application has been downloaded over 5 million times and has an average rating of 4.7, with the number of ratings being over 127K. With such a good review, there is no doubt that this tool will offer you what you want.

Download VPN Super Proxy for Andorid Download VPN Super Proxy for IOS


Proxynel Homepage

The Proxynel VPN service is one of the top 10 free proxy apps you can use to open blocked websites – thanks to the fact that it has VPN servers in a good number of locations. Whether you are being blocked from accessing a site because you are in an unsupported location or because your IP address has been blocked simply because of spam, you can use the Proxynel app to unblock it. This service does not log your activities and has an easy-to-use interface.

Currently, it has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. It is quite light and gets the job done. However, when using it as a free service, just be ready to see ads as that is the way the developer makes money.

Download Proxynel for Andorid

Web Proxy Browser

Web Proxy Browser Homepage

The Web Proxy Browser provide is a web browser designed to tunnel web traffic to proxy servers in a bid to hide your real IP address, which makes it possible for you to unblock websites because of either IP blacklisting or geo-location restriction.

For this app, you do not need to configure proxies as they route the requests via their own free proxy servers. All you need to do is use the app. If you want to use it as a free application, then the application will contain ads – you can opt-in for their paid plan to avoid seeing ads. The interface is quite cool and minimalistic.

Download Web Proxy Browser for Andorid


HMA VPN Proxy Homepage

With over 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.1, the HMA VPN proxy tool is one of the top VPN tools in the market that you can use. One thing you will come to like about the tool is that it has got support for over 280 locations, making it possible for you to access geo-targeted content for such locations.

While you can use the app for free, the power of the HMA VPN tool is unleashed to you as a paid user, with the limitations of free users removed. It offers you a military-grade encryption feature and offers you fast Internet speed, making it possible for you to stream entertainment content without losing your mind.

Download HMA VPN proxy for Andorid Download HMA VPN proxy for IOS

At first, getting blocked from accessing a website can be frustrating, and you might feel like there is nothing you can do about it.

But if you understand the workings of the Internet, then you will see that online blocks can easily be bypassed using some unblocking applications such as VPN/proxy applications. The above are some of those apps that you can use to unblock any website that has blocked you from accessing its service.

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