Top IP Providers to Set Up Proxies

Do you want to buy IPs for developing your own exclusive proxies? Then come in now and discover the best IP providers in the market. They have been tested and have proven to work.

Top IP Providers

Developing your own proxies has been made easy, and a lot of mistakes that are common in the past can be avoided now. However, no matter how engineered your proxies are, if they are made with bad or low-quality IPs, the proxies will be considered low quality.

That is why you need to make sure the IPs you make use of are of the best quality possible. You wouldn’t want to buy IPs that have already been spammed to death by the previous users – you will also want to lean toward affordability. Do not worry; we considered all of these before coming up with our list.

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What is an IP Provider?

IP Provider

The IP providers we are going to be discussing in this article are hosting companies that own or rents IP addresses from data centers for their business need. This then means that the type of proxies you can make from the IPs you get from these providers are going to be datacenter proxies – because the IPs are sourced from data centers.

The hosting companies need to provide VPS service, as that is what we need to create our own proxies. There are a good number of providers you can use. The major challenge is finding one with clean IPs, good location coverage, and provides high performance.

Buying Clean and Unabused IPs – A Quick Guide

If you look at the websites of many popular datacenter proxy providers, you will get to see them market their IPs as virgin IPs. But is it even possible to get a virgin IP address now? For IPv6, that is possible, but for IPv4 IP addresses, I doubt – and consider that a marketing gibberish. So, now that you have set out to make your own proxies, you need to be realistic and know that you cannot get your hands-on virgin IPv4 IP addresses – the best you can get are clean IP addresses that have not been abused on websites you intend to use them on.

Guide for Buying Clean IPs

This is because there is no central database for recording abused IP addresses – the tools for checking IP quality cannot be trusted. I have had many supposed clean IPs based on my personal compatibility test on some popular websites labeled fraudulent and spam.

Instead of using any of these IP quality checker tools, I will advise you to make use of WhatIsMyIP IP Address Blacklist Check or any other tool that checks the DNSBL or SURBL system to see if an IP is listed. However, you have to know that the database is meant for email-based spam and as such, might not have an IP recorded if it wasn’t used for email spamming in the past.

The truth is, when it comes to buying clean IPs, you have to trust a provider. How then do you trust a provider? For no reason should you pay for VPS and, by extension, IP addresses from a provider that offer rental services of less than a month – this is because such a provider will be flooded by spammers.

Also, make sure you do not consider any provider that provides more than 5 extra IPs per VPS without asking for justification – this shows a lack of compliance with IANA guidelines. To be on the safer side, ask for a test IP to ascertain the quality yourself. All of these will only increase the probability of buying bad IPs – they are not perfect.

Best IP Providers in the Market

While there are a good number of providers in the market, getting a provider that will allow you to use their VPS as a proxy server is not an easy task. Even among providers that do, you have to stay away from providers that were negligent and allow their IPs to be abused by spammers – the number of extra IPs matters too. To help you get the best value for your money and avoid these providers, we assembled for you, the top IP providers in the market.


Virmach Logo

  • Locations Supported: US locations only
  • Offer Extra IPs: Yes
  • Server Speed: Up to 10Gps
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu/Debian/FreeBSD/Centos/Fedora/openSUSE/Linux Mint
  • Cost: Starts at $1.25 for a month

Virmach is another VPS service provider; you can buy clean IPs that have a good probability of not being spammed. Aside from their VPS service, Virmach also has its foot in the storage VPS, shared web hosting, and DDoS protection market. One thing I like about Virmach is that their VPS pricing is quite cheap and affordable.

They have good customer support, guarantees 100 percent uptime – and compensates you for a downtime. Virmach VPS has support for a good number of Operating Systems and architectures. In terms of location, Virmach VPS supports only US locations.

