A beginner Guide to Copping Sneakers Online (2023 Updated)

Copping Sneaker

Sneakers, especially the limited-edition ones, are in high demand, and you can make a lot of money buying and reselling them for a huge profit. Ironically, sneaker sites have a rule that allows an individual to buy only a pair so others can buy too.

If you are caught paying for more than one, you risk losing the one you already paid for. However, what if I tell you there is a way around it? Yes, you can buy more than a pair using a good number of hacks, tips, and tricks known as sneaker copping.

In this article, I will be discussing all you need to be successfully copping sneakers from popular sneaker sites like Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Shopify stores, and even Footsites (Footlocker, Footaction, ChampSports, EastBay, and Finishline).

Take this blog post as an ultimate guide to copping limited edition high on-demand sneakers from these sites. What would you be learning? You’ll be learning about sneaker bots, servers, proxies, shipping tricks, and payment systems to help you evade abusive behavior checks.

Sneaker Bots

sneaker bots

In case you are not aware, sneaker bots are the reason you get the “sold out” notice anytime you want to buy limited-edition sneakers. For the newbies in the world of bots and botting, a bot is an automated piece of software that automates certain tasks on a computer.

They are just like robots (in the form of software) that follow a series of instructions to achieve a task or a group of tasks. For sneaker bots, they are bots designed to automate the process of adding sneakers to carts and checking them out.

Because this is done by a computer, it is very fast, and its speed of execution cannot be matched by a human, thereby making people using manual means to lose out. they can be used to buy more sneakers at ones because of their multithreaded capabilities, and as such, while you as a person wasn’t fast enough to secure even a pair, a single bot could afford to check out more than 10.

When it comes to bots for copping sneakers, we have specialized ones and general ones. The specialized ones are the bots meant for specific sites such as Nike bots, Adidas bots, Supreme boots, Footsites bots, and Shopify bots.

The general bots, also known as the AIO (All-in-One) bots can be used for more than one site. For example, Cybersole, an AIO bot can be used for copping sneakers from Shopify sites, Footsites, Supreme, and Adidas. This then leads us to a question, should you go for an AIO bot or a specialized bot?

AIO Bots Vs Specialized Bots

For economic reasons, you will be tempted to go for the AIO bots. This is because you can afford to cop more sneakers from more sites with them. However, there are some sneaker sites that need specialized bots such as Nike.

Most AIO bots do not have support for Nike sites, and as such, if they are your target, you need specialized bots for Nike like Better Nike Bot and Another Nike Bot.

Sneaker Bot Recommendation

Nike Shoe Bot Ghost AIO ForceCop Heatedsneaks AIO BOT
AIO Bot Better Nike Bot Supreme Hot Bot Dashe Nike Shoe Bot

There are a lot of bots in the market each with their unique twists and features. This makes it difficult to choose one for your use. To help you make a choice, I have already written a series of articles recommending sneakers bots. Read my articles on top bots for Nike, bots for Adidas, bots for Supreme, bots for Footsites, and bots for Shopify.

Regardless of the bot you choose, make sure it provides support for using proxies, adding more accounts, and is multithreaded. It is also important you avoid new bots without a track record as you wouldn’t want to pay for a bot that won’t function when you need it. To learn more about sneaker bots, read our article on the ultimate guide to sneaker bots to learn the required knowledge about sneaker bots.

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Sneaker Proxies

Proxies for sneaker sites

While sneaker bots make it possible for you to automate the process of purchasing sneakers, without making use of proxies, you cannot buy more than a pair using the same computer.

This is because sneaker sites track computers visiting them using a string of numbers known as IP address as identification. If a computer has been used for buying a pair, you cannot use such a computer to buy another pair even with another account details because of its IP address. That is where proxies come in to play.

Sneaker proxies serve as an intermediary between your computer and sneaker sites. They hide your IP address and provide you alternative IP addresses that you can use to mimic the behavior of using multiple computers. Because of this, sneaker sites won’t know that the requests sent to them are from the same computer.

Sneaker bots need them to manage multiple accounts. Some sneaker proxies have been made specifically for evading the anti-spam systems of sneaker sites. Others are general proxies that get the job done and won’t be detectable by these websites as proxy traffic.

