Wrath AIO Bot Review

Are you looking for a review of the Wrath AIO sneaker bot in other to know its pros and cons? Then you are on the right page as the article would highlight some of the core strengths and weaknesses of the bots. At the end of the review, you should know all you need to know about the bot.

Wrath AIO Bot Review

How about you try purchasing limited-edition sneakers that are hyped without using a sneaker bot? Sound easy right? Well, there is a high chance you will lose than you will be able to secure a pair and this is not unconnected to the raw power and speed you get from bots that s unrivaled by even the fastest human.

It is for the reason that most turn to sneaker bots when trying to secure high on-demand limited-edition wear. There are a good number of bots in the market and each has its core strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, we would be reviewing the Wrath AIO sneaker bot to help you make a decision whether it is the bot for you or not.

Wrath AIO Overview

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There is enough information on its website that you can tell what to expect, unlike other bot websites that have minimal content on them. The Wrath AIO bot is one of the popular sneaker bots in the market that enjoys some forms of hypes over the years and the hypes aren’t just hype with no juice — the bot actually works and is even the favorite of many sneakerheads and resellers. The bot is an AIO bot with support for many sneaker sites.

However, Shopify sites are some of the places it flexes its muscles the most. It comes with its own Captcha harvester, anti-bot system, and analytical support, making it easy to see your Ws and Ls in the game since you started using the bot. While the bot works, it is still not the bot for everyone yet, and like most other bots, it does have its downsides that would keep others from wanting to make use of it.

One of the greatest downsides to using this bot is that its retail price is on the high side when compared to other oats of its category. Upon that, it is also always sold out which means that you might not get your hands on it even with the high price, getting you to want to purchase from resellers which would drive the price even higher.

The cons or more specifically, the  downsides to the Wrath AIO bot will be discussed in detail in the cons section of the article.

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Wrath AIO Bot Pros

Wrath AIO Bot Pros

Wrath AIO bot is a hyped sneaker bot because of the level of success it has had over the course of its existence. So, there are some things the bot is getting right. In this section of the article, we would be highlighting some of the core strengths of the Wrath AIO bot.

Multithreaded With Queue Bypass Support

One of the core strengths of the Wrath AIO bot is its support for multithreading. In layman’s terms, multithreading is the ability to carry out more than one task concurrently. The power to create and run multiple threads makes it possible for the bot to multitask which makes it the perfect bot if what you are looking for is a bot that can cope more than a pair at once.

The Wrath air bot can help you secure Ws in a release that others didn’t even get their hands on a pair. Aside from helping you to multitask, one other feature that you will come to like with this bot that is related to multithreading is the speed at which the bot goes through the process of purchase.

Also important is the fact that the bot can help you bypass queues in Shopify sites. With high traffic, some Shopify sites implement a queue system where users can only check out an item after others in front of the queue have been successful in doing that or when they are no longer on the queue. This is one of the problems bots face while copping on Shopify sites as high speed won’t help you since you will have to wait.

Instead of doing the waiting, Wrath AIO has developed a logic to bypass the queue and just go straight to checkout, thereby increasing your chances of checkout items before those on the queue before you.

Consistent Good Result

Wrath AIO Bot Consistent Good Result

There is no denying that the only reason you will want to make use of a bot is in other to increase your chances of making purchases of high on-demand limited-edition sneaker wears. So if after paying for a bought at an expensive price, the bot ends up failing, then the purpose of the bot has been defeated.

Wrath AIO has got an experienced team of developers that pull their skills together to develop it into a sneaker bot that has so far, provided what you can call a consistent result. Wrath AIO bot is not the bot that will record the highest success rate in a release, gain a lot of hype, and then fail in the next release or even the subsequent releases. It might not have the highest success rate, but compared to many others, it is consistent at generating results.

This is as a result of many factors. One of which is the frequent updates made to the bot to make it efficient. The bot gets updated regularly to milk out any power that can be milked out. The team is also always on the lookout for changes on sites it supports and effects those changes in other to avoid getting their clients hanging.

Also important is the fact that the bot has got some of the best anti-bot bypassing techniques. The bot has got support for proxies and even provides its own captcha solver to help protect you against captcha blocks. The bot can protect you from the Supreme’s bot protection system while checkout multiple items at a time.

Multiple Sneaker Stores Supported

Wrath AIO Bot Multiple Sneaker Stores Supported

Except you are only interested in purchasing sneakers from one store, the number of stores supported and the particular stores will shape your bot purchase decision.

Sneaker bots are developed specifically according to the working and procedure of how purchases are made manually from a specific sneaker site. This means that the logic for copping from Adidas is different from Supreme. Only the Shopify sites have the same logic and this is because they are all built on the same platform or e-commerce platform.

Unfortunately, the sites do not remain the same, and changes are always made, requiring the bot developers to also effect changes to match the changes made if the bot is to continue working.

For this reason, a bot will only support a site that it can monitor and effect changes quickly. And usually, some changes are sudden, done to make botting ineffective. Wrath AIO is one of the sites that can be said to be an All-in-One bot.

