Unlimited Connections & Unlimited Bandwidth Proxy Providers

Looking for a proxy service that allows you to enjoy “unlimited connection” without restricting the amount of bandwidth you can consume? Then come in now to see our recommended unlimited proxies.

Unlimited Proxies

Do you consume a lot of bandwidth and find proxies that come with metered bandwidth such as Bright Data and Smartproxy not cost-effective? Then you need to jump sheep and move toward using unlimited bandwidth proxies.

Note: Bright Data and Smartproxy offer unlimited connections! And there is no any one provider offer unlimited connections with unlimited bandwidth.

  • If a provider offers unlimited bandwidth then they limited the connections/threads or speed.
  • If a provider offers unlimited connections/threads, They usually bill by bandwidth used.

Unlimited Connection Vs. Unlimited Bandwidth?

With Unlimited Connection proxies, you can connect to almost all of their proxy network at the same time, so you have the ability to get and use thousands of IPs at one time, obviously those types of providers sold the proxies charged by bandwidth/GB used.

With unlimited bandwidth proxies, you do not have to care about bandwidth usage as the bandwidth available to you is not metered. This makes them actually cheaper compared to their metered proxies’ counterparts. However, to avoid abuse and maintain optimum performance, the number of devices and concurrent connections is limited, so if a provider offers Unlimited bandwidth, the provider will give fixed ports to buy, like 10 ports, those 10 ports are “Unlimited bandwidth”, but you only can get 10 different IPs at the same time.

So, You have to choose based on your needs! This article will be used to introduce to you the top unlimited (bandwidth) proxies in the market. But before that, let take a look at what they are and their application.

What are Unlimited Proxies?

Just to clarify to you what we mean by unlimited proxies, unlimited proxies are those proxies that allow you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage – someplace restrictions on the number of threads that can be created while other comes with unlimited threads too. While they can be used for anything you require proxies for, they have instances that using them when it adds to your cost is an overkill.

What are they used for?

Unlimited proxies are useful when you foresee the consumption of a large amount of bandwidth. Without using them, you will find yourself paying for additional bandwidth before the expiry date of your subscription.

Take, for instance; unlimited proxies are the best for automating YouTube views and used for unlimited SoundCloud play. One thing I find interesting about them is that their unmetered nature does not add up to their pricing – they are quite cheap.

Unlimited Residential Proxies (Bandwidth)


Stormproxies Logo

  • IP Pool Size: 40,000
  • Locations: the US and EU region only
  • Concurrency Allowed: only one device per port
  • Cost: Starts at $50 monthly for 5 ports

Stormproxies is one of the providers of residential proxies with unmetered bandwidth – but limit the number of threads that can be created. Stormproxiesis slightly limited by the number of IPs it has in its pool, but exceed you need hundreds of thousands; you will not have a problem using their proxies. You can get some of the most specialized proxies from Stormproxies ranging from social media proxies, ticketing proxies, and even sneaker proxies. Its residential proxies are priced based on ports.


Shifter Formerly Microleaves

  • IP Pool Size: Over 31 million
  • Locations: 130 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $125 monthly for 10 ports

Shifter is formerly known as Microleaves before rebranding into Shifter in 2020. Currently, Shifter is one of the largest proxy networks in the market, with over 31 million residential IPs in its pool. They make use of a self-replenishing system that constantly monitors the pool to remove bad IPs.

Shifter’s pricing is based on number of ports. When it comes to pricing, Shifter is expensive when compared with Stormproxies. However, the pricing is still a friendly one when compared to many other providers.


Nimbleway Logo

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: All countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $600 monthly for 75GB

Nimbleway offers unlimited proxies in terms of connections and a concurrent number of requests you can send. However, bandwidth allocation is limited, depending on the plan you subscribe to. One of the reasons you will come to like this provider is its advanced rotation system powered by AI to help select the best time to rotate and IP to assign to you, which boosts the success rate. This provider has a large proxy pool with millions of IP addresses sourced from over 50 countries.

One thing you will come to like about this provider is its performance in terms of speed and scalability. You can use the proxies for web scraping, botting, and social media monitoring. While this provider works, it does have two cons you need to be aware of. First, only big projects can use them as it costs a minimum of $600 to get started. Secondly, the service requires KYC, and it is still new as it hasn’t built trust yet. But based on my test, it is one of the best in terms of performance.



  • IP Pool Size: over 2 million
  • Locations: 140 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: unlimited
  • Cost: $120 for 250 proxies for a month

The popularity of Proxyrack is in question when compared with the other providers on the list. However, it might interest you to know that it is one of the best proxy providers, especially when unlimited residential proxy providers are mentioned.

Proxyrack has a residential proxy pool with over a million residential IPs. When it comes to pricing, Proxyrack can also be said to be one of the friendly residential proxy providers in the market.