Sneaker Proxy Recommendation

When it comes to recommending proxies for use on sneaker sites, there is a wide array of options available; each has the sites it works best with. For Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and YezzySupply, residential proxies are the best. You can go to Smartproxy, Luminati, and Microleaves.

However, for the less strict sites like the Shopify sites (excluding YeezySupply) and some Footsites, you can make use of dedicated datacenter proxies without having any issue.

In case you do not know, residential proxies are more expensive than datacenter proxies. However, they are safer and more reliable when it comes to copping sneakers from sneaker sites. You must shy away from using free proxies and shared proxies for sneaker copping.

If you use them, you risk getting your accounts banned and not able to cop. The proxies you will use should be close to where the sneaker site is located or its CDN – for the purpose of speed. For effectiveness, you should only use one proxy to manage an account.

I will also advise you to read our article on the ultimate guide to sneaker proxies to learn more about all you need to know about them because they are one of the most important things you need.

Sneaker Servers

Servers are remote computers that you can use to run your bots on. Most bots are Windows-based, and as such, there’s no way you can run the bot on Mac and other operating systems without a server.

While this might be the obvious reason, there is one very important reason you need to host your bot on a server rather than running it on your personal computer – speed! Yes, servers provide you the Internet connection speed that only a few locations will provide you.

Not only that, you can afford to reduce latency by hosting your bot on servers close to these sites’ hosts. Imagine hosting your bot on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and trying to cop sneakers from Supreme US that is also hosted on AWS? The speed you will get will be unmatched. Because of the unique need of sneaker copping as regards to its server need, many people opted for server service providers that provide hourly service.

However, doing so means you will need to be setting things up any time you need to cop again. To avoid this, other sneaker coppers go for monthly plans to avoid the hassle of setting their bot up all the time.

Sneaker Server Recommendation

You can run your bot on a normal web host or VPS service. What is required is that the server you choose should meet the requirement necessary for the bot to function well and when it comes to the minimum requirements, the server needs to be very fast and have specs like 8 GB RAM, Windows operating system, a 3Ghz core. You can get these requirements from AIO Server, AWS, Vultr, Sneaker Servers, SoftLayer Server, and AWSPlug among others.

Shipping Trick

Usually, some of these sneaker sites have geo-restrictions in place to prevent people from other regions to purchase sneakers from them. For example, you cannot enter a US shipping address in Adidas UK site. For those that have friends and family in the country they are trying to purchase from, they can afford to use their address – and even at that, how many can you possibly use the same address for? There has to be a way out.

There are some companies known as reshipping companies. When you register with them, they give you an address which you will provide as your address. These reshipping company will then deliver the sneakers to you in your own country.

This works for most sites. However, if you plan to cop from Adidas sites, this might not work as they are fond of blacklisting addresses linked to reshipping companies. In this case, your only option is to sell the account with a sneaker already checkout to someone in that country.

When it comes to recommending reshipping companies, I will say Forward2me, Borderlinx, and Skypax are some of the best you can use.

Payment System

In case you do not know, you can only register one credit card per account. This is one of the ways they use in combating the act of having multiple accounts. If you are caught trying to pay for more than a pair with the same credit card information or other forms of payment, your accounts would be flagged, and you will lose the sneakers you have already checked out. what then do you do in this case?

Simple, make use of a system that will provide you credit card details. I will strongly recommend you use Privacy. You only need to provide your credit card information, and it will provide you the number of alternative details you need for a successful copping.

Sneaker Release Information

There’s no point in having the above set up if you are not informed on when the next sneakers will be released. The most successful sneaker coppers are always on the lookout reading blogs, and news sites that feature news about the release of sneakers.

This information isn’t hidden though – in fact, they are usually hyped, and you can get to know them from sneaker sites, and if that seems like much of work, you can follow sneakerheads on Twitter to get updates. Sneaker News, Sole Collector, and many other sneaker news sites are also some of the places you can get information about the release of limited edition, high on-demand sneakers.


From the above, you’ve learned that you need sneaker bots to successfully cop sneakers from sneaker sites. However, for the purpose of speed and closeness to the sneaker site web server, you need to host your bot on a server.

To cop more than one sneaker pair, you need proxies, multi-payment information, and the service of reshipping companies. With all these you are set – lookout for information about sneaker release and activate your bot accordingly.

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