Reddit Bot 2022: Find the Best Reddit Automation Tools for Marketing

Want to take your Reddit marketing campaign to the next level by venturing into Reddit automation using Reddit Bots? Then come in now to discover the best Reddit bots to use in the market.

Reddit Bots

Fondly known as the front-page of the Internet, Reddit is arguably one of the biggest Internet community forums in the world. It has a lot of subreddits that users can subscribe to, and a lot of users, especially in the United States, visit it daily. Moderation is strict and users hate selly contents.

However, with the right strategy, one can get ahead of the game by gaming the system and getting upvotes to a fake engagement and push content to the front page. However, the process is tedious and difficult. With Reddit Bots, it can become easy and fun.

Reddit bots are a piece of computer software developed to automate actions on Reddit. Simply put, Reddit Bots are used for Reddit automation. Let take a look at what Reddit automation is in detail.

What is Reddit Automation?

Reddit automation is done in other to free up time for other takes. The process gets your Reddit account on autopilot and works on your behave.

There is a good number of reasons people make use of Reddit Bots for Reddit automation. The most popular is for the purpose of voting (upvoting and downvoting) and auto comment. The auto comment is more of spam, though, and many tend to avoid it.

When it comes to the stand of Reddit on botting, we can say Reddit is bot-friendly. While many websites tend to fight against bots, Reddit provided an API for developers to use in their code. However, their support comes with conditions, and that’s where you’ll have to be true to yourself whether your use of bot on Reddit for automation is in line with their Terms and Conditions or not.

Top Rated Reddit Bots for Reddit Automation

ASB Reddit Bot

ASB Reddit Bot

ASB Reddit Bot was developed by Auto Social Bot, a popular social media automation bot. The company has an all in one social media automation tool that incorporates Reddit automation. However, it is expensive if only what you want to automate is Reddit. They have a bot specifically developed for Reddit automation, and it is less expensive compared to their all in one solution.

You can use ASB Reddit Bot for upvoting and downvoting comments and posts, schedule posts, auto follow/unfollow, create accounts and check the active status of accounts. The bot is multithreaded, safe to use, and get updated regularly.

ASB Reddit Bot Pros:

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Comes with a good number of features
  • Supports unlimited accounts
  • Secure and reliable

ASB Reddit Bot Cons:

  • Windows OS support only


Socinator is one of the powerful feature-packed Reddit Bot in the market. Socinator isn’t a bot for Reddit automation only but also supports other social media platforms as well. Socinator comes with some features paralleled only by a few bots in the industry. Some of its amazing features include an Account Manager, which makes the bot both a management and automation tool.

It also comes with proxy support and easy to understand analytics interface with information that can be extracted and exported easily. Regarding it Reddit automation support, it provides support for voting, subscribing to communities, follow/unfollow, post publishing.

ASB Reddit Bot functions

Socinator Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for other social media platforms
  • Packed with lots of features

Socinator Cons:

  • You need to be careful to avoid block
  • Supports only Windows OS


FollowingLike serves as both a Reddit Bot and a Reddit Account Manager. However, the main reason to use FollowingLike is that it is an all in one social media automation tool and has support for most of the popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora, among others.

If you are looking for a Reddit bot that has some unique features then FollowingLike is the bot to look up to. It has the option to whitelist/blacklist users, assign proxies to each account, automatically spin contents, and many more important features.

FollowingLike Pros:

  • Proxy binding feature
  • Custom bot development if you need it
  • Cheap for long-term usage

FollowingLike Cons:

  • Expensive for short-term usage

Upvote Space

upvotes space

Upvote Space is a company built on the basis of providing an easy use Reddit marketing system. They sell upvotes and downvotes using their own accounts with high karma. If you want to get things done yourself and want more control, then you should go for their Reddit Bot. However, even by using their Reddit Bot, they still do not allow you total control.

The bot is web-based, and as such, you do not need to install anything. You also do not have to worry about creating accounts and using proxies and servers as that’s done for you. Yes, they are aware that you can screw things up especially in the aspect using new accounts will fewer activities, and as such, that’s done for you.

Upvote Space Pros:

  • Done for you by expert solution
  • Web-based with no need of proxies
  • High karma account for the upvote

* Cons:

  • Expensive
  • You do not have total control of the process involved


reddit dominator

RedditDominator is one of the best and oldest Reddit Bots in the market. It has been in existence since 2014. I actually knew about it on the Blackhatworld, an Internet forum for Internet marketing.

