Using Instagram Proxies With the Top 5 Bots

Understanding social media is a requirement for a business to be successful in the modern-day.

No one would argue against the fact that social media gives you the ability to connect your brand and business to millions of people with the click of a button. In fact, nearly 60 percent of Americans use some form of social network like Instagram.

Using Instagram

One of the largest social network platforms is Instagram. The image-sharing platform already has over 1 billion users, and it continues to grow.

Several people and businesses have even found success solely through their Instagram accounts. Because of this, content managers and SEO marketers can’t help but use Instagram for marketing.

Marketing with Instagram is no easy task. Between posting, commenting and liking countless posts throughout the day, you are committing hours upon hours of work. Now imagine trying to maintain a successful marketing campaign across multiple Instagram accounts.

You’d be working long hours and achieving minimal results across your campaign. That’s why there are several marketing tools available to help with Instagram marketing.

Choosing the Right Marketing Tool

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, the most important thing is to stay active. You need to make several posts a day and stay engaged with people that have fallen into your niche.

The constant activity required to make an Instagram page successful is time-consuming and difficult for a single person to manage. Even an entire group can only effectively manage a few accounts with limited success.

The best Instagram marketing tools allow you to streamline the process of posting, liking and commenting on a single platform. Some marketing tools even give you the ability to connect your Instagram account to other social media platforms to more easily share content across multiple places.

One of the most powerful things that Instagram marketing tools can do is provide you with analytics. These analytics don’t just reveal the most effective times you should post, but some of them even give you analytics related to your competitors to see what hashtags and posts are working most effectively for them.

1. Sendible

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Sendible is one of the most popular social media marketing tools available. The platform allows you to work in Instagram and various other social media networks as well.

You can schedule posts, track projects if you are using a team, and streamline how you receive feedback. One notable aspect of Sendible is how it easily allows you to connect your social media pages through entering in the basic information.

managing and uploading it. Instagram’s terms of service also mean that you have to approve every post you make. Sendible makes approving posts possible by sending you to push notifications to your mobile phone.

Here is a post research by you can find out more social media management tools to schedule posts, track projects like Sendible.

2. Crowdfire

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One of the most difficult things for Instagram social media marketers is gaining organic followers. Even if you make great content you still might not gain the new followers that you want. It’s important to make good content and make sure it gets exposed as much as possible.

Crowdfire is designed to help you extend your reach in the most efficient way. the tool allows you to follow the followers of competitors in your niche, which will help you gain the traffic you want. Just make sure that you are following genuine accounts and not bots.

3. SocialDrift (Down)

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SocialDrift gives you the ability to increase your Instagram followers through automated follows, comments and likes. Specific parameters can be set based on location, name or the hashtags being used. Using machine-learning algorithms, SocialDrift shows the best time to engage with specific accounts and has a dashboard that tracks engagement.

4. Later

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Later is a social media marketing tool that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time on your Instagram page. It has steadily become more and more popular since its inception.

When dealing with multiple Instagram accounts, the only way to efficiently manage them without having some form of automated scheduling. Later gives you the ability to schedule up to 30 images a month and get basic analytics. With a paid account, you can add more accounts and schedule more posts every month.

5. Iconosquare

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Iconosquare is a tool designed to help you more efficiently use Instagram for marketing. Oftentimes, posting on social media can lead to varying results. Some posts can garner tons of activity and engagement, but other posts can lead to minimal engagement.

Iconosquare is designed to help make every post as effective and engaging as possible. Through this marketing tool, you can find out the times when your followers are the most active.

You can also use Iconosquare to discover the most effective hashtags to use each of your posts. In addition to this, the marketing tool performs competitor analysis, which allows you to find out what your competition is doing to make their accounts grow.


Marketing with Multiple Accounts (Need Proxies!)

Marketing on Instagram through multiple accounts gives you the ability to better target each account to specific age groups, niches, and other demographics. Marketers are also able to better perform testing on the most effective types of posts to upload.

Most importantly, cross-promotional techniques can be used across multiple accounts. In order for multiple accounts to safely be used in one place, a proxy server is necessary.

Proxies are an effective way to help with marketing on social media. With proxy servers, you are able to reach a wider audience and do things more efficiently than without. Multiple accounts for the same social media platform can be used and managed from the same device or IP address.

Not only does this allow you to manage more than one aspect of your social media campaign, but through various marketing tools, you can expand your growth and reach on Instagram with minimal chance of getting banned or losing your accounts.

Free Proxies

Free Proxies for Instagram marketing

Many people often consider using free proxies when they are choosing a proxy for Instagram marketing. These free proxies, commonly referred to as public proxies, are often appealing because they provide an effective service at no cost, but they are rarely effective. Free proxy servers are often slow and unreliable. Not only that, but free proxies also leave computers and networks at risk of security breaches.

In the event that you do find a proxy server that works, they will often not work within a few days. Free proxy servers rarely last for an extended period of time and when they do they perform poorly compared to private proxies.


Private Proxies

Private proxies are far more secure than free proxies, which is one of the main reasons why users choose them. Data is better protected through private proxies, and these proxies are dedicated specifically to the user. Having a dedicated Instagram proxy server means that you get the speed and reliability needed to effective use a proxy for Instagram marketing.

dedicated Instagram proxy server

Since marketing on Instagram requires automating various processes across multiple accounts, having a reliable proxy server to use without fear of it becoming compromised is vital.

A dedicated proxy server is also less likely to get blocked. Using multiple accounts on a free proxy server or a residential proxy server often leads to multiple accounts being exposed as using the same IP address and being removed.

As social media networks like Instagram put a stronger emphasis on people making multiple accounts, private proxies are the only safe way to keep the chances of your accounts being removed low.

What to Avoid

When using proxies with multiple Instagram accounts, it is important that you don’t list all of your accounts on a single proxy server.

If multiple accounts are located from the same IP address, even if they are different from yours, then your accounts still run the risk of being deleted. The top rated Instagram proxies often offer proxy servers in batches of 5 or 10 to help with managing multiple accounts.

Social media marketing is a necessity for businesses. Hundreds of millions of people use social media sites like Instagram. In order for businesses to create an effective marketing campaign for Instagram, they need different tools that help make the process more manageable.

Instagram marketing tools like Sendible, Crowdfire and Later have all been designed to monitor engagement on Instagram and increase the user’s reach and potential for growth. Using these tools alone is effective, but there are limits without the use of proxy servers.

A dedicated proxy server provides added protection to you if you’re using multiple accounts. For each proxy server, you can dedicate one of your Instagram accounts to it along with associating marketing tools. It’s important to remember that private proxy servers are much more effective than free ones, as free proxy servers run the risk of exposing your computer, data, and network to various security breaches.

Multiple accounts are necessary for the most effective social media marketing campaigns, and with the right combination of marketing tools and proxy servers businesses are capable of using Instagram as an effective tool for marketing.

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