Proxy Port Forwarding From 911 Proxy Client

Port forwarding is the act of enabling a computer over the internet to connect with a specific computer within a private network. It can be sometimes unsafe and risky as server threats and device penetration from unauthorized and unsolicited internet bots with leering intentions can, with ease, take charge of your device and carry out malicious activities.

How to Port Forward from Proxy 911 S5

The 911 S5 proxy service is one of the popular proxy services that offer socks5 proxies. This proxy service is one of the few that require you to have their client installed on your computer in other to make use of their service. But this is not the only unique thing about the 911 s5 proxy – the service also does have support for port forwarding.

Update, Shut Down Permanently on July 28, 2022! Learn why and when here.

With port forwarding, you do not need to make use of the 911 s5 proxy client directly. You can just access the 911 s5 proxies by using the local IP and port provided by the 911 client in your application. This means that you can use the service on antidetect browsers and even your custom automation bots and site testing scripts.

To many, the 911 s5 proxy service is a restrictive service. However, the port forwarding support provided by this service does not only put it in the same class as other proxy services in the market but also gives it more power when compared to the other proxy services out there.

What is Proxy 911 S5?

Proxy 911 S5

Proxy 911 S5 is a proxy service with a residential network of clean, fresh IPs in most countries and is massively used business-wise. Unlike other proxy types that provide you the proxy address and port, the 911 s5 proxy service requires you to have its software installed. The software is free and easy to install and use.

The proxies it offers are socks5 proxies and are being tested to make sure the proxies sold to you are working. One unique feature of the 911 s5 proxy is that the proxies sold to you have lifetime validity, provided you didn’t make use of it. The proxies are sold in a bundle and can be kept for a long time.  It is precisely designed for Windows interface with several certain features infused, like:

  • Undetectability: Which will prevent any sort of website banned as proxies are from real standard ISP.
  • Proxy speed and performance: Proxy 911 S5 has been confidently said by the providers to have great performance and fast speed level compared to any other proxy types.
  • Geo-location: This Proxy has IP addresses located in 190 countries globally, giving access to whichever country of interest users want to be seen from as well as desired cities and states.
  • Self-testing: It gives room for testing websites from various locations of interest in order to weigh your hosting network performance. This will require you to purchase the lowest plan to test and be sure of the service before diving in big.
  • Anonymity: With the 911 S5 proxies using a secure shell server comes powerful encryption with good privacy.

How to Port Forward from 911 S5 Proxy Client

In this example, we will be making use of you will need two software to see the power of port forwarding in action. The first one is the 911 s5 proxy client provided by the 911 s5 proxy service, which can be downloaded for free, but you will need their subscription to function. Then you will need a software port forward to, and we choose the Multilogin antidetect browser software.

Note that before port forwarding configuration processes can be enabled, proxy 911 S5 has to be set up first. Below are the steps to enable port forwarding on the client.

Step 1: Start the 911 S5 proxy client program. (Download client here.)

(Update, Can do not download anymore for Shut Down their server.)

Step 2: Go to the settings tab.

Go to the settings tab

Step 3: On the General Settings,  uncheck the ‘Auto Change Timezone' option and ‘Auto Close Program when changing proxy'.

Step 4: Under the General Settings, enter a ‘Customers Proxy Port' and click save.

Step 5: In the Proxy Tool section, select the ‘Other Proxy Tools' option.

Step 6: Go to the ‘ProxyList tab' and choose a proxy parameter ranging from country, state, and city.

ProxyList tab

Step 7: Double-click on the proxy of interest you would like to use.

Step 8: Launch the Multilogin browser.

Multilogin browser

Step 9: Select created a profile or create a new one.

Step 10: Go to the proxy tab.

Step 11: Select SOCKS5 proxy type with IP address and port number from the ‘Local Proxy Section' of the 911 program.

Step 12: Save settings and start the profile.

Having done this, port forwarding can now be configured from proxy 911 S5 and forwarded via certain ports on your device or be forwarded by certain ports in order to utilize different proxies in each profile. And grant access to open several multilogin and unchecked 911 S5 poses but other profiles synchronously

Step 1: Go to the 911 S5 proxy setting tab.

Step 2: Under the General Settings, enter the port range interface available for port forwarding.

Step 3: Right-click on your proxy of interest from the ‘ProxyList'.

proxy of interest

Step 4: Choose the ‘Forward Port To Proxy' option, and from the proxy, select any available Port.

Step 5: On localhost, you can confirm the proxies that are already allotted to some port. This can be located on the ‘ProxyList' tab by pressing the ‘PortForwardList' key.

Step 6: Localhost IP address should be entered on the proxy field with the port number and Multilogin anti-browser using SOCKS5 proxy.

Step 7: Processes should be saved and enabled.

FAQs About Proxy Port Forwarding From 911 S5

Q. Is Port Forwarding Safe for Proxies?

Port forwarding has many application with some proxy services forcing you to make use of it because of their uniqueness. But have you ever wondered how safe it is? Generally, port forwarding is safe provided the devices it is used on are not compromised by malware or other malicious actors.

To be on a safer side though, we recommend you make use of port forwarding for proxy services you trust and have proven their worth in terms of security. This is because prot forwarding involving an unsecure proxy network leaves you vulnerable.

Q. Does Port Forwarding on 911 s5 proxy Slow Down the Internet?

The simple answer to this is YES. Port forwarding slows down the Internet for you. This is because of the overhead introduced as a result of the routing and any form of encryption done. However, do not allow this answer scare you. The reduction is usually small and quite negligible that you will most likely not notice.

If you notice a considerable reduction in speed of your Internet connection, then there is something else that is wrong and not because of port forwarding. With the right setting and fast Internet, port forwarding will not have any adverse effect on your speed.

Q. Why Do you Need Port Forwarding for 911 s5?

Unlike other proxy services that provide you a proxy address and port which you need to use for proxy configuration, the 911 s5 proxy service does not provide you such. Instead, what you get is a proxy client to launch browser’s from.

For you to use the proxies you bought from the service outside of the proxy client provided, you will need to configure port forwarding so that your web requests from other applications can be routed via the proxy network.


911 S5 proxy has been seen to be a go-to choice when it comes to its reliability, IP pools, speed, and other features, but even with this, it has its own downside, which can not be likened sometimes, and port forwarding is not left out.

Although it has its weaknesses, port forwarding on it so far by reviews has been good right from offering free software to lifetime validity which is not common compared to other proxy types. This article has in it well-researched grounds on what you need to know about the 911 S5 proxy as well as its setup when it comes to port forwarding.


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