Top 10 IP Lookup Tools & Checkers to Trace IP Addresses (2023)

Are you trying to find out information about an IP address? Then you need an IP lookup tool. Come in now to discover some of the best tools out there you can use to look up IP addresses and find out their details.

IP Lookup Tools

IP addresses are numerical identification numbers assigned to computers in a network like the Internet. On the Internet, IP addresses are used for uniquely identifying users since each computer in a network gets a unique IP at a time. Interestingly, there is more to an IP address than just as a means of identification in a network. An IP address reveals the geolocation and time zone of someone. You can tell the ISP that assigned the IP address and even more. However, all of these details are not provided by default.

You will need to make use of an IP lookup tool. Businesses use IP addresses to block users, censor their content and even decide the location of a user for geo-targeting reasons. Individuals can use one’s IP address to determine their geolocation too. With an IP lookup tool, all of these and more is possible. But this is only true if you make use of the right IP address lookup tool. In this article, we will recommend some of the top IP lookup tools in the market.

Best IP Lookup Tools

1. IPQualityScore — Overall Best IP Lookup Tool

IPQualityScore Overview

The IPQualityScore service is arguably the best IP lookup tool in the market. The service is much more than just an IP lookup tool, it is a fraud protection service that makes use of a combination of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and fraudulent IP databases, among others to determine the risk score of an IP address. However, if all you need is a tool for looking up details of an IP address, IPQualityScore has got you covered.

This tool will provide you with details of the geolocation of the IP address and the ASN. You also get to know of the timezone, and whether the IP address is spammy or not with a reputation score. While the other advanced features and tools provided by IPQualityScore require you to pay, the IP lookup tool is free to use.

2. — Best Easy-to-Use IP Lookup Tool

IPInfo Overview

The website is one of the trusted sources of IP address data you can use. As in the case of IPQualityScore above, the basic lookup tool without the advanced feature of fraud protection included is free. However, one thing you will come to like about this service is how easy to use it is. If you visit the website, you are greeted with the details of your current IP address. You can edit the IP address and input any IP address of your choice and it will provide you with the required data you need.

The data provided is divided into 3 groups. There is the general data which has the location (city and country), timezone, and the longitude and latitude of the IP address. There is also the group for privacy which provide you details on whether an IP address is a proxy, VPN, or tor-exit node or not. You also get information about the ISP of the IP address.

3. MaxMind — Best IP Lookup Tool in Terms of Location Accuracy

MaxMind Overview

 The MaxMind is another premium IP lookup tool that provides advanced features. With this tool, you can look up details of any IP address — does not matter whether it is an IP address attached to a personal computer or the IP address of a server on the Internet. And the good part? Accuracy is top-notch. It makes use of the GeoIP2 database which is the most accurate database. The accuracy has been proven compared to many others.

The coverage of the IP addresses in their database is about 99.99% of IPs in use. The service updates the database every 2 weeks to keep the database updated. It is one of the best IP intelligence lookup tools and is one of the components that powers the MaxMind minFraud tool for the prevention of transaction fraud.

4. Talos Intelligence — Best for Real IP Threat Data

Talos Intelligence Overview

The Tacos Intelligence tool is owned by Cisco. This tool provides IP address data. If you are looking for a service that provides real-time threat data, then you have to pick this provider. A visit to the homepage of this service will reveal the map of the world with high-risk points highlighted and their risk type.  The IP data provided is extensive and comprehensive. Aside from the regular data provided, there is a section of reputation.

This gives you an idea of whether IP is considered spam or not. But the data used here is from spam and fraud email databases so just don’t take all of the information right. It could also mean maybe the IP has been previously used for spammy activities. Some of the fraudulent IP databases include,, and

5. VirusTotal — Best IP Lookup Tool for Checking Third-Party

VirusTotal Overview

Another IP lookup tool you can use for looking up IP address details is the VirusTotal tool. It provides you with the basic details attached to an IP address. However, it does more; this tool integrates with third-party security vendors to see whether an IP address has been flagged as spam or not.

There are over 100 security vendor tools it connects to in other to make the details available to you. It then gives you a score that shows the reputation of the IP address you check. As in the case of the other tools described above, VirusTotal is meant for personal usage as well as the business as the service has got an API for use aside from its web interface.

6. AbuseIPDB — Best for Spotting Abusive IPs

AbuseIPDB Overview

AbuseIPDB is another IP address lookup service devoted to halting the spread of spammers, hackers, and other abusive online behavior. Besides, it is the most effective lookup tool for identifying abusive IP addresses. With this tool, you can also report an IP address linked to malicious activity or even look up a previously reported IP address. Without even logging in, you can enter an IP address, domain name, or subnet in the input field on the landing page to conduct your IP search.

