Easycop Bot Review 2024: Does it Actually Work?

Looking for the best review on Easycop Sneaker Bot? Come in now and read our expert review on this new sneaker copping bot. Learn about its pros and cons, and all you need to know about it today.

If you like trying new things, then the Easycop Sneaker Bot is one of the new sneaker bots that graced the sneaker copping market. It was my quest for new bots that lead me to know this bot. And I must say, while it is still new in the market, it has a lot of potentials for growth – and rooms for improvement.

This article will review the bot, so you know all you need to know about it before paying for the bot since it is a nonrefundable digital product. The review is divided into two sections – the pros and cons section. Before going into the review, let take a look at an overview of the bot.

Easycop overview

Easycop Sneaker Bot is an add to cart program that can be used for quickly adding items to cart and checking them out swiftly. They are used during limited-edition releases, as that’s where the speed of checkout is important. The bot has been made by experienced sneakerheads and as such, you do not have to worry as it developers know exactly what sneaker copping is – and incorporate all the tricks into the bot.

However, that does not mean it is a perfect sneaker copping bot. Just as it has its strengths which are the most hyped parts of the bot, it does have weaknesses that are sometimes not pronounced until you use it. Some of these will be discussed in the cons section of the article.

Easycop Bot Pros

While the Easycop Bot is certainly not a top performer, it has some aspects of it that can be seen as strengths, and these are the reasons people use it. Some of these are discussed below.

It is a Cloud-based Bot

The major reason why many users will want to use this bot is the fact that it is web-based. This bot takes away the hurdle of Installation and Updating. Yes, you do not need to worry about updates as that’s done automatically – you will only see update information in the log entry. If you are conversant with the market, you’ll know that most of the bots in the market are installable and are usually Windows-based. Easycop Sneaker Bot is a diversion away from the norm. But what advantages do being cloud-based add to your copping game?


The bot becomes cross-platform, and you can use any Internet-enabled device to access it. However, its developers suggest the use of either Firefox or Chrome. With this bot, you do not have to invest in renting a server to host your bot. The fact that you do not need to install it remains its greatest strength as it gives you some level of freedom for free and still gets the job done.

It Supports Many Sites

Unlike the first set of bots that graced the market that suffered from branding problems because of the problem of being pioneers and not really understanding the market, you cannot tell the site support of Easycop Bot from its name.

It might interest you to know that the Easycop Sneaker Bot is a modest AIO Bot. I used the word ‘modest’ for a reason – the site support is slightly limited. The bot support copping from Nike sites and over 100 Shopify stores. For Shopify Stores not in the list of site support, you can add it yourself. This in a way, will save you money – a little though, since the Easycop AIO status is limited.

Excellent Instructional Manual and Documentation

I must confess – their instructional manual is the best I have seen so far in the market. While there are other bot developers that make use of video (they do have video tutorials too) and have documents that explain how to use the bot, that of Easycop is the best. Instead of using many web pages to provide help, they made use of a single Google Document to explain how to use the bot. The manual is arranged in such a way that you will understand and hit the ground running.


Also impressive is the fact that they made use of screenshots to explain their points and reduce the learning curve. Because of this, the Easycop Sneaker Bot is made easy to use – added to the fact that it is cross-platform. However, it easy of usage is not breaking any record and in fact, can be termed as an average when compared to other easy to use bots out there.

Secure and Supports Unlimited Tasks

One other aspect you have to see as a strength is the bot’s multithread support. This makes the speed of the bot quite competitive (again, not breaking any record) and in many cases, moves through the checkout process fast. This multithreaded nature of the bot also gives the bot the ability to multitask. You can add an unlimited number of tasks and they will all run concurrently. However, you have to keep it optimal as having too many tasks running will impact the performance of the bot.

Because the service is web-based, you have to think about the security of your data. Interestingly, the developers of the bot make use of industry best practices to keep your information safe with them and do not in any way, reveal them to a third-party.

Easycop Bot Cons

As I stated earlier, the bot is still new in the game, and as such, it has a lot of room for improvement. Let take a look at some of the areas it needs improvement below.

Success Rate is Low

The copping power of the bot is small, and this is not unconnected to the fact that the bot is still new. To many reviewers, they call this bot an experimental sneaker bot written by an inexperienced automation developer. In all fairness to the developers, I won’t call them inexperienced because of how changing and evolving the sneaker copping game is. Even top bots fail.

The major problem I have with the developers is that even though they claim to update the bot regularly, in reality, the updates are not hitting the right spots else, they should have grown past where they are today. However, this does not mean people do not enjoy success using the bot. In fact, there was a time that a good number of users copped more than the pair they expected. The performance has reduced drastically and that’s what I am saying.

The Bot is Overpriced

Easycop price

While I am tempted to use the word expensive, I will replace it with overpriced. This is because its pricing is not really expensive for a bot but for it in particular. The bot cost $199. There are many bots around this price and even more than this. However, it is overpriced because it is new, has been suffering from underperformance for a while now, and there are other bots that work quite well and are priced the same. The pricing for the bot would have been OK with it is priced lower because of its lack of popularity and small copping power.

Customer Support Need Improvement

Another aspect of the bot that needs improvement is their customer support – it is pretty much at its basic level for now. Remember I stated earlier that they have an excellent user manual that covers lots of instructions on how to set the bot up and use it. However, that’s where it ends. Their customer support is not impressive even though it is acceptable. They do not have Live Chat support and their email responses are slow. If they can work on increasing the time taken to reply to emails, it would be great.

Does Easycop Sneaker Bot Work?

Yes, it works and has helped some sneakerheads avoid paying resale prices. However, it does not have a lot of copping power and as such, if you are a heavy sneaker bot user, this bot is not the best for you. Look for other bots with a lot of copping power for a higher success rate.


How to Use Proxies on Easycop Sneaker Bot

You are expected to use proxies with Easycop as they even state it – in other to prevent getting their IPs blacklisted. Follow the steps below to set up proxies. Mind you; you can only use proxies that support username and password authentication.

  • Go to the proxy section and click ‘New List.’
  • A pop-up will appear, give the list a name, and copy-paste the proxies into the textbox.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button, and the proxy list will be added.
  • To use it, you’ll have to choose it when creating a new task.

Pick the best proxies for Easycop from this guide!

Do I Recommend Easycop Sneaker Bot?

The recommendation depends on the level of copping power you need. If you are just a sneakerhead trying to avoid paying a resale price, this bot will work for you and can be recommended. However, if you are a heavy user and a reseller that need a lot of copping power to cop many pair, I won’t recommend it for you. You would be better off with other bots.

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