The Best DNS Server for Gaming (2024) – Speed Tested on PS4 & Xbox

Are you a gamer or game developer looking for the best DNS server for gaming? We have compiled a list of top 10 DNS servers that can be used for gaming without performance issues on PS4 and Xbox.

DNS Servers for Gaming on PS4 and Xbox

DNS Server is often seen to be the most important device for accomplishing the behind the scene task carried out on the internet. It is known to be the phonebook of the internet because it translates the domain name of a web browser to an IP address that a computer can understand.

There are several servers that work together to provide the IP address of a requested website to the web browser. But in a more complex situation, it will need multiple lookups to access the IP of a requested query. On these grounds, this might seem to indulge but it only takes milliseconds to achieve.

Technically, the world of tech revolves around the network of DNS servers of which gaming online is not an exception. With DNS servers masking domain names to IP addresses, connecting game consoles to game servers will become easier. Having known that game streaming also needs a DNS server, in this article, you will learn about the Top 10 DNS Servers for Gaming on PS4 and Xbox.

DNS Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Cloudflare DNS
Level3 DNS
Google Public
Quad9 DNS
Comodo Secure DNS
Alternate DNS

1. Cloudflare DNS – Fastest and most flexible DNS server

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.8/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.9/10

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare is known to be the fastest and most reliable DNS server globally. It has several unique features to its name which have helped in enhancing good gaming performance. The primary DNS server IP is and the secondary DNS server IP is respectively. Cloudflare being a private server has features only accessible to premium users.

Although Cloudflare also supports IPv6, its primary IP server is regarded as the world's fastest and most flexible DNS server. Also, it has been optimized for gaming. With the strong security level commitment of this server, users' IP and data are kept private, encrypted, and never tampered with or utilized maliciously.

2. DNS.WATCH – High-Speed DNS server for PlayStation

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.6/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.8/10


DNS.WATCH is a free DNS gaming server for all i.e. for everyone. DNS.WATCH server is one of the best for online gaming on PS4 and Xbox. It offers users stress-free gaming experiences, therefore increasing gaming ping. It has a primary DNS server IP of and a secondary DNS server IP of

One of the good features of DNS.WATCH is that it is optimized for fast speed and avoids any interruption in connections i.e. it enables smooth Internet connection. Just like OpenNIC, DNS.WATCH also offers neutrality, meaning it does not censor content. Unlike others, no charges are attached and it is available on several devices. This server is IPv4 enabling.

3. Level3 – Fastest DNS servers for PS4 & PS5

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.8/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.6/10

Level3 Homepage

Level3 is a public DNS server optimized for gaming on PS4 and Xbox respectively. It is one of the top-rated DNS servers for online gaming because it is very easy to set up and it provides a secure and reliable Internet connection. It has a primary DNS server IP of and a secondary DNS server IP of

Level3 is known by most online game streamers to have a great server speed, therefore guaranteed fast and flexible gaming experiences without any worry of game lagging. Level3 has a DNS server with free security protection. One of the strengths of this server is that it masks cyber attackers from the IP address of users as well as creates privacy to avoid data exposure.

4. OpenDNS – Fast DNS Server For Gaming

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.7/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.6/10

Open DNS Homepage

OpenDNS game server, also known as Cisco Umbrella, is very easy to set up. Although free, it has a paid version for more features enabled. OpenDNS has a global data pool that helps shorten routes between networks. It has primary DNS server IP of and a secondary DNS server IP of This server is used by tens of millions of users across the globe.

The server has a filtering tool called OpenDNSFamilyShield for scanning prohibited content. 100% uptime with more than 7 million malicious websites and user IP blocked. This otherwise fosters a high and flexible user experience. It is free and as well as a paid version for those who want more features. In addition, there is a guarantee of high gaming speed and protection against threats from red-flagged websites.

5. Google Public – Best Overall for Gaming

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.6/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.4/10

Google Public Homepage

Google being the most used search engine worldwide is the best-ranked server when it comes to gaming on PS4 and Xbox. This server was launched in December 2009 to enhance a faster and easy gaming experience and so far, it manages more than 400 billion server requests daily. It has a primary DNS Server IP of and a secondary DNS Server IP of

Google Public DNS is known to speed up the browsing experience, improve security and give accurate results without redirecting its users to hacker's zone. The fast performance of this server boosts a smooth gaming experience and as well prevents game lagging.

It doesn't take activities lightly when it comes to blocking malicious websites and users that could cause threats and slow down the server. In addition, Google Public uses custom-designed technology for its operative purpose. It is a top game server for all.

6. OpenNIC – Secure DNS server for Gaming

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.5/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.4/10

OpenNIC Homepage

OpenNIC is a free-access DNS server owned by a non-profit organization and does not charge any fee. It has a primary DNS server IP of and a secondary DNS server IP of This server has a unique feature of what gaming online should look like i.e with OpenNIC comes DNS server neutrality that will prevent breaches in the network, therefore fostering smooth online gaming.

No censorship. The beauty of OpenNIC is that every location has different nearest servers. The server has a high level of security that will stop cyber attackers like ISP from imposing. It prevents phishing and malware. No game lagging and latency because it has no connection interference.