Since then, I have used it on and off, trying out other automation tools, and I must say while RedditDominator is not without flaws, it is no doubt one of the best you can use to carry out your marketing campaigns on the “front page of the Internet. “

You know why? With RedditDominator, you can vote (upvote and downvote), drop comments, scrape URL, submit posts, and even send tweets to Reddit users on Twitter using their Reddit username.

reddit dominator funtions

Reddit Dominator Pros:

  • Affordable and cheap
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of interest features
  • Proxy support

Reddit Dominator Cons:

  • Windows OS support only
  • Account activation is not automatic


reddit master

RedditMaster is one of the numerous automation bots developed by Cash Tools, a company that specializes in the development of Internet marketing tools. RedditMaster comes with one feature I find interesting – account creation.

With Reddit Account Creator, you can afford to create the number of Accounts you want with ease without any hassle. Aside from the Account Creator feature, it can also be used for upvoting/downvoting, scraping posts, and dropping comments, among other things. The pricing model is friendly as it strives on the one-time payment model. The bot comes in beautiful material design.

Reddit Master Pros:

  • Account Creator feature
  • Cheap on a long-term usage
  • Proxy support
  • Beautiful UI design

Reddit Master Cons:

  • Windows OS support only
  • Expensive for short-term usage

Reddit Voter

reddit voter

From the name of this bot, one will think that it is just a bot that automates upvoting and downvoting comments and posts. Reddit Voter is much more than just a vote automation tool. It can be used for automating comments on targeted posts, follow users, and check whether a Reddit Account is active or not.

The bot is also multithreaded and, as such, can carry out more than a task at ones. The bot also comes with proxy support, which makes it possible to evade detection as one operating more accounts. They have two pricing models depending on the duration you need to use the bot. You can either go for their monthly subscription model or pay for the bot ones.

Reddit Voter Pros:

  • Two payment model
  • Easy to use
  • Multithread Support

Reddit Voter Cons:

  • Windows OS support only
  • Expensive

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Reddit Bots

  • What is a Reddit Bot?

A Reddit Bot is a computer program that has been developed to automate voting posts and comments, scheduling posts, follow/unfollow among other tasks on Reddit.

  • Does Reddit Bots Work?

Reddit Bots work. They have helped a good number of Internet marketers increase engagement on autopilot and earn more revenue. However, you have to be careful with your marketing campaigns on Reddit as Redditors are allergic to selling and they hate it when you try to promote your business to them. So you need to be crafty enough.

  • How to Create a Reddit Bot?

To create a Reddit Bot, you need to have computer programming language skills which can either be Python, Java, or even C# – any programming language that is Turing complete. Using the language, you can create a Reddit Bot by consuming Reddit API.

  • Does Reddit Support Reddit Bots?

Reddit is one of the companies that does not fight against botting. In fact, it has a public API that developers can use. However, this API is limited in the features it supports, and many of the bots literarily go against automation as allowed by Reddit, such as mass creating accounts and using them for voting for the sake of faking engagement.

  • Where to Host Reddit Bot?

Most Reddit Bots are installable. For them to work, your computer has to be on all the time. To get it to work all the time without your computer is on, you can host it on a Windows VPS since most Bots support Windows.

  • What Can You Do With Reddit Bot?

A lot, in fact, you can automate virtually all your tasks on Reddit using Reddit Bots. However, as it stands now, the majority of Reddit Bot users use it for voting, scheduling posts, dropping comments, mass creating accounts, and scraping Reddit.

  • Do I Need to Use Proxies?

The question of whether you need to use proxies or not depends largely on the number of accounts you wish to automate. If you are automating a few accounts like one or three, making use of proxies will be seen as overkill. However, when you are automating more, you need to make use of proxies. All the bots discussed above all support the use of proxies.

Since Reddit is not an aggressive fighter of botting, going for the top on the line residential or mobile proxies will be overkill, except if you are doing it on a much larger scale and want to reduce risk. Else, datacenter proxies will work just fine. MyPrivateProxy is the proxy of choice for Reddit automation.


Reddit Bots, if used properly, can increase revenue and engagement. However, you need the right bot to be successful. The above-discussed bots have been battle-tested and trusted not to fail and as such, they are highly recommended. Make your choice from any on the list.

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