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Netnut is new in the industry – no doubt. However, it has managed to walk its way into the minds of people, with many calling it the next big thing. It even boasts of being the finest residential IP proxy network. It claimed to have a failure rate of less than one percent and has a reduced latency compared to other proxy networks. In addition, it also claimed to be very fast. While it is their marketing team work to use selly words, we are proxy reviews, and our own work is to provide honest reviews. This will be done in this article.

Netnut Overview

IP TypeResidential
Price ChargedBandwidth
Price Sample20GB – $300 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs500,000
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S)
IP Rotation
  • Sticky Session (Time)
  • 100% self-control
Filtering/Targeting Countries
Free Trial7 days
Refund PolicyNo
SupportSkype Live Support, Email , and Detailed FAQ
Jurisdiction LocationIsrael


Netnut is a premium residential proxy provider. But it is not your conventional proxy provider in the sense that unlike other residential proxy providers that make use of Peer to Peer (P2P) network, it makes use of a clearly different and more efficient network – DiviNetworks which makes it more stable, secure, and efficient. This is because all traffic is routed through their network with no third-party computer required. Their proxies are fast, and you will enjoy a lowered latency rate compared to many residential proxy providers in the industry.

However, their proxies are not one of the cheap options out there because they are premium providers. Their location reach and targeting is also of major concern. These and many more will be discussed in the review that follows.

Netnut Pros

I will start the review with the good side of Netnut proxies – why you should use them. This will be discussed in this section as the pros.

DiviNetworks Powered

If you ask me, I will tell the that the number one feature that differential Netnut residential proxies and the residential proxies of other premium proxy providers like Luminati, GeoSurf, Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and others is that it is DiviNetworks powered and dependent.

All the aforementioned premium providers make use of P2P network for providing residential IPs. They need the network connection of other computer users for them to function, and if along the way, a user switches off his/her network connection, your connection is dropped until they hook you to another device – this is fast, though.

However, in the case of Netnut, they do not make use of end-user internet connection. They get their residential IPs supplied to them directly by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) through the help of DiviNetworks.

DiviNetworks works with over 100 ISP across the globe, and as such, getting residential IPs in different locations around the world is not much of a problem to them. Because they do not need Internet connection of others to function, they are more stable and efficient since you won’t experience the occasional drops like in other residential proxies.

Excellent Session Control

If you are looking for residential proxies that you’ll have 100 percent control over it session management then, Netnut is a proxy you need to look at because it guarantees you the best type of sticky IPs and control over the IP. This capability stems from the fact that they use direct IPs from the ISP. Because they are direct IPs, they are always online, and as such, you can use it for up to 30 minutes without changing it.

There’s a catch here, though – because you have 100 percent control over the session, IP rotation is completely in your hand, and as such, rotating IP addresses is done by you and not Netnut. You have to rotate it at your own interval else; you risk getting them blocked if you continue using them for a long time.

Acceptable Scraping Performance

Web scraping is one of the major reasons people use residential proxies, and as such, it requires a different section in this article, so web scrapers know if it will work for them or not. To answer this question, we had to put them to test on 10 popular sites that cut across search engines, social networks, and shopping sites. We send 300 Concurrent requests. The result is displayed below. Scaping Performances

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
TestSuccess Rate (%)Error (%)TimeOut (%)Block (%)

The table above shows that even though there is some good number of blocks, timeout, and server errors, the result of our performance test is acceptable. For the majority of blocks, they are captchas based restrictions, and with good captchas solver, you shouldn’t have them standing on your way again.

High Speed and Low Latency

Response Time

How many seconds will it take a request sent through Netnut proxies to get through and a response received? To find out this, we tested it. The initial believed is that because they make use of DiviNetworks, their response time should be better than other providers. However, this is not the case. Notwithstanding, the result we got was acceptable.

Netnut Response Time Testing

Average Response Time (s): 5.013

From the chart above, you can see that the response time isn’t breaking any record. But they are fast enough can be said to be acceptable.

Proxy Connection Speed

If it is in the area of speed, you have to give it to Netnut; they did a good job in this regard and thanks to the fact that they do not use any third-party Internet connection. The pings or latency associated with their proxies is quite minimal compared to many proxy providers too. Their internet connection is quite strong from the data with got testing their proxies using the Speedtest tool. Below is the result.