An AIO bot is a sneaker bot that has got support for many sneaker sites. But what are the sites supported by the Wrath AIO sneaker bot? Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, and Yeezy Supply, are the supported sneaker sites you can use Wrath AIO bot on. According to the information on the bot website, more sites would be supported in the future.

Both Windows and Mac Supported

Windows and Mac Supported

In the past, sneaker bots support only Windows. If you want o run the bot on another operating system such as the macOS, you will need to run it on a server. This is not bad though, as running a bot on a server has its own advantage including adding raw speed to the mix.

However, it is not all the time you will want that, and let’s just face it — running a sneaker bot on a server would cost you money and not everyone would want to add that expenses to the mix.

On a personal note, I have moments I just want to cut costs and run my bot on my machine natively. If the bot does not support my Operating System, then I pass and look out for another option.

However, sneaker bots began shifting focus from supporting only Windows to support both Windows and Mac. The Wrath AIO sneaker bot is one of the sneakers bot that you can run on both Windows and Mac machines.

The Windows and Mac market share is put around 90 percent and as such, for most Internet users, they wouldn’t even have to think if the bot supports their operating system except if they run on Linux or any other operating system that is not popular.

And anyway, if that is the case, then you will need to learn how to run a bot on a server or virtual machine as most bots in the market only support the 2 operating systems.

Easy to Use with Good Customer Support

Wrath AIO bot Customer Support

How easy is the Wrath AIO bot is for those with no experience using sneaker bot or those you will want to call the non-techies? Well, if you take a look at the bot and you try using it, you will notice it simple look and feel. Wrath AIO bot is designed to work out of the box — all you need to do is provide your license, and then set it up for the specific copping task you are interested in.

The bot User Interface is intuitive that even a new user will not find it difficult to use at the first attempt. But that is not all that you will find interesting about usage. Wrath AIO does have a Discord server that only those with the bot have access to. On this server, you get a comprehensive guide on how to use the bot. You learn the tips and tracks in sneaker copping and just hanging around the server could take you from a novice to some level of proficiency that you can succeed in the copping game.

On the server, you get early release links and a calendar to help you plan ahead. Customer support is provided on the Discord server and that is where you will get the best and responsive customer support. You can also contact them on Twitter and via email and you should get your issues sorted in no time.

Wrath AIO Bot Cons

The above section highlights the pros of the bot. From the above, you can tell that it is a bot that works. However, it is just like every other bot in the sense that it does have its own downsides too. In this section, we would be taking a look at the downsides of the Wrath AIO bot.

Pricing is Expensive

Wrath AIO Bot Renewal Price

Pricing is one of the important factors that determine whether you will want to use a sneaker bot or not. If you are not a reseller but just a sneakerhead looking to avoid paying the exorbitant prices offered by retailers, then you will not want to pay for bots that are too expensive to make the use of bot not worth it.

Wrath AIO does not fall within the category of bots that are too expensive in such regard. However, the bot is still considered expensive for many people. A license for the Wrath AIO bot is $350 for the first 3 months after which you will have to be paying $50 monthly for renewal.

For most times, you will not even get your hand on the bot at the official rate as it is almost always sold out. This means that you will have to either rent it or buy from a bot reseller or broker. The same bot that is sold for $350 will be sold to you at over $2K on bot broker website. This is considered expensive for buyers but if you are the seller that got the bot at $350 and sold at that price — that is some good profit right?

Out of Stock Model

Wrath AIO Out of Stock Model

Try visiting the website of the Wrath AIO bot and you will see the “Out of Stock” notice. What this means is that you cannot pay for a license at that time as it is not available. The bot does limit the number of licenses it gives out in a bit to create high demand for the bot.

This will in turn make them competitive and because of their consistent success, they become highly valued with many people wanting to have their own share of it — even though they will not have as the licenses are in limited supply.

Restock is always announced as a surprise and you need to follow them on Twitter to get notified and swing into action before anyone else on other to be able to get the license before it gets sold out again. It is this model that makes bot licenses sold on the bot marketplace expensive.

Does Wrath AIO Bot Work?

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If you have read the pros section well, you would have already gotten the answer to this question. One of the core strengths of the Wrath AIO bot is that it has got a consistently good result. The team behind the bot is always on the lookout for how to make the bot more efficient at copping and evading detection.

With anti-bot systems bypassed, speed enhanced, and queues bypassed, the chance of Wrath AIO destroying releases is quite high. However, they provide you no guarantee that the bot will secure you a pair in a release as you are in competition with many other people using bots, and not just using their bot but your ability to compete effectively is what matters the most.

Do We Recommend Wrath AIO Bot?

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Wrath AIO is one of the sneaker copping bots we would recommend to our users to provide the sites they want to purchase the sneakers from is supported by the bot. The only major problem associated with the Wrath AIO bot has got to do with pricing only and the fact that it is usually out of stock.

Aside from that, it is one of the sneaker bots you will want to make use of considering its pros such as being multithreaded and allowing you to multitask, support for both Mac and Windows, anti-bot, and queue bypass, as well as a good customer support service.

Our Expert's Review
  • Automation Performance - 9.1/10
  • Growth Service - 8.5/10
  • Bot Functions - 9.2/10
  • Customer support - 9.1/10

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