Flipnode is another Residential IP Proxies provider with unlimited bandwidth.

Unlimited Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are at the forefront of providing unlimited proxies. Unlike residential proxies that make use of devices that they do not own, datacenter proxies own all of their infrastructures, and as such, they can afford to provide unlimited bandwidth at a lower price. There are many unlimited datacenter proxies in the market. Let take a look at the top 3.



  • Locations: US and EU region only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threads
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.49 per proxy for a month

MyPrivateProxy is arguable the datacenter proxy provider in the market right now. Make no mistake about it; their proxies are super-fast, built with the best infrastructure to provide you superb performance and reliability – they are also compatible with a good number of sites and are quite affordable too.

MyPrivateProxy proxies come with unlimited bandwidth. When it comes to their multithreaded capabilities, MyPrivateProxy allows you to create up to 100 threads – but I will advise you to go gentle on this else; performance may be affected.



  • Locations: North America and Europe
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.76 per proxy for a month

All the proxies discussed in this article are secure –and SSLPrivateProxy is not an exception. SSLPrivatePrivate proxy service is one of the datacenter proxy providers with unlimited proxies – both bandwidth and number of threads allowed.

However, you need to keep the number of concurrent threads at a minimal – for optimal performance. When it comes to pricing, SSLPrivateProxy is a little bit expensive compared to many others in its league. It has good location coverage in North America and a few other locations in Europe.


Proxy-IPv4 Logo new

  • Locations: 34+ countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $0.45 per proxy for 3 days

Proxy-IPv4 available in both IPv4 and IPv6 formats, is expertly tailored to meet the diverse needs of online users. The service stands out for its unlimited traffic allowance, a crucial aspect for users engaged in bandwidth-intensive activities such as web scraping, multimedia streaming, or managing large-scale data transfers, ensuring seamless performance without the constraints of data limitations.

In addition to its technical prowess, Proxy-IPv4 is lauded for its adaptable and user-centric approach. The service offers a wide array of pricing plans, ranging from short-term options as brief as 3 days to extended plans up to 90 days, thus catering to the varying demands of both short-term projects and long-term engagements.

The amalgamation of user-friendly pricing, extensive global coverage, and robust technical features makes Proxy-IPv4 a standout choice for users seeking reliable, versatile, and high-performing proxy solutions.



  • Locations: Worldwide
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.00 per proxy for a month

If you have been reading our articles on datacenter proxies, you will notice that hardly do we talk about datacenter proxies without discussing InstantProxies. It is for a reason, and the reason is not farfetched from the fact that it is incredibly cheap. And mind you, that it is cheap does not mean it is less functional compared to the others. Interestingly, InstantProxies proxies come with unlimited bandwidth – and the number of threads allowed is not also limited. They have a system that tests proxies before selling them to you.

Unlimited Residential Proxies (Sessions)

While datacenter proxy service is the ones known with providing unlimited proxies, residential proxies are taking the challenge and providing them too. The residential proxy providers that provide unlimited proxies are going to be discussed below.



  • IP Pool Size: over 1M IP Addresses
  • Locations: Worldwide coverage
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $350 for 20GB for a month

If you are looking for a reliable static residential proxy, look no further. This provider offers unlimited data purchases and concurrent connections. Experience fast, reliable, and 100% anonymous access to a worldwide ISP proxy network for all your data needs. NetNut provides over 1 million undetectable static IPs available 24/7, ensuring seamless website sessions for you and making it the perfect solution for a variety of use cases.

You get to use bandwidth as your needs demand with zero IP blocks and lightning-fast data speed. Use the intuitive dashboard to keep track of your activities, sessions, and detailed data usage statistics. Limitless static IPs are available, as all traffic is exclusively routed through the NetNut proxy networks, this ensures stability and zero interruptions as you gather data all over the internet. 

The power of their rotating residential proxies bypass CAPTCHAs, reCAPTCHAs, and anti-bot activities, ensuring you are not limited or restricted by the destinations either. By using unlimited concurrent connections, you can maximize your efficiency and scale your web data gathering to new heights.

You can start off with the 7-day FREE trial and gain a competitive edge with NetNut’s unlimited residential proxies. Then support your business with more power with one of their paid packages – how about that monstrous 1TB package? The flexibility of their six-tier residential proxy plans allows you to cater adequately to your data needs. As expected, the higher you go, the more value for money you get. When it comes to NetNut Residential Proxy Packages, unlimited is truly unlimited.


Make no mistake about it; there are some scenarios that using proxies that come with metered bandwidth is not ideal because of the need to consume a large amount of bandwidth, which might require extra cost. If you are in such a scenario, make use of one of the proxy providers discussed above.

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