Which Proxies Work Best for SEnukeTNG and Xrumer?

If you’re looking to perform some dark web magic, you’ll probably begin with proxies. You don’t want anyone to know the magic was performed by you, right?

In reality, you don’t have to engage in black hat SEO tactics  – the tech-y version of warlock-level spells – to render your enemies (competitors) senseless. Using proxies doesn’t imply the use of such tactics, just that you want to be hidden in your actions.

Regardless of the intentions and methods, you are using, there are types of proxies that work better than others.

This is especially true when dealing with certain software applications.

The two applications on the chopping block today are SEnuke and Xrumer.

Proxies for SEnuke and Xrumer

These are where that dark magic comes in. I won’t say outright that everyone who uses SEnuke and Xrumer are black hat technicians – but if I’m honest a lot of them are.

These programs allow you to automate a number of processes on the web to increase your SEO rankings. The main feature of these is to automatically create backlinks to your website through a number of methods, thereby boosting your overall rank in Google and other search engines.

As you can imagine, these practices are either frowned upon by most, or straight up disallowed, depending on what you’re doing and how often you’re doing it.

I’m not here to judge, though. I’m here to tell you how to perform these actions (technically only the legal ones!) in the best way possible, thereby decreasing your time and cost while increasing results.

There are many factors that go into this, but proper use of proxies is one of the most important. I’ll break down which proxies you should use below, but first a bit more on these two programs.


SEnuke has a great name, but I always wondered why they left the “o” off SEO. Quips aside, this is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market.

It’s actually a bit unfair how powerful it is, because it sure-as-hell isn’t open source. This means those with money have a much more robust platform to use against their competitors.

SEnuke actually has three distinct versions at the time of writing:

SEnuke TNG

SEnuke TNG

This is the newest, most comprehensive version released yet. The TNG version has a new skin and array of potent features, like crowd searching, built-in optical character recognition (OCR) and a macro recorder.

It retains all of the old features, too, but throws them into a much more intuitive interface that looks brand new


Assuming you’re looking to purchase SEnuke, the TNG Lite version will cost $67 per month, while the Pro version will cost $147 per month. You can have a 7 day free trial for both.

The monthly cost means you’ll want to justify your use of SEnuke as time goes on, but if you use it correctly I’m sure that won’t be difficult.


If SEnuke is a comprehensive backlink tool, Xrumer is a very powerful, very specific backlink tool.

It specializes in posting comments to forums. We’re talking about the potential to post thousands of comments continually as different users, all with specific set parameters, all of which is automated.

While Xrumer is particularly effective when used correctly, it’s known to have a steep learning curve.

Xrumer only has one official version that is continually updated – it’s currently at version 12.0.16. It’s a one-time purchase, with three different tiers: Lite for $100, Standard for $240 and Business for $400.

Compare XRumer

Each has slightly different abilities, and each comes with different plugins.

Many people in the SEO backlink game use Xrumer and SEnuke together – but you have to be ready to drop some cash into both programs.

Both of these programs are meant to help increase your site’s SEO placement, and both do this through a variety of backlink methods. I won’t get into all of these methods, as they are complicated and time-consuming for the layout.

Hopefully, because you’re here, you already have and know how to use the programs.

You’d also then know that creating backlinks for your website in an automatic way can be risky. If you don’t use proxies, it means you’ll be outfitting these programs to run automatic campaigns, and every interaction on the web will carry your actual IP address.

This is dangerous. There are a huge number of reasons to use proxies, which block the visibility of this IP address, but the main one in regards to backlinks is so Google or the sites and forums you’re posting to don’t ban your IP address.

Once your actual IP address gets banned or blocked you are out of luck.

Proxies are your main way out of that mess, and you want to use them for both of these programs.

What Kind of Proxies?

The good kind, obviously.

Once you get either of these programs you’ll see that both have tools for finding and using proxies within them, specifically SEnuke TNG. Programs like this typically come with a public proxy scanner and checker, which allows you to use free proxies in the place of paid ones.

This can work, but it won’t ever work well. Public proxies are free for a reason. While this software allows you to avoid the worst of what public proxies can do to your computer and IP address, it doesn’t change the fact that public proxies fail frequently.

This means you’ll need to update the list you use in either program, thereby greatly limiting the “set and run” feature that is so great about automatic campaigns.

The best proxies, then, are those that you pay for. There are many kinds of those paid proxies, though, so I’ll break down the concept below, starting with the best, ending with the last.

Rotating Proxies

Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies are going to be your best bet for use with SEnuke and Xrumer.


Well, using proxies with these programs implies you’ll be using them pretty hard. You want to be able to push the number of backlinks created to their reasonable limit, and doing so has a chance to burn your proxies, even if they’re private and paid for.

A provider of rotating proxies will give you entirely new proxies, meaning new IP addresses, every couple hours or days. The number of new proxies depends on the provider, of course, but the idea remains the same.

And note: 80% of rotating proxies providers use residential IP proxy network as their proxy service, to know more details about it, please read this post.

You don’t just ask for new proxies once they’ve become blocked or banned – you get them automatically.

