Nike Bots 2024 – The Best Sneaker Bot for Nike SNKRS

Where to buy Nike SNKRS bots? TSB bot Vs. Better Nike Bot Vs. Another Nike Bot? Guide to finding the working Nike bot!

Nike is one of the top brands when it comes to producing high-quality sneakers. Because of the hype their sneakers receive before release, they get sold out in no-time after release.

As a smart marketer, you can buy more pairs and sell them to sneakerheads at a higher price through the use of Nike bots.

But when it comes to using bots on Nike sites, you have to be extremely careful else, you will get a ban – and that’s why I wrote this article, to discuss the top 4 Nike bots in the market that reduce the chances of getting your account banned to almost zero.

These bots are battle-ready, reliable, and get the job done without leaving traces for Nike’s anti-spam systems to sniff. But why 4 bots? Why not 10 so you can have an array of options to choose from. Let me answer that below.

Why Few Nike Bots in the Market

Nike is the most aggressive sneaker brand when it comes to fighting the use of bots in buying sneakers from them. They are always on the lookout for people buying more than a pair using ‘dubious’ means, and if you get caught, you will lose your accounts and sneakers you already paid for. Nike has introduced various means to fight bots like the introduction apps.

Just recently, they introduced a system that makes use of Augmented Reality to fish out requests sent to them through bots. Because of this aggressive nature of their system, most bots get broken, and as such, only the best developers with the required expertise can develop bots for Nike sites.

That’s why there are only few Nike bots in the market as opposed to other brands that even amateur developers can code scripts to automate copping sneakers from them.

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Best Nike Snkrs bot Ranked

Where to buy Nike snkrs bots? Let take a look at the top 4 Nike bots available in the market:

Another Nike Bot


With over 175k sneakers checked out, Another Nike Bot is one of the forces to reckon with when it comes to copping Nike sneakers. It has what it takes to evade Nike’s spam checks and appears to it as human. It can carry out up to 500 tasks concurrently, help you check your accounts, scheduled start time, and provides sensor generator capabilities. It works with all Nikes sites and increases your chances of copping the sneakers you want to purchase.

  • Platform support: Windows and Mac
  • Multithread support: Yes
  • Update: Regularly
  • Proxy support: Yes
  • Compatible with other sites: No
  • Cost: $299 for a 6-month license
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Project Enigma is another sneaker bot that has been developed for the Nike SNKRS platform. This bot is not popular compared to the other sneaker bots described in the article. However, it is surprisingly more effective compared to most of them.

Even with the level of success, it has achieved, it has managed to remain under the radar for so long. The bot is one of the cheapest Nike bots in the market. Unlike in the case of others, Project Enigma is a web-based bot that requires you to install a browser extension. This bot even provides recommendations on the number of tasks to run based on the power of your machine and the suggestions are usually optimal.

  • Platform Support: Windows only
  • Multithread Support: Yes
  • Updates: Regularly updated
  • Proxy Support: Yes
  • Pricing: $300 for a license
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Better Nike Bot

bnb bot

Better Nike Bot (BNB) can make your life easier as a limited-edition sneaker reseller as it can help you cop more than the allowed number of sneakers from Nike sites. It provides support for unlimited accounts and can even be used for creating Nike accounts. It checks out order, checks, and clear cart as well as provide a keyword monitor just in case there is a surprise drop.

  • Platform support: Windows only
  • Multithread support: Yes
  • Update: Regularly
  • Proxy support: Yes
  • Compatible with other sites: No
  • Cost: $200 for a 6-month license
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TSB bot





Another bot you can use to cop limited-edition sneaker wears from the SNKRS platform is TheShitBot – it also supports FCFS Nike releases. This bot has been around for a while now and had proven to be a success as it has recorded over a 95 percent success rate in previous releases. This bot has support for over 50+ regions. According to the information available on its website, TheShitBot has made a profit of over $5M for its users in 2020 alone – which there’s no way to verify this claim; there’s no doubt that the bot is one of the best for copping sneakers and a good number of sneakerheads have drop testimonies on Twitter.

  • Platform support: Windows
  • Multithread support: Yes
  • Update: Regularly
  • Proxy support: Yes
  • Compatible with other sites: No
  • Cost: $999 for a 1-year license

Ghost AIO

(Not Support Nike SNKRS Anymore)


Arguably the best Nike bot in the market, Ghost AIO is reliable, scalable, and provides its user a friendly and easy to use interface. It works with Nike sites in all regions of the world and provides its users with an analytical page where users can track their performance in the form of wins and gains. You can create the unlimited number of accounts and verify them using this bot. it is extremely fast and provides real-time notification to its user. If there’s going to be a new release, its developers notify their customers.

  • Platform support: Windows and Mac
  • Multithread support: Yes
  • Update: Regularly
  • Proxy support: Yes
  • Compatible with other sites: No
  • Cost: $250 for a 6-month license

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kickmoji bot

Dubbed ‘the first Emoji powered shoe engine,’ Kickmoji is one of the best Nike bots to use if you intend to purchase Nike sneaker more than the permitted number.

They are fast and reliable. Some of the unique twists Kickmoji brings to the table includes having a team of experienced team (over a decade) behind its development. This bot is optimized to make use of minimal system resource while providing you the best user experience. This bot also has cross-platform compatibility.

  • Platform support: Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS
  • Multithread support: Yes
  • Update: Regularly
  • Proxy support: Yes
  • Compatible with other sites: No
  • Cost: $200 – one-time payment with a renewal fee

If you look at the above list, you will notice that they have almost the same features. This then means that anyone you pick will get the job done. Visit each bots website and read their documentation so as to get a clear picture of what each of them is bringing to the table before making the payment – but I tell you this again – anyone you pick will get the job done.


Nike Bots FAQs

Q: What are Nike bots?

A: Nike bots are software programs that are designed to automate the process of purchasing limited-edition Nike products. These bots are often used by sneaker collectors and resellers who want to increase their chances of securing hard-to-get Nike products.

Q: How do Nike bots work?

A: Nike bots work by simulating the actions of a human user on the Nike website. They are programmed to automatically add products to the user's cart and complete the checkout process as quickly as possible. This can help to increase the user's chances of successfully purchasing limited-edition Nike products before they sell out.

Q: Are Nike bots safe to use?

A: Nike bots can be safe to use if you choose a reputable provider and follow the instructions carefully. However, like any software program, Nike bots can be vulnerable to security breaches or other issues, so it's important to carefully research and choose a provider that takes security seriously.

Q: How much do Nike bots cost?

A: The cost of Nike bots can vary depending on the provider and the features included. On average, Nike bots can cost anywhere from $50 to $500, but some providers may offer discounts for bulk purchases or longer subscription plans.

Q: Can Nike bots guarantee success in purchasing limited-edition Nike products?

A: Nike bots cannot guarantee success in purchasing limited-edition Nike products. While they can increase the user's chances of success, there are many factors that can affect the outcome of a sneaker release, such as the popularity of the product, the number of bots competing for the same product, and the overall demand for the product. Using a Nike bot can help to improve the user's chances of success, but it cannot guarantee a successful purchase.

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