Bright VPN Review

What do you know about the Bright VPN service? If you have a little knowledge of the VPN, then you should read the review below if you intend to make use of the VPN as it provides you details of its pros and cons.

Bright VPN review

The Internet has its use case and we cannot deny its importance in today’s society and even in the running of our day-to-day activities. However, it does have its downsides, and surveillance, geo-restrictions, tracking are some of those. The moment you are connected to the Internet, you become susceptible to privacy and security breaches and with the help of a VPN service, you get some form of protection.

Currently, there are many VPN services in the market ending from the high-quality expensive ones to the cheap low quality ones. As a tradition, we have been reviewing many of these VPN services to help you make a decision. In this article, we would be reviewing the Bright VPN service.

Bright VPN Overview

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The Bright VPN service is owned by the Bright Data service, formerly known as the Luminati Networks. This VPN service prides itself to be the VPN service to provide you premium features with no price tag. Yes, the only major requirement is that you agree to share your Internet connection which means that your device would become an exit node.

With the Bright Data proxy network behind it, you have access to a long list of locations you can access the Internet and unblock restrictions. Unlike in the case of Hola VPN, there is an option for paid users, all of the users of the Bright VPN are free users. Bright VPN  can be said to be a better version of Hola VPN even though it lacks some features that Hola VPN has.

While the service might look like a good deal, you need to know that it does have its downsides. The VPN is available only to Windows users but also comes with support for a browser extension.

Aside from the support for only Windows, the VPN service also does have other downsides that you need to be aware of that would determine whether to make use of it or not. We would start the review with the pros section highlighting some of the core strengths of the VPN software. After the pros section, we discuss the downsides in the cons section then conclude the article with our verdict.


Bright VPN Pros

The Bright VPN software has got a good number of users. This is because it has got a good number  of strengths that keep its users using it. We would be taking a look at some of these strengths below.

Good Location Coverage

The Internet is increasingly becoming localized with a user’s location being a major factor that determines what we have access to. Websites especially in the entertainment industry such as Netflix restrict users to certain content. It is for this reason that many Internet users make use of VPN services. Some do not even care about security to privacy — all they are after is being able to access or stream their favorite content.

With, you can tell how important the supported location means to a VPN service. Bright VPN is one of the best VPN service providers in this regard. It supports more locations than the popular VPN services in the market such as NordVPN which supports 60 countries and ExpressVPN provides support for 94 countries.

Good Location Coverage of Bright VPN

Bright VPN has got support for 120 countries it supports across continents. This means that there are over 120 countries where you can access their geo-targeted and localized content. While this excellent location support is seen as a great fit considering it is less than 3 months in the market, this is not surprising at all. This is because Bright VPN does make use of the infrastructure of the Bright Data proxy network, one of the largest in the market and as such, is built on already established infrastructure.

Secured and Reliable

It is no news that you are better off not using a VPN software than using one that is not secure. If you have used the Hola VPN software in the past which is a VPN from the same company (Bright Data), you will know that one of the major problems associated with it is that it is not secure and can be seen as more of a proxy service than a VPN especially if you are a free user which most of their users are.

Is the situation the same with Bright VPN? Unlike Hola VPN, Bright VPN has been built with security in mind. While using this VPN software, your data is encrypted which makes it useless in the hands of third-party such as packet sniffers.

Secured and Reliable of Bright VPN

Bright VPN makes use of the IKEv2 protocol which is a top-level encryption technology that makes sure your traffic is secure by establishing and handling SA (Security Association) attributes within an authentication suite, usually IPSec, since IKEv2 is built into it.

With this, you can be sure you are dealing with a secure system that your data can’t be easily decrypted. The VPN service is still relatively new when compared to the other VPNs in the market and as such, it can be said to be too early to praise. However, being able to provide such a level of security, it can be said that the service is starting on a good note.

Surprisingly Fast

One feature that determines whether users will want to make use of VPN software is if that VPN software is fast. There is no doubt that in most cases, the use of VPN software would reduce your Internet speed because of the encryption and routing involved.

However, for you to enjoy using VPN software, it must be fast enough that it does not lag when you are using it to stream videos or play games online. How does Bright VPN stand in this regard?

To test the speed, we had to measure our Internet speed to use as a benchmark. We got the below — not breaking any record right?

Surprisingly Fast of Bright VPN

Well, the speed using the Bright VPN software from a US server is also not breaking any record but it is quite acceptable. Below is the speed measured while having the Bright VPN software ON.

Speed Test of Ookla

As you can see from the above, you can see that while it can be argued that the is some noticeable difference in the records, the difference is not that much for a free VPN service. In fact, when using it, you might not even notice any difference at all.