Virmach homepage

Forward Web

Forward Web overview

  • Locations Supported: The United States only
  • Offer Extra IPs: Yes
  • Server Speed: Up to 1Gps
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu/Debian//Centos
  • Cost: Starts at $35 annually

Forward Web is another provider you can rent VPS servers and use as a proxy server. Forward Web is not a popular provider and has other services it renders. Forward Web has the perfect VPS plans for you, and each of their packages comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, free SSL, and DDOS protection. The control panel is shared. Forward Web cannot be said to be one of the cheapest when you compare the price with others on the list.

Forward Web vps server


bluevps overview

  • Locations Supported: The United States only
  • Offer Extra IPs: Yes
  • Server Speed: Up to 1Gps
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu/Debian//Centos
  • Cost: Starts at $35 annually

BlueVPS has support for about 10 countries, making them a good provider if you need to create a proxy list that supports a good number of location – and have diverse subnet. With proxies from many subnets, your network will be difficult to discover. BlueVPS has support for about 4 operating systems and both the 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. BlueVPS, just like every other provider, has support for extra IP addresses, and the cost is just $0.69 less than the VPS cost.

bluevps homepage


ultravps overview

  • Locations Supported: Supports 5 countries
  • Offer Extra IPs: Yes
  • Server Speed: Up to 10Gps
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu/Debian//Centos
  • Cost: Starts at €2.00 for a month

UltraVPS might not be as popular as other VPS providers. However, when it comes to their VPS and the IPs associated with them, then UltraVPS can be regarded as one of the best IP providers in the market.

One thing you will have to know about UltraVPS is that it is an EU based company and complies with its rules – you will have to pay EU VAT, and that will automatically be removed if you are not located in the EU – and provide no valid VAT ID. Germany, the USA, Netherlands, Moldovia, UK, and Lithuania are the supported locations. It supports about 3 operating Systems. UltraVPS can be said to be moderately priced.

UltraVPS homepage

FDC Servers

FDC Servers Logo

  • Locations Supported: 12 countries
  • Offer Extra IPs: Yes
  • Server Speed: Up to 10Gps
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu/Debian/FreeBSD
  • Cost: Starts at $5.99 for a month

FDCServers is a cloud-based service provider with an interest in providing dedicated servers, virtualization and hosting, and private cloud to individuals and businesses around the world. This provider has been in the market for close to 20 years now. Currently, FDC Servers has support for 12 countries, including the US, countries in Europe, and Asia.

Their VPS plans are unmetered. You have the option of choosing your preferred Operating System, OS architecture, and location. Their VPS servers are fast and can go as fast as 10Gbps. It is advisable you choose different locations if you need many servers in other to get different subnets.

FDC Servers Providers

FAQs about Top IP Providers

  • What Type of IPs Can You get from VPS Providers?

The IP addresses assigned to VPS servers are datacenter IPs. This is because the IPs are sourced and rented from data centers. Datacenter IP usage is limited as a good number of websites detect them easily.

  • Where Can I Buy Virgin IPs?

While some providers will describe their IPs as virgin IPs, they are not telling you the truth. This is because almost all the IPv4 IP addresses have been used before. Instead of looking for a virgin IP, it is better you look for clean IPs from providers that their IPs haven’t been abused by spammers and fraudulent people on the Internet.

  • How to Avoid Buying Bad and Spammed IPs?

There is no perfect answer to this question. This is because there is no central database for recording IPs that have been used for spam. However, making sure an IP is not recorded in the DNSBL or SURBL system and comes from a good provider. If possible, ask for a test IP to ascertain the quality of what you should expect.

  • Making Your Own Proxies Vs. Buying from Proxy Providers

From the prices of the above IPs, you can tell that making use of proxies from proxy providers will save you money – meaning, buying from proxy providers is cheaper. However, making your own will give you more control over the IPs.


Finding the right IP provider for your proxies is not as easy as you think. You will have to comb through the numerous hosting providers that allow their VPS to be used as a server. You also have to make sure that the provider you choose isn’t negligent of its IPs to avoid buying IPs that have been spammed to death. To makes things a little bit easy for you, the above list has been compiled for you.


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