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Does Sole Slayer work? Come in now to read our honest review of Sole Slayer Footsites Bot and know if it is the best for you.

You know you need bots to increase your chances of succeeding in the sneaker copping bot because of their speed. In your quest to find a bot that works, you came across Sole Slayer, and you were told it is one of the best bots in the market.

But is it really the best? Many sneaker bots live on hypes and if you are not careful, you might make a bad decision based on what you read our bots on their official website. That’s why this review article was written to separate the chaff from the grain and reveal to you the truth about Sole Slayer.

Sole Slayer overview

Sole Slayer is one of the premium Footsites Bots out there, and it is premium for a reason – it works, quite great. The bot was developed by Team Slayer, the team behind the development of Supreme Slayer – a popular Supreme Bot. This means that the team is an experienced one. It has enjoyed a great level of success and has helped a good number of sneakerheads secure over 100,000 pairs all together. It is secure, reliable, and super-fast. However, its pricing is nothing to write home about as it smaller packages bootstraps you into a limited position. These and many more will be discussed in this review. First, let start with Sole Slayer pros.

Sole Slayer Pros

This pros section will be used to discuss the good aspects of the bot – its strengths, so to say.

It is an AIO Bot

If you are the type that likes killing more than a bird with just a stone, then Sole Slayer might be an option. I used the word might for a reason; its site support is not as numerous as other AIO Bots. In fact, I can confirm that it has one of the least site support among the AIO Bots in the market. The bot is specifically made for Footsites. For the uninitiated, Footsites is a group of sites that comprises of FootAction, EastBay, Footlocker, and ChampSports. So you see why I stated that it is limited. This is different from other bots that support more than 50 sites. In fact, the BNB AIO Bot supports well over 100 sites.

However, there is an advantage of supporting just a few sites. You’ll agree with me that the more sites bot support, the higher the chances of an update on one of the sites being made without the developer's knowledge. We have seen when sudden updates cause some AIO Bots to fail. But for a bot that supports only a few sites, keeping an eye on the sites it supports is easy and as such, it is more reliable.

It features High Speed and Performance

If there’s one aspect of this bot I appreciate the most, it is its performance. The developers of the bot have done a great job in making sure money spend on this bot is not wasted. The bot is a high performer and sweeps most drops by the Footsites it supports. One of the things that make it a good performer is its multithreaded capabilities. Because of this, it is very fast and can go through the whole checkout process in a matter of a few seconds. This gives it an upper hand over bots that are not as fast as it is.

It also supports copping more than a pair by adding more than one task for each sneaker you want to cop. However, the number of tasks you can add is a matter of the package you subscribe to, and that’s one disadvantage of the bot. If you bought their smaller package, the copping power given to you is limited – you need to go for their high packages to really enjoy them.

Comes with Additional Tools to Make Copping Easier

Sole Slayer features

This bot comes with a good number of tools and features to make it easier for you to cope. It comes with an Account Creator that can help you create accounts using temporary emails. It can even make use of its guest checkout to move through the checkout process faster.

It also comes with a scheduler that can be used to schedule when a task should start and even when you’re away from your computer, Sole Slayer will start. There are other features that are interesting which include an analytical tool to help you track and monitor your success, a notification system, and many more.

Avoid Detection and Ban

Footsites do not support the use of bots and will get your accounts banned and checked out orders canceled if you are caught making use of sneaker bots. Because of this, Sole Slayer has been developed to evade detection. It comes with proxy support to accommodate the use of proxies. Not only does it support the use of proxies to hide your IP footprints, but it also makes use of other techniques to evade detection and appear to the sites as human browsing their site using a browser.

Easy to Use

Sole Slayer does not have a modern interface, and some might term it User Interface (UI) archaic. However, this comes with a lot of advantages. The most important being minimalistic and this makes the bot easy to use. Aside from the fact that it features an easy to use interface, its installation is also quite easy for Windows users. If you are using a different Operating System, you will need to run it on a Virtual Machine like VirtualBox that supports Windows – this makes the installation process a little bit stressful for non-Windows users.

Sole Slayer Cons

For a sneaker bot with the above advantages, one will think they are without their flaws. However, there is no bot without weaknesses just as they have their individual strengths. Their weaknesses will be discussed in this section.

Expensive and Unreasonable Package Pricing

When I first came across Sole Slayer, I fell in love with it reading all the hypes and success stories surrounding it until I dug further to see its pricing and then, I began to have a second thought. Sole Slayer pricing is not only expensive but also unreasonable and I used the word ‘unreasonable’ for a reason – their pricing is way higher for a bot that provides minimal AIO support. While I will commend them for providing free updates for the lifetime of the bot after making a one-time payment, their pricing is on the high side.

Sole Slayer pricing

Their Starter plan sells for $149 and allows you to add only 5 tasks. To really enjoy this bot, you’ll have to pay for their Ultimate plan which is priced $549 and allow you to add an unlimited number of tasks. However, for this price, one can get a full-fledged AIO Bot that supports over 100 stores including the popular stores, unlike Sole Slayer that supports only Footsites.

Windows OS Support Only

This weakness is not peculiar to only Sole Slayer but many of the bots in the market. For reasons best known to them, they only develop for Windows and then push the stress of installing Virtual Machines to non-Windows users. What makes it a disadvantage is that there are other bots that are cross-platform and works across the major platforms.

Does Sole Slayer work?

For a sneaker bot that successfully copped over 100,000 sneakers, there is no doubt that it works. Hype aside, it is arguably one of the best sneaker bots you can use for copping from Footsites. However, its pricing scares people away as it is expensive.

How to Use Proxies on Sole Slayer

To use proxies on Sole Slayer, you need to register them with the bot. Follow the steps below to bind proxies with a specific release.

  • Right-click on a release and click ‘Edit Release.’
  • Go to the Proxies section.
  • Now, copy-paste your proxies and go back to the bot.
  • Click on ‘Clipboard Import,’ and you’ll see your copied proxies – import them by clicking ‘Import.’
  • Click the ‘Test Proxies’ button and ascertain that they work.
  • Go to Save Release and click the Randomized button. Then click Save.

Do I Recommend Sole Slayer?

Every sneaker bot in the market has its strengths and weaknesses and Sole Slayer is not an exception. For Sole Slayer, pricing and the fact that the bot runs natively only on the Windows platform are the two major reasons why people do not like it. If these aren’t a big deal to you, I recommend it because of its performance and the reliability associated with it.

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