10 Best ViewerLabs Alternatives (ViewerLabs Is Dead) – Twitch View Bots 2024

Are you looking for the best alternative to the Twitch viewer bot ViewerLabs? Then you are on the right page as we would be describing some of the best alternatives to this bot in the article below.

ViewerLabs Alternatives

How about you play games, get watched playing it, and earn money from that? Well, that is a dream that Twitch will help you achieve — but only when your streams get popular and the numbers actually support such.

One thing with Twitch is that it is not easy to grow organically like you would for other platforms. If you already have an audience, you can bring them over to Twitch or spend money marketing your channel to gain views. However, for many, these two are not even an option either because they do not have an existing audience or because they do not have the budget.

For these sets of gamers, they make use of automation bots to fake engagement and views which would prompt others to interact with their streams and channel. By doing this, they can grow their channel faster and earn real followers and streamers which would set them up for success on the platform.

The ViewerLabs tool is one of the popular Twitch bots out there that people use, but of late, it seems to be unavailable and as such, many users are looking for an alternative. We would be providing users recommendations on the best alternatives to ViewerLabs in this article. Before doing that, let take a look at an overview of ViewerLabs and Why you will need an alternative.

What is ViewerLabs?

The ViewerLabs bot is a solution to streams with little to no views. It is a viewer bot developed for the Twitch platform to fake views by automatically viewing channels and their content with no real human interaction. This means that even without a single user viewing your streams, you can actually fake it and artificially inflate your view, making it look like there are people viewing your channels. The bot will even provide you live viewers to spice things up.

ViewerLabs does not only provide views, it also provides chatbots, and followers. Those that have used the bot in the past will tell you that the bot works. However, it does have a problem as at the time it was functional — the pricing was considered expensive when compared to the pricing of others in the market.

ViewerLabs Shut Down!

If you try checking review sites, you will see that a good number of people have their reservations about the tool and would tell you not to waste your money on it. Well, those are not even a reason now because you cannot even use the tool again. Yes if you try visiting the official website of the bot, you will notice that it is no longer available and the domain name has been parked.

  • Is ViewerLabs shut down?

This is because the tool has been shut down due to legal actions. It turns out that Twitch sued ViewerLabs not only demanding closure but also requesting details of all of the users that have used the platform and even their payment methods.

For this reason, they had shut down and you can no longer make use of the tool to inflate your view count. If you must do that now, you will have to do that using another Twitch viewer bot but not ViewerLabs.

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The Shutting down of ViewerLabs didn’t put an end to Twitch automation. Instead, there are many more Twitch around that you can use to fake engagement until Twitch come for them too. But to be honest, they wouldn’t be able to do that as even Instagram has to go for the big fish and leave others. The below are some of the best ViewerLabs alternatives in the market you can use to inflate your views on Twitch.

That's Why you Need a ViewerLabs Alternative.

Best ViewerLabs Alternatives for Twitch Views


Views run overview

The Views.run is a service that provides you with a good number of bots for Twitch if what you are looking at is Twitch automation. The bots it provides are some of the best alternatives to ViewerLabs.

This service provides 5 bots which include Viewers & Chatbot for viewing your live streams and chatting, the Followers bot for increasing channel followers, the View bot for increasing channel view, and two other bots. Each of these is paid for separately. If you use the bots in the right way, you can start getting some form of real human interaction with your channel and live streams in no time. The bots provided by Views.run work quite great and are affordable and safe to use.


Viewer Boss overview

The ViewerBoss is a Twitch viewer bot that can serve as a good alternative to the ViewerLabs. The application provides you with all of the tools that ViewerLabs provide you including a viewer bot, chatbots, and followers. One thing you will come to like about the ViewerBoss is that it uses residential proxies which use real IP addresses – making their actions safer.

The bots they use mimic real human interaction so as to avoid giving out clues that lead to suspicion and subsequent ban. This service gives you a lot of power regarding how you want the bot to behave by giving you a lot of customization options from the user dashboard. The user dashboard is quite easy to use — and also beautiful for those that like tools with aesthetic appeal.


View 4 Twitch overview

The Views4Twitch software has been developed to automate the boring aspect of trying to fake engagement with your channel. With this tool, you can boost your views and rank automatically without you doing much of the work. All you need to do is set the bot and it will get the job done for you.