7. Quad9 – Best DNS server for phishing, and spyware threats

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.4/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.3/10

Quad9 Homepage

Quad9 is a Swiss-based DNS server owned by a non-profit organization. It has 150 servers located in 90 countries.  Quad9 has a primary DNS server IP of and a secondary DNS server IP of Quad9 has cyber-attack control features that prevent users from malware, phishing, and spyware threats.

As a person involved in online gaming, using Quad will prevent you from cyber attackers because the server does not keep a record of IP addresses. Data privacy is a top-notch goal for the Quad9 DNS servers. Domain names are protected from malicious servers. It does not filter legit user content and as well do not store users' personal data.

8. VERISIGN – Best DNS Server for Privacy

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.2/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.3/10


Verisign gaming server is one of the best public gaming DNS servers with good security, reliability, and stability in networks. It has a primary DNS server IP address of and a secondary DNS server IP address of Verisign server is highly ranked on privacy.

It  prevents exposure of personal or client data to third parties. In terms of Security, this server is top-notch. It has enabling services that have to do with security. However, there is protection against cyber threats, malware, Denial of Service (DoS), and phishing. It also enables IPv6 protocol to further prevent redirection.

9. Comodo Secure DNS – Best DNS for Xbox one

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.2/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.1/10

Comodo Secure DNS Homepage

Comodo Secure DNS is certainly one of the best DNS for gaming on PS4 and Xbox. This server has outstanding features among others that made it stand out globally. It has a primary DNS IP of and a secondary DNS IP of This server has provided services for more than 85 million devices. This server is highly cloud-based protects a large number of devices globally.

Comodo is located in over 25 different countries and it has a high level of cloud security which further prevents the wrongful invasion of red-flagged websites which may result in phishing and malware.

Comodo Secure DNS is definitely the safest, smartest, and fastest DNS server in the world. With comodo cloud-based security, gaming online is secured because they have the world's biggest threat intelligence to stop malicious domain requests and IP responses.

10. Alternate DNS – Great Choice for Online Gaming

  • Our Speed test rating for PlayStation: 9.0/10
  • Our Speed test rating for Xbox: 9.0/10

Alternate DNS Homepage

Alternate DNS help users block unwanted ads, videos, audio even before they pop up on the gaming view. This is done by making sure server security is rallied around knowing that pop-ups or ads often limit speed and browsing efficiency. The primary DNS server IP is and the secondary DNS server IP is

In terms of online gaming experience, alternate DNS for gaming is quicker and faster because there are no obstructive activities streaming while you are playing. In addition, there are hidden features that help block malicious website streaming ads that might cause malware and as well corrupt some content. Although it is free it also has a premium version for those who would want to enjoy more features.


Q. Does DNS Servers Affect Gaming?

Are you probably wondering whether DNS servers are necessary or not? Well, it night interest you to know that DNS servers are not compulsory for you to use.

However, they do have their place in terms of gaming and could help. One of the ways they affect gaming positively is they block malicious websites.

They are provide you some form of security. Aside from these, DNS servers do not interfer with your game play whatsoever. But for the tasks they are meant for, the servers are quite good. PlayStation consoles and XBox does have support for DNS servers.

Q. Does DNS Lower Pings?

This question is quite popular among online gamers especially the newbies. They think DNS will provide them a performance boost when using one, You can find the best speed DNS server with help DNS Benchmark, you can learn from this guide,

In reality, DNS has nothing to do with your ping rate. If you have a slow Internet connection or your location makes your ping rate bad, there is nothing DNS servers will do for you, you can learn how to find

As stated above, DNS servers have been setup not for having direct impact on your gaming experience especially in terms of performance.

Q. Why Use DNS for Gaming?

DNS servers has been developed to map domain name to IP address and facilitate communication between your gaming console (PlayStation and Xbox) and your  target game server. DNS servers are not meant for directly improving performance and speed even though you could get a slight boost.

If you are looking to improve performance, you are better off making use changing your hardware and improving your network speed and focusing on DNS servers.

However, you can still get a performance boost from making use of a high-speed DNS server. What you should lookout for in other to avoid are slow DNS servers as those can reduce overall speed and affect your gaming experience negatively.

Q. Is Cloudfare DNS Good for Gaming?

If you are looking for a good DNS server for your gaming need, then the Cloudfare DNS server is one of the good options available to you. This DNS server has been developed to provide you top-notch security and protect you from attacks including the popular DDoS attacks.

It is built to perform, thereby allowing your game to play at the speed your infrastructures and hardwares permit as opposed to some other DNS servers that will reduce your performance and speed. The Cloudfare DNS server is the DNS server you should consider if you are concern about the security and performance of your gaming experience.


Engaging in an online game has become one of the ways people entertain themselves and gaming on PS4 and Xbox is more loudly heard.

The fun of online games is attached to the server connection enabling that game of which, if poor, is often frustrating, therefore knowing which game server to use is now something to leap on because online gaming can never be as interesting as it sounds if there is constant interference in the network while playing.

That's why having a DNS gaming server that will help foster easy gaming, block unwanted ads, allow neutrality, and most of all have no smooth connection is very important.

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