Inflact (Ingramer) Review 2024: Is It Legit or Safe for Instagram Automation? *Alternatives & Competitors*

Are you looking for the use Inflact, the former Ingramer for Instagram automation? Then read our review about Inflact and discover some of the best Inflact alternatives in the market that you can use.

Inflact Alternatives

When it comes to growing your account and making those huge sales you want to – there are basically two methods available to you. You can either do it manually and grow organically which either requires a big budget or a lot of patience and waiting time. On the other hand, with the right growth plans, you can automate your tasks on Instagram from the audience targeting stage to communicating with your prospective customers using automation bots known as Instagram bots. There are many Instagram bots in the market and the Inflact bot is one of the favourite among many IG marketers.

Even though Inflact is standing strong and proving itself as one pop the leaders in the market, it is still not the solution to everyone’s need if you take into consideration a lot of variables. For this reason, there are many IG marketers looking for an alternative to Inflact. If you are one of the persons looking for an alternative to Inflact, then this article has been written for you as we would be discussing some of the best alternatives to the popular Instagram automation bot. Before doing that, let take a look at an overview of Inflact and why you will need an alternative for it.

Unbaised Inflact Review

The Inflact Instagram automation bot is one of the best IG automation bots in the market that you can use without compromising the security of your accounts. Formerly known as Ingramer, this automation bot has been developed specifically to help grow your account and close more sales by automating your processes and workflow on the platform.

Inflact (Ingramer) Pros

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With Inflact, you can target audiences on Instagram using its smart targeting tool, engage them, and even plan your posting by scheduling them to be posted automatically.

Inflact has a chatbot to auto-reply your customers’ DM, provides you an advanced Direct Messenger, analyses profile, provides you analytics about your performance, and comes with an AI for hashtag generation and revealing hashtag trends, among others.

The tool comes with 4 modules. This includes the Promo Module for smart audience targeting, Direct Module for sending bulk messages, Scheduled Posting Module, and the Hashtag Generator Module. You are not mandated to add all of the modules to your subscription. The pricing model is quite flexible and you can choose the modules you want to include.

Use an Inflact Alternative

Inflact does not just work, it is one of the best in the space and has got a good number of loyal users that depend on it for their growth hack. In fact, this tool has been used by over 50K marketers and has provided users more than 1K followers from 0 from the first month.

Inflact (Ingramer) Cons

However, there are still reasons you will want to make use of an alternative. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

Why Use an Inflact Alternative?
  • Inflact Pricing is Expensive

Inflact price

If you take a look at the pricing system of Inflact, you will notice how flexible it is. You can decide which of the module you want and the time duration. You can also choose the number of accounts you will want to automate. However, that’s all that is good about the pricing – every other thing is bad for small marketers. You are being charged per account and if you will want to automate just one account but with all of the modules for a month, you will need to shell out $129 – just for one account which is considered really expensive for small marketers.

  • No Free Trial Available

Another many people would want to avoid using this tool if they have not used it in the past is that there is no free trial provided. This means that you will need to take their words for it – or depend on the review of others without trying out the service. If you are OK with trying out the service with your money, you can as they offer a refund policy that would help you get your money back. However, if you are not OK with such, you are better off using an alternative that will provide you with such.

  • Requirements Maintenance from Your End

If you are looking for a set it and forget it Instagram automation tool, then the Inflact tool is not for you. This is because it requires some form of maintenance and you will need the knowledge of Instagram automation and not just how to use it if you do not want to get shadowbanned on IG. If you ask me though, it helps to actually understand the art behind automating your account and to just leave it for bots without understanding what would get you banned.

10 Best Inflact Alternatives for Instagram Automation

In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the best alternatives to Inflact. It is important you know that none of the other alternatives also tick all of the boxes just like Inflact – you just have to make a choice based on what you can compromise.

Flock Social

Flock Social overview

Flock Social is one of the highly-rated Instagram growth services that use its highly efficient software for Instagram to help you grow your accounts and close more sales. The service can be regarded as one of the best alternatives to Inflact as it can help you grow your account with no spam. While it claims to use no bots, we cannot ascertain the truth of this claim but we do know a good number of marketers use the software for growing their accounts and they enjoy the result they get. This tool can help you get targeted followers, have positive engagement with them, and then convert them into buyers. In terms of pricing, Flock Social is said to be quite affordable when compared to Inflact.


Instoo overview

Instoo is arguably one the cheapest alternative if you are looking for an alternative that works quite well and would save you money too. With just $10, you can automate 3 accounts as opposed to $129 for one account for the Inflact service. Interestingly, the Inflact tool is quite effective at growing Instagram account and has a good rating among marketers that have used it for hacking their growth. Instoo is not specifically made for Instagram – it is a general automation tool for Instagram, TikTok, and Tinder. The tool has a super effective smart targeting tool that gets you genuine followers that would be interested in your service and even rank them for A/B split testing. It is basically a follow/unfollow and like bot for Instagram – does not really match all of the features offered by Inflact.