  • Average Ping: 73ms
  • Average Download: 28.49 Mbps
  • Average Upload: 11.45 Mbps

Customer Support

Netnut got it right in this aspect except for the fact that they do not have live chat support integrated into their website. However, they have something similar in place. When you create an account with them, you are assigned an account manager, and a Skype chat will be created for both of you to use. The account manager replies as soon as he/she gets your message, and their account managers are professional if I am to rate them with the responses I got and how others rate them.

Support contact of

Aside from their Skype live chat support, you can also contact them via email if you feel your account manager isn’t as helpful as you need, and they equally respond quickly. They also have an excellent FAQ page that provides answers to common questions their customers ask them.

Free Trial

Netnut is a premium proxy service provider, and as you know, premium providers hardly provide free trials in the residential proxy market. However, they are new in the industry, and not many people actually know of their existence. To bridge this gap and make them appeal to customers, they provide intending customers a 7 days free trial.

Interestingly, their free trials do not come with much of restrictions as you are even assigned an account manager as a free user – interesting isn’t it? However, because they offer this 7 days free trial and expect you to make a decision whether their proxies will work in your case or not, they do not offer a refund policy.

Easy to Set up and Use

One thing you’ll also come to like about Netnut is that their proxies are easy to set up. They have a very clean and minimalistic dashboard that makes things easier for you. This together with the fact that an account manager is assigned to you, makes things, even more, easier for you. As a subscriber of their service, you are given access to their dashboard.

Netnut proxies dashboard

From this online dashboard, you can view your used and remaining bandwidth. There is also a section that shows you how to integrate their proxies into your applications. They have a simple API that can help you fetch bandwidth usage data in real-time. This will come handy when you want to know how much bandwidth is left programmatically.

Netnut Cons

The new kid in the block (Netnut) has some bad aspects you have to be aware of before pitch your tent with them. These are discussed below.

Small IP Pool and Location Coverage

The number of IP addresses in their IP pool and the location they have a presence in is not necessarily a con. However, it becomes a con when compared with other proxy providers. It is no longer news that Luminati has over 35 million residential IP addresses in its pool, Oxylabs has about 30 million, and Microleaves has over 26 million in its pool. Others like Smartproxy and GeoSurf has a sizable number.

For Netnut, they have half a million (500,000) IPs in their IP pool. One other thing is their location coverage. They are present in only 50 countries. This is small compared to other premium providers that have presence in over 150 countries. However, you have to put it in mind that Netnut is still much young and still growing. Who knows? Its pool and location coverage might increase in the future.

Geo-Targeting is Limited

Geo-targeting is also one of the key areas Netnut flops – big time! One will expect that as a premium residential proxy provider, Netnut would have various options in terms of geo-targeting options but they do not. Netnut only has country proxies. They do not have support for city proxies. Sadly, you only have 50 countries to choose from too. They also do not have support for ASN targeting.

While making use of country-specific proxies is not a problem if you are trying to scrape data from the web and probably do some social media automation and ads verification, it becomes a huge problem in copping sneakers and other activities that requires city proxies to function well. However, the issue of city proxies is also being looked into as they plan to incorporate it into their service in future

Expensive Pricing

This point is not peculiar to Netnut only – most premium residential proxies are expensive. This stems from the fact that developing and maintaining a pool of residential IP addresses is not cheap online datacenter proxies. Netnut residential proxies are sold in bandwidth with their smallest plan costing $300 and come with 20 GB.

Netnut residential proxies pricing

This means that a GB costs $15. One good thing about their pricing model is that the more bandwidth you buy, the cheaper their bandwidth becomes. In their 1 TB plan, a GB is priced $3.5. Payment is through PayPal and Credit cards only.

No IP Whitelisting Authentication Method

There are generally two types of authentication that most proxy providers provide – username and password authentication, as well as the IP authentication, otherwise known as IP whitelisting. The username and password is straightforward and needs no explanation. The IP authentication method is a form of authentication where you register your device’s real IP address with your proxy account, so you do not need to use a username and password to get access.

The IP authentication option is not available in Netnut, and that is an option many are yearning for.

Do I Recommend Netnut?

Netnut is still new in the game, but with their fast Internet connection speed, top-notch customer support, excellent session control as well as their reliability and stability because they use DiviNetworks, I recommend them. If you are in doubt, you can simply grab their 7 days trial and subject it to your own test to see if they are suitable for the tasks you need proxies for. If not, you can look elsewhere with no money lost.

However, before trying them out, you need to put into consideration what was discussed in the cons section to see if it is even worth a try or not.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 7/10
  • Proxy Network - 8/10
  • Proxy Functions - 3/10
  • Customer support - 2/10

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