Bright Data: Next-Gen Data Collection Solutions with Luminati Proxy Network

Luminati Networks has announced it rebranding from Luminati Networks to Bright Data. The change in the brand name is a reflection of its global momentum and its position as a market leader in web data collection.

Luminati Networks to Bright Data

If you are conversant with the proxy market, you will know that the Luminati (now Bright Data) is a force to reckoned with. It revolutionized the residential proxy service and invented the mobile proxy service. It also offers premium datacenter proxies and the new ISP proxies. One thing you cannot take away from Bright Data is its quest to reinvest, fine-tune, and improve its services.

While many know Luminati for their high-quality proxies, not many know that they are leaders in the aspect of data collection and as such, they are rebranding to get the perfect name for the service they offer. Bright Data has been around since 2014. Since its foundation, it has grown to be a household name in the proxy industry. It is used by more than 10K professionals who get data-set in minutes.

Reason for the Change of Name to Bright Data

Luminati now Bright Data

According to the information provided on the Bright Data website, the service is rebranding because of the negative connotation associated with the brand name. Aside from the negative connotation, the service needs a name that reflects the service it renders as it translates from being just a proxy service provider but an all-around data collection infrastructure on the Internet.

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Bright Data – A Solution Overview

Bright Data is a web data collection service with a focus on proxy provision, data unblocker, and API for data collection.

  • Proxy Service

Bright Data proxy service

The Bright Data proxy service is the largest proxy service in the world with over 72 million residential IP addresses, 7 million mobile IP addresses, and thousands of datacenter IPs. They have got proxies in almost all states around the world. The proxies they offer are high-quality proxies that are not easy to detect – they are fast and compatible with all web services on the open Internet.

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  • Data Collection

Bright Data data collection

Bright Data is now focusing more on data collection and has got 6 out of 10 top global universities on its customer list. With their data collection service, you can search and get any data out there on the Internet from eCommerce to social media. The tool is easy to use and you will get the data delivered in JSON or other supported formats.

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  • Unblocker

Bright Data unblocker

The Bright Data unblocker is an autonomous proxy that will unblock data for you perfect for use with automation tools. If you have been experiencing blocks and Captchas during automation even when using a proxy service then you need to change your process – and using the Bright Data unblocker is all you need to have a free pass to any IP-based blocks.

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