Instavast overview

The Instavast service provides a complete suite of tools that would help you take your Instagram marketing and growth to the next level without needing more hands by automating most of the processes and tasks involved. It is an automation bot that automates actions such as follow, unfollow, like, comment, direct message, and even posting on Instagram. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can automate provided you can pay for it and the pricing is quite cheaper than that of Inflact even though its pricing is also based on per account. With this tool, you get a smart targeting tool that intelligently filters audiences and interact with them based on your niche to increase engagement.


Likegrowers overview

If all you are looking for is a bot that will automate your liking strategy, then there is no need of spending the amount of money labeled on the Inflact as you can simply make use of the Likegrowers at cheaper pricing. This tool is powered by an AI trained with the right data to automate your liking of posts and comments without getting suspended as Instagram can easily detect automated likes if not done right – Likegrowers will do it right for you, helping you grow your account and engagement which could become a money-spinner and a source of influence for you. The tool is available as a web-based tool and you do not need to install any software in other to make use of it.

ASB Instagram Bot

ASB Instagram Bot overview

The Auto Social Bot is a service that provides social media automation bots for marketers to hack their growth, increase their audience base, and save a lot of time, freeing time for more complex tasks in the business workflow. It provides an Instagram bot known as the ASB Instagram bot that can be seen as an alternative to Inflact. The ASB Bot will help you automate many of your actions including post scheduling, follow/unfollow, direct message, and deleting posts, among others. This tool also comes with a scraper for scraping usernames, videos, and photos. In terms of features, this tool allows the use of proxies and even has an automatic proxy checker. It supports user whitelisting, captcha solving, and spin syntax, among others.


Bigbangram overview

The Bigbangram is also another alternative to Inflact and you can even see it as one of the closest tools to it. This come comes in a suite with modules each having what it is best for. The tools include an all-in-one Instagram bot that can be likened to other  Instagram bots, a hashtag generator to reach the maximum audience, and an unfollow bot for riding your accounts the audience that adds nothing to your business. It also has a font generator, a direct messenger for auto sending DM, a post scheduler, among others. Aside from the listed tools, the Bigbangram comes with downloaders for photos, videos, posts, IGTV, stories, and profiles.


Kenji overview

The Kenji tool is one of the best alternatives to the Inflact Instagram tool. It has been developed specifically to help you gain more followers, likes, and engagement you can leverage and nurture into a channel for growth. The Kenji tool is an AI-powered Instagram automation bot that helps you auto-like comments, follow users, view stories, and carry out live reactions.

It is quite easy to use even as a noob and requires fewer actions from you. This tool does not just use users’ niches to decide if they are likely to like your content – it uses Machine Learning and is optimized for earning an audience that would interact with your content. With only a few steps, you as start using this tool as it has been developed to be used by everyday marketers.


Hublaagram overview

The Hublaagram is a different tool when compared to the other tools described in this article as it is not a bot. It is a place where you get likes, followers, and comments and in exchange, you also help others get the same. That is it and yes, it is free.

So if you do not have a budget but you are looking for an effective way to build your audience base, then you can help others grow their own audience base and in the process, others would help you. You can see it as a community-driven service. The service is quite easy to use and guarantees you result provided you are able to put in the work required. It is also safe to use and no security risk posed to your accounts.

Somiibo Instagram Automation Tool

Somiibo Instagram Automation Tool

Somiibo describes its Instagram Automation tool as an all-in-one automatic tool to get organic followers and likes. It comes with different modules with some of them being free but with limitations. This tool has an Instagram story viewer that would provide your stories unlimited views to fake engagement.

Just like some of the tools described above, you will need to add proxies to get this software to automate your accounts if you will be automating more than one accounts. This tool allows you control over its actions and you can schedule your posts for maximum engagement. Somiibo does not act like a bot, it replicates user behavior and uses browser events to fake human interactions to avoid getting detected as a bot.


Instamber overview

The Instamber service is one of the Instagram automation bots that can serve as a good alternative to Inflact. Though from the name of this tool, you will think it is an Instagram-only tool. However, it does have support for Twitter and TikTok in addition to Instagram.

For its Instagram support, it can get you, real followers, automatically by targeting the best and engaging prospecting audience. It does have support for sending direct messages, scheduling posts, and getting all of the comments you received in a single interface. The tool is quite safe to use and you do not need to install any application to use it – it is completely available online to be accessed using a web browser.


From the above, you can see the there are a good number of alternatives you can use if you do not want to make use of the Inflact tool either because of its pricing or other reasons. One thing you need to know is that the above are even few when you check the numbers of Instagram automation bots in the market. You just have to make a choice of one and use – knowing that no tool is perfect without a flaw.

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