This is a powerful view bot for Twitch that allows you to set how many unique views you want. It even provides you free private proxies to use since you can’t have unique views with the same IP address. Views4Twitch requires no download – all you need to do is access it from your browser and you can get it to work. It is quite easy to use, protects your privacy, and would help you meet the minimum requirement for Twitch affiliates.


Use Viral overview

The UseViral service is a growth service that can help you grow your accounts across many of the popular social media platforms. It has got support for Twitch and with it, you can grow your Twitch account pretty fast. The name of the Twitch service is Twitch Promotion Service which was developed to help build your credibility, provide social proof, and make your channel look engaging enough for others to follow.

One thing you will come to like is that the service is safe and smart enough to beat the Twitch algorithm. It is important we stress here that while they do not mention specifically that they are using bots, that is what they are using – but is safe to you.



From the name of this tool, you can tell that it is a tool for providing followers. But what the name does not reveal is that it has got support for most of the popular social media platforms on the Internet including Twitch. Unlike in the case of the ViewerLabs, the GetAFollower service is not an automation tool — it is a service set up to provide you, followers.

If you want views or followers, you can get them from the GetAFollower service at an affordable price. According to the claim on their website, the followers they provide real followers. However, from our experience, most services saying such are not telling the truth. But if all you want are followers to get social proof, go ahead and get them from GetAFollower.


Stream Bot overview

The Streambot is another Twitch viewer bot that can be seen as a good alternative to ViewerLabs. This is because just like ViewerLabs, Streambots can automate viewing of your channel provide you followers and a chatbot. The bot can help you grow your following and audience on Twitch, making your channel interestingly statistically enough for others to join.

This tool is quite customizable and easy to use, allowing you to add multiple channels, and carry out tasks in an unlimited manner. One thing you will come to like about the Streambot is that its pricing is quite flexible, providing you packages with only features you will like.

Twitch Bot

Twitch Bot overview

This bot looks a little bit dated when you take a look at its website. However, it does not mean it does not work — it only means the developers didn’t put in more time to develop a website that is at par with modern design.

As far as being a Twitch viewer bot is concerned, you can see the Twitch bot as one of the good options out there – capable of standing as a good alternative to ViewerLabs since the latter has been shut down. With this bot, you get all of the bots you get from ViewerLabs which includes viewer bot, chatbot, and follower bot. The tool uses proxies under the hood to make sure the activities of the bot are hidden.


Followers Up overview

If you are looking forward to getting a good number of following, views, and likes on your channel and streams, then using the FollowersUp service isn’t a bad idea. The service help marketers across popular social media platforms grow their audience base by using bots to automate many of their tasks.

This service has got support for Twitch and you can even carry out tasks that the ViewerLabs will not help you with. The tool is quite affordable and easy to use and you can get started in no time. All you need to do is choose the service and package you want, make payment, and the order will get started automatically.

Twitch Viewer Bot

Twitch Viewers Bots overview

The Twitch Viewer Bot is one of the Twitch viewer bots in the market that we can say has a history of working quite well. One thing you need to know is that the tool is not just a change viewer bot as that will mean all it does is inflate your views.

It also has support for adding followers to your channel and also providing you with a chatbot. There is little option for customization which makes it the perfect alternative for those that want plug and play kind of tool with minimal setup routine from their end. In terms of pricing, the Twitch Viewer Bot can be said to be quite affordable, as you can get started at $14 for a month.

Viewerbot for Python Coders

Viewer bot for Python overview

All of the alternatives of ViewerLabs above are meant to be used by non-coders and usually require you to make payment in other to use them. If you are a coder, then you can use the Viewerbot provided for you at no charge. All you need to do is download it from GitHub and install it. It requires Python to install and it is a command-line application.

This tool will provide you with views for your streams. For the script to work effectively without affecting your channel negatively, you will need to add proxies. While the tool has support for public proxies, we do not advise you to use public proxies as they are slow and can easily be detected. We advise you use private proxies from high-quality providers such as MyPrivateProxy.net.


From the above, you can see that the death of the ViewerLabs bot is not the death of Twitch automation.

Even though ViewerLabs has been shut down, there are a good number of other Twitch automation bots you can use to increase your views, get more followers, and social proof which are all required if you want your channel on Twitch to grow to a level where you can start making money from it.

You can make a choice from the list of best alternatives to ViewerLabs provided above.

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