Proxyrack Review

Are you looking to buy residential proxies from Proxyrack? Then I would advise you to read our Ptoxyrack review before making a purchase decision. We would be discussing both the pros and cons of Proxyrack in the article below.

Proxyrack Review

There are a good number of proxy providers in that it is easy for a provider to be lost in the crowd except if such provider is somehow unique in its approach but with how unregulated the market is, being truly unique is a problem. Only a few proxy providers are somehow unique, with only a few other providers offering what they offer.

Our focus in this article is Proxyrack, a service that has proven to be one of the proxy providers you cannot overlook because it allows users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and use as many IPs as they wish from its pool. But this alone shouldn’t get you to purchase their proxies. There is more you need to know to make a good purchase decision, and these would be discussed below.

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Proxyrack Residential Proxy Service Overview

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The Proxyrack service is a proxy network that offers businesses and individuals access to proxy servers. They have support for both residential proxies and datacenter proxies, but our focus here is on their residential proxies. The service is quite popular, serving more than 800 million API requests daily. This service has got a big enough proxy pool, and its location support can be said to be excellent.

One of the Proxyrack service's core strengths is its pricing which is affordable and cost-efficient if you consider what others offer.  It proxies are rotating proxies that have support or high rotating ports and sticky ports that help maintain IP for a short period of time before changing it. The service is quite reliable, and you can use it to access many of the popular sites on the Internet as it is undetectable.

However, this shouldn’t give you the ‘where is my card’ in other to make a payment feeling. Just like it does have impressive pros, it does have cons you have to be aware of, and you will only get to buy proxies if the cons are things you can overlook. We would be discussing both the pros and cons. We would be starting with the pros, then cons, and then conclude the review with our verdict.

Parameters Features
IP Type Residential IPs
Priced Charged Number of threads/port (depends on plan)
Price Sample $149 for 100 threads
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)/ SOCKS5
Authentication Username/password + IP authentication
IP Locations Over 140 countries
Instagram Compatibility No
Sneaker Compatibility Yes
Speed Average
Support Email + Social Media platforms
Refund Policy Available for new customers only
IP Replacement Yes
P2p/Torrenting Not Allowed
Jurisdiction Location Hong Kong


Proxyrack Pros

In this section, we would be discussing the core strengths of Proxyrack and why it has got numerous happy customers that keep using them every now and then.

Affordable Pricing and Diverse Packages

At their very core, Proxyrack was out to offer its services to both small and big proxy services, and it also seeks to capture the market of those that cannot afford the pricing of expensive proxies. For this reason, pricing is one of the areas it has worked on. It has got different packages depending on what you want. This has made it appeal to a diverse audience. Let take a look at the packages and their pricing.

  • Thread Based Packages

Thread Based Packages of Proxyrack

Proxyrack thread-based packages are some of its most popular packages. For this packages, you are allowed access to over 2 million IP addresses and allowed to enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage. However, the number of threads is limited and becomes the basis for the pricing. The smallest plan here is sold for $149 and allows you to create 100 threads.

  • Port-Based Packages

Port-Based Packages of Proxyrack

For their port-based packages, pricing is based on the number of ports you can use. the ports are rotating ports just like in the thread-based packages – you can set a custom rotating time between 5 – 60 minutes. The smallest plan for this package comes with 5 ports and is sold for $65.95 ($13.20 per port)

  • Bandwidth Based Packages

Bandwidth Based Packages of Proxyrack

While the above packages come with unlimited bandwidth, plans under this package do come with limited bandwidth. They have got a trial package for this, unlike the above two that they do not offer trials – the trial package is paid, though. For the actual pricing, it starts from $49.95 for 10GB, making the price per GB $5. If you compare this with the pricing of other providers like Bright Data, Smartproxy, and Soax, you will agree with me that it is quite affordable.

Big Enough Proxy Pool

Big Enough Proxy Pool of Proxyrack

If you intend to carry out web scraping or other forms of botting that require a large number of IP addresses, then the size of the proxy pool of a provider is quite important. In the residential proxy market, a good number of the popular providers claim to have millions of IP addresses in their pool. The Proxyrack proxy network has a proxy pool with over 5 million IP addresses its pool.

While this number does not break any record and does not put it in the top 5 large pool, the number is enough. However, one thing you need to know is that the huge number being used as the size of the pool by residential proxy providers is just advertised proxy pool size. The actual number of IPs active that users can make use of is small compared to the number being advertised.

This is because the IPs are sourced via P2P networks, and as such, a good number of them are either inactive or have even opted-out. While most services do not provide information on the number of IPs they have active, Proxyrack does provide the details of the number of active IPs in their pool on their homepage.

Excellent Location Coverage

Excellent Location Coverage of Proxyrack

The Internet is increasingly becoming localized, with your location determining what you can access on the Internet. While some services would deny you access because of your location, some would allow you but show you content for your location as done by Google Search. Would Proxyrack help you access geo-targeted and localized web content? It turns out that the service has good location support, with over 140 countries available to you to get IP addresses from.

In the past, the number is slightly over 100, but the service has been able to add more location support. If you consider the undetectable nature of their proxies, the good location coverage, and the number of IPs in their pool, then you will see that the proxy network is good for web scraping and crawling, as well as everything in between.