The ability to perform bulk IP reporting is another fantastic feature of this IP lookup tool. You can even gather reports in a CSV file rather than reporting IPs one at a time. Regarding cost, it offers simple, fairly priced plans with a free plan that comes with 1,000 IP checks and reports per day.

7. Scamalytics — Best for Removing Scammers from Business and Dating Sites

Scamalytics Overview

Scamalytics is a fraud detection solution that also offers IP lookup services. They help to improve a brand's reputation by automatically removing fraudsters from dating sites in real time. Without a doubt, they excel at this. Also, Scamalytics is a wonderful tool for examining user IPs for potential fraud scores if you want to perform an IP lookup.

Users of this free IP address lookup tool can also access additional data, such as the IP address's actual country, operators, proxy status, and even Tor status. To quickly do an IP lookup on this tool, visit the tool's official website, enter the desired IP address in the “IP Address Fraud Checker” search window, and then click “Submit” to obtain the necessary data.

8. MxToolBox — Best for Domain IP lookup

MxToolBox Overview

One of the top IP lookup tools on our list is the MxToolBox lookup tool. The ideal use of this tool is for domain IP lookups. The bulk lookup feature enables you to either manually enter a list of IP addresses or automatically extract IP addresses from your text and execute several searches to provide you with information about the IP. As such, the MxToolbox Professional UI now features direct access to bulk lookups thanks to this tool.

A single report including numerous data points, such as an ASN owner name and number, IP geolocation, reverse DNS, etc., is made available to you when you conduct the bulk lookup. You even get to examine the IP addresses' locations on any blacklists.

9. — Best with IP Reputation API

IPVoid Overview

An IP lookup tool like provides a wide variety of IP address tools to learn more about IP addresses. This includes checking IP blacklists, DNS lookups, pinging, whois lookups, and more. Using this tool, you can check an IP address against numerous DNS-based black hole lists (DNSBL) and IP reputation services to help identify IP addresses linked to spamming and malware activities. You can also discover your true IP address and the HTTP request headers supplied by your web browser by going to the tool's website.

The IP Reputation API was used in the development of this tool, making it the greatest IP Reputation API on our list. Additionally, provides a free online IP-to-ASN lookup tool. It is a straightforward program that links an IP address with an ASN (autonomous system number).

10. — Best IP Lookup Tool for Several Operating Systems

NSLookup Overview is the last tool on our list. This is a DNS client for the web that looks up DNS records for a specified domain name. It enables you to see all of a website's DNS records. uses the domain name associated with the website in order to find information about the IP address, as every website has at least one IP address associated with it.

You might be wondering how this works. Your browser will initially identify the domain name of a URL when you enter it. It would then look up the IP address and establish a connection to the server using that IP. After establishing a connection, it downloads the website's source code to show the page.


Q. Can IP be used to determine someone's location?

While an IP address does give a lot of information about the user, it doesn't pinpoint a person's precise location. However, it provides a ton of additional details that may be used to look into the matter further and identify the individual hiding behind the IP address. The ISP, nationality, territory, time zone, etc. are a few of these specifics. But for the most part, you can’t use the details you get from IP lookup tools to track a user down.

Q. What is the best way to Look Up an IP address?

Using one of the various IP lookup tools readily available online is one of the simplest ways to discover someone's IP address. The tools to enter an IP address and search for its free public registry results are available through tools like Scamalytics. Browse through them to choose the one that best suits your requirements. The good news here is that all of the tools described above provide you with free tiers you can use so it is not a must to pay in other to make use of them.

Q. Is it illegal to conduct an IP Lookup?

As of the time of writing, no law prohibits the tracking of an IP address. You can therefore look up any IP address you want without worrying about legal implications, depending on your objectives. While you can’t use IP lookup tools to find the location of someone, one’s IP address can be used to attack his computer in the case of DDoS attacks. DDoS is frowned on and you can get into trouble as it is considered illegal.


IP lookups give many contemporary firms the potential to be highly proactive and adaptable in today's business environment as technology and businesses evolve at the same time. The IP Address Lookup tools give customers real-time access to geographical data while evaluating a variety of domains to assist organizations in boosting sales and ROI. Nearly all of them have a free version and work fairly well. To find the option that best meets your needs, we suggest that you review the options we have provided.

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