7 Best TikTok Bots to Get TikTok Views, Likes, Followers…(2023 Updated)

TikTok automation is real, and those that know how to do it have seen a great level of growth. Come in now to discover the best TikTok Bots in the market. Make informed decisions today.

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TikTok is increasingly becoming popular, and smart Internet marketers are already looking for easy techniques to grow their popularity and smart making money with the platform.

At the heart of all the techniques are automation tools known as TikTok Bots that can make growing your popularity and getting your videos to trend look a lot easier than you think. If you know what you’re doing, TikTok Bots can earn you a huge amount of revenue from your campaign on TikTok. Now is the time to start using these bots since not many people are using them right now.

However, it is important you know that not all bots tagged TikTok Bots works. Some of them do not meet up to expectations, and as such, using them would be a waste of time and money – you could lose your accounts too. That’s why this article was written to provide you recommendations on the best TikTok Bots to use to help grow your engagement and fan base. Before that, let take a look at TikTok Automation.

TikTok Automation

TikTok Bots are a piece of computer software developed for TikTok Automation. In case you are not aware, almost all the actions you take on TikTok can be automated, done for you by a bot while you’re fast asleep. This means that you do not need to interact with your accounts to grow them in popularity. Do not confuse TikTok Bots with TikTok growth services. Growth service makes use of social media managers to grow TikTok accounts while TikTok Bots are fully automated.

With TikTok Bots, you can automate actions such as follow/unfollow, comment, like, and even targeting users based on hashtags, competitors, and locations. If you intend to automate many accounts with a TikTok Bot, you need to make use of TikTok Proxies – click here to read our TikTok Proxies article. With proxies, it is not just possible as your accounts will be discovered and banned because TikTok does not allow one person to own more than one account.

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Top TikTok Bots in the Market

Fueltok: #1 TikTok Bot

<Editor's Choice>

Fueltok is in our opinion the number one TikTok bot in the market. Once you plugin your account to the system it will automatically start performing all the actions on your behalf while you focus on producing high-quality content to maximize your growth.

One of the best features of Fueltok is their user-friendly design, on which you can connect your account safely within a very few seconds. According to the team statistics, most users are growing between 3000 and 5000 new followers every single month on autopilot, which makes Fueltok the best TikTok bot out there.

Fueltok is offering a 7-day free trial in limited time, Click to Grab it Right NOW!

Pros of AutoTokker:

  • Targeting by username & hashtag
  • Easy and Fast to start
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Safest TikTok bot

Cons of AutoTokker:

  • No Auto Comment



AutoTokker is moderately priced – not cheap, and cannot be said to be expensive. They are very conservative and tend to be minimalistic in their approach to avoid a ban. The bot is only for automating follow and unfollow. It does not automate comment and like.

It keeps it follow and unfollow counts to a minimum to avoid tripping of the TikTok anti-spam system and as such, it can be said to be one of the safest bots to use in the market. On average, expect to get about 20 – 100 followers in a day.

Pros of AutoTokker:

  • Affordable
  • very safe and does not get detected easily
  • Not spammy and abusive in approach

Cons of AutoTokker:

  • No auto comment and like
  • No free trial

GetInFame TikTok Tool

GetInFame TikTok Tool

GetInFame started as an Instagram bot but now has support for TikTok automation as a separate tool. It is the cheapest TikTok automation tool in the market and makes no mistake about it; cheap does not always mean inferior – GetInFame works perfectly.

You can use it to follow/unfollow, like, and even comment. The bot allows you full control over the actions it takes. It has some of the most advanced targeting options in the market including hashtags, location, and gender. The bot does not need to be download as it works from the browser.

Pros of GetInFame TikTok Tool:

  • Cheapest in the market
  • Smart targeting and filtering options
  • Provide you full control

Cons of GetInFame TikTok Tool:

  • No dedicated account manager assigned
  • Not really a powerful option

Jeffrey TikTok Bot

Jeffrey TikTok Bot

The TikTok automation industry is still evolving, and we expect to see more bot makers coming around. However, regardless of what the industry becomes, we cannot forget the pioneers, and that’s is where Jeffrey TikTok Bot comes in – they are the first in the market.