Pricing is Free and You Have Control Over Usage

This point is pretty obvious the moment you visit the website of Bright VPN — the VPN service is available to  users for free provided you agree to their terms of usage. Unlike the likes of other free VPNs that have a paid version, this one comes free and if you are not in, then you have to make use of another VPN service.

So how does the VPN service makes money if it creates functional software like this and keeps maintaining it? Well, from the content on the website, they reveal how they make money. According to the information provided, you allow Bright Data to use your Internet connection and by extension, your IP, and in return, Bright Data pays for the premium VPN services you enjoy.

Pricing of Bright VPN

What is interesting about Bright VPN is not the fact that the service is provided for you for free. It is the fact that you are also given some form of control over the websites that your Internet connection can be used to access. Just in case you do not understand the workings of this service. Using it means your devices would be used as a front to access content on the Internet.

However, unlike others of its kind, you are given the choice to blacklist services or websites your device shouldn’t be used on. This means that you if you do not want your device to be used to access a specific website, you can do that. You are also provided access to the websites your IP is being used to access.

Truly Anonymous and Private

Another upside to the Bright VPN is how it treats you. If you have been using free VPN for a while now, you will know that you are their product. Yes, most of the free VPN services would mine your data and make money off it.

However, the Bright VPN service is not interested in your data and you are technically not their product. All they want is to route their client requests via your device in a secure manner to aid them access data without getting a trace to them.

However, their users have to go through a compulsory KYC process and as such, while the services they might access using your device wouldn’t know them, Bright Data has got their details.

Truly Anonymous and Private of Bright VPN

Interestingly, as a user of Bright VPN, your data is not of importance to them — not even your email address. All you have to do is make your device ready for use to them by installing their application. The service does not mine your personal data as it is fully committed to complying with GDPR/CCPA.

Remember, you are in control including having the power to decide the site they can use your IP for. In terms of keeping you anonymous, you do not need to doubt the Bright VPN service as the team behind it is a successful one in terms of providing anonymous Internet connections

Bright VPN Cons

From the above, you might want to go over to the website and download the VPN software. However, I will advise you to read this section as the Bright VPN software is not for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the cons associated with this VPN software.

Not Free in the True Sense of the Word

In the pros section of the article, we mentioned that the software is free to use. What it actually means is that you are not meant to pay for it with money in other to make use of it. Remember, you must provide the software the right to access and use your Internet connection and in return, that pays for the VPN service. So in reality, while you are made to believe the service is free, you are actually paying for it.

One other thing you also need to be aware of is that since the service is using your Internet connection, it also uses your Internet subscription. This means that if you do not have an unlimited subscription, it is also consuming it and would get your subscription to exhaust before time.

Aside from this, it could also get the battery of your system to drain faster than it would. The application has been designed in a way that it will use minimal power and wouldn’t be put much burden on your computer. However, your battery would still drain and your Internet subscription exhaust faster if you have it running for a long time.

Fortunately for us, you can decide to put stop the software from working and then ON it at any time you want, making it a better option compared to the others that ones you have them installed, they launch and start working without your permission and you cannot easily put them to sleep.

Available only on Windows

Nowadays, people want to be protected regardless of the platform they use in accessing the Internet. It makes no sense to be protected while surfing your computer and then when you switch to your phone, you become exposed, vulnerable, and restricted. For this reason, many VPN software do provide support for popular operating systems and platforms.

Take, for instance, ExpressVPN has support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and many more. Interestingly, you can use a subscription on more than one device at a time. In the case of Bright VPN, this is not available. You can only make use of the software on a Windows machine which is highly limiting.

Available only on Windows of Bright VPN

Apart from the main Windows application, it does come with some browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. However, these are not to be used as standalone software — they are to complement the Windows application and help control it from the browser without making changes from the Windows application. If Bright VPN must have wide usage, then it should provide support for other Operating Systems and platforms.

Does Bright VPN Work?

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The Bright VPN software was designed to provide its users with anonymity support as they browse and access content from the Internet. This is done by replacing their IP address with a different one not associated with them and keeping the data transmitted encrypted.

For these, the software gets the job done. Interestingly, it does this without requesting you to pay for it directly. Instead, all you need to do is allow it to use your Internet connection — and that is what pays for your usage of the VPN.

Do We Recommend Bright VPN?

The Bright VPN does have its own strengths and weaknesses. It also has its target market. If you are the type that can afford to pay for your privacy and security online, the Bright VPN software is not for you as you are not even a target user. You are better off using a premium paid VPN such as NodeVPN or ExpressVPN.

However, if you do not want to make for the VPN you use, then Bright VPN is a good option — you just have to be ready to share your Internet connection and have a Windows computer to use it on.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 8.4/10
  • Vpn Network - 8.7/10
  • Vpn Functions - 9.2/10
  • Customer support - 9/10

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