Good Session Control System

Another feature you will come to like about the Proxyrack proxy network is its session control system which gives you some form of control over your session and the period you would want to maintain the same IP address. The proxy network is a rotating proxy network, and as such, you cannot keep an IP address for as long as you want – IPs assign to ports are changed frequently as in other rotating residential proxy networks.

However, Proxyrack does have support for two types of ports –rotating ports and sticky ports. For the rotating ports, IPs assigned to them are changed after every request. This is useful in situations where you do not want to maintain a session, as in the case of web scraping.

There are some tasks that would require you to maintain session or stay logged in, and for these tasks, you cannot use the rotating ports as they would reveal you as spam because of the frequent change of IP address. for these, you would have to make use of their session ports.

Session ports, also known as session ports, are the proxy ports that maintain IPs for a while before changing. Proxyrack allows you to customize the period for IP rotation, and it is from 3 minutes to 60 minutes. However, it is important I stress here that your IP can still be changed if the IP assigned to you becomes inactive, and that might lead to a connection before another IP would be assigned to you.

Good Scraping Performance

Good Scraping Performance of Proxyrack

One of the use cases of residential proxies is in the area of web scraping and crawling – and everything in between, ranging from price monitoring, ads verification, and site localization testing. How doe Proxyrack stand in this regard? Well, we carried out a test, sending requests to 10 popular web services and recording the results of the tests.

In all, Proxyrack performed quite well, having a success rate of 84.5 percent. The above is a graph showing the success rate for the sites. Below is a table showing the success as well as the block, time out, and error rates.

Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 85 2 3 10
Adidas 89 0 8 3
Booking 89 0 6 5 86 4 3 7
Craigslist 84 0 0 16
Instagram 88 0 2 10
Nike 84 5 6 5
Linkedin 87 3 3 7
Google 77 1 11 11
Youtube 76 4 7 13

Looking at the above, you can see that on average, we had a success rate of 84.5 percent, which is quite acceptable. The bulk of the unsuccessful requests were caused by Captchas, and as such, with a good Captcha solver, you should be able to use Proxyrack for web scraping.

Other Good to Mention Features

The Proxyrack also has other features that we might not want to create dedicated sections/headings, but you need to know about them. One of such is in the area of authentication. The Proxyrack proxy network provides 2 methods of authentication. You can either use the username and password for authentication or use the IP authentication, which entails whitelisting your IP address.

The service allows you to whitelist up to 4 IP addresses with which you can use your subscription. Another feature you will come to like about this service is its support for multiple protocols, which includes HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols. The service is also easy to use and provides you an easy-to-navigate user dashboard.

Proxyrack Cons

Before you go ahead and buy a proxy plan from this provider, you need to know that the proxy network does have its weaknesses and some room for improvement. Let take a look at some of the major downsides of Proxyrack in this section.

Customer Service is Slow

Customer service should be a top priority of any service regardless of if the service is flawless or not. In the case of Proxyrack, the response time is quite slow. They do not have live chat support. Even though they provide a FAQs-like page that provides answers to many issues you will face, if you need to talk to them, then you will have to exercise some patience.

The only method you can contact them aside from their social media handles is via emails, and the response is swift. You will have to wait for hours to get a response from the team. Live chat support for quick response would have been better.

You Are Being Tracked

You Are Being Tracked with Proxyrack

If you are the type that is concerned about his privacy, then you are better off avoiding Proxyrack. This is because while they claim to help you protect your privacy online, they do the same thing you are trying to avoid – track you. If you read the privacy policy of Proxyrack, you will see that you will have to do a KYC – provide your personal and contact information in other to make use of their service.

As if that is not, your activities online are also being logged, and they are not ashamed about it – they state that if their need, they could share such details with their partners and even security agencies. This service even tracks you using cookies and other browser details they could use. For this reason, privacy-concerned individuals are better off not using the service.

No Free Trial and Unfriendly Refund Policy

No Free Trial and Unfriendly Refund Policy for Proxyrack

Not many people are ready to part away with their money for services that they are not sure of, and when it comes to the proxy service where there are a lot of low-quality proxies, users are careful. For that reason, some proxy services offer their users a free trial so they could gauge their service before making a monetary commitment. In the case of Proxyrack, nothing of such is provided. If you must make use of their service, you must pay for it.

The only form of trial provided is for their 3-days trial plan offered for a bandwidth-based plan, and you will even have to pay for it – for the other packages, nothing of such is provided. Where a free trial is not provided, a service should have a favorable refund policy to offer users their money back if they are dissatisfied with their service. For Proxyrack, while they offer a refund policy, it is not customer-focus. You only get access to getting your money back for their smallest packages, and that is only available to their new customers. The duration is also within 24 hours.

Do We Recommend Proxyrack?

If you have gone through the above review, then you already know about disposition. Just like every other proxy service, Proxyrack has its strengths and weaknesses. There is no doubt that their proxies work; they have got a reliable proxy network with a large proxy pool and extensive location coverage. The scraping performance was also good.

For these reasons, we recommend Proxyrack. However, you should only use it if you do not have a problem with the KYC and tracking. You should also read their refund policy to know where you stand before making a purchase.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scraping Performance - 8.9/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.8/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.7/10
  • Customer support - 8.7/10

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