They are also web-based and allow you to add multiple accounts. When you subscribe to a plan, you are given private proxies to use together with your multiple accounts to avoid getting them banned. They make use of a smart AI algorithm to evade detection.

Pros of Jeffrey TikTok Bot:

  • Smart AI for targeting
  • Free trial option
  • Proxies included
  • Available as a Web-based bot

Cons of Jeffrey TikTok Bot:

  • Does not target by hashtag

Tok Upgrade (Not working)

Tok Upgrade

Tok Upgrade is a different type of Bot. in fact, some will even argue that it is not even a bot, it's more of a growth service. This is because you are not handed over a bot rather everything is done for you through their fully managed growth service. This means less manual work for yourself and experts look after and monitor your success, so you can focus on more important things like creating excellent content!

Tok Upgrade uses their in house automation bot to grow TikTok accounts. With them, expect to get real targeted users with no bot followers. Growth is automatic, safe, and secure. With affordable pricing options and a 14 money-back guarantee shows how confident they are in delivering results.

Pros of Tok Upgrade:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Real targeted followers
  • Allows targeting by hashtag and username

Cons of Tok Upgrade:

  • Pricing is a little expensive
  • No free trial

Instamber TikTok Bot

Instamber TikTok Bot

Instamber is also one of the cheap alternatives in the market perfect for beginners because of its easy to use nature. It only takes 3 steps to get Instamber to work for you.

After creating an account with Instamber, just add your accounts and then configure your target audience and then get the bot to work. the bot is a web-based application and does not require you to download and install before it works. It has a beautiful dashboard that provides you report about the growth of your account.

Pros of Instamber TikTok Bot:

  • Affordable and Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Secure, reliable, and fast

Cons of Instamber TikTok Bot:

  • No free trial
  • No dedicated account manager

Instazood TikTok Automation Bot (dead)

Instazood TikTok Automation Bot

If you have the knowledge of Instagram automation, chances are, you must have heard of Instazood. It is one of the best web-based Instagram bots in the market. The makers of Instazood brought their experience to the TikTok automation niche and created a tool that can be argued as the best in the market.

With Instazood TikTok Automation Bot, you can get more followers and become famous.  You can use it to automate follow/unfollow, like, and even comment. It is secure, fast, and reliable. It is a web-based tool.

Pros of Instazood TikTok Automation Bot:

  • Affordable and Cheap
  • Smart targeting by competitors and hashtags
  • Not platform-dependent – a web-based tool
  • 3 days of a free trial

Cons of Instazood TikTok Automation Bot:

  • Provides you no guarantee
  • Does not target users by location

[Bonus] – Grow Your TikTok Account Safely

So, Do you worry about the accounts get banned when you are using TikTok Automation Bot?

You have to take it seriously!  You might have mentioned that Instagram bots are dead! The same thing will happen on the TikTok, All those platforms want to get a better user experience!  

They will limit automated accounts, some accounts maybe get TikTok shadowban, and your video can not get exposed so you can not get more followers.

For some Serious infraction accounts, TikTok maybe block your account directly. So, If you want to grow your TikTok account 100% safely, I would suggest you can try,

You maybe like,

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No doubt picking the right Hashtags that can help your video get more exposure to reach a more Targeted Audiences, Then you can get reach more Tiktok followers organically!

FAQs about TikTok Bots

  • What is a TikTok Bot?

A TikTok Bot is a computer program designed to automate actions on TikTok for the purpose of growing one’s fan base and increasing engagement. It is used for TikTok Automation and has what it takes to mimic human behavior and avoid detections.

  • What can TikTok Bots Do?

Depending on the approach a bot takes, there are basically four actions TikTok Bots can take. These include follow, unfollow, like, and comment. Interestingly, they are the major requirement for growing TikTok accounts.

  • Why Use a TikTok Bot?

While you can grow your account yourself, you will agree with me that it is tedious and take a long time. But with a TikTok Bot, you get to grow your account in a short time on autopilot.

  • Does TikTok Allow the Use of Bots?

No, the use of bot is not allowed. In fact, the service is always on the lookout for accounts with bot related activities to ban.


TikTok Bots are the tool for TikTok Automation. Unlike other social platforms that there are many bots for them, the number of TikTok Bots in the market is still small. The above are the top ones in the market that have been found to work perfectly.


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