This allows you to run private proxies as hard as possible, meaning you’ll get the most backlinks out of a single campaign, all without pissing off your provider or paying for a larger batch of proxies.

You’ll probably pay a little more for rotating proxies, but it will be worth it. Rotating proxies means faster and harder backlink campaigns, which means more money coming in from your website, because your SEO is higher, which is the whole point.

Elite Private Proxies

Private Proxies

If rotating proxies are the cream of the crop, elite private proxies are a close second. “Elite” means the provider does not keep logs and the proxies are truly anonymous (well, as anonymous as any HTTP proxy can be ). “Private” means they are solely used by you.

Elite private proxies are the standard paid proxy model and are used by a number of scrapers, hackers, pirates, and privacy-concerned citizens. Many services offer them, and they aren’t too expensive.

Unlike the rotating proxies, you’ll get a set batch of proxies, typically 10-100. You can request new proxy IPs if they get banned or blocked, but your provider will become upset (or wary of your practices) if you request new proxies frequently.

This means you’ll need to set the parameters of SEnuke and Xrumer to a lower speed. Keep your thread count lower, the number of accounts created and posts and comments lower, and the speed at which everything happens lower.

Overall this means your campaign will take more time to effectively place on your top of the SEO charts, but you’ll still be able to climb fairly quick.

If you do a good job of staying under the radar you can utilize fully automatic campaigns that run 24/7 on both programs with 10 proxies. You won’t have to change a thing, unless you want to refine parameters as the process runs.

If you use the private proxies, read this post to know how to avoid proxies get blacklisted.

Shared Proxies

Shared Proxies

If you want proxies that will work most of the time, but not pay the full cost of private proxies, consider shared proxies. These are typically still “elite” in that the providers don’t keep logs and they are fairly anonymous, but instead of you being the only user, you’ll share an IP address with some people.

The number of people depends on your provider, so make sure to check in with them.

Due to the shared nature of these proxies, you are going to pay less for them. However, this comes with a couple of very obvious negatives:

1. There’s a greater chance of the proxies getting banned or blocked at any time. When you’re sharing proxies with multiple people you never know what they’re doing, but you’re all using the same IP address. Shared proxies fail more frequently. The upside is usually proxy providers are aware of this and more willing to refresh shared proxies.

2. You won’t get the same speed. Shared, again, means the proxy is being used by multiple people, each of which is routing information. SEnuke and Xrumer tend to take a lot of bandwidth to perform at high capacity, so you will see your campaign get bottle-necked if those shared people are using the proxy too.

While I don’t really recommend shared proxies for this service, they are way more effective than public proxies. If you’re experimenting and trying to get a feel for how necessary SEnuke and Xrumer are for your business, start with a batch of shared proxies.

Know that the second you get dedicated private proxies your speeds will go up significantly.

Purchasing Advice

With those types of proxies in mind, there is some purchasing advice that is necessary before I send you off into the proxy world. As a general rule, you’ll want to do as much research as you can in these fields.

It’s inherently difficult to find solid information on them because many black hat people don’t like to dish out information, and many people that use proxies don’t speak (or write) in clear English. This even includes the creators of Xrumer.

All of this makes research tough, but I still recommend you to do it.

A couple of key things to remember for purchasing proxies:

1. Always contact the provider and ask about these particular programs.

The best thing you can do when shopping around for proxies is to use the “Contact Us” button. Shoot off emails to providers you think might work and ask if their proxies are used for Xrumer and SEnuke, and how well they work.

Ask the customer service department if they can help you navigate those programs if you need help.

Tell them roughly what you want to do, including a number of proxies, level of campaigns, and how many threads you’d like to use. Start the dialogue with these professionals, because they usually know exactly what you will need.

This way, when your proxies are banned and blocked (they eventually will be), your provider won’t be surprised. In fact, they will probably have proxies ready and waiting for you.

2. Always make sure the proxies provided are virgin or have yet to be banned.

Virgin proxies are the term applied for any proxy that has never been used before. This means that, by nature, Google and other engines or sites have never seen the proxy, which means it can’t have any negative stigma attached.

There are plenty of proxy providers that recycle old IP addresses. When an IP address gets banned or blocked there is a record kept by the organization that banned it. You don’t want to pay for proxies with stigma.

If you get private proxies that fail to work right away, let your provider know.

3. Use HTTP, rather than SOCKS

Typically SOCKS proxies are more secure as they tunnel directly to the host, but in these two programs, they cause a lot of errors. HTTP proxies are more common, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

With that said, be clear with your provider about anonymity. Are they really anonymous? Do they keep logs? Make sure you know before you begin to use them heavily.

Get Your Campaign Going

Are you ready to deal with black magic?

Proxies are the first step, and these programs are the next. SEnuke has a 7-day free trial, so definitely try that before buying. Xrumer costs what it costs – do your research and make sure you want it before purchasing. That said, it costs a lot less than SEnuke in the long run, due to the one time purchase.

Make sure to load your proxies correctly in each program, and don’t overlap. You’ll want dedicated proxies for each platform, or make sure they aren’t running at the same time.

SEO-land awaits your domination.


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